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Jan 1st - 24th Rose Bowl: #2 California beats #4 Alabama, 13-0
Jan 1st - 4th Sugar Bowl: Santa Clara beats LSU, 6-0
Jan 1st - 4th Orange Bowl: Auburn beats Michigan State, 6-0
Jan 2nd - Book publisher Simon and Schuster founded
Jan 3rd - March of Dimes established to fight polio
Jan 6th - Bronze memorial statue of Henry Hudson erected in Bronx
Jan 8th - Bradman scores 107 for South Australia v Qld (1st innings)
Jan 10th - Eduard van Beinum becomes world's 1st conductor at Concert Hall
Jan 10th - Jean Anouilh's "La Sauvage," premieres in Paris
Jan 10th - Paul Vincent Carroll's "White Seed," premieres in NYC
Jan 11th - Bradman scores a second innings 113 v Qld after a ton in the 1st
Jan 11th - Frances Moulton elected 1st woman president of a US national bank
Jan 13th - The Church of England accepts the theory of evolution.
Jan 14th - National Society for Legalization of Euthanasia forms (NY)
Jan 16th - 1st jazz concert held at Carnegie Hall (Benny Goodman)
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman Jan 17th - Supreme Soviet elects Michail Kalinin as presidium chairman
Jan 17th - Joseph P. Kennedy becomes the 44th United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Jan 18th - Bradman scores 104* for South Australia v NSW at the SCG
Jan 18th - Pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander is elected to Hall of Fame
Jan 19th - General Motors begins mass production of diesel engines
Jan 21st - Dutch government starts obligatory unemployment insurance
Jan 22nd - "Our Town", Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer-winner of small-town life in Grover's Corners, NH, premieres (NJ)
Jan 25th - Ian Hay's "Bachelor Born" premieres in NYC
Jan 31st - 31st Women's Australian Championships: Dorothy Bundy Cheney beats Dorothy Stevenson (6-3, 6-2)
Jan 31st - 31st Men's Australian Championships: Don Budge beats John Bromwich (6-4, 6-2, 6-1)
Patriarch of the Kennedy family Joseph P. KennedyPatriarch of the Kennedy family Joseph P. Kennedy Feb 3rd - Paul Osborn's "On Borrowed Time" premieres in NYC
Feb 4th - "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder opens on Broadway
Feb 4th - Hitler seizes control of German army & puts Nazis in key posts
Feb 4th - Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is officially released
Feb 5th - Hans Engnestangen skates world record 500m (41.8 sec)
Feb 5th - 3rd British Empire Games open in Sydney, Australia
Feb 10th - King Carol II of Romania drives out dictator Goga
Feb 11th - Steve Casey beats Lou Thesz in Boston, to win National Wrestling Ass. World Heavyweight title
Feb 12th - Austrian chancellor Schuschnigg visits Hitler in Berchtesgaden
Feb 12th - German troops entered Austria
Feb 12th - The first 'Kindertransport' carrying Jewish refugee children from Nazi Germany arrives in Britain.
Feb 12th - 3rd British Empire Games close in Sydney, Australia
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Feb 16th - US Federal Crop Insurance program authorized
Feb 17th - 1st public experimental demonstration of Baird color TV (London)
Feb 19th - Soviet arctic ice research station North Pole 1 evacuated, Denmark
Feb 20th - UK Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden resigns, says PM Chamberlain appeased Germany
Feb 23rd - Joe Louis KOs Nathan Mann in 3 for heavyweight boxing title
Feb 24th - Du Pont begins commercial production of nylon toothbrush bristles
Feb 25th - Lord Halifax becomes British Foreign Secretary
Feb 26th - 1st passenger ship equipped with radar
Feb 26th - Rie Van Veen swims world record 200m free style (2:24.6)
Feb 26th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Joan Tozzer
Feb 26th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Robin Lee
Feb 27th - Britain & France recognize Franco government in Spain
Mar 2nd - Landslides & floods cause over 200 deaths (Los Angeles California)
Spanish Dictator and General Francisco FrancoSpanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco Mar 2nd - Trials of Soviet leaders begins in the Soviet Union
Mar 3rd - American Bowling Congress' largest tournament (24,765 competitors)
Mar 10th - 10th Academy Awards - "The Life of Emile Zola", Spencer Tracy & Luise Rainer win
Mar 11th - Artur Seyss-Inquart replaces Kurt von Schuschnigg as Chancellor of Austria; German troops also entered the country
Mar 12th - Nazi Germany invades Austria (Anschluss)
Mar 13th - Anschluss - Austria annexed by Nazi Germany
Mar 13th - World News Roundup is broadcast for the first time on CBS Radio in the United States.
Mar 16th - Noel Coward's musical "Operette" premieres in London
Mar 16th - Temple defeats Colorado to win 1st NIT
Mar 18th - Mexico takes control of foreign-owned oil properties
Mar 18th - NY 1st requires serological blood tests of pregnant women
Actor Spencer TracyActor Spencer Tracy Mar 18th - Pres Cardena of Mexico nationalizes US & British oil companies
Mar 19th - Toronto Maple Leafs score 8 goals in 5 minutes
Mar 23rd - Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis frees 74 St L Cardinals minor leaguers
Mar 25th - 97th Grand National: Bruce Hobbs aboard Battleship wins (1st US bred and owned horse to win)
Mar 26th - NBC radio performance of Howard Hanson's 3rd Symphony
Mar 27th - The Battle of Taierzhuang takes place.
Apr 1st - Joe Louis KOs Harry Thomas in 5 for heavyweight boxing title
Apr 4th - 5th Masters Golf Tournament: Henry Picard wins, shooting a 285
Apr 5th - Anti-Jewish riots break out in Dabrowa Poland
Apr 6th - Teflon invented by Roy J Plunkett
Apr 10th - 2nd government of Blum replaced by Daladier government in France
Apr 10th - Austria becomes a state of Germany
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe LouisBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis Apr 10th - NY makes syphilis test mandatory in order to get a marriage license
Apr 12th - 1st US law requiring medical tests for marriage licenses (NY)
Apr 12th - Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3 games to 1
Apr 12th - US began requiring medical tests for marriage licenses
Apr 13th - Clifford Goldsmith' "What a Life" premieres in NYC
Apr 16th - Great Britain recognizes Italian annexation of Abyssinia
Apr 18th - Headless Mad Butcher victim found in Cleveland
Apr 19th - 42nd Boston Marathon won by Leslie Pawson of RI in 2:35:34.8
Apr 19th - Phil Emmett Mueller & Dodger Ernie Koy both homer in their 1st at bat
Apr 23rd - Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia demand self government
Apr 24th - Lindenheuvel soccer team forms
Apr 26th - Austrian Jews required to register property above 5,000 Reichsmarks
Apr 30th - Bradman scores 258 Aust v Worcs, 293 mins, 33 fours 1 five
Apr 30th - The first televised FA Cup Final takes place between Huddersfield Town and Preston North End.
Jazz Musician Ella FitzgeraldJazz Musician Ella Fitzgerald May 2nd - Ella Fitzgerald records "A-Tisket, A-Tasket"
May 2nd - Pulitzer prize awarded to Thornton Wilder (Our Town)
May 3rd - Concentration camp at Flossenburg goes into use
May 3rd - Lefty Grove defeats Tigers 4-3 for 1st of record 20 consecutive wins at his home field Fenway Park; he doesn't lose there until May 12 1941
May 3rd - Vatican recognizes Franco-Spain
May 4th - Douglas Hyde (a protestant) becomes 1st president of Eire
May 5th - Phillies Harold Kelleher faces 16 batters in 6th, as Cubs score 12 runs, both marks are NL records off one hurler in a single inning
May 6th - Dutch writer Maurits Dekker sentenced to 50 days for "offending a friendly head of state" (Hitler)
May 7th - 64th Kentucky Derby: Eddie Arcaro aboard Lawrin wins in 2:04.8
May 7th - Dutch Minister of Justice Goseling calls fugitives of Nazi-Germany "undesired strangers"
May 8th - Stravinsky's "Dumbarton Oaks" premieres in Washington, D.C.
May 10th - Banning speech on anti-fascism demonstration in Amsterdam
May 12th - Sandoz Labs manufactures LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
May 14th - 63rd Preakness: Maurice Peters aboard Dauber wins in 1:59.8
May 14th - England soccer team beats Nazi-Germany, 6-3
May 14th - "The Adventures of Robin Hood", directed by Michael Curtiz, William Keighley and starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland is released
May 15th - Paul-Henri Spak forms red coalition of Belgium
May 16th - 1st animal breeding society forms (NJ)
May 16th - 38 die in Terminal Hotel fire (Atlanta Ga)
May 16th - In cricket Bradman scores 278 Aust v MCC, 349 mins, 35 fours 1 six
May 17th - US Congress approves Vinson Naval Act, which funds a two-ocean navy
May 17th - Radio quiz show "Information Please!" debuts on NBC Blue Network
May 21st - Don Bradman scores 143 Austalia v Surrey, 198 mins, 11 fours
May 22nd - Dodgers announce contracts to install lights at Ebbets Field
May 25th - Spanish Civil War: The bombing of Alicante takes place, with 313 deaths.
May 26th - US House of Representatives Committee on un-American Activities forms
May 27th - Bradman scores his 1000th cricket run of English season, earliest to do so
May 28th - Foundation for Tel Aviv harbor laid
May 28th - Hindemiths opera "Mathis der Maler" premieres in Zurich
May 30th - Yanks sweep Red Sox 10-0 & 5-4 in front of 83,533 at Yankee Stadium
May 30th - Indianapolis 500: Floyd Roberts wins in 4:15:58.362 (188.615 km/h)
May 31st - Bill Edrich scores his 1,000th run of cricket season, all at Lord's
Jun 1st - Protective baseball helmets 1st worn by batters
Jun 3rd - German law on "Entartete Art" legalizes art robbery
Jun 4th - 10th Walker Cup: Britain-Ireland wins 7½-4½ at the Old Course at St Andrews
Jun 4th - 70th Belmont: James Stout aboard Pasteurized wins in 2:29.6
Father of Psychology Sigmund FreudFather of Psychology Sigmund Freud Jun 6th - Sigmund Freud arrives in London
Jun 7th - 1st play telecast with original Broadway cast, "Susan & God"
Jun 7th - Boeing 314 Clipper flying boat 1st flown (Eddie Allen)
Jun 7th - The Douglas DC-4E makes its first test flight.
Jun 8th - Gert Terblanche, a local school boy, discovers fossils of an unknown 'robust-type' human ancestor, later named Paranthropus robustus by Robert Broom, at Kromdraai, Blaauwbank River Valley in South Africa
Jun 10th - Charlie Barnett makes 98 by lunch v Australia at Trent Bridge
Jun 11th - 42nd US Golf Open: Ralph Guldahl shoots a 284 at Cherry Hills Denver
Jun 11th - Cin Red Johnny Vander Meer no-hits Boston Braves, 3-0
Jun 11th - Compton scores 1st Test Cricket ton (102 v Aust) aged 20 yrs 19 days
Jun 11th - Earthquake in Belgium
Jun 11th - England declare at 8 for 658 v Australia at Trent Bridge
Jun 11th - 43rd Men's French Championships: Don Budge beats Roderich Menzel (6-3, 6-2, 6-4)
Jun 11th - 43rd Women's French Championships: Simonne Mathieu beats Nelly Adamson (6-0, 6-3)
Jun 13th - Great Cricket innings of 232 by Stan McCabe v England at Trent Bridge
Jun 13th - Jews injured & property destroyed in Przemyal, Poland
Jun 14th - Bradman scores 144* in 1st Test Cricket at Trent Bridge
Jun 14th - Chlorophyll patented by Benjamin Grushkin
Jun 14th - Dorothy Lathrop wins 1st Caldecott Medal (kid books author)
Jun 15th - 1st night game at Brooklyn Ebbets Field (Reds 6, Dodgers 0) as Cin Red Johnny Vander Meer hurls unprecedented 2nd consecutive no-hitter
Jun 16th - Boston Red Sox Jimmie Foxx is walked a record 6 consecutive times by St Louis Browns
Jun 17th - Japan declares war on China
Baseball Legend Babe RuthBaseball Legend Babe Ruth Jun 18th - Babe Ruth is signed as a Dodgers coach for the rest of the season
Jun 19th - "Olympian Flyer" express train crashes in Montana, killing 47
Jun 19th - FIFA World Cup: Italy beats Hungary 4-1 in soccer's 3rd World Cup in Paris
Jun 19th - Paul Waner (Pirates) homers off Pete Sivess (Phillies) in DH
Jun 19th - Reds Johnny Vander Meer extends his string of hitless baseball innings to 21 2/3 before Debs Garms singles for Boston in 4th
Jun 21st - Baseball's Pinky Higgins gets 12th straight hit

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