Historical Events in January 1943

  • 1st Count Claus von Stauffenberg promoted to lt-colonel
  • 1st Negro League star Josh Gibson suffers a nervous breakdown
  • 1st 29th Rose Bowl: #2 Georgia beats #13 UCLA, 9-0
  • 1st 9th Sugar Bowl: #7 Tennessee beats #4 Tulsa, 14-7
  • 1st 9th Orange Bowl: #10 Alabama beats #8 Boston College, 37-21
  • 3rd 1st missing persons telecast (NYC)
  • 3rd Canadian Army troops arrive in North Africa

Event of interestEvent of Interest

4th Thomas Mann completes his tetralogy, "Joseph & His Brothers"

Novelist Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann
  • 5th Teams agrees to start season later due to WW II
  • 5th William H Hastie, civilian aide to secretary of war, resigns to protest segregation in armed forces
  • 9th Japanese government in Java limits sale & use of motorcars
  • 10th Russian offensive against German 6th/4th Armies near Stalingrad

Event of interestEvent of Interest

10th 1st US president to visit a foreign country in wartime - FDR leaves for Casablanca, Morocco

32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • 11th US & Britain relinquish extraterritorial rights in China
  • 12th Frankfurters replaced by Victory Sausages (mix of meat & soy meal)

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13th British premier Winston Churchill arrives in Casablanca

Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister
Winston Churchill

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13th Hitler declares "Total War"

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • 13th Russian offensive at Don under general Golikov
  • 13th US infantry captures Galloping Horse Ridge, Guadalcanal
  • 14th Alex Smart (Mont) is 1st NHLer to score hat trick in his 1st game
  • 14th FDR & Winston Churchill confer in Casablanca concerning WW II
  • 14th Heinrich Himmler views Warsaw
  • 14th World War II: Japan begins Operation Ke
  • 14th World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt travels from Miami to Morocco to meet with Winston Churchill, becoming the first American president to travel by airplane
  • 14th World War II: Casablanca Conference begins (Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • 15th 1st transport of Jews from Amsterdam to concentration camp Vught
  • 15th World's largest office building, the Pentagon is completed
  • 15th 1,000 workers complete air conditioning system for Pentagon
  • 15th World War II: The Soviets begin a counter-offensive at Voronezh
  • 16th -60°F (-51°C), Island Park Dam, Idaho (state record)
  • 16th 1st US air raid on Ambon
  • 16th German 2nd SS-Panzer division evacuates Charkow
  • 16th Red Army recaptures Pitomnik airport at Stalingrad
  • 17th Tin Can Drive Day in the US, salvage collected for the war effort
  • 18th Soviets announce they broke long Nazi siege of Leningrad
  • 18th US rations bread & metal - banning presliced bread reduce bakery demand for metal parts
  • 18th The first Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
  • 19th Uprising in Warsaw ghetto
  • 19th Joint Chiefs of Staff decide on invasion in Sicily
  • 20th Lead, South Dakota, temp is 52°F, while 1.5 miles away Deadwood SD records -16°F
  • 20th Operation Weiss: German, Italian, Bulgarian & Croatian troops attempt to retake land liberated by Tito's partisans
  • 21st Soviet forces reconquer Worosjilowsk
  • 21st Soviet forces reconquer Gumrak airport near Stalingrad
  • 21st Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, Royal Navy, promoted to Admiral of the Fleet
  • 22nd 66.3 cm precipitation at Hoegees Camp, California (state record)
  • 22nd Battle of Anzio: Italy; Allies stopped on beach[1944]-
  • 22nd Allied Joint Chiefs of Staff determine invasion in Sicily for July 10th
  • 22nd Temperature rises 49°F (9°C) in 2 minutes in Spearfish, SD
  • 23rd 66.34 cm (26.12"), Hoegees Camp, California (state record)
  • 23rd British 8th army marches into Tripoli
  • 23rd Detroit Red Wings scores NHL record 8 goals in 1 period
  • 23rd Japanese Mount Austen on Guadalcanal captured

Event of interestEvent of Interest

23rd Duke Ellington plays at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the first time.

Jazz Musician and Composer Duke Ellington
Jazz Musician and Composer
Duke Ellington
  • 24th Adolf Hitler orders German troops at Stalingrad to fight to the death
  • 24th Jewish patients/nurses/doctors incinerated at Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • 27th 1st US air attack on Germany (Wilhelmshafen)
  • 28th Chic Blackhawks beats NY Rangers 10-1, Max Bentley scores 4 goals
  • 28th Forward Doug Bentley sets NHL record with 5 points in a game
  • 29th New Zealand cruiser Kiwi collides with Japanese submarine I-1 at Guadalcanal
  • 29th Sidney Kingsley's "Patriots" premieres in NYC
  • 29th U.S. cruiser "Chicago" is heavily damaged by Japanese bombers on the first day of the Battle of Rennell Island
  • 30th 6 British Mosquitos bomb Berlin in daylight
  • 30th German assault on French in Tunisia
  • 30th German under officers shot down in Haarlem Neth
  • 30th Hitler promotes Friedrich von Paul to Field Marshal
  • 30th Illegal opposition newspaper Loyal begins publishing
  • 30th USS Chicago sinks in Pacific Ocean
  • 31st 39 U-boats sunk this month (203,100 ton)
  • 31st Chile breaks off relations with Germany & Japan
  • 31st Gen Friedrich von Paul surrenders to Russian troops at Stalingrad