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3rd - "Happiest Girl in the World" opens at Martin Beck NYC for 97 perfs
3rd - Connie Mack Stadium in Phila is sold to J Schleifer Properties
5th - Barbra Streisand appears on "Jack Paar Show"
5th - Dutch governor Platteel installs New Guinea Council
8th - "Show Girl" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC after 100 perfs
8th - British liner "Dara" explodes in Persian Gulf, kills 236
10th - 25th Masters Golf Tournament: Gary Player wins, shooting a 280
10th - Adolf Eichmann tried as a war criminal in Israel
10th - Dutch foreign minister Luns talks to JFK about New Guinea
10th - New Wash Senators loses 1st regular-season game 4-3 to White Sox
11th - Trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Jerusalem
11th - Bob Dylan makes his 1st appearance at Folk City, Greenwich Village
11th - 15th NBA Championship: Bos Celtics beat St Louis Hawks, 4 games to 1
11th - Adolf Eichmann trial begins in Israel
11th - Austrian 4th & last government of Raab resigns
11th - Israel begins Adolf Eichmann WW II crimes trial
12th - 3rd Grammy Awards: Theme From a Summer Place, Ray Charles wins 4
WW2 General Douglas MacArthurWW2 General Douglas MacArthur 12th - Douglas MacArthur declines offer to become baseball commissioner
12th - Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin becomes 1st person to orbit Earth (Vostok 1)
13th - "Carnival!" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 719 performances
13th - UN General Assembly condemns South-Africa's apartheid
14th - 1st live television broadcast from Soviet Union
14th - Cuban-American invasion army departs Nicaragua
14th - US element 103 (Lawrencium) discovered
15th - "Music Man" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 1375 performances
16th - 15th Tony Awards: Becket & Bye Bye Birdie win
16th - Louise Suggs wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
16th - Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 2
17th - 1,400 Cuban exiles land in Bay of Pigs in a doomed attempt to overthrow Castro
17th - 33rd Academy Awards - "Apartment" wins best film, Burt Lancaster & Elizabeth Taylor win best actor/actress
Actor Jimmy StewartActor Jimmy Stewart 17th - Jimmy Stewart accepts an honorary Oscar on behalf of his friend Gary Cooper, who is too ill to attend
18th - CONCP is founded in Casablanca as a united front of African movements opposing Portuguese colonial rule.
19th - 65th Boston Marathon won by Eino Oksanen of Finland in 2:23:39
20th - American Harold Graham makes 1st rocket belt flight
21st - Dirk Stikker chosen as secretary general of NATO
21st - French army revolts in Algeria
21st - USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 32,000 m
22nd - Uprising of French parachutist of Gen Salan/Challe in Algeria
23rd - "Tenderloin" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 216 performances
23rd - Mary Lena Faulk wins LPGA Babe Didrikson-Zaharias Golf Open
23rd - Algiers putsch by French generals.
35th US President John F. Kennedy35th US President John F. Kennedy 24th - JFK accepts "sole responsibility" following Bay of Pigs
Swedish warship Vasa sinking in Stockholm harborSwedish warship Vasa sinking in Stockholm harbor

24th - 17th century Swedish warship Vasa, which sunk on her maiden voyage in 1628, is salvaged
25th - "Young Abe Lincoln" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC for 27 perfs
25th - France performs nuclear test at Reggane Proving Grounds Algeria
25th - Mercury/Atlas rocket lifted off with an electronic mannequin
25th - Premier Moise Tsjombe of Katanga arrested in Congo
25th - Robert Noyce patents integrated circuit
25th - Unmanned Mercury test explodes on launch pad
26th - French paratroopers' revolt suppressed in Algeria
American Baseball Player Roger MarisAmerican Baseball Player Roger Maris 26th - Roger Maris hits 1st of 61 homers in 1961
27th - NASA launches Explorer 11 into Earth orbit to study gamma rays
27th - NFL officially recognizes Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio
27th - Sierra Leone declares independence from UK
28th - Lt Col Gueorgui Mossolov takes E-66A to 34,714 m altitude
28th - Warren Spahn pitches 2nd no hitter at 41 beats SF Giants, 1-0
29th - ABC's "Wide World of Sports" debuts
30th - 1st shuttle flights between Washington, D.C., Boston & NYC begin (Eastern)
30th - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
30th - Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba receives Lenin-Peace Prize
30th - SF Giant Willie Mays hits 4 HRs in a game

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