Historical Events in August 1966

  • 1st Charles Whitman wounds 31 & kills 16 at University of Texas
  • 2nd Radio Vila (New Hebrides) begins transmitting
  • 3rd South African government bans Beatle records
  • 4th 8th British Empire Games and Commonwealth Games open in Kingston, Jamaica
  • 5th 33rd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 38, All-Stars 0 (72,000)
  • 5th Jose Torres beats Eddie Cotton to retain light-HW boxing title

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

5th Martin Luther King Jr. stoned during Chicago march

Clergyman and Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr.
Clergyman and Civil Rights Activist
Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 5th USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 5th Beatles release "Revolver" album in US
  • 5th Beatles release single "Yellow Submarine" with "Eleanor Rigby" in UK

Sport-defeatBoxing Title Fight

6th Muhammad Ali KOs Brian London in 3 for heavyweight boxing title

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali
Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Muhammad Ali
  • 6th Salazarbrug over Tag opens (longest suspension bridge in Europe)
  • 6th US citizens demonstrate against war in Vietnam
  • 7th Race riot in Lansing Michigan
  • 8th South Arican Broadcasting bans Beatles (Lennon's anti-Jesus remark)
  • 10th 1st lunar orbiter launched by US
  • 10th Daylight meteor seen from Utah to Canada. Only known case of a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere & leaving it again
  • 11th Last Beatle concert tour of US begins
  • 13th 8th British Empire Games and Commonwealth Games close in Kingston, Jamaica
  • 14th 1st US lunar orbiter begins orbiting Moon
  • 14th Cleveland Stadium's 1st rock concert is held, featuring Beatles

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

14th Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open

LPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth
LPGA Golfer
Kathy Whitworth
  • 15th Radio Free Asia (South Korea) begins radio transmission
  • 17th Pioneer 7 launched into solar orbit

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

17th Willie Mays takes 2nd place on all-time HR list

MLB Legend Willie Mays
MLB Legend
Willie Mays
  • 19th Earthquake strikes Varko Turkey: 2,400 killed
  • 20th Beatles pelted with rotten fruit during Memphis concert

Person-of-interestPerson of Interest

21st Mickey Wright wins LPGA Women's Western Golf Open

LPGA Golfer Mickey Wright
LPGA Golfer
Mickey Wright
  • 22nd Beatles arrive in NYC
  • 23rd Lunar Orbiter 1 takes 1st photograph of Earth from Moon
  • 24th USSR launches Luna 11 for orbit around Moon
  • 26th Balt Orioles Roznovsky & B Powell are 4th to hit consecutive pinch HRs
  • 26th KLOC (now KCSO) channel 42 in Charlotte, NC (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 27th Francis Chichester begins 1st solo sail around world
  • 27th Oakland Pitcher Paul Lindblad begins a 385 cons errorless streak
  • 27th Race riot in Waukegan, Illinois
  • 28th Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Glass City Golf Classic
  • 28th 27th Venice Film Festival: "The Battle of Algiers" directed by Gillo Pontecorvo wins Golden Lion
  • 29th Beatles last public concert (Candlestick Park, SF)
  • 29th Dutch Internal minister Smallenbroek resigns after driving drunk
  • 31st Referee Leo Horn whistles his last soccer match (Ajax-Bulgaria)