Historical Events in 1964

Events 1 - 200 of 695

  • Jan 1st Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland dissolved
  • Jan 1st KNMT TV channel 12 in Walker, MN (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Jan 1st KTVS TV channel 3 in Sterling, CO (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Jan 1st 50th Rose Bowl: #3 Illinois beats Washington, 17-7
  • Jan 1st 30th Sugar Bowl: #8 Alabama beats #7 Mississippi, 12-7
  • Jan 1st 30th Orange Bowl: #6 Nebraska beats #5 Auburn, 13-7
  • Jan 2nd Failed assassination attempt on president Nkrumah of Ghana
  • Jan 3rd Jack Paar Show, shows a clip of the Beatles singing "She Loves You"
  • Jan 5th Pope Paul VI visits Jordan & Israel
  • Jan 5th San Diego Chargers win AFL-championship
  • Jan 6th Charlie Finlay announces he wants to move KC A's to Louisville
  • Jan 6th Rolling Stones' 1st tour as headline act (with Ronettes)
  • Jan 7th Bahamas becomes self-governing
  • Jan 7th Dick Weber rolls highest bowling game in air (Boeing 707)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 8th President Lyndon B. Johnson declares "War on Poverty"

36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson
36th US President
Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Jan 9th Anti-US rioting broke out in Panama Canal Zone
  • Jan 10th Battles between moslems & hindus in Calcutta
  • Jan 10th Panama severs diplomatic relations with US
  • Jan 10th US version of "That Was The Week That Was," premieres
  • Jan 10th "Introducing the Beatles", released 1st Beatles album released in the US
  • Jan 11th "She Loves Me" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC after 302 performances
  • Jan 11th Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand" is #80 in US (Cashbox)
  • Jan 11th Panama ends diplomatic relations with US
  • Jan 11th 1st government report warning by US Surgeon General Luther Terry reports that smoking may be hazardous
  • Jan 12th NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 31-17
  • Jan 12th Revolution overthrows Sultan of Zanzibar, 1 month after independence
  • Jan 13th Karol Wojtyla becomes archbishop of Krakow
  • Jan 13th Hindu-Muslim rioting breaks out in the Indian city of Calcutta - now Kolkata - resulting in the deaths of more than 100 people.
  • Jan 13th 52nd Women's Australian Championships: Margaret Court beats Lesley Turner (6-3, 6-2)

Sport awardTennis Open

Jan 13th 52nd Men's Australian Championships: Roy Emerson beats Fred Stolle (6-3, 6-4, 6-2)

Tennis Player Roy Emerson
Tennis Player
Roy Emerson
  • Jan 14th 14th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 111-107 at Boston
  • Jan 14th Bapu Nadkarni 32-27-5-0 v England, 21 maiden overs in a row

Appears on tv showTV Show Appearance

Jan 14th Jacqueline Kennedy's 1st public appearance (TV) since US President JFK's assassination

  • Jan 15th Baseball agrees to hold a free-agent draft in NYC
  • Jan 15th Teamsters negotiate 1st national labor contract
  • Jan 16th "Hello, Dolly!" opens at St James Theater NYC for 2,844 performances
  • Jan 16th AL owners vote 9-1 against Charlie Finley moving KC A's to Louisville
  • Jan 18th Beatles 1st appear on Billboard Chart (I Want to Hold Your Hand-#35)
  • Jan 18th Plans for World Trade Center announced (NYC)
  • Jan 19th AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 27-24
  • Jan 19th KFME TV channel 13 in Fargo, ND (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Jan 20th "Meet The Beatles" album released in US
  • Jan 21st Carl T Rowan named director of US Information Agency
  • Jan 22nd Kenneth Kaunda becomes premier of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia)
  • Jan 22nd World's largest cheese (15,723 kg) manufactured in Wisconsin for New York's World Fair
  • Jan 23rd 24th Amendment to the United States Constitution ratified, barring poll tax in federal elections

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 23rd Arthur Miller's "After the Fall" premieres in NYC

Playwright Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller
  • Jan 24th CBS purchases 1964 & 1965 NFL TV rights for $28.2 million
  • Jan 24th Martin Kresses final comic strip of Eric the Viking
  • Jan 24th 24th Amendment to US Constitution goes into effect & states voting rights could not be denied due to failure to pay taxes
  • Jan 25th Beatles 1st US #1, "I Want to Hold your Hand" (Cashbox)
  • Jan 25th Echo 2, US communications satellite launched
  • Jan 27th Barlow & Graeme Pollock complete 341 stand at Adelaide Oval
  • Jan 27th Margaret Chase Smith (Sen-R-Maine) tries for Republican Pres bid
  • Jan 29th 9th Winter Olympic games open in Innsbruck, Austria
  • Jan 29th Beatles record in German "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" & "Sie Liebt Dich"
  • Jan 29th Most lopsided high-school basketball score 211-29 (Louisiana)
  • Jan 29th NBC purchases AFL 5 year (1965-69) TV rights for $36 million

Film release premierFilm Premier

Jan 29th Stanley Kubrick's film "Dr Strangelove" starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott premieres

Film Director Stanley Kubrick
Film Director
Stanley Kubrick
Actor and Comedian Peter Sellers
Actor and Comedian
Peter Sellers
  • Jan 29th Unmanned Apollo 1 Saturn launcher test attains Earth orbit
  • Jan 30th Military coup of Gen Nguyen Khanh in South Vietnam
  • Jan 30th Ranger 6 launched; makes perfect flight to Moon, but cameras fail
  • Jan 31st US report "Smoking & Health" connects smoking to lung cancer
  • Feb 1st "Stop the World, I Want to..." closes at Shubert NYC after 556 perf
  • Feb 1st Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand," 1st #1 hit, stays #1 for 7 weeks
  • Feb 1st Indiana Governor Mathew Walsh tries to ban "Louie Louie" for obscenity
  • Feb 1st Suriname River dammed
  • Feb 2nd GI Joe, debuts as a popular American boy's toy
  • Feb 2nd Sjoukje Dijkstra (Neth) wins Olympic gold for figure skating
  • Feb 2nd Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame - Red Faber, Burleigh Grimes, Tim Keefe, Heinie Manush, John Montgomery Ward, & Miller Huggins
  • Feb 3rd "Meet the Beatles" album goes Gold
  • Feb 3rd Black & Puerto Rican students boycott NYC public schools
  • Feb 4th FAA begins 6 month test of reactions to sonic booms over Oklahoma City
  • Feb 6th "Rugantino" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 28 performances
  • Feb 6th France & Great-Britain sign accord over building channel tunnel
  • Feb 6th WCIU TV channel 26 in Chicago, IL (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 7th Baskin-Robbins introduces Beatle Nut ice cream
  • Feb 7th Beatles land at NY's JFK airport, for 1st US tour

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 7th Cassius Clay converts to Islam, and is renamed Muhammad Ali

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Muhammad Ali
  • Feb 7th Roger Sessions' 5th Symphony premieres
  • Feb 8th Peter Shaffer's "Royal Hunt of the Sun" premieres in London
  • Feb 8th Rep Martha Griffiths address gets civil rights protection for women being added to the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Feb 9th 1st appearance of Beatles on "Ed Sullivan Show" (73.7 million viewers)
  • Feb 9th 9th Winter Olympic games close at Innsbruck, Austria
  • Feb 9th GI Joe character created
  • Feb 9th Hanumant Singh scores 105 India v England on debut at Delhi
  • Feb 9th NYC news anchor Jim Jenson's 1st appearance on WCBS-TV
  • Feb 10th Australian destroyer HMAS Voyager sinks after colliding with aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne, killing 82
  • Feb 10th WBGU TV channel 27 in Bowling Green, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 11th Beatles 1st live appearance in US; Washington, D.C. Coliseum
  • Feb 11th Greek & Turks begin fighting in Limassol, Cyprus
  • Feb 11th Taiwan drops diplomatic relations with France
  • Feb 12th Beatles 1st NYC concert (Carnegie Hall)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 12th End of Richie Benaud's 63-Test Cricket career

Cricketer and Commentator Richie Benaud
Cricketer and Commentator
Richie Benaud
  • Feb 12th US female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
  • Feb 12th US male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Allen
  • Feb 12th Fighting breaks out between Turks and Greeks over dispute islands in Cyprus and 16 are killed; the UN responds the following month by sending a peacekeeping force
  • Feb 15th Beatles' "Meet the Beatles!" album goes #1 & stays #1 for 11 weeks

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 15th Bill Bradley scores 51 points for Princeton

Basketball Player/US Senator Bill Bradley
Basketball Player/US Senator
Bill Bradley
  • Feb 16th "Foxy" opens at Ziegfeld Theater NYC for 72 performances
  • Feb 16th Beatles' 2nd appearance on "Ed Sullivan Show"
  • Feb 17th 101st member elected to baseball's hall of fame (Luke Appling)
  • Feb 17th US House of Representatives accept Law on the civil rights
  • Feb 17th US Supreme Court rules - 1 man 1 vote (Westberry v Sanders)
  • Feb 17th WMEM TV channel 10 in Presque Isle, ME (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 18th Muriel Resnik's "Any Wednesday" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 18th Papandreou government takes power in Greece
  • Feb 19th UK flies ½ ton of The Beatles wigs to the US
  • Feb 21st UK flies 24,000 rolls of Beatles wallpaper to US
  • Feb 22nd Beatles arrive back in England after their 1st US visit
  • Feb 23rd Charlie Finley signs a 4 year lease to keep A's in Kansas City
  • Feb 23rd 6th Daytona 500: Richard Petty wins (154.334)
  • Feb 25th Austrian chancellor Alfons Gorbach resigns
  • Feb 25th Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) TKOs Sonny Liston in 7 for his first world heavyweight championship title
  • Feb 27th "What Makes Sammy Run?" opens at 84th St Theater NYC for 540 performances
  • Feb 27th The government of Italy asks for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over.
  • Feb 29th "Rugantino" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 28 performances
  • Feb 29th Frank Rugani sets badminton shuttlecock distance record, 24.3 m
  • Feb 29th LBJ reveals US secretly developed the A-11 jet fighter
  • Feb 29th NC high school basketball teams play to 56-54 score in 13 overtime
  • Mar 2nd Beatles begin filming "Hard Days Night", Harrison meets Patti Boyd
  • Mar 4th Jimmy Hoffa convicted of jury tampering
  • Mar 5th Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr, announces a baseball team is moving there
  • Mar 5th Emergency crisis proclaimed in Ceylon due to social unrest
  • Mar 6th Constantine succeeds Paul I as king of Greece
  • Mar 6th Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam and its leader Elijah Muhammad renames him Muhammad Ali
  • Mar 6th Tom O'Hara runs world record mile (3:56.4)
  • Mar 7th 11th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Duke beats Wake Forest, 80-59

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 8th Malcolm X resigns from the Nation of Islam

African American Activist Malcolm X
African American Activist
Malcolm X
  • Mar 9th 1st Ford Mustang produced
  • Mar 9th Creighton's Paul Silas grabs Midwest record 27 rebounds against Okla
  • Mar 9th Supreme Court issues NY Times vs Sullivan decision, public officials must prove malice to claim libel & recover damages
  • Mar 10th US reconnaissance plane shot down over East Germany
  • Mar 10th Simon and Garfunkel record the first version of "The Sound of Silence" at Columbia Studios in New York City
  • Mar 11th 21st Golden Globes: The Cardinal, Sidney Poitier, & Leslie Caron win
  • Mar 12th 6th Grammy Awards: Days of Wine & Roses, Striesand wins 2
  • Mar 12th Jimmy Hoffa sentenced to 8 years
  • Mar 12th S. N. Behrman's play "But for Whom Charlie" premieres in NYC
  • Mar 12th WKAB TV channel 32 in Montgomery, AL (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Mar 13th Turkey threatens Cyprus with armed attack
  • Mar 14th "Girl Who Came to Supper" closes at Broadway NYC after 112 performances

MurderMurder of Interest

Mar 14th Dallas, Texas; Jack Ruby sentenced to death for Lee Harvey Oswald's murder

Killer of Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby
Killer of Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack Ruby
  • Mar 15th USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Mar 16th LBJ asks Congress to pass Economic Opportunity Act as part of his War on Poverty
  • Mar 16th KCOY TV channel 12 in Santa Maria, CA (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Mar 16th Paul Hornung & Alex Karras reinstated in NFL after 1 year suspension

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 19th Sean Connery's 1st day of shooting on "Goldfinger"

  • Mar 20th ESRO established, European Space Research Organization
  • Mar 21st 26th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Duke 98-83
  • Mar 21st Beatles' "She Loves You" single goes #1 & stays #1 for 2 weeks
  • Mar 21st UCLA completes undefeated NCAA basketball season (30-0)
  • Mar 21st 118th Grand National: Willie Robinson aboard Team Spirit
  • Mar 21st 9th Eurovision Song Contest: Gigliola Cinquetti for Italy wins singing "Non ho l'eta" in Copenhagen

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 22nd Barbra Streisand appears on the cover of NY Times Magazine section

Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand
Singer-songwriter & Actress
Barbra Streisand
  • Mar 22nd Carol Mann wins LPGA Women's Western Golf Open Invitational
  • Mar 23rd UNCTAD 1 world conference opens in Geneva
  • Mar 24th Kennedy half-dollar issued

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 25th Britain sets memorial for the late President John F. Kennedy

35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy
  • Mar 25th Egypt ends state of siege (1952-64)
  • Mar 26th "Funny Girl" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 1,348 performances
  • Mar 27th 1st true Pirate Radio station, Radio Caroline (England)
  • Mar 27th Earthquake strikes Alaska, 8.4 on Richter scale, 118 die
  • Mar 27th Great Train Robbers sentenced to a total of 307 years behind bars
  • Mar 27th UN troops arrive in Cyprus
  • Mar 28th 1st pirate radio station near England (Radio Caroline)
  • Mar 28th 9.2 earthquake shakes Prince William Sound, Alaska
  • Mar 30th Astronaut John Glenn withdraws from Ohio senate race
  • Mar 31st Pres Jango Goulart of Brazil chased out of office by military
  • Apr 1st 10°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in April

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 1st John Lennon is reunited with his father Freddie after 17 years

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • Apr 1st Robert Lowell's "Benito Cereno" premieres in NYC
  • Apr 2nd Josef Klaus succeeds Alfons Gorbach as chancellor of Austria
  • Apr 2nd Military coup in Brazil by Gen Castello Branco, Pres Goulart ousted
  • Apr 2nd USSR launches Zond 1 to Venus; no data returned
  • Apr 3rd Beatles hold top 6 spots on Sydney Australia record charts
  • Apr 3rd US & Panama agree to resume diplomatic relations
  • Apr 4th "Anyone Can Whistle" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 9 performances
  • Apr 4th Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love" single goes #1 & stays #1 for 5 weeks
  • Apr 5th 1st driverless trains run on London Underground
  • Apr 5th Mary Lena Faulk wins LPGA St Petersburg Women's Golf Open
  • Apr 6th Egypt & Belgium restore diplomatic relations
  • Apr 7th IBM announces the System/360.
  • Apr 8th Unmanned Gemini 1 launched
  • Apr 10th Demolition begins on Polo Grounds to clear way for housing project
  • Apr 10th Iranian motor launch catches fire & sinks killing 113 (Persian Gulf)
  • Apr 11th "Anyone Can Whistle" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 9 performances

Sport awardGolf Major

Apr 12th 28th Masters Golf Tournament: Arnold Palmer wins, shooting a 276

  • Apr 12th Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Baton Rouge Ladies' Golf Open Invitational
  • Apr 13th 36th Academy Awards: "Tom Jones", Best Film, Sidney Poitier & Patricia Neal win Best Actor/Actress
  • Apr 13th Ian Smith becomes Prime Minister of Rhodesia
  • Apr 13th New Zealander Colin Bosher shears a record 565 sheep in 1 work day
  • Apr 14th Sandy Koufax throws his 9th complete game without allowing a walk
  • Apr 15th Chesapeake Bay Bridge opens (world's longest)
  • Apr 16th 9 men sentenced 25-30 years for Britain's 1963 "Great Train Robbery"
  • Apr 17th "Cafe Crown" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 3 performances
  • Apr 17th "High Spirits" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 375 performances
  • Apr 17th 1st game at Shea Stadium, NY Mets lose to Pittsburgh Pirates, 4-3
  • Apr 17th Ford Mustang formally introduced ($2,368 base)
  • Apr 17th Jerrie Mock becomes 1st woman to fly solo around the world
  • Apr 18th "Cafe Crown" closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC after 3 performances