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1st - Admiral Paul Koundouriotis becomes president of Greece
2nd - Netherlands refuses to recognize USSR
3rd - Aleph Zadik Aleph is formed in Omaha, Nebraska by Sam Beber.
4th - 8th Olympic games open at Paris, France
4th - German Republic election fascists & communists win
5th - Unions terminate Twentse textile strike
7th - Peruvian Torre forms APRA, Alianza Popular Revolutionaria Americana
8th - Arthur Honegger's "Pacifica 231" premieres
8th - Memel territories given to Lithuania
8th - Workers at Werkspoor in Amsterdam strike against 3rd wage cut
10th - J. Edgar Hoover appointed head of FBI
11th - Cartel des Gauches wins French parliamentary election
11th - Pulitzer Prize awarded to Robert Frost (New Hampshire)
11th - Mercedes-Benz is formed by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz merging the two companies.
12th - 49th Preakness: John Merimee aboard Nellie Morse wins in 1:57.2
12th - 7th PGA Championship: Walter Hagen at French Lick CC Ind
16th - 108°F (42°C) in Blitzen Oregon
17th - 50th Kentucky Derby: John Mooney aboard Black Gold wins in 2:05.2
Golfer Walter HagenGolfer Walter Hagen 18th - Maya Kuzminichna Kopitseva, Gagry Russia, painter of the Leningrad school.
21st - Leopold & Loeb kidnap and kill Bobby Franks to demonstrate their supposed intellectual superiority by committing a "perfect crime".
26th - German government of Marx resigns
26th - US President Calvin Coolidge signs Immigration law restricting immigration
29th - AEK Athens FC is established on the anniversary of the siege of Constantinople by the Turks.
30th - Socialist Matteotti falls in Italian parliament by fascists
30th - Indianapolis 500: Lora L. Corum/Joe Boyer wins in 5:05:23.595 (158.092 km/h)
31st - China recognizes the USSR

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