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Jan 1st - All California bars, clubs & card rooms must be smoke-free
Jan 1st - Mongolia switches from a 46 hour to 40 hour work week
Jan 1st - US Census Bureau estimates population at 268,921,733
Jan 1st - Russia begins to circulate new rubles to stem inflation and promote confidence.
Jan 1st - The European Central Bank is established.
Jan 1st - 84th Rose Bowl: #1 Michigan beats #8 Washington State, 21-16
Jan 1st - 64th Sugar Bowl: #4 Florida State beats #9 Ohio State, 31-14
Jan 2nd - Autopsy of Chris Farley shows he overdosed of opiates & cocaine
Jan 2nd - 64th Orange Bowl: #2 Nebraska beats #3 Tennessee, 42-17
Jan 3rd - "Side Show," closes at Richard Rodgers NYC after 91 performances
Jan 3rd - Grandpa Jones suffers a stroke
Jan 4th - "Funny Thing Happened," closes at St James NYC after 715 perform
Jan 4th - "Ivanov," closes at Vivian Beaumont Theater NYC after 51 performances
Jan 4th - "Triumph of Love," closes at Royale Theater NYC
Jan 4th - Wilaya of Relizane massacres in Algeria: over 170 are killed in three remote villages.
Jan 4th - A massive ice storm hits eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, continuing through January 10 and causing widespread destruction.
Jan 5th - Ice storm knocks out electricity in Quebec & Ontario
Jan 5th - Vandals decapitate Copenhagen's Little Mermaid
Jan 6th - Barry Switzer resigns as Dallas Cowboy coach
Jan 6th - Don Sutton selected to Baseball Hall of Fame
White House Intern Monica LewinskyWhite House Intern Monica Lewinsky Jan 7th - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky signs affidavit denying she had an affair with President Bill Clinton
Jan 8th - NY Giant GM George Young resigns to accept NFL position
Jan 8th - Unabomber suspect Ted Kaczynski asks to act as his own lawyer
Jan 8th - World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Ahmed Yousef sentenced to life
Jan 9th - Anatoly Karpov defeats Viswanathan Anand to retain chess title
Jan 9th - Anatoly Solovyov & Pavel Vinogradov spacewalk record 3 hrs 8 mins
Jan 9th - Boston Red Sox Mo Vaughn pleads not guilty to drunken driving
Jan 9th - Decapitated head of Danish Little Mermaid is returned
Jan 9th - Hockey News selects Wayne Gretzky best NHL player ever
Jan 10th - 18th United Negro College Fund raises (rebroadcasted Jan 17th)
Jan 11th - "Proposals," closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 76 performances
Jan 11th - AFC Championship Game: Denver Broncos beat Pittsburgh Steelers 24-21
Jan 11th - NFC Championship Game: Green Bay Packers beat San Francisco 49ers 23-10
Serial Murderer and Domestic Terrorist Ted KaczynskiSerial Murderer and Domestic Terrorist Ted Kaczynski Jan 11th - US female Figure Skating championship won by Michelle Kwan
Jan 11th - US male Figure Skating championship won by Todd Eldredge
Jan 11th - Sidi-Hamed massacre takes place in Algeria, over 100 people are killed.
Jan 11th - 24th People's Choice Awards: Harrison Ford & Julia Roberts win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Oprah Winfrey win (TV)
Jan 12th - Nineteen European nations agree to forbid human cloning.
Jan 13th - "Patti LaBelle On Broadway" opens at St James Theater NYC
Jan 13th - CBS pays $4 billion to televise AFC games for 8-years
Jan 14th - 100th episode of "Ellen" airs
Jan 14th - Charles Barkley pleads not guilty to an assault charge
Jan 14th - Researchers in Dallas, Texas present findings about an enzyme that slows aging and cell death (apoptosis).
Jan 15th - NASA announces John Glenn, 76, may fly in space again
NHL Star Dino CiccarelliNHL Star Dino Ciccarelli Jan 15th - Dino Ciccarelli is traded for the fourth time, from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Florida Panthers
Jan 17th - President Clinton faces sexual harrament charges from Paula Jones
Jan 18th - "Ragtime," opens at Ford Theater NYC
Jan 18th - 48th NHL All-Star Game: North America beats World 8-7 at Vancouver
Jan 18th - ABL All-Star Game at Disney complex in Orlando
Jan 18th - Boston Celtics retire Robert Parrish's #00
Jan 18th - Kelly Robbins wins Healthsouth Golf Inaugural
Jan 18th - UCP Telethon
Jan 18th - 55th Golden Globes: Titanic, Peter Fonda, & Judi Dench win
Jan 20th - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducts Mama & Papas & Eagles
Jan 20th - Warner Brothers TV Network begins Tueday night programming
Jan 20th - 3rd Critics' Choice Movie Awards: L.A. Confidential wins Best Film
Actress Judi DenchActress Judi Dench Jan 21st - Pope John Paul II visits Cuba
Jan 22nd - NHL's Minnesota franchise selects the nickname Wild
Jan 22nd - Rickey Henderson, rejoins Oakland A's for 4th time
Jan 22nd - STS 89 (Endeavour 12) launches into orbit
Jan 22nd - World League of American Football renamed as NFL Europe
Jan 23rd - Pope John Paul II condemns US embargo against Cuba
Jan 25th - Musical "Grease" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC after 1,503 performance
Jan 25th - "Patti LaBelle On Broadway" closes at St James Theater NYC
Jan 25th - Britain's Queen Mother, 97, gets an emergency hip replacement
Jan 25th - Helen Alfredsson wins Office Depot LPGA tournament
Jan 25th - Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (Posh) and soccer player David Beckham get engaged
Singer Victoria BeckhamSinger Victoria Beckham Jan 25th - Super Bowl XXXII: Denver Broncos beat Green Bay Packers 31-24
Jan 25th - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide attack on Sri Lanka's Temple of the Tooth, killing 8 people injuring 25 others.
Jan 25th - Pope John Paul II visits Cuba and demands the release of political prisoners; he also condemns US moves to isolate the country
Jan 25th - 14th Sundance Film Festival: "Slam" wins Grand Jury Prize Dramatic
Jan 26th - 25th American Music Awards: Spice Girls & Babyface win
Jan 26th - Intel launches 333 MHz Pentium II chip
Jan 26th - President Bill Clinton says "I want to say one thing to the American people; I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"
Jan 27th - Crane crashes into Roosevelt Island tram (NYC), injuring 10
Jan 27th - Roland Clarkson discovers 2^3021377-1 (37th known Mersenne prime)
Jan 27th - WNBA begins filling rosters of Washington Mystics & Detroit Shock
Painter MichelangeloPainter Michelangelo Jan 28th - Michelangelo's "Christ & the Woman of Samaria" sold for $7.4 million
Jan 29th - "Capeman," opens at Marquis Theater NYC
Jan 29th - Singers Bobby Brown found guiilty of DWI in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jan 29th - Soyuz TM-27 launches to MIR
Jan 29th - Thick Fog causes highway carnage in Belgium & Netherlands, 6 die
Jan 29th - Woman's Clinic in Birmingham Ala bombed, 1 killed
Jan 30th - All-Star Fla Marlin catcher Darren Daulton, retires
Jan 30th - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Indianapolis IN on WNAP 93.1 FM
Jan 30th - Paul Simon's "The Capeman" premieres
Jan 31st - STS 89 (Endeavour 12) lands
Feb 1st - "Street Corner Symphony," closes at Brooks Atkinson NYC after 79 perf
Feb 1st - Australian Mixed: J Gimelstob & V Williams beat Suk & Sukova (62 61)
Feb 1st - NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 29-24
Feb 1st - Rear Admiral Lillian E. Fishburne became the first female African American to be promoted to rear admiral.
Feb 1st - 86th Men's Australian Open: Petr Korda beats Marcelo Rios (6-2, 6-2, 6-2)
Tennis Player Martina HingisTennis Player Martina Hingis Feb 1st - 86th Women's Australian Open: Martina Hingis beats Conchita Martinez (6-3, 6-3)
Feb 2nd - Daniel Baldwin hospitalized in NYC for cocaine overdose
Feb 2nd - Philippine DC-9 crashes apparently killing all 104 on board
Feb 3rd - Florida Panther Dino Ciccarelli is 9th NHLer to score 600 career goals
Feb 3rd - NY Yankees replace general manager Bob Watson with Brian Cashman
Feb 3rd - Stamps commemorating Diana, Princess of Wales, go on sale in Britain
Feb 3rd - US military plane clips cable car lines in northern Italy, kills 20
Feb 3rd - Mary Kay LeTourneau, 36, former teacher, violates probation with 14 year-old father of her baby
Feb 3rd - Karla Faye Tucker is executed in Texas becoming the first woman executed in the United States since 1984.
Feb 3rd - Cavalese cable car disaster: 20 people killed after NATO aircraft severs a cable car line
Microsoft Founder Bill GatesMicrosoft Founder Bill Gates Feb 4th - Bill Gates gets a pie thrown in his face in Brussels, Belgium
Feb 4th - An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale in northeast Afghanistan kills more than 5,000.
Feb 5th - Alberto Acciarito convicted of harassing his ex-wife Ingrid Rossellini
Feb 5th - Author Tom Clancy confirms he signed agreement to purchase Minnesota Vikings for slightly more than $200 million, an NFL franchise record
Feb 5th - Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding talk on FOX (Taped Dec 22nd)
Feb 6th - Twins trade Chuck Knoblauch to NY Yankees for $3M & 4 minor leaguers
Feb 6th - Mary Kay LeTourneau, 36, former teacher, who violated probation by seeing 14 year old father of her baby, sentenced to 7 years
Feb 6th - In Corsica, the prefect Claude Erignac is assassinated in Ajaccio, presumably by Yvan Colonna.
Feb 6th - Washington National Airport is renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport.
US President & Actor Ronald ReaganUS President & Actor Ronald Reagan Feb 7th - 18th Winter Olympic games open at Nagano Japan
Feb 7th - NHL's Dallas Stars retire Neal Broten's #7
Feb 8th - 1st female ice hockey game in Olympic history Finland beats Sweden 6-0
Feb 8th - 48th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 135-114 at NYC
Feb 8th - NHL stops season until Feb 24th to accomodate the Olympics
Feb 9th - Failed assassination attempt on Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze
Feb 9th - 6th ESPY Awards: Ken Griffey Jr, Mia Hamm win
Feb 10th - AOL raises monthly flat rate internet access from $19.95 to $21.95
Feb 10th - Olympic figure skater Peggy Fleming undergoes breast cancer surgery
Feb 10th - Voters in Maine repeal a gay rights law passed in 1997 becoming the first U.S. state to abandon that law.
Feb 11th - KVBC-FM (Las Vegas) offers Monica Lewinsky $5M for interview
Feb 11th - Lyrics to "Candle in the Wind 1997" auctioned for $442,500
Feb 11th - 48th Berlin International Film Festival: "Central Station" wins the Golden Bear
Feb 12th - "Freak" opens at Cort Theater NYC
Feb 12th - 250-car Italy pile-up due to fog, 4 die & 50 hurt
Feb 12th - Dallas Cowboys sign Chan Gailey as their 4th head coach
Feb 12th - Intel unveils its 1st graphics chip i740
Feb 12th - US district judge T Hogan declares line-item veto law unconstitutional
Feb 14th - Authorities in the United States announce that Eric Robert Rudolph is a suspect in an Alabama abortion clinic bombing.
Feb 14th - 29th NAACP Image Awards: "Soul Food" wins Outstanding Motion Picture
Feb 15th - Dale Eggeling wins Los Angeles Women's Golf Championship
Feb 15th - 40th Daytona 500: Dale Earnhardt wins (172.712 MPH)
Feb 16th - Tellabs Inc acquires Coherent Communications Systems for $670 million
Feb 17th - US Naval Academy cadet Diane Zamora, 20, convicted of capital murder
Feb 17th - Larry Wayne Harris & Bill Levitt arrested for possession of anthrax
Feb 17th - USA Women's Ice Hockey Team beats Canada and wins the first Olympic Gold medal
Feb 18th - NY Rangers fire head coach Colin Campbell
Feb 18th - Two white separatists are arrested in Nevada and accused of plotting a biological attack on New York City subways.
Feb 19th - Soyuz TM-26 lands
Feb 19th - US hockey team destroys their rooms at Olympic village in Japan
Feb 20th - Tara Lipinski wins Olympic figure skating gold medal
Feb 20th - UN Sec-Gen Kofi Annan lands in Baghdad, for peace negotiations
Feb 20th - US movie box office hits quickest $1 billion for year (51 days)
Playwright and screenwriter Neil SimonPlaywright and screenwriter Neil Simon Feb 22nd - "King & I," closes at Neil Simon Theater NYC after 781 performances
Feb 22nd - 18th Winter Olympic games close at Nagano Japan
Feb 23rd - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Charleston SC on WAVF 96.1 FM
Feb 23rd - US Supreme Court lets Megan's Law stand
Feb 23rd - Tornadoes in Florida kills at least 31
Feb 23rd - Osama bin Laden publishes a fatwa declaring jihad against all Jews and Crusaders.

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