Historical Events in October 1943

  • Oct 1 Allied forces captured Naples during WW II
  • Oct 1 Averell Harriman named US ambassador to Moscow
  • Oct 1 Germans attack Jews in Denmark
  • Oct 1 1st King's Dragoon Guards (Royal Amoured Corps) liberates suburbs of Naples
  • Oct 2 Japanese troops leave Kolombangara, Solomon Island
  • Oct 2 Yankees sweep 14th doubleheader of year, beating Browns, 5-1 & 7-6
  • Oct 3 British 8th army lands at Termoli, East Italy
  • Oct 3 Operations begin at PETA Java, defending (Japanese) fatherland
  • Oct 4 Corsica freed by Free French
  • Oct 4 German occupiers forbid flying of kites (6 month jail sentence)
  • Oct 5 US air raid on Wake, Japanese execute 98 US prisoners in retaliation
  • Oct 6 Battle at Vella Lavella, Solomon Island

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 6 Himmler wants acceleration of "Final Solution"

Leading Nazi and Reichsf├╝hrer of the SS Heinrich Himmler
Leading Nazi and Reichsf├╝hrer of the SS
Heinrich Himmler
  • Oct 7 Weill/Perelman/Nash' musical "One Touch of Venus" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 8 Great Britain establishes bases on Azores
  • Oct 10 US bombers accidentally strike Enschede, Netherlands, causing 151 deaths
  • Oct 11 NY Yankees beat Cards 4 games to 1, in 40th World Series, to become 1st team to win 10 World Series
  • Oct 12 US bombs Rabaul, New Britain
  • Oct 13 Italy declares war on former Axis partner Germany
  • Oct 14 600 Jews escape during an uprising at the Nazi concentration Camp in Sobibor, Poland
  • Oct 14 Japan declares Philippine Independence (premier/pres Jose Laurel)
  • Oct 14 US 8th Air Force loses 60 B-17s during assault on Schweinfurt
  • Oct 16 Anti Jewish riot in Rome
  • Oct 16 Chicago Mayor Ed Kelly opens city's new subway system
  • Oct 16 Jewish quarter of Rome surrounded by Nazis, they are sent to Auschwitz
  • Oct 16 US 1st Army establishes headquarter in Bristol
  • Oct 17 Liberators sink U-540 & U-631
  • Oct 17 Burma railway completed, built by allied POWS and Asian labourers for the Japanese army
  • Oct 18 US bombing of Bougainville, Solomon Island
  • Oct 19 Conference of foreign ministers in Moscow
  • Oct 19 Theater Guild presentation of "Othello" opens at Shubert
  • Oct 19 Yankee 2nd baseman Joe Gordon announces his retirement
  • Oct 19 Streptomycin, the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis, is isolated by researchers at Rutgers University
  • Oct 23 First Jewish transport out of Rome reaches camp Birkenau
  • Oct 24 Anti-nazi Clandestine Radio Soldatsender Calais begins transmitting
  • Oct 25 Burma railroad completed & opens
  • Oct 26 World War II: First flight of the Dornier Do 335 "Pfeil".
  • Oct 28 German submarine U-220 sunk by US aircraft in the Atlantic
  • Oct 29 Three allied officers escape out camp Stalag Luft 3
  • Oct 30 Molotov-Eden-Cordell Hull accord over operations at UN
  • Oct 30 Soviet forces under Fyodor Ivanovich Tolbukhin commenced offensive on the 4th Ukranian Front

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 31 Washington Redskin Sammy Baugh passes for 6 touchdowns vs Bkln (48-10)

American Football Player and Coach Sammy Baugh
American Football Player and Coach
Sammy Baugh
  • Oct 31 World War II: F4U Corsair accomplishes the first successful radar-guided interception.