Historical Events in 1971 (Part 3)

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  • Jul 13th All star MVP: Frank Robinson (Baltimore Orioles)
  • Jul 15th US President Richard Nixon announces he would visit People's Republic of China

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 16th Franco appoints prince Juan Carlos as deputy in Spain

Spanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco
Spanish Dictator and General
Francisco Franco
  • Jul 16th The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) withdraw from Stormont (North Ireland Parliament) after no inquiry is announced into the shooting dead of Seamus Cusack and Desmond Beattie
  • Jul 17th Kathy Whitworth/Judy Kimball wins LPGA Four-Ball Golf Championship
  • Jul 18th 58th Tour de France won by Eddy Merckx of Belgium
  • Jul 19th Sudan military coup under maj Hashem al-Atta, Numeiry flees
  • Jul 21st US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 21st Sam Giancana returns to the United States after spending seven years of exile in Mexico

Gangster Sam Giancana
Sam Giancana
  • Jul 22nd Sudanese military counter-coup under premier Numeiry
  • Jul 23rd The British Army carry out early morning raids across Northern Ireland and arrest 48 people
  • Jul 24th WUHQ TV channel 41 in Battle Creek, MI (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Jul 25th Judy Kimball wins LPGA O'Sullivan Ladies Golf Open
  • Jul 26th Apollo 15 launched (Scott & Irwin) to 4th manned landing on Moon
  • Jul 28th 16 time gold glover Brook Robinson commits 3 errors in 6th inning
  • Jul 28th Dutch ends censorship of "Blue Movie"
  • Jul 30th 38th NFL Chicago All Star Game: Baltimore 24, All Stars 17 (52,289)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 30th George Harrison releases "Bangladesh"

Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison
  • Jul 30th Japanese Boeing 727 collides with an F-86 fighter killing 162
  • Jul 30th US Apollo 15 (Scott & Irwin) lands on Mare Imbrium on the Moon
  • Jul 31st Apollo 15 astronauts take 6½ hour electric car ride on Moon
  • Jul 31st Deventer Soccer team Go Ahead Eagles forms
  • Jul 31st Venezuela's Hydrocarbons Reversion Law mandates gradual transfer to government ownership of all "unexploited concession areas" by 1974 and "all their residual assets" by 1983
  • Aug 1st CBS presents Masterpiece Theatre's 6 Wives of Henry VIII
  • Aug 1st George Harrison's concert for Bangladesh takes place in NYC
  • Aug 1st Joanne Carner wins LPGA Bluegrass Golf Invitational

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 3rd Paul McCartney announces formation of his group Wings

Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney
Musician & member of the Beatles
Paul McCartney
  • Aug 4th US launches 1st satellite into lunar orbit from manned spacecraft
  • Aug 5th WNPE TV channel 16 in Watertown, NY (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Aug 5th The British Parliament debate the security situation in Northern Ireland
  • Aug 6th 3rd San Diego Comic-Con International opens at Muir College, University of California
  • Aug 7th Apollo 15 returns to Earth
  • Aug 7th A Catholic man is shot dead by a British soldier in Belfast
  • Aug 8th France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
  • Aug 8th Jane Blalock wins LPGA Lady Pepsi Golf Open
  • Aug 8th A British soldier is shot dead by the Irish Republican Army in Belfast
  • Aug 9th Le Roy (Satchel) Paige inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame
  • Aug 9th Operation Demetrius (or Internment) is introduced in Northern Ireland allowing suspected terrorists to be indefinitely detained without trial; the security forces arrested 342 people suspected of supporting paramilitaries
  • Aug 10th 16 baseball researchers form Society for American Baseball Research
  • Aug 10th Twins' Harmon Killebrew is 10th to amass 500 HRs, & adds his 501st
  • Aug 10th During the internment round-up operation in west Belfast, the Parachute Regiment kill 11 unarmed civilians in what became known as the Ballymurphy massacre
  • Aug 11th Construction begins on Louisiana Superdome
  • Aug 11th Harmon Killebrew hits HRs #500 & 501
  • Aug 11th 4 people are shot dead in separate incidents in Belfast; three of them by the British Army, as violence continues following the introduction of Internment and Operation Demetrius
  • Aug 12th Syrian Pres Assad drops diplomatic relations with Jordan
  • Aug 13th Paul & Linda McCartney release "Back Seat of My Car"
  • Aug 14th Bahrain proclaims independence after 110 years of British rule
  • Aug 14th British begin internment without trial in Northern Ireland
  • Aug 14th Cards Bob Gibson, 35, no-hits Pirates, 11-0
  • Aug 14th France performs nuclear test
  • Aug 15th Bahrain gains independence from Britain
  • Aug 15th Charles Lismont wins Helsinki marathon (2:13:09.0)
  • Aug 15th KVRL (now KRIV) TV ch 26 in Houston, Texas (Fox) begins

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 15th US President Richard Nixon announces 90-day freeze on wages, prices & rents

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon
  • Aug 15th Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Len Immke Buick Golf Open
  • Aug 15th The Social Democratic and Labour Party announce a campaign of civil disobedience in response to the introduction of Internment in Northern Ireland
  • Aug 16th Over 8,000 workers go on strike in Derry, Northern Ireland, in protest at the introduction of Internment (allowing suspected terrorists to be indefinitely detained without trial)
  • Aug 18th New Zealand Prime Minister Keith Holyoake announces in Parliament that New Zealand’s combat force would be withdrawn from Vietnam before the end of the year, coinciding with a similar announcement by the Australian government
  • Aug 20th FBI begins covert investigation of journalist Daniel Schorr
  • Aug 22nd Bolivian military coup under col Hugo Banzer, pres Torres driven out
  • Aug 22nd Pam Barnett wins LPGA Southgate Golf Open

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 22nd J. Edgar Hoover and John Mitchell announce the arrest of 20 of the "Camden 28".

First Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover
First Director of the FBI
J. Edgar Hoover
  • Aug 22nd Approximately 130 non-Unionist councillors announce their withdrawal from participation on district councils across Northern Ireland in protest against Internment (allowing suspected terrorists to be indefinitely detained without trial)
  • Aug 23rd WGTU TV channel 29 in Traverse City, MI (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Aug 24th India beat England by 4 wickets, their win against the Poms
  • Aug 25th Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party Gerry Fitt presents a number of allegations of brutality by the security forces in Northern Ireland to representatives of the United Nations
  • Aug 25th 32nd Venice Film Festival opens
  • Aug 26th Dutch Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard visit Indonesia
  • Aug 26th NY Giant football team announces they're leaving Bronx for NJ in 1975
  • Aug 26th Orioles' Don Buford struck out 5 times in a game

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 26th Bobby Orr signs a five-year contract with the Boston Bruins worth one million dollars, the first million dollar contract in NHL history

Ice Hockey Legend Bobby Orr
Ice Hockey Legend
Bobby Orr
  • Aug 28th The US dollar is allowed to float against the Japanese yen for the first time.
  • Aug 30th WNPI TV channel 18 in Norwood, NY (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Aug 31st Adrienne Beames runs female world record marathon (2:46:30)
  • Aug 31st An inquiry into allegations of brutality by the security forces against those interned without trial in Northern Ireland is announced
  • Sep 1st John Newcombe is 1st male top-seed to lose in 1st round of US Open
  • Sep 1st Rolling Stones sue manager Allen Klein
  • Sep 1st The Irish Republican Army set off a series of bombs across Northern Ireland injuring a number of people
  • Sep 2nd Cesar Cedeno hits an inside-the-park grand slammer

Sport awardTennis Open

Sep 2nd Chris Evert & Jimmy Connors win their 1st US Open tennis matches

Tennis Legend Chris Evert
Tennis Legend
Chris Evert
Tennis Legend Jimmy Connors
Tennis Legend
Jimmy Connors
  • Sep 2nd NY's Electric Circus Club goes out of business
  • Sep 2nd There are further Irish Republican Army bombs set off across the region, including one in Belfast which wrecked the headquarters of the Ulster Unionist Party
  • Sep 3rd John Lennon leaves UK for NYC, never to return
  • Sep 3rd Manlio Brosio resigns as secretary general of NATO
  • Sep 3rd Qatar regains complete independence from Britain
  • Sep 3rd Watergate team breaks into Daniel Ellsberg's doctor's office
  • Sep 3rd A baby girl and an Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) soldier are killed in separate shooting incidents in Northern Ireland
  • Sep 4th Alaskan 727 crashes into Chilkoot Mountain, kills 109 (Alaska)
  • Sep 5th Astros pitcher J R Richard debut, strikes out 15 Giants in a 5-3 win
  • Sep 5th NY Mets Don Hahn hits 1st inside the park homer at Phillies Vet

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 6th Jerry Lewis' 6th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $8,125,387

Comedian Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis
  • Sep 6th British Prime Minister Edward Heath meets with Irish Prime Minister/Taoiseach Jack Lynch at Chequers in England to discuss the situation in Northern Ireland
  • Sep 6th William Craig and Ian Paisley speak at a rally in Belfast before a crowd of approximately 20,000 people and call for the establishment of a 'third force' to defend 'Ulster'
  • Sep 8th John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts opens in Washington, D.C.
  • Sep 9th 1,000 convicts riot & seize Attica, NY prison

Appears on tv showTV Show Appearance

Sep 9th John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on Dick Cavett Show (ABC-TV)

Artist & Musician Yoko Ono
Artist & Musician
Yoko Ono

Music releaseAlbum Release

Sep 9th John Lennon releases his "Imagine" album

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • Sep 9th NHL great Gordie Howe retires
  • Sep 10th KVUE TV channel 24 in Austin, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 11th "2 by 2" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 343 performances
  • Sep 11th Egypt adopts its constitution
  • Sep 11th Laurel Lea Schaefer (Ohio), 22, crowned 44th Miss America 1972
  • Sep 12th 91st Men's U.S. Open: Stan Smith beats Jan Kodes (3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-6)

Sport awardTennis Open

Sep 12th 91st Women's U.S. Open: Billie Jean King beats Rosemary Casals (6-4, 7-6)

Tennis Legend Billie Jean King
Tennis Legend
Billie Jean King
Tennis Player Rosemary Casals
Tennis Player
Rosemary Casals
  • Sep 13th 11 guards & 31 prisoners die in take over at Attica State Prison
  • Sep 13th Frank Robinson hits his 500th HR

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 13th Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet premier, buried in Moscow

Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev
Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Nikita Khrushchev
  • Sep 13th WIIQ TV channel 41 in Demopolis, AL (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 13th World Hockey Association forms
  • Sep 13th Two North Ireland Loyalists are mortally injured when the bomb they were preparing exploded prematurely in a house in Bann Street, Belfast
  • Sep 14th Cleve Indians & Wash Senators, play 20 innings
  • Sep 14th Two British soldiers are killed in separate shooting incidents in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
  • Sep 15th 1st broadcast of "Columbo" on NBC-TV
  • Sep 16th 6 Ku Klux Klansmen arrested in connection with bombing of 10 school buses

Conference meetingMeeting of Interest

Sep 16th West German chancellor Willy Brandt meets with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev

Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev
Soviet General Secretary
Leonid Brezhnev
  • Sep 16th A number of Unionists resign over the proposed tripartite talks involving Northern Ireland, the UK, and the Republic of Ireland
  • Sep 18th 19th Ryder Cup: US beats Europe, 18½-13½ at Old Warson Country Club (St. Louis, Missouri, US)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 18th Momofuku Ando markets the first Cup Noodle, packaging it a waterproof polystyrene container

Inventor of Instant Noodles Momofuku Ando
Inventor of Instant Noodles
Momofuku Ando
  • Sep 19th 1st NYC Women's Marathon won by Beth Bonner in 2:55:22
  • Sep 19th 2nd NYC Marathon won by Norman Higgins in 2:22:54
  • Sep 21st AL OKs Washington Senator move to Arlington (Texas Rangers)
  • Sep 22nd US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 22nd OPEC directs members to negotiate price increases to offset the devaluation of the US dollar
  • Sep 23rd John Vermeer's painting "The Liefdesbrief" stolen
  • Sep 23rd 2 members of the Official Irish Republican Army are killed in a premature bomb explosion
  • Sep 24th 90 Russian diplomats expelled from Britain for spying
  • Sep 24th Eyskens-Cools disbands Belgium parliament
  • Sep 24th Houston Astros beat SD Padres, 2-1, in 21 innings
  • Sep 26th Jim Palmer is 4th Oriole to win at least 20 games this season
  • Sep 26th Pam Higgins wins LPGA Lincoln-Mercury Golf Open
  • Sep 26th WGBY TV channel 57 in Springfield, MA (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 26th MP David Bleakley resigns in protest over the introduction of Internment and the lack of any new political initiatives by the Northern Ireland government
  • Sep 27th USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Sep 27th Tripartite talks involving the prime ministers of Northern Ireland, Britain, and the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) of the Republic of Ireland take place at Chequers, England
  • Sep 28th Cardinal Josef Mindszenty of Hungary took refuge in US Embassy in
  • Sep 28th NY Times reports growing interest of white youth in black gospel music
  • Sep 28th Budapest in 1956 to escape treason charges, ends exile & flies to Rome
  • Sep 28th UK passes the Misuse of Drugs Act banning the medicinal use of cannabis.
  • Sep 29th "McMillan & Wife" debuts on NBC-TV
  • Sep 29th Cyclone & tidal wave off Bay of Bengal kills as many as 10,000
  • Sep 29th Orbiting Solar Observatory VII launched
  • Sep 29th Ron Hunt is hit by a pitch for record 50th time in a season
  • Sep 29th US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 30th -11/6] Rome: 3rd bishop synod
  • Sep 30th Last Wash Senator home game, Yanks win career 5th forfeit game Yanks trailing 4-2 in 9th with 2 outs, fans rush field
  • Sep 30th Ian Paisley and Desmond Boal launch the [Ulster] Democratic Unionist Party
  • Oct 1st Joseph Luns becomes secretary-general of NATO
  • Oct 1st Walt Disney World opens in Bay Lake, Florida
  • Oct 2nd Homing pigeon averages 133 KPH (record) in 1100-km Australian race
  • Oct 3rd Billie Jean King became 1st female athlete to win $100,000
  • Oct 3rd 22nd Formula One WDC: Jackie Stewart wins by 29 points
  • Oct 4th Borden's opens a turn-of-century ice cream parlor at Disney World
  • Oct 4th KMPH TV channel 26 in Visalia-Fresno, CA (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 4th USSR performs underground nuclear test
  • Oct 5th A new sitting of the Northern Ireland parliament at Stormont begins, though the Social Democratic and Labour Party remain absent due to its continuing protest against Internment
  • Oct 5th MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Oakland Athletics, 3 games to 0
  • Oct 6th MLB National League Championship: Pittsburgh Pirates beat San Francisco Giants, 3 games to 1
  • Oct 7th T McNally's "Where has Tommy Flowers gone?" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 7th Northern Ireland Prime Minister Brian Faulkner meets with British Prime Minister Edward Heath; they agree to send an additional 1,500 British Army troops to Northern Ireland

Film release premierFilm Premier

Oct 7th "The French Connection" directed by William Friedkin and starring Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider and Fernando Rey premieres in the US (Best Picture 1972)

  • Oct 8th John Lennon releases his megahit "Imagine"
  • Oct 8th US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 9th Japanese emperor Hirohito visits Netherlands
  • Oct 9th USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Oct 10th 5th Country Music Association Award: Charlie Pride wins
  • Oct 10th Fenholt & Webber's musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 10th Rain washes out Game 2, 1st World Series postponement since 1962
  • Oct 11th 60th Davis Cup: USA beats Romania in Charlotte (3-2)
  • Oct 11th Brooks Robinson ties Series record, reaches base 5 straight times
  • Oct 11th Frank McGee becomes news anchor of Today Show
  • Oct 11th Switzerland recognizes North Vietnam
  • Oct 12th "Jesus Christ Superstar" opens at Mark Hellinger NYC for 711 performances
  • Oct 13th 1st World Series night game (Pittsburgh 4-Baltimore 3)
  • Oct 13th WTZH TV channel 24 in Meridian, MS (CBS) suspends broadcasting
  • Oct 14th 2 killed in Memphis racial disturbances
  • Oct 14th John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on "Dick Cavett Show"
  • Oct 15th The start of the 2,500-year celebration of Iran, celebrating the birth of Persia.
  • Oct 16th Amphitheater in McLaren Park is dedicated in SF
  • Oct 17th Cleveland Metroparks' Rocky River Nature Center opens
  • Oct 17th Judy Rankin wins LPGA Quality-First Golf Classic
  • Oct 17th Pittsburgh Pirates beat Balt Orioles, 4 games to 3 in 68th World Series
  • Oct 17th It is estimated today that approximately 16,000 households were withholding rent and rates for council houses as part of the campaign of civil disobedience against internment organised by the Social Democratic and Labour Party, Northern Ireland
  • Oct 19th Last issue of "Look" magazine is published
  • Oct 19th A group of f Northern Ireland Members of Parliament begin a 48 hour hunger strike against the policy of Internment
  • Oct 20th "Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death" opens at Barrymore for 325 per
  • Oct 20th West German Chancellor Willy Brandt is awarded Nobel Peace Prize
  • Oct 20th The Nepal stock exchange collapses.
  • Oct 20th Senator in the US Congress Edward Kennedy calls for a withdrawal of British troops from Northern Ireland and all-party negotiations to establish a United Ireland
  • Oct 21st "To Live Another Summer" opens at Helen Hayes NYC for 173 performances

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 21st Nobel prize for literature awarded to Pablo Neruda

  • Oct 21st USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Oct 21st William H Rehnquist & Lewis F Powell nominated to US Supreme Court by Nixon, following resignations of Justices Hugo Black & John Harlan
  • Oct 22nd USSR performs nuclear test
  • Oct 23rd WXLT (now WWSB) TV channel 40 in Sarasota-Bradenton, FL (ABC) begins
  • Oct 23rd Two female members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) are shot dead by the British Army in the Lower Falls area of Belfast
  • Oct 23rd Three Catholic civilians are shot dead by the British Army during an attempted robbery in Newry, County Down
  • Oct 24th Harry Drake sets longest arrow flight by a footbow (1 mile 268 yds)
  • Oct 24th Texas Stadium opens-Cowboys beat Patriots 44-21
  • Oct 24th President of Sinn Féin Ruairi O'Brady, then (SF), address a SF Ard Fheis in Dublin, claiming that the North of Ireland must be made ungovernable as first step in achieving a united Ireland
  • Oct 24th A member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is shot dead by undercover Royal Ulster Constabulary officers during a bomb attack in Belfast