Historical Events in December 2012

  • 1st 8 people are killed and 36 injured after a bus overturns in Bolivia
  • 1st Enrique Peña Nieto sworn in as President of Mexico
  • 1st Ukranian Anna Ushenina wins the Women's World Chess Championship 2012
  • 1st 21st SEC Championship Game: #2 Alabama beats #3 Georgia, 32-28
  • 1st 8th ACC Championship Game: #13 Florida State beats Georgia Tech, 21-15
  • 2nd 9 people are killed after 30 cars are trapped in Sasago Tunnel, Japan
  • 2nd Borut Pahor is elected President of Slovenia
  • 2nd Pier Luigi Bersani is elected Italian Prime Minister
  • 4th 29 people are killed by a mortar attack in Bteeha, Syria
  • 4th Typhoon Bopha makes landfall in the Philippines killing at least 81 people
  • 5th 8 people are killed and 12 injured by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake in South Korea
  • 5th In his Autumn Statement, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne cuts the UK growth forecast for 2013 to 1.2% from the 2% forecast in the budget
  • 6th 7 people are killed and 770 injured during Egyptian protests
  • 6th Typhoon Bopha’s death toll rise to 418 with 318 missing and 179,000 displaced
  • 6th A 243 million year old Nyasasaurus fossil is discovered in Tanzania
  • 8th UN climate conference agrees to extend the Kyoto Protocol to 2020
  • 9th 13 people are killed and 10 are injured after a bus rolls of a cliff and falls 100 meters in Taiwan
  • 9th 6 people are killed and 41 are injured after a bus plunges 30 metres down a gorge in Guatemala
  • 9th Incumbent Ghanaian president John Mahama wins the general election amidst allegations of fraud
  • 9th The Social Liberal Union Party and Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta win by a landslide in the parliamentary elections
  • 9th Juan Manuel Márquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao in round six for the WBO light welterweight title
  • 10th Google begins selling US$99 laptops
  • 10th 11 people are killed and 23 are injured after a bus falls into a roadside pond in Minquan County, China
  • 10th 9 people are killed and 32 are wounded after a bus falls of a 300 meter cliff in Columbia
  • 10th Norwegian Magnus Carlsen breaks Garry Kasparov’s 13-year Elo rating record
  • 10th Japan is again in recession as the GDP figures for the second quarter of 2012 are revised to show a contraction of 0.03% and the third quarter figures fall by a further 0.9%
  • 10th 78th Heisman Trophy Award: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (QB) (first freshman to win the award)
  • 11th 125 people are killed and 200 are injured by bombings in Aqrab, Syria
  • 11th HSBC bank settles with US authorities to pay $1.9 billion for drug cartel money laundering

Event of interestEvent of Interest

11th British physicist, Stephen Hawking, wins the $3 million Fundamental Physics Prize, the most lucrative academic prize in the world

Physicist Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking
  • 13th A car bombing in Qatana, outside Damascus, kills 16 people and injures 12
  • 13th Japan scrambles fighter jets in response to a Chinese plane in the Senkaku Islands dispute
  • 14th 28 people, including 20 children, are shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut
  • 14th Australian Joel Parkinson wins the 2012 ASP World Tour
  • 14th Gene Wolfe wins the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award
  • 15th 18 Asylum seekers drown in the Aegean Sea on the way to Greece from Turkey
  • 16th 4 people are killed after Cyclone Evan strikes Fiji
  • 16th Corinthians defeat Chelsea 1-0 to win the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup
  • 16th A gang rape of a woman on a bus in India that resulted in her death leads to national and international outrage
  • 17th Jiroemon Kimura of Japan becomes the world's oldest verified man at 116 years old
  • 17th 17 people are killed and 70 are injured by a blast in a market in the Khyber Agency, Pakistan
  • 17th 10 girls collecting firewood are killed by a mine blast in east Afghanistan
  • 17th 18 people drown after an overloaded boat sinks in Cotonou, Benin
  • 17th NASA completes a successful mission to map the Moon’s gravity field
  • 18th 4 people are killed and 11 are injured after an apartment block collapses in Palermo, Italy
  • 18th 6 health workers dispensing polio vaccinations are gunned down in Pakistan
  • 18th The Seleka rebel coalition kills 15 people during its capture of Bria, the Central African Republic
  • 19th UBS bank is fined $1.5 billion for its role in manipulating the Libor rate
  • 19th Park Geun-hye wins the South Korean presidential election to become the nation’s first female president
  • 20th Apple is denied a patent for mobile pinch-to-zoom gestures by the US patent authorities
  • 20th Intercontinental Exchange purchases the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the world, for $8 billion
  • 21st 39 people are killed in violent clashes in Kenya
  • 21st The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar reaches the date
  • 21st "Gangnam Style" becomes the first video to reach one billion views on YouTube
  • 21st The NHL announces a further cancellation of games until January 14 brining the total number of cancelled games to 625
  • 22nd 6 people are killed by a car bomb in Damascus
  • 22nd 8 people are killed by a suicide bomber in Peshawar, Pakistan
  • 22nd Tomasz Adamek outpoints Steve Cunningham in a split decision in the IBF heavyweight title eliminator at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • 23rd 200 civilians are killed by Syrian government warplanes in Helfaya, Syria
  • 23rd The Seleka rebel coalition takes over Bambari, the third largest town in the Central African Republic
  • 24th 11 kindergarten children are killed after a minivan plunges into a roadside pond in Jiangxi, China
  • 25th 27 people are killed after an Antonov An-72 plane crashes near Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  • 25th 8 people are killed and thousands left homeless after two fires strike Manila, Philippines
  • 26th China opens the world’s longest high speed rail route from Beijing to Guangzhou
  • 27th NASA unveils plans to capture a 500 ton asteroid in 2025
  • 28th 13 people are killed and 19 are injured after a bus plunges into a river in western Nepal

Event of interestEvent of Interest

28th Vladimir Putin signs into law a ban on US adoption of Russian children

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President
Vladimir Putin
  • 29th 200 people are executed by the Syrian army in Homs
  • 29th 21 security personnel are killed by Pakistani Taliban near Peshawar
  • 29th 5 people are killed in a Tupolev Tu-204 plane crash in Moscow
  • 30th 19 people are killed by a suicide bomber in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • 30th 9 people are killed and 26 are injured in a tour bus crash off interstate 84, Oregon, US
  • 30th The opening of Line 6 of the Beijing subway makes it the longest metro network in the world at 442km