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Jan 1st - 1st feature-length foreign movie, African Journey, shown on TV, NYC
Jan 1st - Army defeats Navy 10-7 in football "Arab Bowl," Oran, North Africa
Jan 1st - Gen Clark replaces Gen Patton as commander of 7th Army
Jan 1st - 30th Rose Bowl: Southern California beats #12 Washington, 29-0
Jan 1st - 10th Sugar Bowl: Georgia Tech beats Tulsa, 20-18
Jan 1st - 10th Orange Bowl: LSU beats Texas A&M, 19-14
Jan 2nd - 1st use of helicopters during warfare (British Atlantic patrol)
Jan 3rd - World War II: Top Ace Major Greg "Pappy" Boyington is shot down in his Corsair by Captain Masajiro Kawato flying a Zero.
Jan 4th - Ralph Bunche appointed 1st Negro official in US State Department
Jan 5th - The Daily Mail becomes the first transoceanic newspaper.
Jan 7th - US Air Force announces production of 1st US jet fighter, the Bell P-59
Jan 10th - 1st mobile electric power plant delivered, Phila
Jan 10th - British troops conquer Maungdaw, Burma
Jan 11th - Crakow-Plaszow Concentration Camp established
Diplomat and Nobel Laureate Ralph BuncheDiplomat and Nobel Laureate Ralph Bunche Jan 12th - Churchill & de Gaulle begin a 2-day wartime conference in Marrakesh
Jan 12th - Failed resistance raid on distribution office of Borgerstraat Amsterd
Jan 14th - Soviet army begins offensive at Oranienbaum/Wolchow
Jan 15th - European Advisory Commission decides to divide Germany
Jan 15th - General Eisenhower arrives in England
Jan 15th - Vught Concentration Camp puts 74 women in 1 cell, 10 die
Jan 16th - Gen Eisenhower took command of Allied Invasion Force in London
Jan 17th - British corvette HMS Violet sinks U-641 in Atlantic Ocean
Jan 18th - 1st Chinese naturalized US citizen since repeal of exclusion acts
Jan 18th - The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City hosts a jazz concert for the first time. The performers were Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw, Roy Eldridge and Jack Teagarden.
Jan 20th - RAF drops 2,300 ton bombs on Berlin
Jazz Musician Louis ArmstrongJazz Musician Louis Armstrong Jan 21st - 447 German bombers attack London
Jan 21st - 649 British bombers attack Magdeburg
Jan 22nd - Allied forces begin landing at Anzio on the Italian mainland
Jan 23rd - Arnold Schoenberg's "Ode to Napoleon" premieres in NYC
Jan 23rd - Det Red Wings score 15 goals against NY Rangers & NHL record 37 points, also most consecutive goals & most lopsided game 15-0
Jan 24th - Allied troops occupy Nettuno Italy
Jan 27th - Leningrad liberated from Germany in 880 days with 600,000 killed
Jan 27th - Casey Stengel, manager of the Boston Braves since 1938, resigns Lou Perini, Guido Rugo, & Joseph Maney buy control of Boston Braves
Jan 28th - 683 British bombers attack Berlin
Jan 28th - Leonard Bernstein's "Jeremiah" premieres in Pittsburgh
Jan 28th - U-271 & U-571 sunk off Ireland
Jan 29th - 285 German bombers attack London
Composer and Painter Arnold SchoenbergComposer and Painter Arnold Schoenberg Jan 29th - USS Missouri, the last battleship commissioned by the US Navy, is launched.
Jan 29th - World War II: The Battle of Cisterna takes place in central Italy.
Jan 29th - World War II: About 38 men, women, and children die in the Koniuchy massacre in Poland.
Jan 30th - US invades Majuro, Marshall Islands
Jan 30th - World War II: United States troops land on Majuro.
Jan 31st - Operation-Overlord (D-Day) postponed until June
Jan 31st - U-592 sunk off Ireland
Jan 31st - US forces invade Kwajalein Atoll
Feb 1st - Supreme Soviet enlarges Soviet republics' autonomy
Feb 1st - US 7th Infantry/4th Marine Division lands on Kwajalein/Roi/Namur
Feb 2nd - 4th US marine division conquerors Roi, Marshall Islands
Feb 2nd - Allied troops 1st set foot on Japanese territory
Feb 2nd - Baseball meets in NYC to discuss postwar action
Feb 2nd - Edward Chodorov's "Decision" premieres in NYC
Feb 3rd - World War II: United States troops capture the Marshall Islands.
Feb 4th - Jean Anouilh's "Antigone" premieres in Paris
Feb 4th - US 7th Infantry Division captures Kwajalein
Feb 5th - 358 RAF bombers attack Stettin
Singer and Actor Bing CrosbySinger and Actor Bing Crosby Feb 7th - Bing Crosby records "Swinging on a Star" for Decca Records
Feb 7th - Germans launch counteroffensive at Anzio Italy
Feb 8th - 1st black reporter accredited to White House, Harry McAlpin
Feb 8th - U-762 sunk off Ireland
Feb 9th - U-734/U-238 sunk off Ireland
Feb 10th - Belgian resistance fighter and author Kamiel van Baelen arrested
Feb 10th - U-666/U-545/U-283 sink off Ireland
Feb 11th - German troops reconquer Aprilia, Italy
Feb 11th - U-424 sunk off Ireland
Feb 12th - Wendell Wilkie (R) enters presidential race
Feb 14th - Anti-Japanese revolt on Java
Feb 14th - Carl Wick publishes "Salmon Trolling for Commercial & Sport Fishing
Feb 15th - 891 British bombers attack Berlin
Feb 15th - Attack begins at Monte Cassino monastery, Italy
Feb 17th - Battle of Eniwetok Atoll begins; US victory on Feb 22
Feb 17th - US begins night bombing of Truk
Feb 18th - Maastricht resistance fighter JAJ Janssen arrested
Feb 18th - Youngest baseball player, Cin Reds sign 15 year old Joe Nuxhall
Feb 19th - 823 British bombers attack Berlin
Feb 19th - U-264 sinks off Ireland
Feb 20th - Batman & Robin comic strip premieres in newspapers
Feb 20th - US takes Eniwetok Island
Feb 20th - World War II: The "Big Week" began with American bomber raids on German aircraft manufacturing centers.
Feb 21st - "War As It Happens" news show premieres on NBC TV (NYC only)
Feb 22nd - US 8th Air Force bombs Enschede, Arnhem & Nijmegen by mistake/800+ die
Feb 23rd - Forced deportation of the Chechen and Ingush people to Central Asia.
Feb 24th - Argentina coup by minister of war Juan Peron
Feb 25th - US 1st Army completes invasion plan
Feb 26th - 1st female US navy captain, Sue Dauser of nurse corps, appointed
Feb 28th - Arrests of the ten-Boom family in Nazi occupied Netherlands (Haarlem) through a Dutch collaborator on charges of hiding Jews
Feb 29th - 5 leaders of Indonesia Communist Party sentenced to death
Feb 29th - US troop land on Los Negros, Admirality Islands
264th Pope John Paul II264th Pope John Paul II Feb 29th - Karol Wojtyla, future Pope John Paul II, is run down and injured by a Nazi truck in Krakow
Mar 1st - Massive strikes in Northern Italian towns
Mar 1st - U-358 sinks in Atlantic
Mar 2nd - 16th Academy Awards - "Casablanca", Jennifer Jones & Paul Lukas win
Mar 2nd - Fumes from locomotive stalled in a tunnel suffocate 521 in Italy
Mar 3rd - 1st performance of corporal Samuel Barber's 2nd Symphony
Mar 4th - 1st US bombing of Berlin
Mar 4th - Anti-Germany strikes in North Italy
Mar 5th - 1st performance of Walter Piston's 2nd Symphony
Mar 6th - USAAF begins daylight bombing of Berlin
Mar 7th - Japans begins offensive in Burma
Mar 8th - US resumes bombing Berlin
Composer Samuel BarberComposer Samuel Barber Mar 10th - U-575 sinks HMS Asphodel
Mar 11th - Dutch resistance fighter Joop Westerweel arrested
Mar 13th - USSR recognizes Italian Badoglio government
Mar 15th - Italian town of Cassino destroyed by Allied bombing
Mar 16th - Vichy Internal minister Pucheu sentenced to death
Mar 18th - Nazi Germany occupies Hungary
Mar 18th - 2,500 women trample guards & floorwalkers to purchase 1,500 alarm clocks announced for sale in a Chicago Illinois dept store
Mar 19th - Tippett's oratorium "Child of Our Time" premieres in London
Mar 20th - Bus falls off bridge into Passaic River NJ, killing 16
Mar 20th - Mount Vesuvius, Italy, explodes
Mar 21st - Gen Eisenhower postpones S France invasion until after Normandy
Mar 22nd - 600+ 8th Air Force bombers attack Berlin
Actor Jimmy StewartActor Jimmy Stewart Mar 22nd - American movie star Jimmy Stewart flies his 12th combat mission, leading the 2nd Bomb Wing in an attack on Berlin
Mar 23rd - Bomb assassination against Southern Tirol congregation in Rome, 33 die
Mar 23rd - Nicholas Alkemade falls 5,500 m without a parachute & lives
Mar 24th - 76 Allied officers escape Stalag Luft 3 (Great Escape)
Mar 24th - 811 British bombers attack Berlin
Mar 24th - In occupied Rome, Nazis execute more than 300 civilians
Mar 25th - Germany troop executes 335 residents of Rome
Mar 25th - RAF Flight Sgt Nicholas Alkemade survives a jump from his Lancaster bomber from 18,000 feet over Germany without a parachute; his fall was broken by pine trees and soft snow, and he suffered only a sprained leg.
Mar 26th - 705 British bombers attack Essen
Mar 27th - 1,000 Jews leave Drancy, France, for Auschwitz concentration camp
Mar 27th - 2,000 Jews are murdered in Kaunas Lithuania
Mar 27th - 40 Jewish policemen in Riga, Latvia, ghetto are shot by the Gestapo
Mar 27th - Children's Aktion-Nazis collect all the Jewish children of Lovno
Mar 28th - 6th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Utah defeats Dartmouth 42-40
Mar 28th - Astrid Lindgren sprains ankle & begins writing Pippi Longstocking
Mar 30th - 781 British bombers attack Nuremberg
Mar 31st - Hungary orders all Jews to wear yellow stars
Apr 1st - Japanese troops conquer Jessami, Eastern India
Apr 2nd - CPI-leader Palmiro Togliatti returns to Italy
Apr 2nd - Dmitri Shostakovitch's 8th Symphony premieres in NY
Apr 2nd - Soviet Army marches into pro-German Romania
Apr 3rd - British dive bombers attack battle cruiser Tirpitz
Apr 3rd - US Supreme Court (Smith v Allwright) "white primaries" unconstitutional
Apr 4th - British troops capture Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Apr 4th - De Gaulle forms new regime in exile, with communists
Apr 4th - Allied Bucharest bombings targeting railroads kills 5,000
Apr 5th - 140 Lancasters bomb airplane manufacturer in Toulouse
Apr 5th - World War II: 270 inhabitants of the Greek town of Kleisoura are executed by the Germans.
Apr 6th - Jewish nursery at Izieu-Ain France overrun by Nazis
Apr 7th - General Montgomery speaks to generals about invastion plan
Apr 9th - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Orientals Ecclesiae
Apr 10th - "Patrolling the Ether" is shown on 3 TV stations simultaneously
Apr 10th - Soviet forces liberate Odessa from Nazis
Apr 11th - RAF bombs census bureau in The Hague
Apr 12th - Lillian Hellman's "Searching Wind" premieres in NYC
Apr 13th - South Carolina rejects black suffrage
Apr 13th - Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens sweep Chicago Blackhawks in 4 games
Apr 13th - Transport nr 71 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
Apr 13th - The diplomatic relations between New Zealand and the Soviet Union are established.

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