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Jan 1st - Chrysler UK renamed Talbot
Jan 1st - International Decade of Water & Sanitation begins
Jan 1st - Mob storms Russian embassy in Teheran
Jan 1st - Premier Adbou Diouf becomes president of Senegal
Jan 1st - Sweden changes order of succession to throne
Jan 1st - Victoria is crowned princess of Sweden.
Jan 1st - 66th Rose Bowl: #3 Southern California beats #1 Ohio State, 17-16
Jan 1st - 46th Sugar Bowl: #2 Alabama beats #6 Arkansas, 24-9
Jan 1st - 46th Orange Bowl: #5 Oklahoma beats #4 Florida State, 24-7
Jan 2nd - British Steel workers go on a national strike
Jan 2nd - 68th Men's Australian Open: Guillermo Vilas beats John Sadri (7-6, 6-3, 6-2)
Jan 2nd - 68th Women's Australian Open: Barbara Jordan beats Sharon Walsh (6-3, 6-3)
Jan 3rd - Gold hits record $634 an ounce
Jan 3rd - Babrak Karmal defends the Soviet-backed coup in first public appearance since taking power as President of Afghanistan
Jan 6th - "1940's Radio Hour" closes at St James Theater NYC after 105 perfs
4th Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi4th Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi Jan 6th - Indira Gandhi's Congress Party wins elections in India
Jan 6th - Phil Flyers set NHL record of 35 straight games without a defeat
Jan 6th - The beginning of the first GPS epoch.
Jan 6th - AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Houston Oilers 27-13
Jan 6th - NFC Championship Game: Los Angeles Rams beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-0
Jan 7th - Minn ends Phila Flyers' NHL record 35 game unbeaten streak ends
Jan 7th - Indira Gandhi voted back into power in India
Jan 8th - Islander Glenn Resch's 20th shut-out opponent-Canucks 3-0
Jan 8th - NCAA decides to sponsor women's championships in 5 sports
Jan 9th - 63 beheaded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Jan 10th - Last broadcast of "Rockford Files" on NBC
Jan 10th - Jim Stewart, Bruin's rookie goalie allows 3 goals in his 1st 4 mins & a total of 5 in 1st period; he never again plays in NHL
Jan 11th - Debut of Pretenders
Jan 12th - Mike Bratz (Phoenix) begins NBA free throw streak of 57 games
Jan 13th - "King of Schnorrers" closes at Playhouse Theater NYC after 63 perfs
Jan 13th - Head of narcotic brigade arrested for drug smuggling in Belgium
Jan 13th - Togo's constitution becomes effective
Jan 14th - Shakuntala Devi, mentally multiplies 2 13-digit #s in 28 sec
Jan 15th - Pam Gems' "Piaf!" premieres in London
Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartneyMusician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney Jan 16th - Paul McCartney jailed in Tokyo for 10 days on marijuana possession
Jan 17th - NASA launches Fltsatcom-3
Jan 17th - A Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb prematurely detonates on a passenger train near Belfast, killing three and injuring five (including the bombers)
Jan 18th - Gold reaches $1,000 an ounce
Jan 18th - Pink Floyd's "Wall" hits #1
Jan 18th - Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell & Ian Schrager sentenced to 3½ years in prison for tax evasion & fined $20,000
Jan 20th - President Jimmy Carter announces US boycott of Olympics in Moscow
Jan 20th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Linda Fratianne
Jan 20th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Charles Tickner
Jan 20th - Super Bowl XIV: Pittsburgh Steelers beat LA Rams, 31-19 in Pasadena, MVP: Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh, QB
39th US President Jimmy Carter39th US President Jimmy Carter Jan 21st - Gold hits record $850 an ounce
Jan 21st - Les Henson, Virginia Tech, makes 89' 3" basketball field goal
Jan 22nd - Russian dissidents Andrei Sakharov & Jelena Bonner arrested in Moscow and banished to Gorky
Jan 22nd - PGA begins a senior golf tour
Jan 22nd - West Indies beat England 2-0 to win cricket's 1st World Series Cup
Jan 25th - Bani Sadr elected president of Iran
Jan 25th - Dutch government demands boycott of Olympics
Jan 25th - Highest speed attained by a warship, 167 kph, USN hovercraft
Jan 25th - Paul McCartney is released from Tokyo jail & deported
Jan 26th - 175,000 pay to hear Frank Sinatra sing in Rio de Janeiro
Jan 26th - Islanders & Whalers play a NHL penalty-free game
Jan 26th - Israel & Egypt establish diplomatic relations
Jan 26th - Mary Decker became 1st woman to run a mile in under 4½ minutes
Singer/Actor Frank SinatraSinger/Actor Frank Sinatra Jan 27th - "Comin' Uptown" closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 45 perfs
Jan 27th - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 37-27
Jan 27th - Robert Mugabe returns to Rhodesia after 5 years in exile
Jan 28th - 37th Golden Globes: Kramer vs. Kramer, Dustin Hoffman & Sally Field win
Jan 28th - USCGC Blackthorn (WLB-391) collides with the tanker Capricorn while leaving Tampa Florida and capsizes killing 23 Coast Guard crewmembers.
Jan 29th - 6 Iranian-held US hostages escape with help of Canadians
Jan 29th - Cleveland Cavaliers beat LA Lakers 154-153 in quadruple OT
Jan 30th - Edward Albee's "Lady from Dubuque" premieres in NYC
Jan 31st - Police storm occupied Spanish embassy in Guatemala City, killing 41
Feb 1st - Sears Radio Theater moves from CBS to Mutual Broadcasting System
Feb 1st - Soap opera "Love of Life" ends a 28 year run
Playwright Edward AlbeePlaywright Edward Albee Feb 2nd - FBI releases details of Abscam, a sting operation that targeted 31 elected & public officials for bribes for political favors
Feb 3rd - Larry Holmes TKOs Lorenzo Holmes in 6 for heavyweight boxing title
Feb 3rd - Mohammed Ali tours Africa as Pres Carter's envoy
Feb 3rd - 30th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 144-136 (OT) at Landover, Maryland
Feb 4th - Bani Sadr sworn in as premier of Iran
Feb 4th - Joanne Carner wins LPGA Whirlpool Golf Championship of Deer Creek
Feb 4th - Studio 54 holds its grand closing party on its last night in business
Feb 5th - 32nd NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 6-3 at Detroit
Feb 5th - Egyptian parliament votes to end boycott of Israel
Feb 9th - Rick Barry, Houston, is 1st in NBA to score 8 3-pointers in a game
Feb 10th - Ianford Wilsons "Talley's Folly" premieres in NYC
NBA Small Forward Rick BarryNBA Small Forward Rick Barry Feb 10th - Jane Blalock wins LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic
Feb 12th - "Canterbury Tales" opens at Rialto Theater NYC for 16 performances
Feb 12th - NY Islanders 2nd scoreless tie, vs Winnipeg Jets
Feb 12th - Richard Hadlee becomes NZ's top wicket-taker with 117
Feb 13th - Apollo Computer Inc incorporated
Feb 13th - NZ beats West Indies by one wicket in cricket at Dunedin
Feb 14th - "West Side Story" opens at Minskoff Theater NYC for 341 performances
Feb 14th - 13th Winter Olympic games open in Lake Placid, NY
Feb 14th - US launches Solar Maximum Mission Observatory to study solar flares
Feb 15th - Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 500m in 38.03 sec
Feb 15th - Wayne Gretzy assists on NHL-record-tieing 7 goals
Feb 16th - Continuous traffic jam extends 176 km north of Lyons, France
Feb 16th - Eric Heiden skates 5k in 7:02.29 (Olympic Record)
Feb 17th - Dot Germain wins LPGA S&H Golf Classic
Cricketer Richard HadleeCricketer Richard Hadlee Feb 17th - 22nd Daytona 500: Buddy Baker wins (177.602 MPH)
Feb 18th - Billy Wyman said he will leave Rolling Stones in 1983 (Sure!)
Feb 18th - Pierre Elliott Trudeau's Liberal Party wins Canadian elections
Feb 18th - 30th Berlin International Film Festival: "Heartland" and "Palermo or Wolfsburg" win the Golden Bear (tie)
Feb 19th - Botham a century & 13 wickets in Jubilee Test Cricket at Bombay
Feb 19th - Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 1000m in 1:15.18
Feb 21st - Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 1500m in 1:55.44
Feb 21st - Hanni Wenzel is 1st Liechtensteiner to win Olymp gold (giant slalom)
Feb 22nd - Afghanistan declares martial law
Feb 22nd - USA beats USSR in Olympic hockey 4-3, referred to as "Miracle on Ice". USA captain Mike Eruzione scores winning goal in 3rd period
Feb 23rd - 13th Winter Olympic games close at Lake Placid, NY
Ice Hockey Player Mike EruzioneIce Hockey Player Mike Eruzione Feb 23rd - Eric Heiden wins all 5 speed skating golds at Lake Placid Olympics
Feb 23rd - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Feb 23rd - Oil tanker explosion off Pilos, Greece, causes 37-mil-gallon spill
Feb 24th - "Canterbury Tales" closes at Rialto Theater NYC after 16 performances
Feb 24th - Joanne Carner wins LPGA Bent Tree Golf Classic
Feb 24th - Rangers score 5 power-play goals against Islanders
Feb 24th - USA Olympic hockey team defeated Finland, 4-2, to win the gold medal
Feb 25th - Coup ousts PM Henck Arron of Suriname
Feb 26th - Egypt & Israel exchange ambassadors for 1st time
Feb 26th - Milt coup under Desi Bouterse in Suriname
Feb 26th - R Hadlee scores Test Cricket century v Roberts, Garner, Holding, Croft
Feb 27th - 22nd Grammy Awards: What a Fool Believe, Streisand-Diamond duet
Feb 27th - Israel & Egypt exchange ambassadors
Zimbabwean President Robert MugabeZimbabwean President Robert Mugabe Feb 27th - Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF wins elections in Zimbabwe
Feb 27th - Terrorists occupies Dominican embassy in Bogota
Feb 28th - "The Well-Tuned Piano" by La Monte Young premieres (takes 4 h 12 m)
Feb 28th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Feb 29th - Gordie Howe becomes 1st NHL player to score 800 career goals
Feb 29th - Michael Bracey ends 59 h 55 m trapped in an elevator, England
Mar 1st - Commonwealth Trade Union Council established
Mar 1st - Hilbert van der Duim becomes world champion all-round skater
Mar 1st - Patti Smith & MC5 guitarist Fred Sonic Smith wed in Detroit
Mar 1st - Snow falls in Florida
Mar 1st - 27th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Duke beats Maryland, 73-72
Mar 1st - The US enacts the Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax Act as part of a compromise between the Carter Administration and the Congress over the decontrol of crude oil prices
Ice Hockey Legend Gordie HoweIce Hockey Legend Gordie Howe Mar 1st - 21st SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: LSU beats Kentucky, 80-78
Mar 2nd - 3rd Islander scoreless tie-Penguins in Pitts
Mar 2nd - Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Sun City Golf Classic
Mar 2nd - Mike Bratz (Phoenix) ends NBA free throw streak of 57 games
Mar 3rd - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Mar 3rd - The USS Nautilus is decimmissioned.
Mar 3rd - Pierre Trudeau sworn in, for the second time, as the 17th Prime Minister of Canada
Mar 4th - 40th hat trick in Islander history-Mike Bossy
Mar 4th - Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF wins parliamentary election in Zimbabwe
Mar 5th - Earth satellites record gamma rays from remnants of supernova N-49
Mar 6th - Emmy 7th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 1st time
Mar 6th - Princess Theater (Latin Quarter, Cotton Club) opens at 200 W 48th NYC
Mar 6th - French Academy, founded in 1635, elects it 1st woman novelist (Marguerita Youcenar)
Actress Jane FondaActress Jane Fonda Mar 8th - 6th People's Choice Awards: Burt Reynolds & Jane Fonda win (Motion Picture) and Alan Alda & Carol Burnett win (TV)
Mar 8th - Greg Chappell 235 & Yallop 172, for 217 stand at Faisalabad
Mar 8th - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Mar 8th - The first festival of rock music kicks off in the Soviet Union.
Mar 9th - Flemish/Walloon battles in Belgium, 40 injured
Mar 9th - Joanne Carner wins LPGA Sunstar '80 Golf Tournament
Mar 10th - Willard Scott becomes the weather forcaster on the Today Show
Mar 11th - Rod Marsh bowls 10 overs for 51 runs in dull Aust v Pak cricket draw

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