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Jan 1st - After 27 years, Betty Rubble debuts as a Flintstone vitamin
Jan 1st - Curacao gains limited form of self rule (Status Aparte)
Jan 2nd - The US deploys troops in Northern Bosnia with the intention of maintaining order and peace between Bosnian Serbs and Muslims
Jan 4th - "Father" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 52 performances
Jan 5th - Miami Dolphin coach Don Shula announces his retirement
Jan 5th - Muralitharan no-balled for throwing in ODI v WI at the Gabba
Jan 5th - Hamas operative Yahya Ayyash is killed by an Israeli-planted booby-trapped cell phone.
Jan 6th - Record $65.2 million British lottery won by 3 people (2-3-4-13-42-44)
Jan 7th - "Crazy after You" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 1622 perfs
Jan 7th - "Fool Moon" closes at Ambassador Theater NYC after * performances
Jan 7th - 16th United Negro College Fund raises $12,600,000
Jan 8th - Blizzard buries eastern US causing at least 50 deaths
Jan 8th - For 1st time in 25 years no one is elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
Jan 9th - First episode of "Third Rock from the Sun" screened on NBC
NFL Head Coach Don ShulaNFL Head Coach Don Shula Jan 10th - Israel frees hundreds of Palestinian prisoners
Jan 10th - Jimmy Johnson announced as new coach of Miami Dolphins
Jan 10th - King Hussein of Jordan visits Israel
Jan 11th - Space Shuttle STS 72 (Endeavour 10), launches into space
Jan 11th - Haiti becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
Jan 12th - Russian troops arrived in Bosnia (joint operation with US)
Jan 14th - "Holiday" closes at Circle in Sq Theater NYC after 49 performances
Jan 14th - "Swinging On a Star" closes at Music Box Theater NYC after 97 perfs
Jan 14th - Liselotte Neumann wins Chrysler-Plymouth Tournament of Golf Champions
Jan 17th - The Czech Republic applies for membership of the European Union.
Jan 17th - Iraq agrees to talks concerning a UN plan to allow for the Iraqi sale of $1 billion of oil; proceeds from the sale would be used for humanitarian purposes
NFL Head Coach Jimmy JohnsonNFL Head Coach Jimmy Johnson Jan 18th - Baseball owners unanimously approve interleague play in 1997
Jan 19th - NHL approves move of Winnipeg Jets to Phoenix
Jan 20th - 46th NHL All-Star Game: East beat West 5-4 at Fleet Center Boston
Jan 20th - Australia defeat Sri Lanka 2-0 to win World Series Cup
Jan 20th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Michelle Kwan
Jan 20th - WPAT FM NYC radio station switches to English-Spanish format
Jan 21st - 53th Golden Globes: Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, John Travolta
Jan 21st - Karrie Webb wins LPGA HealthSouth Inaugural Golf Tournament
Jan 21st - US male Figure Skating championship won by Rudy Galindo
Jan 23rd - Chris Cairns scores 120, 96 balls, 10x4, 9x6 in Test NZ v Zim
Jan 23rd - The first version of the Java programming language was released.
Jan 26th - "Les Miserables" opens at Musichall Theatre, Duisburg
Jan 27th - 15 day old conjoined twins separate:Sarah Morales survives, Sarahi dies
Tennis Player and Nine-Time Major Champion Monica SelesTennis Player and Nine-Time Major Champion Monica Seles Jan 27th - 70th Australian Women's Tennis: Monica Seles beats Anke Huber (64 61)
Jan 27th - Catherine Roskam becomes the 1st NY female Episcopal bishop
Jan 27th - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
Jan 27th - Germany celebrates its 1st Holocaust Remembrance Day
Jan 27th - Shiv Chanderpaul scores 303* for Guyana v Jamaica at Kingston
Jan 27th - Colonel Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara deposes the first democratically elected president of Niger, Mahamane Ousmane, in a military coup.
Jan 28th - "Hello Dolly!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC after 118 perfs
Jan 28th - 84th Australian Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats M Chang (62 64 26 62)
Jan 28th - Super Bowl XXX: Dallas Cowboys beat Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17 in Tempe Super Bowl MVP:
Jan 28th - 84th Australian Open: Boris Becker beats Michael Chang (6-2, 6-4, 2-6, 6-2)
Tennis Player Anke HuberTennis Player Anke Huber Jan 28th - 84th Australian Open: Monica Seles beats Anke Huber (6-4, 6-1)
Jan 29th - 23rd American Music Awards: Garth Brooks wins
Jan 29th - Last day of Test cricket for David Boon
Jan 29th - 6,138th performance of "Cats" is held in London, surpassing record of Broadway's longest-running musical, "A Chorus Line"
Jan 29th - La Fenice, Venice's opera house, is destroyed by fire.
Jan 29th - France will no longer test nuclear weapons, its president Jacques Chirac says, following international outcry over tests in the Pacific
Jan 30th - Gino Gallagher, the suspected leader of the Irish National Liberation Army, is killed while waiting in line for his unemployment benefit.
Jan 30th - Commander of the U.S. Fifth Fleet Scott Redd states that Iran test-fired a new anti-ship missile near the Strait of Hormuz
Jan 31st - 50 people die and many more injured in a suicide bombing in Sri Lanka by separatist Tamil Tigers
Country Music Singer and Songwriter Garth BrooksCountry Music Singer and Songwriter Garth Brooks Feb 1st - The Communications Decency Act is passed by the U.S. Congress.
Feb 2nd - Ali Landry, 22, (Louisiana), crowned 45th Miss USA
Feb 4th - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 20-13
Feb 5th - British supermarket chains stock genetically modified tomato puree - the first GM food to be sold in the country
Feb 6th - Heidi Fleiss scheduled to begin her 7 year jail sentence
Feb 8th - NFL & Cleveland allows Art Modell to move his NFL franchise to Balt but he had to leave the Browns' name behind
Feb 8th - The U.S. Congress passes the Communications Decency Act.
Feb 8th - The massive Internet collaboration "24 Hours in Cyberspace" takes place.
Feb 9th - WYNY-FM in NYC changes calls to WKTU-FM
Feb 9th - The Irish Republican Army declares the end of its 18 month ceasefire shortly followed by a large bomb in London's Canary Wharf.
Feb 10th - IBM computer Deep Blue becomes the first computer to win a game of chess against a reigning (human) chess champion, Gary Kasparov
Feb 10th - A bomb explodes in Docklands area of London, ending the 17-month ceasefire; James McArdle is eventually found guilty and jailed for 25 years
Feb 11th - 46th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 129-118 at San Antonio
MLB Legend Cal Ripken JrMLB Legend Cal Ripken Jr Feb 12th - 4th ESPY Awards: Cal Ripken, Rebecca Lobo win
Feb 13th - Howard Stern announces he will be making the film "Private Parts"
Feb 13th - Rock musical "Rent" by Jonathan Larson opens off-Broadway
Feb 13th - Rapper Tupac Shakur releases his 4th studio album 'All Eyez on Me'
Feb 15th - Mortar attack on the US Embassy in Athens, Greece.
Feb 15th - Bill Belichick is fired by the Cleveland Browns, finishing his Cleveland coaching career with a record of 36-44
Feb 15th - At a news conference, American boxer Tommy Morrison said he had contracted HIV
Feb 16th - Gary Kirsten scores 188* for South Africa v UAE at Rawalpindi
Feb 17th - 1st full ODI for the Netherlands, v NZ, cricket World Cup Nolan Clarke makes ODI debut for Netherlands at age 47
Feb 17th - Garry Kasparov defeats Deep Blue 4-2 in chess
Heavyweight Boxer Tommy MorrisonHeavyweight Boxer Tommy Morrison Feb 18th - 1st full ODI for Kenya, Cricket World Cup v India
Feb 18th - Tendulkar scores 127* in India's Cricket World Cup win over Kenya
Feb 18th - 38th Daytona 500: Dale Jarrett wins (154.308 MPH)
Feb 19th - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in York PA on WQXA 105.7 FM
Feb 21st - Soyuz TM-23, launched into orbit
Feb 22nd - "Bus Stop" opens at Circle in Sq Theater NYC for 29 performances
Feb 22nd - STS 75 (Columbia 19), launches into orbit
Feb 23rd - Mark Waugh scores 130 in World Cup vs Kenya, 207 w/brother Steve
Feb 23rd - Rajindra Dhanraj takes 9-97 for Trinidad against Leeward Islands
Feb 23rd - "Trainspotting" directed by Danny Boyle based on the book by Irvine Welsh, starring Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller opens in cinemas in the UK and Ireland
Feb 24th - Cuba downs 2 US planes
Feb 24th - Meg Mallon wins LPGA Cup o' Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
LPGA Golfer Meg MallonLPGA Golfer Meg Mallon Feb 24th - The last occurrence of February 24 as a leap day in the European Union and for the Roman Catholic Church.
Feb 25th - "Father" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 52 performances
Feb 25th - Rajindra Dhanraj takes 16-167 in match Trinidad v Leeward Is
Feb 27th - Mark Waugh scores 126 in World Cup against India
Feb 28th - 38th Grammy Awards: Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morisette wins
Feb 29th - Kenya defeat West Indies (all out 93) in Cricket World Cup
Feb 29th - Soyuz TM-23, lands
Mar 1st - Lenny Wilkens, winningest coach in NBA, coaches his 1,000th victory
Mar 1st - New toll-free 888 area code introduced in USA
Mar 1st - Plans approved allowing traffic cameras High Harrington & Shap England
Mar 2nd - Copeland swimming pool re-opened by Gladiator
NBA Point Guard and Coach Lenny WilkensNBA Point Guard and Coach Lenny Wilkens Mar 2nd - Tendulkar scores 137 for Ind v SL in Cricket World Cup, but still lose
Mar 3rd - Auckland beat Wellington by 9 wickets to win Shell Trophy Final
Mar 5th - Earl Weaver & Jim Bunning, elected to Hall of Fame
Mar 6th - 10th American Comedy Award
Mar 6th - Aravinda De Silva smashes 145 v Kenya in cricket World Cup at Kandy Sri Lanka score 5-398 in 50 overs in World Cup v Kenya
Mar 7th - 1st surface photos of Pluto (photographed by Hubble Space Telescope)
Mar 7th - British Steel in Workington wins Lithuanian multi-million pound order
Mar 7th - Magic Johnson is 2nd NBA player to reach 10,000 career assists
Mar 7th - The first democratically elected Palestinian parliament is formed.
Mar 9th - Javed Miandad's last international in Pak's WC QF loss to India
Mar 9th - Jayasuriya hammers 82 off 44 balls (13x4 3x6) v England in WC QF
Mar 9th - STS 75 (Columbia 19), lands
NBA Legend Magic JohnsonNBA Legend Magic Johnson Mar 10th - 22nd People's Choice Awards: Tom Hanks & Demi Moore win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Candice Bergen win (TV)
Mar 10th - NYC Mayor Guiliani visits Israel
Mar 11th - Chris Harris scores 130 in losing NZ side v Australia, World Cup
Mar 11th - Mark Waugh scores 110 v NZ for his third century of the World Cup
Mar 11th - The EU Database Directive is passed.
Mar 11th - John Winston Howard becomes the 25th Prime Minister of Australia. His term in office is the second longest in Australian history, ending on December 3, 2007.
Mar 12th - Leeward Islands beat Trinidad by 73 runs to win Red Stripe Trophy
Mar 13th - Sri Lanka beat India in World Cup semi as riots stop play
Mar 13th - Dunblane massacre: in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 children and 1 teacher are shot dead by spree killer Thomas Hamilton who then commits suicide.
Mar 14th - Australia beat West Indies by 5 runs in amazing cricket World Cup semi
Mar 14th - Crufts show at NEC Birmingham, (1995 winner, Joshua, an Irish setter)
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike TysonHeavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Mar 16th - Mike Tyson TKOs Frank Bruno in 3rd round to gain Heavyweight title
Mar 16th - Montreal Canadian's 1st game in their new arena (Bell Center)
Mar 17th - "Bus Stop" closes at Circle in Sq Theater NYC after 29 performances
Mar 17th - "Getting Away With Murder" opens at Broadhurst NYC for 17 perfs
Mar 17th - Aravinda De Silva gets 107* & 3-42 in cricket World Cup victory
Mar 17th - Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Ping/Welch's Golf Championship
Mar 17th - Sri Lanka beat Australia by 7 wickets to win the World Cup
Mar 18th - 50,000 swimmers raise 15 million for charity during BT's Swimathon '96
Mar 18th - A nightclub fire in Quezon City, Philippines kills 162.
Mar 20th - "Love Thy Neighbor" opens at Booth Theater NYC
Mar 20th - Erik & Lyle Menendez found guilty of killing their parents
Mar 20th - UK admits humans can catch CJD (Mad Cow Disease)
Mar 21st - "Night of the Iguana" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 68 perfs
Mar 22nd - Cheryl Depew, of Florida, crowned 13th Miss Hawaiian Tropic Intl
Mar 22nd - STS 76 (Atlantis 16), launches into orbit
Mar 23rd - Taiwan holds its first direct elections and chooses Lee Teng-hui as President.
Mar 24th - 16th Golden Raspberry Awards: Showgirls wins
Mar 24th - Eastenders star Michael French is reported to be a homosexual
LPGA Golfer Laura DaviesLPGA Golfer Laura Davies Mar 24th - Laura Davies wins LPGA Standard Register Ping Golf Tournament
Mar 24th - MTA raises NYC bridge tolls to $3.50 each way
Mar 25th - 68th Academy Awards - "Braveheart", Nicholas Cage & Susan Sarandon win
Mar 25th - Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) approaches within 0.1018 AUs of Earth
Mar 25th - Freedom Shoemakers on Maryport's Solway Estate closes
Mar 25th - Ice Dance Championship at Edmonton won by Gritshuk & Platov (RUS)

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