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2nd - The United Kingdom devolves political power in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive.
3rd - NASA loses radio contact with the Mars Polar Lander moments before the spacecraft enters the Martian atmosphere.
4th - 8th SEC Championship Game: #7 Alabama beats #5 Florida, 34-7
5th - 88th Davis Cup: Australia beats France in Nice (3-2)
7th - The RIAA files a lawsuit against the Napster file-sharing client, on charges of copyright infringement.
13th - 65th Heisman Trophy Award: Ron Dayne, Wisconsin (RB)
17th - The United Nations General Assembly passes resolution 54/134 designating November 25 as the annual International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.
18th - NASA launches into orbit the Terra platform carrying five Earth Observation instruments, including ASTER, CERES, MISR, MODIS and MOPITT.
20th - Portugal returns Macau to China
21st - The Spanish Civil Guard intercepts a van loaded with 950 kg of explosives that ETA intended to use to blow up Torre Picasso in Madrid.
22nd - The Spanish Civil Guard finds near Calatayud (Zaragoza) another van loaded by ETA with 750 kg of explosives (see related event on December 21, 1999).
264th Pope John Paul II264th Pope John Paul II 24th - Opening of St Peter's Holy Door by Pope John Paul II in approach of 3rd millennium
25th - Opening of doors of St. John Lateran Pope John Paul II
26th - Severe weather in France kills over 100 people and causes extensive damage to property, trees and the French national power grid (see Lothar).
27th - Joe Sakic records his 1,000th career point, an assist against the St. Louis Blues
28th - Saparmurat Niyazov is proclaimed President for Life in Turkmenistan.
31st - Control of Panama Canal reverts to Panama
31st - Boris Yeltsin resigns as President of Russia, leaving Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as the acting President.

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