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1st - D Sjostakovitch plane evacuated in Moscow
1st - H Martin/R Blane's musical "Best Foot Forward" premieres in NYC
1st - Yankees beat Dodgers 3-2 at Yankee Stadium in opener of World Series
2nd - 6 Paris synagogues are bombed by Gestapo
2nd - Germans launch attack on Moscow
3rd - Adolf Hitler says Russia is "broken" & would "never rise again"
3rd - All elderly Jewish men of Kerenchug Ukraine, are killed by SS
3rd - Nazis blow up 6 synagoges in Paris
5th - Mickey Owens drops a 3rd strike, Tom Hendrick reaches 1st safely - would have been last out, instead Yanks score 4 & win 7-4
6th - German army occupies Briansk, USSR
6th - NY Yankees beat Dodgers 4 games to 1, in 38th World Series
7th - German army occupies Viarma, USSR
8th - Building at Concentration Camp Birkenau begins
9th - A coup in Panama declares Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia Arango the new president.
10th - German U-boat torpedoes US destroyer Kearney
10th - RAF bombs Piraeus to prevent German heavy armor advancement
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 11th - 1st NSB-battalion departures to Eastern front
12th - Russian government moves from Moscow to Volga as Nazis close in on Moscow
13th - Nazis kill 11,000 Jewish children/old people
14th - 1st mass deportation of Kowno, Lodz, Minsk & Riga
15th - 1st mass deportation of German Jews to Eastern Europe
15th - Japan Tojo regime forms
15th - Jews caught outside Nazi Ghetto walls in occupied Poland could be put to death
16th - "Gordo" comic strip (by Gus Arriola) 1st appears in newspapers
16th - Germany advances within 60 miles (96 K) of Moscow
16th - Romanian Legionnaires enter Odessa, Russia
17th - 1st US destroyer (Kearney) torpedoed in WW II, off Iceland
18th - Spy Richard Sorge arrested in Tokyo
19th - 1st woman jockey in North America, Anna Lee Wiley in Mexico
20th - Nazi occupiers murder 500 inhabitants of Kragujevac Serbia
22nd - Maxwell Anderson's "Candle in the Wind" premieres in NYC
Animator Walt DisneyAnimator Walt Disney 23rd - Walt Disney's animation "Dumbo" released
25th - 16,000 Jews massacred in Odessa Ukraine
25th - Germany attacks Moscow
25th - Winston Churchill routes "Forces South" to SE Asia
26th - 2Second meeting of partisans Tito & Draza Mihailovic in Yugoslavia
26th - US savings bonds go on sale
27th - Chicago Daily Tribune editorialize there will not be war with Japan
27th - Nazi's directs gypsy ghetto in Belgrade
28th - "How Green Was My Valley" based on the novel by Richard Llewellyn, directed by John Ford and starring Walter Pidgeon and Maureen O'Hara premieres in New York (Best Picture 1942)
29th - Cole Porter's musical "Let's Face It" premieres in New York City
30th - USS Reuben James torpedoed by Germans, even though US is not in war
Film director John FordFilm director John Ford 31st - Mount Rushmore Monument is completed
31st - Prior to US joining WW II, Germany torpedoes US destroyer Reuben James
31st - Clothing factory fire in Huddersfield, England kills 49

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