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1st - GS Warrior guard Latrell Sprewell, attacks his coach P J Carlesimo
1st - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Davenport IA on KORB 93.5 FM
1st - Westinghouse formally changes its name to CBS
2nd - MCI Center opens in Wash DC, Wizards vs SuperSonics
3rd - "1776" opens at Gershwin Theater NYC
3rd - Golden State Warrior guard Latrell Sprewell, four-year, $32 million, contract terminated for attacking his coach P J Carlesimo
4th - "Diary of Anne Frank" opens at Music Box Theater NYC
4th - NBA suspends Latrell Sprewell for 1 year for attacking his coach
4th - Nizar Hamdoon warns that Iraq will not allow oil to flow during a third six-month phase of the UN's oil-for-food sale until the UN approves an aid distribution plan
5th - 1st Game at Wash Capitals' MCI Center vs Fla Panthers
5th - STS 87 (Columbia 24) lands
6th - 6th SEC Championship Game: #3 Tennessee beats #11 Auburn, 30-29
7th - Amy Fruhwirth & Clarence Rose win LPGA J C Penney Classic
8th - 8th Billboard Music Awards: LeAnn Rimes & Spice Girls win
9th - "Tomorrow Never Dies", 18th James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh, premieres in London
Actor Pierce BrosnanActor Pierce Brosnan 11th - "Sunshine Boys" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC
11th - Federal judge orders Microsoft not to bundle IE4 in Windows
11th - Delegates from 150 industrial nations attending a United Nations climate conference in Kyoto, Japan, reach agreement on a protocol to control heat-trapping greenhouse gases; the protocol commita nations to roll back greenhouse gase emissions below 1990 levels
12th - Carlos the Jackal, "professional revolutionary", goes on trial in Paris
12th - Florida releases Alex Arias, the last original Marlin
12th - Japanese train builders (Maglev) claim world speed record at 332 MPH
12th - Red Sox sign Pedro Martinez to record 6 year $69 million contract
12th - SWAT team shoots John E Armstrong in Fla, freeing 2 young hostages
12th - TWA 800 hearings end
12th - Fed judge sentences Autumn Jackson, who claims to be Bill Cosby's daughter, to 26 months for trying to extort $40 million from him
Actor/Comedian Bill CosbyActor/Comedian Bill Cosby 13th - 63rd Heisman Trophy Award: Charles Woodson, Michigan (CB)
14th - "View From the Bridge" opens at Criterion Theater, NYC
14th - Juli Inkster & Dottie Pepper win LPGA Diners Club Matches
14th - Phoenix Coyote Mike Gartner is 5th NHLer to score 700 goals
15th - SF 49ers retire Joe Montana's #16
16th - President Clinton names his Labrador retriever "Buddy"
18th - HTML 4.0 is published by the World Wide Web Consortium.
19th - MTV drops video "Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy
21st - Detroit Lions Barry Sanders is 3rd to run for 2,000 yards in a season
21st - Detroit Lions linebacker Reggie Brown, knocked unconscious in game
22nd - Hunter Tylo awarded $4 million in Melrose Place breach of contract
22nd - Merck baldness pill for men approved by FDA
22nd - Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding pre-record a show to air on FOX on Feb 5
42nd US President Bill Clinton42nd US President Bill Clinton 22nd - Acteal massacre: Attendees at a prayer meeting of Roman Catholic activists for indigenous causes in the small village of Acteal in the Mexican state of Chiapas are massacred by paramilitary forces.
23rd - Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson is quickest to reach 500 wins (682 games)
23rd - Colorado Avalanche Jari Kurri is 8th NHLer to score 600 career goals
23rd - Terry Nichols found guilty of manslaughter in Oklahoma bombing
23rd - US Agriculture Dept estimates it costs $149,820 to raise a child to 18
24th - 1st time a Channukah candle is officially lit in Vatican City
24th - The Sid El-Antri massacre (or Sidi Lamri) in Algeria kills 50-100 people.
24th - The Dominican Republic becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
25th - For 1st time US movie box office receipts pass $6 billion
Comedian Jerry SeinfeldComedian Jerry Seinfeld 25th - Jerry Seinfeld says this is the final season of his TV show
26th - The Soufriere Hills volcano on the island of Montserrat explodes, creating a small tsunami offshore.
27th - Protestant paramilitary leader Billy Wright is assassinated in Northern Ireland.
28th - Sting beats Hollywood Hogan for WCW Championship
29th - Carquest Bowl 8: Georgia Tech beats West Virginia, 35-30
29th - Hong Kong begins slaughtering all its chickens to prevent bird flu
29th - Orville Lynn Majors, 36, arrested for many deaths under his care
29th - Russia signs agreement to build a $3B nuclear power plant in China
29th - Cricket Women's World Cup: Australia defeats New Zealand by 5 wickets
30th - An abandoned building collapses on NY's 42nd St, no one hurt
30th - In the worst incident in Algeria's insurgency, the Wilaya of Relizane massacres, 400 people are killed from four villages.
31st - Intel cuts price of Pentium II-233 MHz from $401 to $268
31st - Marv Levy, retires as coach of Buffalo Bills
31st - Microsoft buys Hotmail E-mail service
31st - More Swedes died than were born in 1997, 1st time since 1809
31st - Orlando Hernandez, half-brother of pitcher Livan, defects from Cuba
31st - S Afr & US surgeons separate Zambian Siamese twins joined at the head
31st - 27th Fiesta Bowl: #10 Kansas State beats #14 Syracuse, 35-18

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