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Jan 1st - 26th Rose Bowl: #3 Southern California beats #2 Tennessee, 14-0
Jan 1st - 6th Sugar Bowl: #1 Texas A&M beats #5 Tulane, 14-13
Jan 1st - 6th Orange Bowl: #16 Georgia Tech beats #6 Missouri, 21-7
Jan 3rd - WPG-AM in Atlantic City NJ consolidates with WBIL & WOV as "new" WOV
Jan 5th - FCC hears 1st transmission of FM radio with clear, static-free signal
Jan 5th - Finnish offensive at Suomossalmi against Russia
Jan 6th - Mass execution of Poles, committed by Germans in the city of Poznań, Warthegau.
Jan 8th - Britain's 1st WW II rationing (bacon, butter & sugar)
Jan 9th - 2 German officers make emergency landing in Belgium
Jan 9th - J Thurber & E Nugent's "Male Animal" premieres in NYC
Jan 11th - Sergei Prokofiev's ballet "Romeo & Juliet" premieres in Leningrad
Jan 12th - World War II: Soviets bombs cities in Finland.
Jan 14th - Commissioner Kenesaw Landis gives free agency to 91 Detroit Tigers
Jan 14th - NFL Pro Bowl: Green Bay beats NFL All-Stars 16-7
Jan 15th - German U-Boot torpedoes Dutch merchant ship Arendskerk (Eagle's Church)
Jan 21st - Foreign correspondents in Netherlands subjected to censorship
Jan 22nd - 1st radio broadcast of "Road to Happiness" on CBS
Jan 23rd - Pianist Ignaz Paderewski becomes premier of Polish government in exile
Jan 25th - Nazi decrees establishment of Jewish ghetto in Lodz Poland
Jan 26th - Nazis forbid Polish Jews to travel on trains
Jan 27th - -17°F (-27°C), CCC Camp F-16, Georgia (state record)
Jan 29th - 33rd Women's Australian Championships: Nancye Wynne beats Thelma Coyne (5-7, 6-4, 6-0)
Jan 29th - 33rd Men's Australian Championships: Adrian Quist beats Jack Crawford (6-3, 6-1, 6-2)
Jan 30th - Benjamin Britten's "Lesson Illuminations" premieres in London
Jan 30th - Cor Jongert wins 6th Dutch 11 Cities Skating Race
Jan 30th - Hassett's second 122 of the game for Vic can't stop a NSW win
Jan 31st - 40 U-boats sunk this month (111,000 ton)
Jan 31st - C Turney & J Horwin's "My Dear Children" premieres in NYC
Feb 1st - Russia begins new offensive against Finland
Feb 1st - NBC performs the first inter-city television broadcast from its station in New York City to another in Schenectady, New York by General Electric relay antennas.
Singer/Actor Frank SinatraSinger/Actor Frank Sinatra Feb 2nd - Frank Sinatra's singing debut in Indianapolis (Tommy Dorsey Orch)
Feb 5th - Gen Winckelman replaces Gen Reijnders as Dutch supreme commander
Feb 5th - Glenn Miller & his Orchestra record "Tuxedo Junction"
Feb 7th - British railways nationalized
Feb 7th - Walt Disney's 2nd feature-length movie, "Pinocchio", premieres (NYC)
Feb 8th - Lewis & Hamilton's musical "Two for the Show" premieres in NYC
Feb 8th - Lodtz, 1st large ghetto established by Nazis in Poland
Feb 9th - Joe Louis beats Arturo Godoy in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
Feb 10th - "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller hits #1
Feb 10th - Tom & Jerry created by Hanna & Barbera debut by MGM
Feb 10th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Joan Tozzer
Feb 10th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Eugene Turner
Feb 13th - Bradman scores 209* in 161 minutes for South Aust at the WACA
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman Feb 14th - British merchant vessel fleet is armed
Feb 16th - British search plane finds German supply ship Altmark, used to accommodate aliied sailors from vessles sunk by the Graf Spee, off Norway
Feb 17th - Bradman scores 135 in a non-Shield match for SA v West Australia
Feb 17th - Crew of the British destroyer Cossack board German Altmark in Jøssingfjord, Norway, and realised 299 British prisoners after hand-to-hand fighting with bayonets and the last recorded Royal Naval action with cutlass.
Feb 20th - Larry Clinton & his Orchestra record "Limehouse Blues"
Feb 22nd - Finnish troops vacate Koivisto island
Feb 22nd - German air force sinks 2 German destroyers, killing 578
Feb 23rd - Russian troops conquer Lasi Island
Feb 23rd - Walt Disney's animated movie "Pinocchio" released
Feb 24th - Frances Langford records "When You Wish Upon a Star"
Feb 25th - 1st televised (W2XBS, NYC) hockey game (Rangers vs Canadians)
Feb 26th - US Air Defense Command forms at Mitchel Field, LI, NY
Feb 27th - Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discover carbon-14
Feb 28th - 1st televised basketball game (U of Pitts beats Fordham U, 50-37)
Feb 28th - Richard Wright's "Native Son" published
Feb 28th - US population at 131,669,275 (12,865,518 blacks (9.8%))
Feb 29th - 45 U boats sunk this month (170,000 ton)
Feb 29th - Frederic from G & S "Pirates of Penzance" finally released by pirate
Feb 29th - "Gone with the Wind," wins 8 Oscars
Feb 29th - Hattie McDaniel becomes 1st black woman to win an Oscar
Feb 29th - 12th Academy Awards - "Gone with the Wind," Robert Donat & Vivien Leigh win
Feb 29th - Finland initiates Winter War peace negotiations
Mar 1st - Richard Wright's novel "Native Son" is published
Mar 2nd - 1st intercollegiate track meet telecast, Madison Square Garden, NYC
Mar 2nd - Soviet armies conquer Tuppura Island Finland
Mar 3rd - Artie Shaw records "Frenesi" on RCA Victor label
Mar 6th - 1st US telecast from an airplane, NYC
Mar 7th - Mont Canadiens lose record tying NHL 15th straight game at home
Hall of Fame American Football Player Bronko NagurskiHall of Fame American Football Player Bronko Nagurski Mar 7th - Ray Steele beats B Nagurski in St Louis, to become wrestling champ
Mar 10th - 1st US opera telecast, W2XBS, NYC, I Pagliacci
Mar 12th - Finland surrenders to Russia during WW II, gives Karelische Isthmus
Mar 13th - Finland-Russian cease fire signed, the Winter War ends. Finland gives up Karelische
Mar 14th - 27 killed, 15 injured when truck full of migrant workers collides with a train outside McAllen, Texas
Mar 15th - Hermann Goering says 100-200 church bells enough for Germany, smelt the rest
Mar 16th - German air raid on British fleet base Scapa Flow
Mar 18th - Benito Mussolini joins Hitler in Germany's war against France & Britain
Mar 19th - Failed British air raid on German base at Sylt
Mar 19th - French government of Daladier falls
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniItalian Dictator Benito Mussolini Mar 20th - Paul Reynoud becomes French premier
Mar 23rd - 1st radio broadcast of "Truth or Consequences" on CBS
Mar 23rd - All-India-Muslim League calls for a Muslim homeland
Mar 23rd - The Lahore Resolution (Qarardad-e-Pakistan or the then Qarardad-e-Lahore) is put forward at the Annual General Convention of the All India Muslim League.
Mar 26th - Ernest Hemingway & Benjamin Glazer premiere in NYC
Mar 27th - "Rebecca" based on the book by Daphne du Maurier, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine premieres in Los Angeles (Best Picture 1941)
Mar 28th - Construction begins of the exhibition center to host the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.
Mar 29th - Joe Louis KOs Johnny Paycheck in 2 to retain heavyweight boxing title
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe LouisBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis Mar 30th - 2nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Indiana U beats Kansas 60-42
Mar 31st - Karelo-Finnish SSR becomes 12th Soviet republic (until 1956)
Apr 1st - Filipino President Quezon officially authorizes the printing and publication of the grammar and dictionary prepared by the Institute of the National Language.
Apr 4th - R Rodgers/Lorenz Hart's "Higher & Higher" premieres in NYC
Apr 5th - 99th Grand National: Sgt. Mervyn A. Jones aboard Bogskar wins
Apr 7th - 1st black to appear on US stamp (Booker T. Washington)
Apr 7th - 7th Masters Golf Tournament: Jimmy Demaret wins, shooting a 280
Apr 8th - German battle cruisers sink British aircraft carrier Glorious
Apr 9th - German cruiser Blucher torpedoed and capsizes in Oslofjord, 1,000 die
Apr 9th - Germany invades Norway & Denmark during WW II (Denmark surrenders)
Apr 10th - Vidkun Quisling forms Norwegian "national government"
Apr 12th - Italy annexes Albania
Education Pioneer Booker T. WashingtonEducation Pioneer Booker T. Washington Apr 12th - NFL cuts clipping penalty from 25 yards to 15 yards
Apr 13th - 2nd battle of Narvik; 8 German destroyers destroyed
Apr 13th - Cornelious Warmerdam became 1st man to pole vault 15 ft
Apr 13th - Stanley Cup: NY Rangers beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 games to 2
Apr 14th - Allied troops land in Norway
Apr 14th - RCA demonstrated its new electron microscope in Philadelphia
Apr 15th - British troops land at Narvik, Norway
Apr 16th - 1st televised baseball game, WGN-TV, (White Sox vs Cubs exhibition)
Apr 16th - Cleve Indian Bob Feller hurls an opening day no-hitter vs Chic, 1-0
Apr 16th - Heitor Villa-Lobos' opera "Izaht" premieres in Rio de Janeiro
Apr 19th - "Lake Shore Ltd" derails speed killing 34 near Little Falls NY
Apr 19th - 44th Boston Marathon won by Gerard Cote of Canada in 2:28:28.6
Apr 19th - Dutch prime minister De Geer declares state of siege
Apr 20th - 1st electron microscope demonstrated (RCA), Philadelphia, Pa
Apr 21st - 1st $64 Question, "Take It or Leave It," on CBS Radio
Apr 21st - Netherlands beats Belgium 4-2 in soccer
Apr 22nd - Rear Adm Joseph Taussig testifies before US Senate Naval Affairs Committee that war with Japan is inevitable
Apr 23rd - Dance hall fires kills 198 (Natchez Miss)
Apr 23rd - NY Yankees dedicate a plaque to Jacob Rupert
Apr 27th - Himmler orders establishment of Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Apr 28th - Glenn Miller records "Pennsylvania 6-5000"
Apr 28th - SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) Rudolf Höss (not Hess, diferent Nazi) becomes commandant of concentration camp Auschwitz
Apr 29th - 1st radio broadcast of "Young Dr Malone" on CBS
Apr 29th - Norwegian King Haakon & government flee to Britain
Apr 29th - Robert Sherwood's "There Shall be No Night" premieres in NYC
Apr 30th - Bkln Dodger Tex Carleton no-hits Cin Reds, 3-0
May 1st - 140 Palestinian Jews die as German planes bomb their ship
May 1st - The 1940 Olympics are cancelled
May 4th - 21 "not neutral" nazis & communists arrested in Netherlands
May 4th - 66th Kentucky Derby: Carroll Bierman aboard Gallahadion wins in 2:05
May 5th - Norwegian government in exile forms in London
Author John SteinbeckAuthor John Steinbeck May 6th - Pulitzer prize awarded to John Steinbeck (Grapes of Wrath)
May 10th - British Local Defence Volunteers forms (later renamed the Home Guard)
May 10th - Dutch torpedo boat Johan van Galen sinks
May 10th - Dutch-Indies Gov Van Starkenborch proclaims end to state of siege
May 10th - French marines stationed on Aruba
May 10th - French troops arrive in Zealand/Brabant Netherlands
May 10th - Nazi armies attack Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg
May 10th - Winston Churchill succeeds Neville Chamberlain as British Prime Minister
May 10th - World War II: The first German bombs of the war fall on England at Chilham and Petham, in Kent.
May 11th - 65th Preakness: Fred A Smith aboard Bimelech wins in 1:58.6
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill May 11th - NY World's Fair reopens
May 12th - French mariners occupy St Maarten
May 12th - German tanks conquer Moerdijkbrug
May 12th - Nazi blitzkrieg conquest of France began by crossing Muese River
May 13th - British bomb factory at Breda
May 13th - Winston Churchill says I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat
May 13th - Dutch Queen Wilhelmina flees to England
May 13th - German breakthrough at Grebbelinie

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