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Jan 1st - Sydney, Australia swelters through its hottest New Years Day on record. The thermometre peaked at 45 degrees celsius, sparking bushfires and power outages.
Jan 2nd - 72nd Sugar Bowl: #11 West Virginia beats #7 Georgia, 38-35
Jan 2nd - 35th Fiesta Bowl: #4 Ohio State beats #5 Notre Dame, 34-20
Jan 3rd - 72nd Orange Bowl: #3 Penn State beats #22 Florida State, 26-23
Jan 4th - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel suffers a second, apparently more serious stroke. His authority is transferred to acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
Jan 4th - 8th BCS National Championship: #2 Texas beats #1 Southern California, 41-38, at 92nd Rose Bowl
Jan 8th - A magnitude 6.9 earthquake with its epicenter just off the Greek island of Kythira hits much of the country and is felt throughout the entire eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Jan 9th - 11th Critics' Choice Movie Awards: Brokeback Mountain wins Best Film
Jan 10th - 32nd People's Choice Awards: Johnny Depp & Sandra Bullock win (Motion Picture) and Ray Romano & Jennifer Garner win (TV)
Jan 12th - A stampede during the Stoning the Devil ritual on the last day at the Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia, kills at least 362 Muslim pilgrims.
Actress Jennifer GarnerActress Jennifer Garner Jan 12th - Turkey releases Mehmet Ali Ağca from jail after he served 25 years for shooting Pope John Paul II.
Jan 12th - The French warship Clemenceau reaches Egypt and is barred access to the Suez Canal. Greenpeace activists board the ship.
Jan 12th - The foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany declare that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program have reached a dead end and recommend that Iran be referred to the United Nations Security Council.
Jan 12th - During an emotional ceremony, Mark Messier's #11 jersey is retired by the New York Rangers
Jan 16th - Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is sworn in as Liberia's new president. She becomes Africa's first female elected head of state.
Jan 16th - 63rd Golden Globes: Brokeback Mountain, Philip Seymour Hoffman, & Felicity Huffman win
Actor Philip Seymour HoffmanActor Philip Seymour Hoffman Jan 19th - A Slovak Air Force Antonov An-24 crashes in Hungary.
Jan 19th - The New Horizons probe is launched by NASA on the first mission to Pluto.
Jan 19th - Terrorist blows himself up in Tel Aviv, killing only himself but injuring 20 people, one of them seriously.
Jan 22nd - Evo Morales is inaugurated as President of Bolivia, becoming the country's first indigenous president.
Jan 22nd - Kobe Bryant scores a career-high 81 points in a victory against the Toronto Raptors, the second most in NBA history in one single game
Jan 22nd - AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Denver Broncos 34-17
Jan 22nd - NFC Championship Game: Seattle Seahawks beat Carolina Panthers 34-14
Jan 24th - After losing the federal election to Stephen Harper, Paul Martin resigns as leader of the Liberal party
Jan 25th - Three independent observing campaigns announce the discovery of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb through gravitational microlensing, the first cool rocky/icy extrasolar planet around a main-sequence star.
21st Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin21st Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin Jan 26th - Western Union discontinues its telegram service.
Jan 29th - US 39-cent stamp is released featuring Hattie McDaniel in the dress she wore in 1940 when she became the 1st African-American actress to accept an Academy Award
Jan 29th - 94th Men's Australian Open: Roger Federer beats Marcos Baghdatis (5-7, 7-5, 6-0, 6-2)
Jan 29th - 94th Women's Australian Open: Amelie Mauresmo beats Justine Henin (6-1, 2-0, ret.)
Jan 29th - 22nd Sundance Film Festival: "Quinceanera", directed by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, wins Grand Jury Prize Dramatic
Jan 31st - Alan Greenspan retires as Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Feb 4th - A stampede occurs in the ULTRA Stadium near Manila killing 71.
Feb 5th - Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Seattle Seahawks, 21-10 at the Ford Field MVP: Hines Ward, Pittsburgh, WR
Actress Uma ThurmanActress Uma Thurman Feb 7th - Uma Thurman is named a knight of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France for outstanding achievement in the field of art and literature
Feb 8th - 48th Grammy Awards: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, John Legend wins
Feb 9th - Al Michaels joins NBC's "Sunday Night Football" broadcast with John Madden
Feb 9th - 56th Berlin International Film Festival: "Grbavica" wins the Golden Bear
Feb 10th - 20th Winter Olympic Games open at Turin, Italy
Feb 12th - A powerful winter storm blankets the Northeastern United States dumping 1 to 2 feet of snow from Washington, D.C. up to Boston, Massachusetts. The storm dumped a record 26.9 inches of snow in New York City.
Feb 12th - NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 23-17
Feb 16th - The last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) is decommissioned by the United States Army.
American Television Sportscaster Al MichaelsAmerican Television Sportscaster Al Michaels Feb 17th - A massive mudslide occurs in Southern Leyte, Philippines; the official death toll is set at 1,126.
Feb 19th - 55th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 122-120 at Houston
Feb 19th - 48th Daytona 500: Jimmie Johnson wins (142.667 MPH)
Feb 19th - 59th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "Brokeback Mountain" Best Film, Ang Lee Best Director
Feb 22nd - At least six men stage Britain's biggest robbery ever, stealing £53m (about $92.5 million or 78€ million) from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.
Feb 23rd - Dubai Ports World agrees to postpone its plans to take over management of six U.S. ports after the proposal ignited harsh bipartisan criticism on Capitol Hill.
Feb 24th - President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declares Proclamation 1017 placing the country in a state of emergency in attempt to subdue possible military coup.
14th President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo14th President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Feb 26th - 20th Winter Olympic Games close at Turin, Italy
Mar 1st - Tarja Halonen is inaugurated as President of Finland for the second and last time.
Mar 1st - English-language Wikipedia reaches its one millionth article, Jordanhill railway station.
Mar 1st - Animated film "Ice Age: The Meltdown" directed by Carlos Saldanha with voices by Ray Romano and John Leguizamo premieres in Belgium
Mar 3rd - 37th NAACP Image Awards: "Crash" wins Outstanding Motion Picture
Mar 4th - Final contact attempt with Pioneer 10 by the Deep Space Network. No response was received.
Mar 4th - 26th Golden Raspberry Awards: Dirty Love wins
Mar 4th - 20th Soul Train Music Awards: Jamie Foxx, Destiny's Child & John Legend win
Mar 5th - 78th Academy Awards - "Crash", Philip Seymour Hoffman & Reese Witherspoon win
Actress Reese WitherspoonActress Reese Witherspoon Mar 6th - South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signs a bill into legislation that would ban most abortions in the state.
Mar 9th - Liquid water is discovered on Enceladus, the sixth largest moon of Saturn.
Mar 10th - The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrives at Mars.
Mar 10th - Mass unrest by the PCC started in São Paulo (the biggest city in Brazil) which would eventually kill more than 152 people.
Mar 11th - Michelle Bachelet is inaugurated as the first female president of Chile.
Mar 11th - 27th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Syracuse beats Pittsburgh, 65-61
Mar 12th - 53rd ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #1 Duke beats #7 Boston College, 78-76
President of Chile Michelle BacheletPresident of Chile Michelle Bachelet Mar 12th - 47th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Florida beats South Carolina, 49-47
Mar 15th - 18th Commonwealth Games open in Melbourne, Australia
Mar 16th - The United Nations General Assembly votes overwhelmingly to establish the UN Human Rights Council.
Mar 19th - On the weekend of his 84th birthday, Fred Shuttlesworth gives his final sermon in front of 300 people at the Greater New Light Baptist Church
Mar 20th - Cyclone Larry makes landfall in eastern Australia, destroying most of the country's banana crop.
Mar 20th - Over 150 Chadian soldiers are killed in eastern Chad by members of the rebel UFDC. The rebel movement sought to overthrow Chadian president Idriss Deby.
Mar 21st - Immigrant workers constructing the Burj Dubayy in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates and a new terminal of Dubai International Airport join together and riot, causing $1M in damage.
Civil Rights Activist Fred ShuttlesworthCivil Rights Activist Fred Shuttlesworth Mar 22nd - ETA, armed Basque separatist group, declares permanent ceasefire.
Mar 22nd - BC Ferries' M/V Queen of the North runs aground on Gil Island British Columbia and sinks; 101 on board, 2 presumed deaths.
Mar 22nd - Three Christian Peacemaker Teams Hostages are freed by British forces in Baghdad after 118 days captivity and the death of their colleague, American Tom Fox.
Mar 23rd - The Federal Reserve discontinues publishing M3 money supply.
Mar 24th - Long-term protests in Belarus are broken by police.
Mar 24th - Pope Benedict XVI adds 15 men to the College of Cardinals, in the first consistory of his Pontificate.
Mar 25th - Capitol Hill massacre: A gunman kills six people before taking his own life at a party in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.
Mar 25th - Protesters demanding a re-election in Belarus following the rigged Belarusian presidential election, 2006 clash with riot police. Opposition leader Aleksander Kozulin is among several protesters arrested.
265th Pope  Benedict XVI265th Pope Benedict XVI Mar 26th - In Scotland the prohibition of smoking in all substantially enclosed public places comes into force.
Mar 26th - The military junta ruling Burma officially named Naypyidaw, a new city in Mandalay Division, as the new capital. Yangon had formerly been the nation's capital.
Mar 26th - 18th Commonwealth Games close in Melbourne, Australia
Mar 27th - The United Nations Commission on Human Rights holds its final meeting.
Mar 28th - At least 1 million union members, students and unemployed take to the streets in France in protest at the government's proposed First Employment Contract law.
Mar 30th - Marcos Pontes is the first Brazilian astronaut in space.
Mar 30th - UK Terrorism Act 2006 becomes law.
Apr 1st - The Serious Organised Crime Agency, dubbed the 'British FBI', is created in the United Kingdom.
Apr 2nd - Over 60 tornadoes break out, hardest hit is Tennessee with 29 people killed.
NHL Legend Steve YzermanNHL Legend Steve Yzerman Apr 3rd - Steve Yzerman scores his final NHL goal (#692) against the Calgary Flames
Apr 3rd - 68th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Florida beats UCLA 73-57
Apr 4th - 25th NCAA Women's Basketball Championship: Maryland beats Duke 78-75
Apr 6th - NZSL (New Zealand sign language) is made an official language of New Zealand
Apr 8th - Shedden massacre: The bodies of eight men, all shot to death, are found in a field in Ontario, Canada. The murders are soon linked to the Bandidos motorcycle gang.
Apr 8th - 159th Grand National: Niall Madden aboard Numbersixvalverde wins
Apr 9th - 70th Masters Golf Tournament: Phil Mickelson wins, shooting a 281
Apr 10th - Hundreds of thousands protest H.R. 4437 (aka the "Sensenbrenner Bill") in the United States.
Singer Carrie UnderwoodSinger Carrie Underwood Apr 10th - 40th CMT Music Awards: Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood & Kenny Chesney wins
Apr 11th - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announces that Iran has successfully enriched uranium.
Apr 13th - Powerful tornadoes rip through Iowa City, Iowa.
Apr 17th - 110th Boston Marathon: Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot of Kenya 1st man in 2:07:14 and Rita Jeptoo of Kenya 1st woman in 2:23:38
Apr 22nd - 243 people are injured in pro-democracy protest in Nepal after Nepali security forces open fire on protesters against King Gyanendra.
Apr 22nd - Four Canadian soldiers are killed 75 kilometers north of Kandahar, Afghanistan by a roadside bomb planted by Taliban militants, the worst single day combat loss for the Canadian army since the Korean War.
Apr 24th - King Gyanendra of Nepal gives into the demands of protesters and restores the parliament that he dissolved in 2002.
Iran President Mahmoud AhmadinejadIran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Apr 27th - Construction begins on the Freedom Tower for the new World Trade Center in New York City.
Apr 29th - 2006 NFL Draft: Mario Williams from North Carolina State first pick from Houston Texans
May 1st - The Puerto Rican government closes the Department of Education and 42 other government agencies due to significant shortages in cash flow.
May 3rd - Armavia Flight 967 crashes into the Black Sea, killing 113 people on board, with no survivors.
May 3rd - Zacarias Moussaoui is sentenced to life in prison in Alexandria, Virginia.
May 5th - The government of Sudan signs an accord with the Sudan Liberation Army
May 6th - 132nd Kentucky Derby: Edgar Prado aboard Barbaro wins in 2:01.36
May 7th - 52nd British Academy Television Awards: "Help" Best Comedy, "Doctor Who" Best Drama
May 9th - Estonia ratifies the European Constitution.
May 9th - George Preca is canonised as the first Maltese saint in history.
May 13th - 2006 São Paulo violence: a major rebellion occurs in several prisons in Brazil.
May 16th - A large earthquake (7.4 on the Richter scale) occurs near New Zealand.
May 17th - The aircraft carrier USS Oriskany is sunk in the Gulf of Mexico to be an artificial reef
May 17th - 14th UEFA Champions League Final: Barcelona beats Arsenal 2-1 at Saint-Denis
May 18th - The post Loktantra Andolan government passes a landmark bill curtailing the power of the monarchy and making Nepal a secular country.
May 20th - 51st Eurovision Song Contest: Lordi for Finland wins singing "Hard Rock Hallelujah" in Athens
May 20th - 131st Preakness: Javier Castellano aboard Bernardini wins in 1:54.65
May 21st - The Republic of Montenegro holds a referendum proposing independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. The Montenegrin people choose independence with a majority of 55%.
May 21st - The Swedish ice hockey team Tre Kronor takes gold in the World Championship, becoming the first nation to hold both the World and Olympic titles separately in the same year.
May 22nd - Results from the Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006 are announced. 55.4% of voters vote to become independent from the Serbia and Montenegro Union.
May 23rd - 41st Academy of Country Music Awards: Kenny Chesney, Sara Evans & Keith Urban win
May 26th - The May 2006 Java earthquake kills over 5,700 people, leaves 200,000 homeless.
May 27th - The May 2006 Java earthquake strikes at 5:53:58 AM local time (22:53:58 UTC May 26) devastating Bantul and the city of Yogyakarta killing over 6,600 people.
May 27th - NHL Western Conference Final: Edmonton Oilers beat Anaheim Ducks, 4 games to 1
May 28th - Indianapolis 500: Sam Hornish Jr wins in 3:10:58.7590 (252.804 km/h)
MLB Legend Barry BondsMLB Legend Barry Bonds May 28th - Barry Bonds hits his 715th career home run, passing Babe Ruth on the all-time list
May 28th - 59th Cannes Film Festival: "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" directed by Ken Loach wins the Palme d'Or
Jun 1st - NHL Eastern Conference Final: Carolina Hurricanes beat Buffalo Sabres, 4 games to 3
Jun 3rd - The union of Serbia and Montenegro comes to an end with Montenegro's formal declaration of independence.
Jun 5th - Serbia declares independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
Jun 7th - British Houses of Parliament temporarily shut down due to anthrax alert.
Jun 9th - King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thialand celebrates the 1st of 3 national holidays to commemorate his 60 years on the throne.
King of Thailand Bhumibol AdulyadejKing of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej Jun 10th - 138th Belmont: Fernando Jara aboard Jazil wins in 2:27.81
Jun 11th - 60th Tony Awards: Jersey Boys & The History Boys win
Jun 11th - 52nd LPGA Championship won by Se Ri Pak
Jun 11th - 105th Men's French Open: Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer (1-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-6)
Jun 11th - 105th Women's French Open: Justine Henin-Hardenne beats Svetlana Kuznetsova (6-4, 6-4)
Jun 17th - Sci-Fi author Anne McCaffrey inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame
Jun 18th - The first Kazakh space satellite, KazSat is launched.
Jun 18th - 106th US Golf Open: Geoff Ogilvy shoots a 285 at Winged Foot GC NY
Jun 19th - Prime ministers of several northern European nations participate in a ceremonial "laying of the first stone" at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Spitsbergen, Norway.
Sci-Fi Author Anne McCaffreySci-Fi Author Anne McCaffrey Jun 19th - Stanley Cup: first time winners Carolina Hurricanes defeat Edmonton Oilers 4-3
Jun 20th - 60th NBA Championship: Miami Heat beat Dallas Mavericks, 4 games to 2
Jun 21st - Pluto's newly discovered moons are officially named Nix & Hydra.
Jun 24th - "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest", directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom, premieres at Disneyland - becomes fastest film to gross over 1 billion
Jun 28th - The Republic of Montenegro was admitted as the 192nd Member of the United Nations by General Assembly resolution 60/264.
Jun 29th - Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that President George W. Bush's plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals violates U.S. and international law.

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