Historical Events in April 1942

  • 1st Allied air raid on harbor city Kupang Timor
  • 1st Mexico changes from 3 time zones to 2

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2nd USS Hornet with Jimmy Doolittles B-25 departs from San Francisco

Aviation Pioneer Jimmy Doolittle
Aviation Pioneer
Jimmy Doolittle

Event of interestEvent of Interest

8th Arnold Schoenberg & Tudor's ballet "Pillar of Fire" premieres in NYC

Composer and Painter Arnold Schoenberg
Composer and Painter
Arnold Schoenberg
  • 9th Battle of Bataan; US-Filipino forces overwhelmed by Japanese at Bataan
  • 10th Cigarettes & candy rationed in Holland
  • 11th Distinguished Service Medal for Merchant Marines authorized

Sport awardGolf Major

12th 9th Masters Golf Tournament: Byron Nelson wins, shooting a 280

Golfer Byron Nelson
Byron Nelson
  • 12th Japan kills about 400 Filipino officers in Bataan
  • 14th Destroyer Roper sinks German U-85 of US east coast
  • 15th George VI awards George Cross to people of Malta
  • 16th Japanese occupying army on Java installs film censorship
  • 17th 12 Lancasters bomb MAN factory in Augsburg
  • 17th Operations begin to destroy Sobibor Concentration Camp
  • 17th POW French General Henri Giraud escapes from his castle prison in Festung K√∂nigstein.
  • 18th "Stars & Stripes" paper for US armed forces starts
  • 18th James Doolittle bombs Tokyo & other Japanese cities
  • 18th Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3
  • 19th 46th Boston Marathon won by Joe Smith of Mass in 2:26:51.2
  • 20th German occupiers forbids Dutch access to their beach
  • 23rd 4-day allied bombing on Rostock begins
  • 23rd 1st night Exeter bombed by German Luftwaffe
  • 24th 2nd night Exeter bombed by German Luftwaffe
  • 25th Beginning of a 3 night bombing blitz on Bath by German Luftwaffe - 417 killed
  • 26th Coal mine explosion kills 1,549 at Honkeiko Manchuria
  • 27th Belgian Jews are forced to wear stars
  • 27th Tornado destroys Pryor, Oklahoma, killing 100, injuring 300
  • 28th German Luftwaffe estimated to have flown over 11 thousand sorties against Malta since 20th March
  • 28th "WW II" titled so, as result of Gallup Poll
  • 28th Nightly "dim-out" begins along US East Coast
  • 29th Japanese troop march into Lashio, cut off Burma Road
  • 29th Jews forced to wear a Jewish Star in Netherlands & Vichy-France
  • 30th 1st submarine built on Great Lakes launched, (Peto), Manitowoc, Wi