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Jan 1st - Dutch government raises all wages 5%, minimally fl. 5 per week
Jan 1st - Ho Chi Minh begins offensive against French troops in Indo China
Jan 1st - The state of Ajaigarh is ceded to the Government of India.
Jan 2nd - 36th Rose Bowl: #6 Ohio State beats #3 California, 17-14
Jan 2nd - 16th Sugar Bowl: #2 Oklahoma beats #9 LSU, 35-0
Jan 2nd - 16th Orange Bowl: #15 Santa Clara beats #11 Kentucky, 21-13
Jan 5th - Carson McCuller's "Member of the Wedding," premieres in NYC
Jan 6th - "Happy as Larry" opens at Coronet Theater NYC for 3 performances
Jan 6th - Britain recognizes Communist government of China
Jan 7th - "Happy as Larry" closes at Coronet Theater NYC after 3 performances
Jan 7th - Hank Snow's 1st appearance on "Grand Ole Opry"
Jan 7th - Mental health wing of Mercy Hospital burns, kills 41 (Davenport Ia)
Jan 12th - Swedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die
Jan 12th - USSR re-introduces death penalty for treason, espionage & sabotage
Jan 14th - "As the Girls Go" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 420 perfs
Vietnamese Communist Revolutionary Ho Chi MinhVietnamese Communist Revolutionary Ho Chi Minh Jan 14th - US recalls all consular officials from China
Jan 15th - 4,000 attend National Emergency Civil Rights Conference in Wash DC
Jan 16th - Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands recognize Israel
Jan 17th - "Alive & Kicking" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 46 perfs
Jan 17th - The Great Brinks Robbery - 11 men rob $1.2M cash & $1.5M securities from armored car company Brink's offices in Boston, Massachusetts
Jan 18th - Christopher Fry's "Venus Observed," premieres in London
Jan 18th - Indians pitcher Bob Feller, after 15-14 season, takes $20,000 salary cut to $45,000, pay cut is Feller's own suggestion
Jan 19th - Maiden flight by Canada's Avro Canada CF-100 military plane
Jan 20th - "Dance Me a Song" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 35 performances
Jan 20th - Suriname becomes independent part in Realm of Netherlands
Jan 20th - 1950 NFL Draft: Leon Hart from University of Notre Dame first pick by Detroit Lions
Jan 21st - "Lend an Ear" closes at National Theater NYC after 460 performances
Jan 21st - NY jury finds former State Dept official Alger Hiss guilty of perjury
Poet, Author and Nobel Laureate T. S. EliotPoet, Author and Nobel Laureate T. S. Eliot Jan 21st - T. S. Eliot's "Cocktail Party" premieres in NYC
Jan 22nd - Polly Riley wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
Jan 23rd - 3rd edition of Joseph Kane's Famous 1st Facts published
Jan 23rd - AP picks "Miracle Braves" of 1914 as greatest sports upset
Jan 23rd - Israeli Knesset resolves Jerusalem is capital of Israel
Jan 23rd - NFL rule changes open way for 2-platoon system (offense & defense)
Jan 23rd - Rebel army of cap Raymond Westerner occupies Bandung
Jan 24th - Jackie Robinson signs highest contract ($35,000) in Dodger history
Jan 25th - 73°F (23°C) highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in January
Jan 26th - India becomes a republic, ceasing to be a British dominion
Jan 26th - Constitution of India goes into effect
Jan 27th - 2nd Emmy Awards: Ed Wynn Show & Texaco Star Theater win
Jan 28th - Preston Tucker, auto maker, found not guilty of mail fraud
Baseball Player Jackie RobinsonBaseball Player Jackie Robinson Jan 30th - "Robert Montgomery Presents" dramatic anthology premieres on NBC TV
Jan 30th - 38th Women's Australian Championships: Louise Brough Clapp beats Doris Hart (6-4, 3-6, 6-4)
Jan 30th - 38th Men's Australian Championships: Frank Sedgman beats Ken McGregor (6-3, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1)
Jan 31st - US President Harry Truman publicly announces support for development of Hydogen bomb
Feb 1st - USSR demands condemnation of Emperor Hirohito for war crimes
Feb 1st - Urko Kekkonen elected president of Finland
Feb 2nd - "Arms & the Girl" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 134 performances
Feb 2nd - 1st broadcast of "What's My Line" on CBS-TV
Feb 3rd - Nuclear physicist Klaus Fuchs arrested on spying charges
Feb 4th - 4th British Empire Games open in Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 7th - Georges Bidault forms French government
33rd US President Harry Truman33rd US President Harry Truman Feb 7th - Sen Joe McCarthy finds "communists" in US Department of State (equiv. Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Feb 7th - US & Great Britain recognize Bao Dai Vietnamese regime
Feb 9th - Sen Joseph McCarthy charges State Dept infested with 205 communists
Feb 11th - "Rag Mop" by The Ames Brothers hit #1
Feb 11th - 4th British Empire Games close in Auckland, New Zealand
Feb 12th - Albert Einstein warns against hydrogen bomb
Feb 12th - Sen Joe McCarthy claims to have list of 205 communist government employees
Feb 14th - Moroney scores cricket twin centuries for Australia at Johannesburg
Feb 14th - USSR & China sign peace treaty
Feb 15th - KENS TV channel 5 in San Antonio, TX (CBS) begins broadcasting
Feb 15th - WM Inge's "Come Back, Little Sheba," premieres in NYC
Feb 15th - WSYR (now WSTM) TV channel 3 in Syracuse, NY (NBC) begins broadcasting
Animator Walt DisneyAnimator Walt Disney Feb 15th - Walt Disney's "Cinderella" released
Feb 16th - Longest-running prime-time game show, "What's My Line" begins on CBS
Feb 16th - Writers fail to elect anyone to Baseball's Hall of Fame
Feb 17th - 31 die in a train crash in Rockville Center NY
Feb 18th - "Dance Me a Song" closes at Royale Theater NYC after 35 performances
Feb 19th - Ground-breaking ceremony held for Mississippi Vocational College (later Mississippi Valley State University)
Feb 20th - Dylan Thomas arrives in NYC for his 1st US poetry reading tour
Feb 20th - WOL-AM in Washington, D.C. swaps calls with WWDC
Feb 21st - WOI TV channel 5 in Ames-Des Moines, IA (ABC/PBS) begins broadcasting
Feb 22nd - Brockway & Weinstock publish "Men of Music" (rev ed)
Feb 23rd - 7th Golden Globes: All the King's Men, Broderick Crawford, & Olivia de Havilland win
Feb 24th - Labour wins British parliamentary election
Actor & Director Mel BrooksActor & Director Mel Brooks Feb 25th - "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca premieres on NBC Writers include Mel Brooks, Neil Simon & Woody Allen
Feb 26th - Leonard Bernstein's "Age of Anxiety" premieres in NYC
Feb 27th - General Chiang Kai-shek elected president of Nationalist China
Feb 28th - "Alive & Kicking" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 46 perfs
Mar 1st - Chiang Kai-shek resumed the presidency of National China on Taiwan
Mar 1st - Klaus Fuchs sentenced to 14 years for atomic espionage (London)
Mar 1st - USSR issues golden rubles
Mar 3rd - 3 months as National-American Football League takes back NFL name
Mar 6th - Silly Putty invented
Mar 7th - Ice Pairs Championship at London won by K Kennedy & P Kennedy (USA)
Mar 7th - Ladies Figure Skating Championship in London won by Alena Vrzanova CZE
Chinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shekChinese Military and Political Leader Chiang Kai-shek Mar 7th - Men Figure Skating Championship in London won by Richard Button (USA)
Mar 8th - 1st woman medical officer assigned to naval vessel (BR Walters)
Mar 9th - Willie Sutton robs Manufacturers Bank of $64,000 in NYC
Mar 12th - Belgium votes (58%) for return of King Leopold III
Mar 12th - Pope Pius XII encyclical "On combating atheistic propaganda"
Mar 13th - General Motors reports net earnings of $656,434,232 (record)
Mar 14th - FBI's "10 Most Wanted Fugitives" program begins
Mar 15th - Gian Carlo Menotti's opera "Consul" opens at Barrymore Theater NYC for 269 performances
Mar 15th - NYC hires Dr Wallace E Howell as its official "rainmaker"
Mar 16th - 1st annual National Book Awards
Mar 17th - Belgian government of Eyskens resigns
Mar 17th - Element 98 (Californium) announced
Mar 18th - "Touch & Go" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 176 performances
Bank Robber Willie SuttonBank Robber Willie Sutton Mar 18th - CCNY beats Bradley 69-61 for the NIT championship
Mar 19th - 5th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Babe Didrikson-Zaharias
Mar 19th - City College of NY defeats Bradley to win the NIT
Mar 23rd - "Great to Be Alive" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 52 perfs
Mar 23rd - 22rd Academy Awards - "All The King's Men", Broderick Crawford & Olivia De Havilland win
Mar 23rd - Sophocles Venizelos forms liberal Greek government
Mar 23rd - UN World Meteorological Org established
Mar 23rd - Frances Farmer is released from Western State Hospital
Mar 24th - Gracie de Moss wins LPGA Pro-Ladies Golf Championship
Mar 24th - US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Yvonne C Sherman
Mar 24th - US Mens Figure Skating championship won by Richard Button
Mar 25th - 104th Grand National: Jimmy Power aboard Freebooter wins
Jazz Pianist Erroll GarnerJazz Pianist Erroll Garner Mar 27th - Jazz pianist, Erroll Garner's solo concert (Cleve OH)
Mar 27th - Netherlands recognizes People's Republic of China
Mar 27th - WHAS TV channel 11 in Louisville, KY (CBS) begins broadcasting
Mar 28th - 12th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: CCNY beats Bradley 71-68 NYC college becomes 1st to win NCAA & Natl Inv Basketball in same year
Mar 30th - Phototransistor invention announced, Murray Hill, NJ
Apr 2nd - WTAR (now WTKR) TV channel 3 in Norfolk, VA (CBS) begins broadcasting
Apr 4th - Dirk Stikker becomes chairman of OES
Apr 5th - Prague espionage trial against bishops & priests begins
Apr 6th - John F Dulles becomes advisor to US Sect of State Acheson
Apr 8th - "Miss Liberty" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 308 performances
Apr 9th - 14th Masters Golf Tournament: Jimmy Demaret wins, shooting a 283
Apr 9th - 4th Tony Awards: Cocktail Party & South Pacific win
Entertainer Bob HopeEntertainer Bob Hope Apr 9th - Bob Hope's 1st TV appearance
Apr 11th - Prince Rainier III becomes ruler of Monaco
Apr 11th - US B-29 bomber shot down above Latvia
Apr 14th - 1st edition of British comic "Eagle"
Apr 14th - Doorne's Auto factory opens in Netherlands
Apr 18th - 1st opening night-game, Cards beat Pirates, 4-2
Apr 18th - Polish Catholic church & government sign accord over relations
Apr 18th - Sam Jethroe is 1st black to play for Boston Braves
Apr 18th - Yankees win 15-10 after trailing Red Sox 9-0 in 6th
Apr 19th - 54th Boston Marathon won by Kee Yong Ham of Korea in 2:32:39
Apr 20th - Balt's Memorial Stadium opens - Orioles of International League
Apr 23rd - 1st major league day game completed under lights (Phils 6, Braves 5)
Apr 23rd - 4th NBA Championship: Min Lakers beat Syracuse Nationals, 4 games to 2
Apr 23rd - Nationalist China evacuates Hainan Island
Apr 23rd - Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat NY Rangers, 4 games to 3
Apr 24th - "Peter Pan" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 320 performances
Apr 24th - Independent republic of South Molukkas declared
Apr 24th - Pres Harry Truman denies there are communists in US government
Apr 24th - Jordan formally annexes the West Bank
Apr 25th - Republik Maluku Selatan (also known as the Republic of the South Moluccas) declared on Ambon
Apr 25th - Chuck Cooper becomes 1st black to play in NBA
Apr 26th - Last horse race at Havre de Grace Track in Md, is run
Apr 26th - U of Miami ends William & Mary straight tennis match victories at 82
Apr 27th - "Tickets, Please" opens at Coronet Theater NYC for 245 performances
Apr 27th - South Africa passes Group Areas Act segregating races
Apr 30th - Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA 144-hole Golf Weathervane

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