Historical Events in February 1909

  • Feb 1 US Assay Office in Salt Lake City, Utah opens
  • Feb 1 US forces withdraw from Cuba after liberal Jose Miguel Gomez becomes president; ensuing political instability will bring a threat of US intervention in 1912
  • Feb 2 Italian writer Marinetti publishes Futurist Manifest in Paris
  • Feb 8 France & Germany sign treaty about Morocco
  • Feb 9 1st federal legislation prohibiting narcotics (opium)
  • Feb 9 1st forestry school is incorporated at Kent, Ohio
  • Feb 12 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) forms
  • Feb 12 Netherlands' SDAP suspends Marxist Tribune group (Gorter & Wijnkoop)
  • Feb 12 Robert Fowler runs world record marathon (2:46:52.6)
  • Feb 16 1st subway car with side doors goes into service (NYC)
  • Feb 16 Serbia mobilizes against Austria-Hungary

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 18 Boston Red Sox trade Cy Young, at 41, to Cleveland Naps

MLB Pitcher Cy Young
MLB Pitcher
Cy Young
  • Feb 20 Publication of the Futurist Manifesto in the French journal Le Figaro.
  • Feb 21 John Galsworthy's "Strife" premieres in London
  • Feb 22 Great White Fleet, 1st US fleet to circle the globe, returns to Va

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 23 Russian Tsar Nicholas II dissolves Finnish Diet

  • Feb 24 The Hudson Motor Car Company is founded.
  • Feb 26 Austria and Turkey conclude an agreement in which Turkey recognizes Austria's 1908 annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is to receive compensation