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Jan 1st - Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista flees Cuba for the Dominican Republic
Jan 1st - Chad becomes autonomous republic in French Community
Jan 1st - Rohan Kanhai completes 256 v India at Calcutta
Jan 1st - 45th Rose Bowl: #2 Iowa beats #16 California, 38-12
Jan 1st - 25th Sugar Bowl: #1 LSU beats #12 Clemson, 7-0
Jan 1st - 25th Orange Bowl: #5 Oklahoma beats #9 Syracuse, 21-6
Jan 2nd - USSR launches Mechta (Luna 1) for 1st lunar fly-by, 1st solar orbit
Jan 3rd - Alaska admitted as 49th US state
Jan 4th - Luna 1 (Mechta) becomes 1st craft to leave Earth's gravity
Jan 5th - "Bozo the Clown" live children's show premieres on TV
Jan 5th - Buddy Holly releases his last record "It Doesn't Matter"
Jan 7th - US recognizes Fidel Castro's Cuban government
Jan 7th - American gangster Meyer Lansky flees Cuba for the Bahamas due to the Cuban Revolution and rise of Fidel Castro
Jan 8th - Charles de Gaulle inaugurated as president of France's 5th Republic
Jan 9th - "Rawhide" with Clint Eastwood premieres on CBS TV
Actor and Director Clint EastwoodActor and Director Clint Eastwood Jan 9th - Dam across Tera River collapses after heavy winter rains, 135 die
Jan 9th - Pat O'Connor beats Dick Hutton in St Louis, to become NWA champ
Jan 11th - Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Theodore Roethke
Jan 11th - Hanif Mohammad completes 499 for Karachi, then 1st class world record
Jan 11th - Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Mayfair Golf Open
Jan 11th - NFL Pro Bowl: East beats West 28-21
Jan 12th - KOED TV channel 11 in Tulsa, OK (PBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 13th - French President Charles de Gaulle grants amnesty to 130 Algerians sentenced to death
Jan 13th - King Boudouin promises Belgian Congo independence
Jan 17th - "Say, Darling" closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 332 performances
Jan 18th - Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
Jan 20th - Dmitri Shostakovitch's Moscow-Tsjerjomoesjki premieres in Moscow
French President Charles de GaulleFrench President Charles de Gaulle Jan 22nd - USAF concludes that less than 1% of UFOs are unknown objects
Jan 23rd - 9th NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 124-108 at Detroit
Jan 24th - "Party with Comden & Green" closes at John Golden NYC after 38 perfs
Jan 24th - Dmitri Shostakovitch's comedy "Cheryomushk" premieres in Moscow
Jan 24th - WHCT TV channel 18 in Hartford, CT (IND) begins broadcasting
Jan 25th - 1st transcontinental coml jet flight (American) (LA to NY for $301)
Jan 25th - Pope John XXIII proclaims 2nd Vatican council
Jan 26th - Italy government of Fanfani resigns
Jan 26th - KOKH TV channel 25 in Oklahoma City, OK (IND/PBS) begins broadcasting
Jan 26th - 47th Women's Australian Championships: Mary Carter Reitano beats Renee Schuurman Haygarth (6-2, 6-3)
Jan 26th - 47th Men's Australian Championships: Alex Olmedo beats Neale Fraser (6-1, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3)
Pope John XXIIIPope John XXIII Jan 28th - Soviet Union wins 62-37 for 1st international basketball loss by US
Jan 29th - Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" released
Jan 29th - 'The Great Smog' hits London, many die of chest and lung-related illnesses
Jan 30th - Australia 1-200 1st day 4th Test v England, Adelaide Oval
Jan 30th - Paul Hindemith's symphony "Pittsburgh" premieres
Jan 31st - Joe Cronin signs 7 year pact to become head of AL
Feb 1st - Swiss men vote against voting rights for women
Feb 1st - Texas Instruments requests patent of IC (Integrated Circuit)
Feb 1st - US female Figure Skating championship won by Carol Heiss
Feb 1st - US male Figure Skating championship won by David Jenkins
Feb 1st - WVUE TV channel 8 in New Orleans, LA (ABC) begins broadcasting
Feb 1st - Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Havana Golf Tournament
Feb 1st - Zack Wheat unanimously elected to baseball Hall of Fame
Singer-songwriter Buddy HollySinger-songwriter Buddy Holly Feb 2nd - Buddy Holly's last performance
Feb 2nd - Vince Lombardi signs a 5 year contract to coach Green Bay Packers
Feb 3rd - American Airlines Electra crashes in NY's East River, killing 65
Feb 3rd - "The Day the Music Died" plane crash kills musicians Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, J. P. Richardson and pilot near Clear Lake Iowa.
Feb 4th - Israel begins exporting copper ore
Feb 5th - "Redhead" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 455 performances
Feb 5th - Australia regain the Ashes with a 10 wicket victory at Adelaide
Feb 6th - 1st successful test-fire of Titan ICBM
Feb 6th - Fidel Castro is interviewed by Edward R Murrow
Feb 7th - "Whoop-Up" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 56 performances
Feb 7th - Castro proclaims new Cuban constitution
Feb 7th - Cessna lands in Las Vegas after 65 d without landing (refuels in air)
Feb 7th - Dorothy Rigney sells White Sox to Bill Veeck for a reported $27M
Cuban Revolutionary and President Fidel CastroCuban Revolutionary and President Fidel Castro Feb 9th - Coasters's "Charlie Brown" peaks at #2
Feb 10th - Dutch Princess Wilhelmina publishes "Lonely, but not alone"
Feb 10th - Tornado in St Louis kills 19 & injures 265
Feb 11th - Vinoo Mankad ends his final Test Cricket (v WI at Delhi)
Feb 13th - Barbie doll goes on sale
Feb 13th - Miro Cardon, premier of Cuba, resigns
Feb 14th - $3.6 million heroin seizure in NYC
Feb 15th - Antonio Segni forms Italian government
Feb 15th - Louise Suggs wins LPGA St Petersburg Golf Tournament
Feb 16th - Fidel Castro names himself Cuba's premier after overthrowing Batista
Feb 16th - Leonard Spigelgass' "Majority of One" premieres in NYC
Feb 17th - 1st weather satellite launched, Vanguard 2, 9.8 kg
Feb 19th - Britain, Turkey & Greece sign agreement granting Cyprus independence
Feb 19th - Gabon adopts its constitution
Golfer and Co-Founder of the LPGA Louise SuggsGolfer and Co-Founder of the LPGA Louise Suggs Feb 19th - USAF rocket-powered rail sled attains Mach 4.1 (4970 kph), NM
Feb 20th - The Avro Arrow program to design and manufacture supersonic jet fighters in Canada is cancelled by the Diefenbaker government amid much political debate.
Feb 22nd - 1st Daytona 500: Lee Petty wins (135.521 MPH)
Feb 23rd - Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Lake Worth Golf Open
Feb 23rd - KVIE TV channel 6 in Sacramento-Stockton, CA (PBS) begins broadcasting
Feb 27th - Chicago Cards trade running back Ollie Matson to LA Rams for 9 players
Feb 27th - Boston Celtic Bob Cousy sets NBA record with 28 assists Boston Celtics score 173 points against Minneapolis Lakers
Feb 28th - "Goldilocks" closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC after 161 perfs
Feb 28th - Ice Dance Championship at Colo Springs USA won by Denny & Jones of GRB
NBA Point Guard Bob CousyNBA Point Guard Bob Cousy Feb 28th - Ice Pairs Championship at Colorado Springs won by Wagner & Paul of CAN
Feb 28th - Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Colo Spr won by Carol Heiss USA
Feb 28th - Launch of Discoverer 1 (WTR)-1st polar orbit
Feb 28th - Men's Figure Skating Championship in Colo Spr won by David Jenkins USA
Feb 28th - NFL trade, Chicago Cards trade Ollie Matson to LA Rams for 9 players
Mar 1st - Archbishop Makarios returns to Cyprus after 3 years
Mar 1st - Beverly Hanson wins LPGA Golden Triangle Festival Golf Tournament
Mar 3rd - 1st US probe to enter solar orbit, Pioneer 4, launched
Mar 3rd - British government arrests Hastings Banda of Nyasaland, ends emergency crisis
Mar 3rd - SF Giant's rename their stadium Candlestick Park
Mar 4th - US Pioneer IV misses Moon & becomes 2nd (US 1st) artificial planet
Mar 5th - Iran & US sign economic & military treaty
Mar 5th - 16th Golden Globes: The Defiant Ones, David Niven, & Susan Hayward win
Mar 6th - 11th Emmy Awards: Playhouse 90, Jack Benny Show, Raymond Burr win
Mar 6th - Farthest radio signal heard (Pioneer IV, 400,000 miles)
Mar 7th - 6th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: NC State beats North Carolina, 80-56
Mar 7th - "Bells Are Ringing" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 925 perfs
Mar 7th - 1st aviator to fly a million miles (1.61 M km) in a jet (MC Garlow)
Mar 7th - West Indies all out 76 v Pakistan at Dacca, Fazal Mahmood 6-34
Mar 8th - Groucho, Chico & Harpo's final TV appearance together
Mar 8th - KUAT TV channel 6 in Tucson, AZ (PBS) begins broadcasting
LPGA Golfer Mickey WrightLPGA Golfer Mickey Wright Mar 8th - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
Mar 8th - Pro-Egyptian coup fails in Mosul Iraq
Mar 9th - "Juno" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 16 performances
Mar 9th - 1st known radar contact is made with Venus
Mar 9th - Barbie, the popular girls' doll, debuted, over 800 million sold
Mar 10th - Dorothy Comiskey Rigney, sells 54% of White Sox to Bill Veeck
Mar 10th - Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth" premieres in NYC
Mar 10th - Uprising against Chinese occupation force in Lhasa Tibet
Mar 11th - "Raisin in the Sun", 1st Broadway play by a black woman, opens
Mar 11th - 4th Eurovision Song Contest: Teddy Scholten for Netherlands wins singing "Een beetje" in Cannes
Mar 12th - Dutch Liberal Party wins 2nd parliamentary elections
Mar 12th - US House joins Senate approving Hawaii statehood
Playwright Tennessee WilliamsPlaywright Tennessee Williams Mar 15th - Louise Suggs wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
Mar 15th - Richard Rogers' "No Strings" opens on Broadway
Mar 15th - Robert Foster sets record by staying underwater 13 m 42.5 s
Mar 15th - WILX TV channel 10 in Lansing, MI (NBC) begins broadcasting
Mar 16th - Iraq & USSR sign economic/technical treaty
Mar 17th - Australia & USSR restore diplomatic relations
Mar 17th - Dalai Lama flees Tibet for India
Mar 18th - Boston Celtic's Bill Sharman begins record of 56 straight free-throws
Mar 18th - US President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs Hawaii statehood bill
Mar 19th - "1st Impressions" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 84 performances
Mar 21st - "Juno" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 16 performances
Mar 21st - 21st NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: California beats W Va 71-70
Mar 21st - 113th Grand National: Michael Scudamore aboard Oxo wins
LPGA Golfer Betsy RawlsLPGA Golfer Betsy Rawls Mar 22nd - Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Nehi Golf Tournament
Mar 24th - Iraq withdraws from the Baghdad Pact
Mar 24th - The Party of the African Federation (PFA) is launched by Léopold Sédar Senghor and Modibo Keita.
Mar 25th - Bill White traded to St Louis for pitchers Sam Jones & Don Choate
Mar 25th - French pres De Gaulle acknowledges Oder-Neisse boundary
Mar 26th - Test debut for Mushtaq Mohammad v WI age 15 yrs 124 days
Mar 28th - 11 days after Tibet uprising, China dissolves Tibet's government & installs Panchen Lama
Mar 29th - Wes Hall takes Pakistani cricket hat-trick at Lahore
Mar 29th - "Some Like It Hot", starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon, is released
Mar 30th - WNED TV channel 17 in Buffalo, NY (PBS) begins broadcasting
Actor Jack LemmonActor Jack Lemmon Mar 31st - Dalai Lama fled China & was granted political asylum in India
Apr 4th - Fed of Mali, consisting of Senegal & French Sudan (dissolved 1960)
Apr 5th - 23rd Masters Golf Tournament: Art Wall Jr wins, shooting a 284
Apr 6th - 31st Academy Awards - "Gigi", Susan Hayward & David Niven win
Apr 7th - Oklahoma ends prohibition, after 51 years
Apr 7th - Radar 1st bounced off Sun, Stanford Calif
Apr 9th - Balt Orioles pull their 2nd triple play (3-6-3 vs Wash Senators)

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