Historical Events in November 1967

Film release premierFilm Release

1st "Cool Hand Luke", starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, and Strother Martin, is released

Actor Strother Martin
Strother Martin
Actor & Entrepreneur Paul Newman
Actor & Entrepreneur
Paul Newman
  • 3rd Boston's Jim Lonborg wins AL Cy Young
  • 3rd Vietnam War: The Battle of Dak To begins.
  • 5th ATS-3 launched by US to take first pictures of full Earth disc
  • 5th Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Corpus Christi Civitan Golf Open
  • 5th New Orleans Saints 1st NFL victory, beat Philadelphia Eagles 31-24
  • 5th US troops conquer Loc Ninh South Vietnam
  • 5th Yemen president Sallal flees

Event of interestEvent of Interest

5th The Hither Green rail crash in the United Kingdom kills 49 people. The survivors include Bee Gee Robin Gibb.

Singer-songwriter Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb
  • 6th Bridge at Annabaai crashes on Willemstad, Curacao, kills 15
  • 6th US launches Surveyor 6; makes soft landing on Moon Nov 9
  • 7th Carl B Stokes elected first black mayor of a major US city - Cleveland, Ohio

Event of interestEvent of Interest

7th LBJ signs a bill establishing Corporation for Public Broadcasting

36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson
36th US President
Lyndon B. Johnson
  • 7th Richard G Hatcher elected mayor of Gary, Indiana
  • 7th St Louis Cards Orlando Cepeda is 1st unanimous NL MVP
  • 7th Surveyor 6 launched for soft landing on Moon
  • 8th 1st local British radio station begins broadcasting (Radio Leicester)
  • 8th Silver hits record $1.951 an ounce in London
  • 8th US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 9th 1st unmanned Saturn V flight to test Apollo 4 reentry module
  • 9th Surveyor 6 soft lands on Moon
  • 9th The unmanned Saturn V rocket is launched on its first successful test flight into Earth orbit
  • 10th KXNE TV channel 19 in Norfolk, NB (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • 12th Margie Masters wins LPGA Quality Chekd Golf Classic
  • 12th Packers' Travis Williams returns 2 kickoffs for TDs against Browns, setting largest margin of Browns defeat (48), winning 55-7
  • 13th Carl Stokes sworn-in as 1st major city black mayor (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • 13th NL owners OK AL expansion to Seattle & Kansas City
  • 14th The Congress of Colombia in commemoration of the 150 years of the death of Policarpa Salavarrieta, declares this day as "Day of the Colombian Woman".

Event of interestEvent of Interest

15th Boston's Carl Yastrzemski wins AL MVP

MLB Outfielder Carl Yastrzemski
MLB Outfielder
Carl Yastrzemski
  • 15th Michael Adams in X-15 reaches 80 km
  • 15th WLTV TV channel 23 in Miami, FL (IND) begins broadcasting
  • 15th The only fatality of the X-15 program occurs during the 191st flight when Air Force test pilot Michael J. Adams loses control of his aircraft which is destroyed mid-air over the Mojave Desert.
  • 17th Beatles Ltd & Apple Music Ltd swap names
  • 17th French author RĂ©gis Debray sentenced to 30 years in Bolivia
  • 17th Surveyor 6 becomes 1st man-made object to lift off Moon
  • 17th Davey Jones of the Monkees opens a boutique, Zilch I, in Greenwich Village, NY
  • 18th British government devalues pound from US equivalent of $2.80 to $2.40
  • 19th Mickey Wright wins LPGA Pensacola Ladies' Golf Invitational
  • 19th The establishment of TVB, the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong.
  • 20th At 11 AM, Census Clock at Department of Commerce ticks past 200 million
  • 20th Mets pitcher Tom Seaver (16-12) is named NL Rookie of Year
  • 21st Phillip & Jay Kunz fly a kite a record 28,000 feet
  • 21st Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland tells news reporters: "I am absolutely certain that whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing."
  • 22nd BBC unofficially bans "I Am the Walrus" by Beatles
  • 22nd Silver hits record $2.17 an ounce in New York
  • 22nd UN Sec council passes resolut 242-Israel must give back occupied land
  • 22nd USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 25th "Apple Tree" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 463 performances
  • 25th Puerto Rico placed on Atlantic Standard Time
  • 26th Browns' Carl Ward sets club record with a 104-yd kickoff return
  • 26th Cloud burst over Lisbon kills about 450
  • 27th Beatles release "Magical Mystery Tour"
  • 27th Gold pool nations pledge support of $35 per ounce gold price

Event of interestEvent of Interest

27th French President Charles de Gaulle said 'Non!' to British entry to the European Common Market for the second time

French President Charles de Gaulle
French President
Charles de Gaulle
  • 28th 33rd Heisman Trophy Award: Gary Beban, UCLA (QB)
  • 28th 1st pulsating radio source (pulsar) detected by postgraduate Jocelyn Burnell and her supervisor Antony Hewish
  • 29th British troops withdraw from Aden and South Yemen
  • 29th Robert McNamara elected president of World bank
  • 30th Julie Nixon & David Eisenhower announce their engagement
  • 30th Kuria Muria Islands ceded by Britain to Oman
  • 30th People's Democratic Republic of Yemen declares independence from the UK

Event of interestEvent of Interest

30th Senenator Eugene McCarthy annouces he will run for the US presidency on anti Vietnam war platform

Politician and Presidential Candidate Eugene McCarthy
Politician and Presidential Candidate
Eugene McCarthy
  • 30th The Pakistan Peoples Party is founded by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who becomes its first Chairman later as the Head of state and Head of government after the 1971 Civil War.