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2nd - China launches its first moon rover mission
2nd - "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", 2nd film in the Hobbit series, directed by Peter Jackson, starring Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen, premieres in Los Angeles
4th - Xavier Bettel becomes Luxenberg's first openly gay Prime Minister
5th - 52 people are killed and 167 are injured in a militant attack on a defense ministry compound in Sana'a, Yemen
6th - Pope Francis gives his ascent to a proposal to create a permanent post on the Pontifical Commission on cases of sin and sexual abuse of minors
6th - A 2-year old boy dies from Ebola in Meliandou, Guinea
7th - 9th ACC Championship Game: #1 Florida State beats #20 Duke, 45-7
7th - 22nd SEC Championship Game: #3 Auburn beats #5 Missouri, 59-42
9th - Mike Ditka's #89 jersey is retired by the Chicago Bears
10th - Mary Barra of General Motors becomes the first female CEO of a major automotive company
10th - Uruguay becomes the first country to legalize the growth, sale, and use of marijuana
11th - Pope Francis is named Time magazine's person of the year
11th - 20 people are killed by the bubonic plague in a small Madagascan village
Pope FrancisPope Francis 12th - The United States announces sanctions on the two dozen companies who assisted Iran with their nuclear program
15th - Michelle Bachelet is re-elected President of Chile
15th - China successfully lands its moon rover on the moon
16th - 21 people are killed and 20 are injured after a bus falls from an elevated highway in Manila, Philippines
16th - 79th Heisman Trophy Award: Jameis Winston, Florida State (QB)
17th - Australia wins the 3rd test to take win the 2013-14 Ashes test cricket series
17th - Angela Merkel is elected Chancellor of Germany for a third term
17th - Cat Stevens, Hall & Oates, Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, and Nirvana are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
19th - 81 people are injured after part of the ceiling caved in at London's Apollo Theatre
Actor Leonardo DiCaprioActor Leonardo DiCaprio 25th - "The Wolf of Wall Street", starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, is released
27th - 29 people are killed after a bus plunged off the Huay Tong Bridge, Thailand
28th - Chris Weidman defeats Anderson Silva to retain the UFC Middleweight Championship
28th - Early signs of Ebola epidemic: 2 year old child in Guinea dies of an unidentified haemorraghic fever; mother, sister and grandmother soon follow
29th - The volcano, Chaparrastique,  erupts in El Salvador
29th - 16 people are killed and 40 are wounded by a suicide bomb attack at Volgograd-1 railway station, Russia
30th - 15 people are killed in a trolley-bus bomb attack in Voglograd, Russia
30th - NFL head coach Mike Shanahan is fired by the Washington Redskins

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