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2nd - "The Sixth Sense", starring Bruce Willis, Toni Collette, and Haley Joel Osment, premieres
9th - Russian President Boris Yeltsin fires his Prime Minister, Sergei Stepashin, and for the fourth time fires his entire cabinet.
9th - The Diet of Japan enacts a law establishing the Hinomaru and Kimi Ga Yo as the official national flag and national anthem.
9th - Charles Kennedy wins the race to succeed Paddy Ashdown as the leader of the Liberal Democrats, UK
11th - Total solar eclipse in India-North -France (2m23s)
11th - The Salt Lake City Tornado tears through the downtown district of the city, killing one.
12th - Shakira records her first live album in New York City, titled "MTV Unplugged"
13th - 32nd San Diego Comic-Con International opens at San Diego Convention Center
15th - Beni Ounif massacre in Algeria; some 29 people are killed at a false roadblock near the Moroccan border, leading to temporary tensions with Morocco.
15th - 81st PGA Championship: Tiger Woods shoots a 277 at Medinah Country Club
Golfer Tiger WoodsGolfer Tiger Woods 17th - A 7.4-magnitude earthquake strikes İzmit, Turkey, killing more than 17,000 and injuring 44,000.
19th - In Belgrade tens of thousands of Serbians rally to demand the resignation of Slobodan Milošević as president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
20th - 7th World Championships in Athletics open at Seville, Spain
26th - Michael Johnson breaks the 400 metres world record with a time of 43.18 seconds.
29th - 7th World Championships in Athletics close at Seville, Spain
30th - East Timorese vote for independence in a referendum.
31st - The first of a series of apartment bombings in Moscow, killing one person and wounding 40 others.
31st - A LAPA Boeing 737-200 crashes during takeoff from Jorge Newbury Airport in Buenos Aires, killing 65, including 2 on the ground.
NHL Star Dino CiccarelliNHL Star Dino Ciccarelli 31st - Dino Ciccarelli retires from the NHL

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