Historical Events in 1922

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  • Jan 1st Vancouver, BC starts driving on the right side of road
  • Jan 1st Coal miners in the Transvaal, South Africa, embark on a strike in response to a wage cut, which quickly escalated into a large-scale revolt against the government, known as the Rand Rebellion.
  • Jan 2nd 8th Rose Bowl: California ties Washington & Jefferson, 0-0
  • Jan 3rd 1st living person identified on a US coin (Thomas E Kirby) on the Alabama Centennial half-dollar
  • Jan 6th -13] Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments

AgreementTreaty of Interest

Jan 7th The Anglo-Irish Treaty is ratified by Dail Eireann by a 64-57 vote

Irish Nationalist Leader Michael Collins
Irish Nationalist Leader
Michael Collins
  • Jan 9th KQV-AM in Pittsburgh PA begins radio transmissions
  • Jan 9th Rotterdam metal strike ends
  • Jan 11th Insulin first used on humans to treat diabetes - Leonard Thompson, 14, of Canada
  • Jan 13th Buck Weaver, a Black Sox, applies unsuccessfully for reinstatement
  • Jan 13th Conference of Cannes concerning German retribution payments ended
  • Jan 13th WHA-AM in Madison WI begins radio transmissions
  • Jan 15th Arthur Griffith is elected president of the Irish Free State after Eamon de Valera resigns in opposition to the Anglo-Irish Treaty (De Valera will lead a military opposition seeking a unified and independent Ireland)
  • Jan 18th Irish author Liam O'Flaherty & others occupy Rotunda in Dublin
  • Jan 19th Geological survey says US oil supply would be depleted in 20 years
  • Jan 20th Arthur Honegger's ballet "Skating Rink" premieres, Paris
  • Jan 21st 1st slalom ski race run, Murren, Switzerland
  • Jan 24th -54°F (-48°C), Danbury, Wisconsin (state record)
  • Jan 24th Eskimo Pie patented by Christian K Nelson of Iowa (not an Eskimo)
  • Jan 24th Lehman Caves National Monument established
  • Jan 26th Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Pastoral Symphony" premieres in London
  • Jan 28th American Pro Football Association renamed "National Football League"
  • Jan 28th J E Clair turns Green Bay franchise back to NFL
  • Jan 28th Knickerbocker Storm, Washington, D.C.'s biggest snowfall, causes the city's greatest loss of life when the roof of the Knickerbocker Theater collapses, killing 98 patrons.
  • Jan 29th Union of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador dissolved
  • Jan 30th Ted McDonald takes 8-58 in big Victorian win over NSW
  • Jan 30th World Law Day 1st celebrated
  • Feb 2nd It was 2:22:22 on 2/2/22

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 2nd James Joyce's "Ulysses" published in Paris (1,000 copies)

Novelist & Poet James Joyce
Novelist & Poet
James Joyce
  • Feb 4th WGY-AM in Schenectady NY begins radio transmissions
  • Feb 4th After boycotts and international pressure, Japan agrees to return Shantung Province to China
  • Feb 5th Reader's Digest magazine 1st published
  • Feb 6th Cardinal Achille Ratti elected Pope Pius XI
  • Feb 6th US, UK, France, Italy & Japan sign Washington naval arms limitation
  • Feb 7th John Willard's "Cat & the Canary" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 8th Radio arrives at the White House
  • Feb 9th Italian government of Bonomi falls
  • Feb 9th Snow on Mauna Loa, Hawaii
  • Feb 9th Brazil becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
  • Feb 9th The World War Foreign Debt Commission is established by Congress to settle the problem of Allied war and postwar loands
  • Feb 11th "April Showers" by Al Jolson hits #1
  • Feb 11th US intervention army leaves Honduras

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 15th Marconi begins regular broadcasting transmissions from Essex

Inventor and Nobel Laureate Guglielmo Marconi
Inventor and Nobel Laureate
Guglielmo Marconi
  • Feb 18th Kenesaw Mountain Landis resigns his judgeship to work for baseball
  • Feb 18th WOC-AM in Davenport IA begins radio transmissions
  • Feb 18th The Capper-Volstead Act allows farmers to buy and sell co-operatively without the risk of prosecution under antitrust laws
  • Feb 19th Ed Wynn becomes 1st talent to sign as a radio entertainer
  • Feb 20th Marc Connelly & George Kaufman's "To the Ladies" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 20th Vilinus, Lithuania, agrees to separate from Poland
  • Feb 20th WOR-AM in New York City begins radio transmissions
  • Feb 21st Airship "Rome" explodes at Hampton Roads, Virginia; 34 die
  • Feb 21st Great Britain grants Egypt independence
  • Feb 21st WHK-AM in Cleveland, Ohio begins radio transmissions
  • Feb 21st Irish Nationalist Eamon De Valera calls a convention of the Sinn Fein, declaring the Republican Government the only legitimate one in all Ireland
  • Feb 22nd Congress authorizes Grant Memorial $1 gold coin

Conference meetingConference of Interest

Feb 27th US Commerce Sec Herbert Hoover convenes 1st National Radio Conference

31st US President Herbert Hoover
31st US President
Herbert Hoover
  • Feb 27th G B Shaw's "Back to Methusaleh I/II" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 27th US Supreme Court unanimously upheld 19th amendment to the US Constuituent - women's right to vote
  • Feb 28th Egypt regains independence from Britain, but British troops remain
  • Feb 28th KHQ-AM in Spokane WA begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 2nd WBAP-AM, Fort Worth Texas, begins broadcasting
  • Mar 2nd WLW-AM in Cincinnati OH begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 3rd Italian fascists occupy Fiume & Rijeka
  • Mar 3rd WWJ-AM in Detroit MI begins radio transmissions

Film release premierFilm Release

Mar 4th 1st vampire film Nosferatu released in Germany, an adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula

Novelist Bram Stoker
Bram Stoker
  • Mar 5th "Nosferatu" premieres in Berlin

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 6th Babe Ruth signs 3 year contract with NY Yankees at $52,000 a year

Baseball Legend Babe Ruth
Baseball Legend
Babe Ruth
  • Mar 6th GB Shaw's "Back to Methusaleh III/IV" premieres in NYC
  • Mar 7th US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Theresa Weld Blanchard
  • Mar 7th US Mens Figure Skating championship won by Sherwin Badger
  • Mar 9th Eugene O'Neill's "Hairy Ape," premieres in NYC
  • Mar 9th KJR-AM in Seattle Washington begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 10th KLZ-AM in Denver CO begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 10th State of siege proclaimed during mine strike Johannesburg South Africa
  • Mar 11th Western Hockey Championship: Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) sweep Regina Capitals, in 2 games

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 13th George Bernard Shaw's "Back to Methusaleh V" premieres in NYC

  • Mar 13th WRR-AM in Dallas TX begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 13th NHL Championship: Ottawa Senators outscore Toronto St Pats, 5 to 4, in 2 games
  • Mar 14th KGU-AM in Honolulu HI begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 14th KSD-AM in Saint Louis MO begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 14th WGR-AM in Buffalo NY begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 15th 1st southern radio station begins (WSB, Atlanta Georgia)
  • Mar 15th France, which up until now has insisted on currency for all WWI reparation payments from Germany, now accepts raw materials as payment
  • Mar 16th Sultan Fuad I crowned king of Egypt, England recognizes Egypt
  • Mar 16th WKY-AM in Oklahoma City OK begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 18th 1st intercollegiate indoor polo championship (Princeton vs Yale)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 18th British magistrates in India sentence Mahatma Gandhi to 6 years imprisonment for disobedience

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mar 18th WBT-AM in Charlotte NC begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 18th The first public celebration of Bat mitzvah, for the daughter of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, is held in New York City.
  • Mar 20th USS Langley is commissioned, US Navy's 1st aircraft carrier
  • Mar 20th WIP-AM in Philadelphia PA begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 21st KGW-AM in Portland OR begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 22nd The Rand Rebellion in Southern Africa, which started as a strike by white mineworkers and became an armed rebellion against the state, is brought to a brutal end by the police
  • Mar 23rd 1st airplane lands at the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.
  • Mar 23rd KMJ-AM in Fresno CA begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 23rd WEW-AM in Saint Louis MO begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 24th 81st Grand National: Lewis Rees aboard Music Hall wins (only 3 horses out of 32 starters finish)
  • Mar 28th 1st microfilm device introduced
  • Mar 28th Stanley Cup: Toronto St Pats (NHL) beat Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA), 3 games to 2
  • Mar 30th KGY-AM in Olympia WA begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 30th WWL-AM in New Orleans LA begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 31st KFI-AM in Los Angeles CA begins radio transmissions
  • Mar 31st Prince Hendrik opens trade fair building in Amsterdam

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 3rd Joseph Stalin appointed General Secretary of the Russian Communist Party by Vladimir Lenin

Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin
Soviet Union Premier
Joseph Stalin
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader
Vladimir Lenin
  • Apr 4th WAAB (Baton Rouge La) becomes 1st US radio station with "W" calls
  • Apr 5th KOB-AM in Albuquerque NM begins radio transmissions
  • Apr 5th WDZ-AM in Decatur IL begins radio transmissions
  • Apr 7th Naval Reserve #3, "Teapot Dome," leased to Harry F Sinclair

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 7th Warren G. Harding's Interior Secretary, Albert B. Fall, leases the Teapot Dome oil reserves to harry sinclair, setting in motion what comes to be known over the next two years as the Teapot Dome scandals

Founder of Sinclair Oil Harry Ford Sinclair
Founder of Sinclair Oil
Harry Ford Sinclair
29th US President Warren G. Harding
29th US President
Warren G. Harding
United States Senator Albert B. Fall
United States Senator
Albert B. Fall
  • Apr 14th Republic rebels occupies 4 government courts in Dublin
  • Apr 15th The legendary Poodle Dog Restaurant closes in San Francisco

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 16th Annie Oakley sets women's record by breaking 100 clay targets in a row

Sharp Shooter Annie Oakley
Sharp Shooter
Annie Oakley
  • Apr 16th German-Russian treaty signed in Italy, Soviet Union recognized
  • Apr 18th Netherlands soccer team defeats Denmark 2-0
  • Apr 19th 26th Boston Marathon won by Clarence DeMar of Mass in 2:18:10
  • Apr 21st The first Aggie Muster is held as a remembrance for fellow Aggies who had died in the previous year.
  • Apr 22nd South Ossetian Autonomous Region forms in Georgian SSR
  • Apr 27th Fritz Lang's "Dr Mabuse, der Spieler" premieres in Berlin
  • Apr 27th Yakut ASSR formed in Russian SFSR
  • Apr 28th WOI (Ames, Iowa) country's 1st licensed educational radio station
  • Apr 29th 1st official Intl Weightlifting Federation Champ (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Apr 30th Chicago White Sox Charles Robertson perfect games Detroit Tigers, 2-0
  • May 1st Charlie Robertson of Chicago pitches a perfect no-hit, no-run game
  • May 2nd WBAP-AM begins broadcasting from Fort Worth, Texas
  • May 3rd Mayor Hylan closes streets for building of Yankee Stadium
  • May 3rd Salt layer find at Winterswijk
  • May 4th KNX-AM in Los Angeles CA begins radio transmissions
  • May 5th Construction begins on Yankee Stadium (Bronx)
  • May 7th Belgian soccer team defeats Netherlands: 1-2
  • May 7th NY Giant Jesse Barnes no-hits Phillies, 2-0

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 9th The International Astronomical Union formally adopt Annie Jump Cannon's stellar classification system, which with only minor changes, is still used today

Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon
Annie Jump Cannon
  • May 10th Dr Ivy Williams is 1st woman to be called to the English Bar
  • May 10th WHB-AM in Kansas City MO begins radio transmissions
  • May 10th The United States annexes the Kingman Reef in n the North Pacific Ocean
  • May 13th 48th Kentucky Derby: Albert Johnson aboard Morvich wins in 2:04.6
  • May 13th 47th Preakness: L Morris aboard Pillory wins in 1:51.6
  • May 15th Germany turns over the Upper Silesia region to Poland under Allied pressure and despite a plebiscite in favor of merging with Germany
  • May 16th White Star Liner Majestic completes 5½ day maiden voyage
  • May 18th Dutch 2nd Chamber agrees to 48 hour work week (was 45 hrs)
  • May 20th "Egypt" sinks off Ushant after colliding with "Seine" killing 90
  • May 20th Babe Ruth & Bob Meusel, suspended on October 16, 1921, by Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, return to the NY lineup & go hitless
  • May 21st "On the Road to Moscow" is 1st cartoon to receive a Pulitzer Prize
  • May 21st Col Ruppert buys out Col Huston interest in NY Yankees for $1,500,000
  • May 21st Pulitzer prize awarded to Eugene O'Neill (Anna Christie)
  • May 21st Ruppert buys out Huston interest in Yankees for $15 million
  • May 23rd "Abie's Irish Rose" 1st of over 2,500 performances
  • May 23rd Harry Greb gave Gene Tunney his only professional boxing defeat

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 23rd Walt Disney incorporates his 1st film company Laugh-O-Gram Films

Animator Walt Disney
Walt Disney
  • May 24th Record temperature in Netherlands for May (35.6°C)
  • May 24th Russian-Italian trade agreement signed
  • May 25th Babe Ruth suspended 1 day & fined $200 for throwing dirt on an ump

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 26th Lenin suffers a stroke

Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader
Vladimir Lenin
  • May 29th Ecuador becomes independent
  • May 29th US Supreme Court rules organized baseball is a sport & not a business & thus not subject to antitrust laws
  • May 30th Latvia & Vatican sign accord
  • May 30th Completed Lincoln Memorial dedicated by US Chief Justice William H. Taft in front of 50,000
  • May 30th Cubs swap Max Flack for Cards Cliff Heathcote during middle of doubleheader. Both play for both teams that day
  • May 30th Indianapolis 500: Jimmy Murphy wins in 5:17:30.845 (152.057 km/h)
  • Jun 1st Royal Ulster Constabulary is founded.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 1st Over 50,000 Fascists gather for a meeting in Bologna where Mussolini warns that he will lead a full-scale revolt against a government favoring 'anti-Fascist reaction'

Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini
Italian Dictator
Benito Mussolini
  • Jun 2nd Suffy McInnis (1st base) ends an errorless string of 1,700 chances
  • Jun 5th The Banker's committee of the Reparations Commission refuses an international loan to Germany
  • Jun 9th First ringing of the Harkness Memorial Chime at Yale University.
  • Jun 10th 54th Belmont: C H Miller aboard Pillory wins in 2:18.8
  • Jun 12th German Reich president Friedrich Ebert visits Munich
  • Jun 12th St Louis Brown Hub Pruett strikes out Babe Ruth 3 straight times
  • Jun 12th St Louis gets record 10 hits in a row & beats Phillies 14-8
  • Jun 13th Longest attack of hiccups begins: Charlie Osborne gets the hiccups and continues for 68 years, dies 11 months after it stops
  • Jun 14th 5th PGA Championship: Gene Sarazen at Oakmont CC Oakmont Pa
  • Jun 14th Charles Hoffner wins PGA golf tournament
  • Jun 14th US President Warren G. Harding is 1st US president to use radio, dedicates the Francis Scott Key memorial in Baltimore
  • Jun 16th Henry Berliner demonstrates his helicopter to US Bureau of Aeronautics
  • Jun 16th Irish republicans are beaten in a national election; the vote is in favor of the Treaty of London, which leaves the Irish Free State as a dominion within the British Commonwealth

Sports record brokenWorld Record

Jun 19th Paavo Nurmi runs world record 5000m (14:28.2)

Runner nicknamed the
Runner nicknamed the "Flying Finn"
Paavo Nurmi
  • Jun 22nd Herrin massacre, 19 strikebreakers and 2 union miners are killed in Herrin, Illinois.

Sport awardGolf Major

Jun 23rd 57th British Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 300 at Royal St George

Golfer Walter Hagen
Walter Hagen
  • Jun 24th AFPA changes name to NFL, Chicago Staleys become Chicago Bears

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 24th Adolf Hitler begins a month long prison sentence for paramilitary operations; he rails against the 'Jewish sell-out' of Germany to the Bolsheviks

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • Jun 26th The emergency decrees under Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution are invoked by the government to deal with deteriorating economic conditions
  • Jun 27th Newberry Medal 1st presented for kids literature (Hendrik Van Loon)
  • Jun 28th The Irish Civil War starts when Irish Free State forces attack anti-treaty republicans in Dublin.
  • Jun 29th France grants 1 km² at Vimy Ridge "freely, and for all time, to the Government of Canada, the free use of the land exempt from all taxes."
  • Jul 5th 1st general election in Netherlands
  • Jul 5th Uprising of social righteousness in Rio de Janeiro
  • Jul 5th Women 1st vote in Dutch elections, Christian parties win
  • Jul 6th Dutch auto/airplane manufacturer Trompenburg declares bankruptcy
  • Jul 8th 35th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Suzanne Lenglen beats M Mallory (6-2 6-0)
  • Jul 9th Johnny Weissmuller swims 1st 100 m free style under 1 minute
  • Jul 10th 42nd Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Gerald Patterson beats R Lycett (6-3 6-4 6-2)
  • Jul 11th The Hollywood Bowl opens.
  • Jul 15th 1st duck-billed platypus publicly exhibited in US, at NY zoo
  • Jul 15th 26th US Golf Open: Gene Sarazen shoots a 288 at Skokie CC in Ill
  • Jul 17th Curacao harbor workers begin strike under Felix Chacuto

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

Jul 17th Ty Cobb gets 5 hits in a game for record 4th time in a year

MLB Legend Ty Cobb
MLB Legend
Ty Cobb
  • Jul 20th Togo made a mandate of League of Nations
  • Jul 22nd Cards enter 1st place, marks 1st time both St Louis teams are on top
  • Jul 23rd 16th Tour de France won by Firmin Lambot of Belgium
  • Jul 25th AT&T begins broadcasting on WBAY (NYC-later WEAF, WNBC, WRCA & WFAN)
  • Jul 27th International Geographical Union forms in Brussels
  • Jul 29th Greek troops defeat Turkish forces and are on their way to Constantinople, but the Allies forbid them taking the city