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1st - KBFI (now KDAF) TV channel 33 in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (IND) begins
1st - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Ladies' LA Golf Open
1st - Pink FLoyd's 1st US tour (arrives in NYC)
2nd - Grateful Dead members arrested by narcotic agents
2nd - Groundbreaking begins on Veteran Stadium in Philadelphia
2nd - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Seven Lakes Golf Invitational
2nd - Thurgood Marshall sworn in as 1st black Supreme Court Justice
3rd - KGSC (now KICU) TV channel 36 in San Jose, CA (IND) begins
3rd - King Boudouin inaugurates world's biggest floodgate (Antwerp)
3rd - William Knight sets X-15 speed rec of 7,297 KPH/4,534 MPH/Mach 6.72
4th - 1st World Series since 1948 not to feature Yanks, Giants or Dodgers
4th - Omar Ali Saifuddin III of Brunei abdicates in favour of his son, His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.
6th - Haight-Ashbury hippies throw a funneral to mark end of hippies
6th - USSR performs nuclear test
7th - Beatles turn down $1 million NY concert offer by Sid Berstein
7th - Rolf Hochhuth's "Soldaten" premieres in West Berlin
8th - Guerrilla leader Che Guevara and his men are captured in Bolivia.
Irish Poet and Playwright Brendan BehanIrish Poet and Playwright Brendan Behan 10th - Brendan Behan's "Borstal Boy" premieres in Dublin
11th - World Series record 3 consecutive HRs (Carl Yastremski, Reggie Smith, & Rico Petrocelli) by Red Sox
11th - Yoko Plus Me art exhibit opens in London (the me is John Lennon)
12th - St Louis Cards beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 64th World Series as Lou Brock steals a record 7 bases in 1 World Series
13th - CBS radio cancels "House Party"
16th - WETK TV channel 33 in Burlington, VT (PBS) begins broadcasting
16th - WGNO TV channel 26 in New Orleans, LA (ABC) begins broadcasting
17th - "Hair" premieres on Broadway
17th - Barbra Streisand stars on "Belle of 14th Street" special on CBS
17th - Memorial service for Brian Epstein at New London Synagogue
17th - Pete Knight in X-15 reaches 85 km
17th - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra StreisandSinger-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand 18th - Nobel prize for physics awarded to Hans A Bethe
18th - Soviet Venera 4 becomes 1st probe to send data back from Venus
18th - Walt Disney's "Jungle Book" is released
18th - AL votes to allow Athletics to move from KC to Oakland & expand league to 12 teams in 1971 with KC & Seattle teams
19th - Igor Ter-Ovanesyan of USSR, sets then long jump record at 27' 4 3/4"
19th - Mariner 5 makes fly-by of Venus
20th - All white federal jury convicts 7 in murder of 3 civil rights workers in Meridan Mississippi
20th - Charlie Finley names Bob Kennedy 1st manager of Oakland A's
20th - KMXN (now KJTV) TV channel 34 in Lubbock, TX (IND) begins broadcasting
20th - A purported bigfoot is filmed by Patterson and Gimlin.
21st - Egypt sinks Israeli torpedo boat
21st - Thousands opposing Vietnam War try to storm Pentagon
22nd - 17th Ryder Cup: US wins 23½-8½ at Champions Golf Club (Houston, Texas, US)
22nd - Ian Brayshaw (W Aus v Vic, Perth) takes all 10 cricket wkts
22nd - Joe DiMaggio is hired as executive VP of A's by Charlie Finley
22nd - Murle Lindstrom wins LPGA Carlsbad Jaycee Golf Open
22nd - 18th Formula One WDC: Denny Hulme wins by five points
23rd - "Henry, Sweet Henry" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 80 performances
23rd - NJ Americans (later NY/NJ Nets) play 1st ABA game
26th - Shah of Iran crowns himself after 26 years on Peacock Throne
27th - 4 people from Baltimore pour blood on selective service records
27th - Expo 67 closes in Montreal, Canada
27th - NLF leaves People's Republic of South-Yemen
29th - Danny Abramowicz begins NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions
LPGA Golfer Kathy WhitworthLPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth 29th - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Alamo Ladies' Golf Open
29th - MacDermot, Ragni & Rado's musical "Hair" premieres in NYC
29th - London criminal Jack McVitie is murdered by the Kray twins, leading to their eventual imprisonment and downfall.
30th - Arthur Allyn says White Sox will play 9 games in Milwaukee in 1968
30th - Ferdinand Bracke bicycles world record time (48,093 km)
30th - USSR Kosmos 186 & 188 make 1st automatic docking & Venmera 13 launch
31st - KIMO TV channel 13 in Anchorage, AK (ABC) begins broadcasting
31st - Nguyen Van Thieu took oath of office as 1st President of South Vietnam 2nd Rep
31st - SF's Mike McCormick wins NL Cy Young Award

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