Historical Events in August 1969

  • 1st 110,000 attend Atlantic City Pop Festival
  • 1st 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: NY Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
  • 1st Mariner 6 sends close-up photos of Mars

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2nd Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance at Hibbing HS Minn 10th reunion

Singer-Songwriter Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2nd US President Richard Nixon visits Romania

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • 3rd Reds beats Phillies 19-17
  • 3rd Sandra Spuzich wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Invitational
  • 4th Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a HR outside of Dodger Stadium
  • 5th Mariner 7 flies past Mars
  • 5th Pirate Willie Stargell is 1st to hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium
  • 5th The UVF plant their first bomb in the Republic of Ireland, damaging the RTÉ Television Centre in Dublin
  • 6th Balt Orioles pull their 3rd triple play (5-4-3 vs KC Royals)
  • 9th "Zorba" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 305 performances
  • 9th Manson family commits Tate-LaBianca murders
  • 10th Don Sutton breaks his 13-game losing streak to Cubs with a 4-2 win
  • 10th Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Stroh's-WBLY Golf Open
  • 11th Don Drysdale retires because of damage to his right shoulder
  • 11th Pittsburgh Steelers beat NY Giants 17-13 in Montreal (NFL expo)
  • 12th Boston Celtics sold for an NBA record $6 million
  • 12th Battle of the Bogside: RUC officers, backed by loyalists, entered the nationalist Bogside in armoured cars and tried to suppress the riot by using CS gas, water cannon and eventually firearms; the almost continuous rioting lasted for two days
  • 13th Balt Oriole Jim Palmer no-hits Oakland A's, 8-0
  • 13th Temp Commissioner Bowie Kuhn elected for 7-year term by unanimous vote
  • 14th NY Mets fall 9½ games back, later to win pennant
  • 14th In response to events in Derry, Irish nationalists hold protests throughout Northern Ireland, some of these became violent
  • 14th British Army deploys on the streets of Northern Ireland, marking the beginning of Operation Banner

Music concertWoodstock Music and Art Fair

15th Woodstock Music & Art Fair opens in New York State on Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm

  • 16th WATL TV channel 36 in Atlanta, GA begins broadcasting
  • 16th Second day of the Woodstock rock festival in NY
  • 17th Hurricane Camille strikes US coastline and kills 259 people (mainly in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana)

Sport awardGolf Major

17th 51st PGA Championship: Ray Floyd shoots a 276 at NCR GC Dayton Ohio

Golfer and Four-Time Major Championship Winner Ray Floyd
Golfer and Four-Time Major Championship Winner
Ray Floyd
  • 17th Carol Mann wins LPGA Southgate Ladies' Golf Open
  • 17th NY Jets beat NY Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

18th Mick Jagger accidentally shot while filming "Ned Kelly"

Rock Star Mick Jagger
Rock Star
Mick Jagger

Event of interestEvent of Interest

18th Woodstock Music & Art Fair closes with Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys as the final act

Rock Guitarist Jimi Hendrix
Rock Guitarist
Jimi Hendrix
  • 19th Chicago Cub Ken Holtzman no-hits Atlanta Braves, 3-0
  • 20th 69 cm rainfall in Nelson County, Virginia (state record)
  • 21st Fire in Al-Aksa-mosque in Jerusalem
  • 22nd Beatles record a video for "Long & Winding Road"
  • 22nd Gloria O Smith (NY) crowned 2nd Miss Black America
  • 23rd Audrey McElmory (US) wins World Cycling Championships, Brno
  • 23rd France's Une De Mai wins International Trot at Roosevelt Raceway Czechoslovakia (1st American to win cycling race title since 1912)
  • 23rd 30th Venice Film Festival opens
  • 24th Carol Mann wins LPGA Tournament of Champs Golf Tournament
  • 24th Peru nationalizes US oil interests
  • 25th Det Lions beat Boston Patriots 22-9 in Montreal (NFL expo)
  • 27th Lindy's Pride win Hambletonian Stakes
  • 27th Mike Procter hits six consecutive sixes (across two overs)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

29th Joe Pepitone quits Yanks after being fined $500 for leaving the bench

MLB First Baseman and Outfielder Joe Pepitone
MLB First Baseman and Outfielder
Joe Pepitone
  • 29th KYUS TV channel 3 in Miles City, MT (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
  • 30th 120,000 attend Texas International Pop Festival
  • 30th 25,000 attend 2nd Annual Sky River Rock Festival, Tenino Wash
  • 30th 69th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Steve Melnyk
  • 30th Racial disturbances in Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • 31st 25,000 attend New Orleans Pop Festival