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Jan 1st - "Your Arm's Too Short..." closes at Lyceum NYC after 429 perfs
Jan 1st - Air India B747 explodes near Bombay killing 213
Jan 1st - News editor Donald Woods finally arrives in London after escaping the apartheid regime in South Africa
Jan 1st - Los Angeles Police chief Edward Davis retires from police force
Jan 1st - AFC Championship Game: Denver Broncos beat Oakland Raiders 20-17
Jan 1st - NFC Championship Game: Dallas Cowboys beat Minnesota Vikings 23-6
Jan 2nd - Bulent Ecevit forms government in Turkey
Jan 2nd - Rhino Records releases their 1st album "Wildmania"
Jan 2nd - 64th Rose Bowl: #13 Washington beats #4 Michigan, 27-20
Jan 2nd - 44th Sugar Bowl: #3 Alabama beats #9 Ohio State, 35-6
Jan 2nd - 44th Orange Bowl: #6 Arkansas beats #2 Oklahoma, 31-6
Jan 3rd - Chandrasekar takes 6-52 & 6-52 at MCG in Indian innings win
Jan 5th - Start of the Sex Pistols final tour in Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 6th - 1st postage stamp copyrighted by US (Carl Sandburg stamp)
Jan 6th - US hand over St Stephan crown to Hungary
Jan 7th - Angola revises its constitution
Jan 8th - Israeli government votes to 'strengthen' settlements in occupied Sinai
American Politician Harvey MilkAmerican Politician Harvey Milk Jan 8th - Harvey Milk becomes the 1st openly gay person elected to public office in California
Jan 9th - Commonwealth of Northern Marianas established
Jan 10th - Soyuz 27 carring 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station, launched
Jan 11th - Gov Askew dedicates RCUC solar office building
Jan 11th - Soyuz 27 links with Salyut 6 & Soyuz 26 (1st time 3 spacecraft link)
Jan 13th - NASA select its first American women astronauts
Jan 14th - Sex Pistols' final concert held in Winterland, San Francisco
Jan 15th - Theodore Bundy kills Fla State U coeds Lisa Levy & Margaret Bowman
Jan 15th - Super Bowl XII: Dallas Cowboys beat Denver Broncos, 27-10 in N Orleans Super Bowl MVP: Harvey Martin, Dallas, DE & Randy White, Dallas, DT
Jan 16th - 5th American Music Awards: Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac & C Twitty
Jan 16th - Soyuz 27 returns to Earth
Jan 18th - Geoff Boycott captains England for the 1st time, v Pak Karachi
Singer-Songwriter Stevie WonderSinger-Songwriter Stevie Wonder Jan 18th - Roof of 3-yr-old Civic Center in Hartford, Ct collapses (no injuries)
Jan 18th - Thiokol conducts 2nd test firing of space shuttle's SRB
Jan 19th - Eddie Mathews elected to Hall of Fame
Jan 19th - Judge William H Webster appointed head of FBI
Jan 19th - The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany leaves VW's plant in Emden. Beetle production in Latin America would continue until 2003.
Jan 20th - Columbia Pictures pays $9.5 million for movie rights to "Annie"
Jan 21st - Bee Gees' "Saturday Night Fever" album goes #1 for 24 weeks
Jan 23rd - Belgian industrial Haron Empain kidnapped in Paris
Jan 23rd - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 14-13
Jan 23rd - Sweden becomes the first nation in the world to ban aerosol sprays, believed to be damaging to earth's ozone layer.
Jan 24th - 31st NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 3-2 (OT) at Buffalo
Jan 24th - Carter Executive Order on Intelligence (# 12036)
Jan 25th - Muriel Humphrey (D-Mn) appointed to fill late husband's Senate seat
Jan 25th - Padres trade pitcher Dave Tomlin & $125,000 to Rangers for Gaylord Perry (He wins 1978 Cy Young Award)
Jan 26th - Frank Herbert completes his novel "Destination: Void"
Jan 26th - International Ultraviolet Explorer placed in Earth orbit
Jan 26th - Mario Soares forms Portuguese government
Jan 26th - Strikers riot in Tunisia, killing about 40
Jan 28th - "Fantasy Island" starring Ricardo Montalban premieres on ABC TV
Jan 28th - Ranger's Don Murdoch failed on 4th penalty shot against Islanders
Jan 28th - Ted Nugent autographs a fan's arm with his knife
Actress Jane FondaActress Jane Fonda Jan 28th - 35th Golden Globes: The Turning Point, Richard Burton, & Jane Fonda win
Jan 29th - Joanne Carner wins Colgate Triple Crown Match-Play Golf Championship
Jan 29th - Sweden outlaws aerosol sprays due to their harmful effect on the ozone layer, becoming the first nation to enact such a ban.
Jan 30th - Addie Joss & Larry MacPhail elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
Jan 30th - Mutual Broadcasting Network begins airing Larry King Show on radio
Jan 31st - "Elvis: The Legend Lives!" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 101 perfs
Jan 31st - Israel turns 3 milt outposts in West Bank into civilian settlements
Feb 1st - Harriet Tubman is 1st black woman honored on a US postage stamp
Feb 1st - Director Roman Polanski skips bail & fled to France after pleading guilty to charges of engaging in sex with a 13-year-old girl
Feb 3rd - Australia beat India 3-2 on 6th day of final test, after India are all out for 445 chasing 493 to win
39th US President Jimmy Carter39th US President Jimmy Carter Feb 3rd - Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and US President Jimmy Carter discuss the Middle East peace process in Washington, D.C.
Feb 5th - Fred Newman makes 88 consecutive basketball free throws blindfolded
Feb 5th - 28th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 133-125 at Atlanta
Feb 6th - Muriel, wife of late Hubert Humphrey (Sen-D-Minn) takes his office
Feb 6th - Snowstorm hits New England, parts of Rhode Island (54" (137cm))
Feb 7th - Ethiopian offensive in Ogaden desert
Feb 8th - Crown Prince Sad Abdallah al-Salim Al Sabah becomes PM of Kuwait
Feb 8th - Proceedings of the United States Senate are broadcast on radio for the first time.
Feb 10th - Frank C Carlucci succeeds John F Blake as deputy director of CIA
Feb 10th - U.S. premiere of "Blue Collar", Paul Schrader's first film direction
Feb 11th - 16 Unification church couples wed in NYC
Feb 11th - 25th hat trick in Islander history-Denis Potvin
NHL Star Denis PotvinNHL Star Denis Potvin Feb 11th - China lifts a ban on Aristotle, Shakespeare, & Dickens
Feb 11th - EOKA disbands in Cyprus
Feb 12th - "Jesus Christ Superstar" closes at Longacre Theater NYC after 96 perfs
Feb 12th - Debbie Austin wins LPGA American Cancer Society Golf Classic
Feb 12th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Linda Fratianne
Feb 12th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Charles Tickner
Feb 13th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Feb 14th - 1st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments
Feb 14th - In girls' HS basketball, Chicago Latin beats Harvard St George
Feb 15th - England all out 64 for 1st loss to NZ in cricket (Boycott capt)
Feb 15th - Escaped mass murderer Ted Bundy recaptured, Pensacola, Fla
Feb 15th - Leon Spinks beats Muhammad Ali in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
Boxer and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Leon SpinksBoxer and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Leon Spinks Feb 15th - Zaire revises constitution
Feb 16th - 1st Computer Bulletin Board System (Ward & Randy's CBBS, Chicago)
Feb 17th - 11 civilians and 1 RUC officer are killed and 30 wounded by a Provisional Irish Republican Army incendiary bomb at the La Mon Restaurant near Belfast
Feb 18th - 1st Iron Man Triathlon (swim, bike ride, marathon) held, Kona, Hawaii
Feb 19th - "On the 20th Century" opens at St James Theater NYC for 460 perfs
Feb 19th - Brigitte Kraus runs world record 1000 m indoor (2:34.8)
Feb 19th - Coleman, Comden & Green's musical premieres in NYC
Feb 19th - 20th Daytona 500: Bobby Allison wins (159.73 MPH)
Feb 20th - 4th People's Choice Awards: John Wayne & Barbra Streisand win (Motion Picture) and James Garner & Mary Tyler Moore win (TV)
Feb 20th - Bob Backland beats Billy Graham in NY, to become WWF wrestling champ
Actor John WayneActor John Wayne Feb 20th - Egypt announces it is pulling its diplomats out of Cyprus
Feb 20th - Jane Blalock wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
Feb 22nd - 2 tankers with propane gas explode killing 15 at Waverly, Tenn
Feb 22nd - 28th Berlin International Film Festival: "Las truchas" and "What Max Said" win the Golden Bear (tie)
Feb 23rd - 20th Grammy Awards: Hotel California, Fleetwood Mac, Debbie Boone wins
Feb 24th - Kevin Porter, NJ, sets NBA record with 29 assists in a game
Feb 25th - Botham scores 1st Test Cricket century, 103 v NZ Christchurch
Feb 26th - Ira Levin's "Deathtrap" premieres in NYC
Feb 26th - Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Bent Tree Golf Classic
Feb 27th - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Mar 1st - "Timbuktu!" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 243 performances
Comedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie ChaplinComedian/Actor/Filmaker Charlie Chaplin Mar 1st - Charlie Chaplin's coffin and remains are stolen from a Swiss cemetery
Mar 2nd - Soyuz 28 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Czechoslovakian) to Salyut 6
Mar 3rd - 1st day of Test cricket for Desmond Haynes (WI v Australia)
Mar 4th - Chicago Daily News, founded in 1875, publishes last issue
Mar 4th - 25th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Duke beats Wake Forest, 85-77
Mar 5th - "Hello, Dolly!" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 152 perfs
Mar 5th - Landsat 3 launched from Vandenberg AFB, Calif
Mar 6th - Hustler publisher Larry Flynt shot & crippled by a sniper in Georgia
Mar 7th - Belgian baron Charles Bracht kidnapped
Mar 7th - Canuck's Ron Sedlbauer fails on 5th penalty shot against Islanders
Mar 7th - Dutch 2nd Chamber votes against neutron bomb
Mar 8th - The first-ever radio episode of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, is transmitted on BBC Radio 4.
Mar 9th - Ice Dance Championship at Ottawa Canada won by Linichuk & Karponosov
Author Douglas AdamsAuthor Douglas Adams Mar 9th - Ice Pairs Championship at Ottawa won by Rodnina & Zaitsev (URS)
Mar 9th - Ladies Figure Skating Champions in Ottawa won by Anett Potzsch (GDR)
Mar 9th - Men's Figure Skating Champions in Ottawa won by Charles Tickner (USA)
Mar 10th - Soyuz 28 returns to Earth
Mar 10th - "The Incredible Hulk", starring Bill Bixby as David Banner, premieres on CBS
Mar 11th - Terrorists attack mail truck at Tel Aviv, 45 killed
Mar 11th - USF-led Bill Cartwright scores 23 points as the Dons oust NC
Mar 12th - Eric Heiden skates world record 1000m (1:14.99)
Mar 12th - Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sunstar Golf Classic
Mar 13th - Moluccan "suicide commandos" occupies Province house
Mar 14th - Marines terminate Molukse action in Province house (1 dead)
Mar 14th - NFL permanently adds 7th official (side judge)
LPGA Golfer Nancy LopezLPGA Golfer Nancy Lopez Mar 15th - -21] operation Litani: Israeli offensive in South Lebanon
Mar 15th - A's trade Vida Blue to Giants for 7 players & $390,000
Mar 15th - China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
Mar 16th - Amoco Cadiz spills 223,000 tons of crude oil off French coast
Mar 16th - Red Brigade kidnaps former premier Aldo Moro in Italy, 5 killed
Mar 16th - Soyuz 26 returns to Earth
Mar 16th - US Senate accepts Panama Canal treaty
Mar 16th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Mar 17th - Amoco Cadiz tanker spills 1.6 mil gallons of oil off French coast
Mar 17th - Ligeti's opera "Le Grand Macabre" premieres in Stockholm
Mar 17th - Reds don green uniforms for St Patricks Day
Mar 18th - 250,000 attend rock concert California Jam II in Ontario, Calif
Mar 18th - Former Pakistani premier Ali Bhutto sentenced to death
Italian Prime Minister Aldo MoroItalian Prime Minister Aldo Moro Mar 19th - 50,000 demonstrate in Amsterdam against neutron bomb
Mar 19th - Sally Little wins LPGA Kathryn Crosby/Honda Civic Golf Classic
Mar 20th - Flyers' Rick MacLeash scores on 6th penalty shot against Islanders
Mar 21st - Padres fire Al Dark (2nd manager ever fired during spring training)
Mar 21st - San Francisco passes its-and U.S.'-most comprehensive homosexual rights bill
Mar 22nd - France performs nuclear test
Mar 22nd - Robert Frost Plaza, at California, Drumm & Market, SF, dedicated

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