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741 - Zacharias becomes Pope
1041 - Michael IV, Paphlagonicus, Byzantium Emperor dies of results of dropsy. His wife Empress Zoe elevates her adoptive son to the throne of the Eastern Roman Empire as Michael V.
1294 - Pope Coelestinus V becomes Pope (until Dec 13th)
1508 - League of the kingdom signed (covenant against Venice)
1520 - Martin Luther publicly burned papal edict demands he recant
1582 - France begins use of Gregorian calendar
1652 - Sea battle at Dungeness: lt-admiral Maarten Tromp beats English fleet
1672 - NY Gov Lovelace announces monthly mail service between NY & Boston
1684 - Isaac Newton's derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley.
1688 - King James II flees London
1690 - Massachusetts Bay becomes first American colonial goverment to borrow money
1745 - Bonnie Prince Charlie's army reaches Manchester
1799 - Metric system adopted in France, first country to do so
1810 - Tom Cribb (GB) beats Tom Molineaus (US-Negro) in 1st interracial boxing championship (40 rounds)
Physicist & Mathematician Isaac NewtonPhysicist & Mathematician Isaac Newton 1816 - Dutch regain Sumatra
1817 - Mississippi admitted as 20th state of the Union
1831 - "Spirit of the Times" begins publishing (weekly horse racing sheet)
1836 - Emory College (now Emory University) is chartered in Oxford, Georgia.
1864 - General Sherman's armies reach Savannah & 12 day siege begins
1868 - The first traffic lights are installed outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Resembling railway signals, they use semaphore arms and are illuminated at night by red and green gas lamps.
1869 - Women suffrage (right to vote) granted in Wyoming Territory (US 1st)
1869 - The first American chapter of Kappa Sigma is founded at the University of Virginia.
1882 - John Brahms' "Gesang der Parzen" (Song of the Fates) premieres
1887 - Austria-Hungary, Italy and Great Britain sign Balkan military treaty
1896 - 1st intercollegiate basketball game (Wesleyan beats Yale 4-3)
Union General William Tecumseh ShermanUnion General William Tecumseh Sherman 1896 - Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Roi" premieres in Paris
1898 - Spanish-American War formally ended by the Treaty of Paris; US acquires Philippines, Puerto Rico & Guam
1898 - The first western pilgrims were welcomed at The House of `Abdu'lláh Páshá
1899 - -15] British "Black Week" due to defeats in South Africa
1899 - Battle at Storm Berge South Africa - Boers vs British army
1899 - Frank Wedekind's "Der Kammersang" premieres in Berlin
1899 - The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity is founded at the City College of New York.
1901 - First Nobel Peace Prizes awarded (to Jean Henri Dunant, Frederic Passy)
1901 - First Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Wilhelm Röntgen for his discovery of X-rays
1902 - Women are given the right to vote in Tasmania.
Physicist Marie CuriePhysicist Marie Curie 1903 - Nobel for physics awarded to Pierre and Marie Curie
1904 - King Peter I of Serbia named nationalist regime
1904 - Founding of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.
1906 - Pres Theodore Roosevelt (1st American) awarded Nobel Peace Prize
1907 - Ruyard kipling receives Nobel prize for literature
1907 - The worst night of the Brown Dog riots in London, when 1,000 medical students clash with 400 police officers over the existence of a memorial for animals who have been vivisected.
1910 - Johannes van der Waals wins Nobel Prize for physics
1911 - Calbraith Rogers completes 1st crossing of US by airplane (84 days)
1911 - Tobias Asser given Nobel prize for peace
1913 - Kamerlingh Onnes receives Nobel prize for physics
1914 - French government returns to Paris
Physicist/Nobel Laureate Johannes van der WaalsPhysicist/Nobel Laureate Johannes van der Waals 1918 - John Heyder becomes president of baseball's National League for the 2nd time
1919 - NL votes to ban the spitball's use by all new pitchers
1919 - NY, Boston, & Chicago, oppose AL resolution accusing Ban Johnson of overstepping his duties
1919 - Nobel peace prize awarded to US president Wilson
1920 - August Krogh is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the regulation mechanisms of capillaries in skeletal muscle
1922 - Nobel prizes awarded to Fridtjof Nansen (Peace), Niels Bohr (Physics) and Francis William Aston (Chemistry)
1922 - Pete Henry makes longest known NFL drop-kicked field goal, 45 yards
1923 - Polish government of Grabski forms
1924 - Agreement reached on permanent rotation of World Series with each league, getting games 1, 2, 6, 7 in alternating years
Theoretical Physicist Albert EinsteinTheoretical Physicist Albert Einstein 1924 - Willem Einthoven awarded Nobel for medicine
1925 - George Bernard Shaw awarded Nobel prize
1926 - 1st radio broadcast in the Sprinfield area (WCBS)
1926 - 2nd part of Hitler's Mein Kampf published
1927 - Grand Ole Opry makes its 1st radio broadcast, in Nashville, TN
1929 - Bradman scores 225 in 2nd inn of Test Cricket trial after 124 in 1st
1929 - Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine jointly awarded to Christiaan Eijkman and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins for the discovery of vitamins
1931 - Jane Addams (1st US woman) named co-recipient of Nobel Peace Prize
1931 - Manuel Azaña becomes premier/Niceto Zamora president of Spain
1932 - King Rama VII (Prajadhipok) grants Thailand a constitution
1934 - Fascist dictator of Latvia Ulmanis begins building concentration camp
1934 - NFL adopts player waiver rule; applies after 6th game of season
1934 - Saint-Adelbert cooperation formed by Catholic elite
Social Worker and Nobel Laureate Jane AddamsSocial Worker and Nobel Laureate Jane Addams 1935 - As sell Jimmie Foxx to the Red Sox for $150,000
1935 - White Sox sell Al Simmons to the Tigers for $75,000
1935 - Nobel Prize for Chemistry awarded to Irene Joliot-Curie (daughter of Marie Curie) and her husband Frédéric Joliot for the discovery of artificial radioactivity
1936 - Stockholm: physicist PBJ Debije receives Nobel prize for chemistry
1936 - Britain replaces King Edward VIII stamp series with King George VI
1936 - Edward VIII signs Instrument of Abdication, giving up British throne to marry Wallis Simpson
1938 - 26th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Argonauts defeats Winn Blue Bombers, 30-7
1938 - Ruth Fuller Sasaki, Zen teacher, Rinzai line, enters Zen priesthood
1938 - Italian scientist Enrico Fermi receives the Nobel Prize for Physics (work on reduced radioactivity)
1939 - Green Bay Packers win NFL championship, beat NY Giants 27-0
Father of the Atomic Bomb Enrico FermiFather of the Atomic Bomb Enrico Fermi 1939 - KNVB celebrates 50th anniversary
1940 - British anti-offensive in Libya (Sidi Barrani)
1940 - 1941 NFL Draft: Tom Harmon from University of Michigan first pick by Chicago Bears
1941 - British battleship Prince of Wales and battlecruiser Repulse (Force Z ) sunk following Japanese aerial attacks off Malaya. 840 men die
1941 - Japanese troops landed on northern Luzon in the Philippines
1941 - Japanese troops overrun Guam
1942 - Hitler names Anton Mussert "leader of the Dutch people"
1942 - North Africa: 5th German panzer army forms under col-gen von Arnim
1943 - British 8th Army (1st Canadian Infantry Division) occupies Orsogna/Ortona Italy
1944 - 9 Dutch citizens hanged by nazis
1944 - German counter attack at Dillingen bridgehead on the Saar
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1945 - Aust Services lose 3rd Victory Test Cricket to India by 6 wkts
1945 - Preston Tucker reveals plan to produce the Torpedo, a new 150 MPH car
1946 - German/Swiss novelist Hermann Hesse wins the Nobel Prize in Literature "for his inspired writings which, while growing in boldness and penetration, exemplify the classical humanitarian ideals and high qualities of style"
1947 - USSR & Czechoslovakia sign trade agreement
1948 - UN General Assembly adopts Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1950 - Ralph J Bunche (1st black American) presented Nobel Peace Prize
1952 - Izhak Ben-Zvi elected 2nd president of Israel
1952 - WSLS TV channel 10 in Roanoke, VA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 - "John Murray Anderson's Almanac" opens at Imperial NYC for 229 perfs
1953 - KOMO TV channel 4 in Seattle, WA (ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 - WSTV (now WTOV) TV channel 9 in Steubenville-Wheeling, OH (CBS) begins
1954 - Linus Pauling wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Chemist & Peace Activist Linus PaulingChemist & Peace Activist Linus Pauling 1954 - Albert Schweitzer receives Nobel Peace Prize
1954 - Philadelphia Phillies purchase Connie Mack Stadium
1956 - Establishment of MPLA in Angola
1958 - 1st domestic (NY-Miami) passenger jet flight-National 707 flew 111
1958 - U of Pitts agrees to buy Forbes Field from the Pirates
1960 - Willard Libby wins the Nobel prize in Chemistry for his work developing carbon-14 dating (radiocarbon dating).
1961 - Houston Oiler Billy Cannon gains record 373 yards against Titans
1961 - US performs nuclear test at Carlsbad New Mexico (underground)
1961 - USSR & Albania break diplomatic relations
1961 - Robert Hofstadter and Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer win the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneering studies of electron scattering in atomic nuclei and discoveries concerning the structure of the nucleon
1962 - Hunters Point (SF) jitney ends service after 50 years
Physicist Robert HofstadterPhysicist Robert Hofstadter 1963 - 6-year old Donny Osmond's singing debut on Andy Williams Show
1963 - Zanzibar gains independenence from Great Britain
1963 - Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta receive the 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on the technology of high polymers
1964 - Nobel Peace Prize presented to Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Oslo
1965 - "Yearling" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 3 performances
1965 - Dutch ends economic boycott of Rhodesia
1965 - Test Cricket debut of Doug Walters v England at the Gabba
1966 - Israeli Shmuel Yosef Agnon wins Nobel Prize for literature
1966 - Nobel for chemistry awarded to Robert S Mulliken
1968 - Joe Frazier beats Oscar Bonavena in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1968 - Japan's biggest heist, the still-unsolved "300 million yen robbery", occurs in Tokyo.
Boxer and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Joe FrazierBoxer and Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier 1970 - North American Soccer League awards NY & Toronto franchises
1971 - West German union chancellor W Burns receives Nobel prize of peace
1971 - William H Rehnquist confirmed as Supreme Court justice
1972 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1973 - 1st time since 1885, tennis has 2 top males (Stan Smith & Jimmy Connors)
1974 - European Economic Community calls for a European Parliament
1974 - Helios 1 launched by US, Germany; later makes closest flyby of Sun
1974 - Space probe Helios 1 launched
1975 - Andrei Sakharov's wife Yelena Bonner, accepts his Nobel Peace Prize
1975 - Terry Funk beats Jack Brisco in Miami Beach, to become NWA champ
1976 - Wings release triple album "Wings Over America"
1977 - Soyuz 26 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station
1978 - "Platinum" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 33 performances
1978 - 67th Davis Cup: USA beats Great Britain in Rancho Mirage (4-1)
Israeli Prime Minister Menachem BeginIsraeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin 1978 - In Oslo, Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat accept 1978 Nobel Peace Prize
1978 - Islanders ends 15 game undefeated streak (12-0-3) to Canadians
1979 - Piet Dankert appointed as chairman of European Parliament
1980 - Soyuz T-3 returns to Earth
1980 - USSR performs underground nuclear test
1981 - -13] El Salvador army kills 900
1981 - Jules Feiffer's "Grownups" premieres in NYC
1981 - The United Nations General Assembly approves Pakistan's proposal for establishing nuclear free-zone in South Asia.
1982 - Heavyweight Michael Doakes KOs Mike Weaver in 1:03 in Las Vegas
1982 - Soyuz T-5 returns to Earth, 211 days after take-off
1982 - CDC report on a transfusion recipient who developed AIDS symptoms
1983 - Danuta Walesa, wife of Lech Walesa, accepts his Nobel Peace Prize
1983 - Last NFL game at Shea Stadium; Steelers beat NY Jets 34-7
WBA World Heavyweight Champion Mike WeaverWBA World Heavyweight Champion Mike Weaver 1983 - Raul Alfonsin inaugurated as Argentina's 1st civilian president
1984 - 1st "planet" outside our solar system discovered
1984 - South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu is presented with his Nobel Peace Prize
1984 - WNSY-AM in Newport News VA returns from WGH
1985 - Bill to balance the federal budget passed by US Congress
1985 - Junta leaders Videla & Massera sentenced in Buenos Aires
1985 - "Out of Africa", based on the book by Isak Dinesen, directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford premieres in Los Angeles (Best Picture 1986)
1986 - Atlanta Hawk Dominique Wilkins scores 57 points vs Chicago Bulls
1986 - France performs nuclear test
1986 - Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel accepts 1986 Nobel Peace Prize
1987 - "Nightline" is seen in USSR for 1st time
Author Elie WieselAuthor Elie Wiesel 1988 - Washington Capitals 1st NHL scoreless tie, vs Mont Canadiens
1989 - President Gustav Husak of Czechoslovakia, resigns
1990 - Hindu-Muslim rebellion in Hyderabad-Aligargh India, 140 die
1990 - Soyuz TM-10 lands
1990 - Space Shuttle STS 35 (Columbia 11) lands
1991 - "Crucible" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 32 performances
1991 - IM Pei receives $5 million for design of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
1991 - Jackie Martling walks off of Howard Stern show for 1 day
1991 - Howard Spira sentenced to 2½ years in prison for trying to extort money from Yankees owner George Steinbrenner
1992 - "My Favorite Year" opens at Vivian Beaumont Theater NYC for 37 perfs
1992 - NHL awards franchises to Mimai & Anaheim (for 1994-95)
1992 - NY Yankees sign free agent pitcher Jimmy Key
New York Yankees Owner George SteinbrennerNew York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner 1992 - Orlanda Magic scores 14 3-pointers (2 shy of record)
1993 - Dow Jones hits record 3740.67
1994 - 60th Heisman Trophy Award: Rashaan Salaam, Colorado (RB)
1994 - European Campaign against Racism "All different, All equal" begins
1994 - Nobel prize awarded to Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres & Yasser Arafat
1995 - 1st meeting of NBA expansion teams, Raptors beat Grizzlies 93-81
1995 - Kelly Robbins & Tammie Green wins LPGA Diner's Club Golf Matches
1995 - Michael Slater scores 219 v Sri Lanka at the WACA
1995 - Muralitharan takes 2-224 in Australian innings of 5-617
1995 - Ricky Ponting makes 96 on Test Cricket debut (Aust v Sri Lanka, WACA)
1995 - Worst snowstorm in Buffalo history, 37.9" in 24 hours (Starting Dec 9 at 7 PM, breaks previous record of 25.3" in 1982
1996 - Rwandan Genocide: Military advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General and head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations Maurice Baril recommends that the UN multi-national forces in Zaire stand down.
Economist/Nobel Laureate Amartya SenEconomist/Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen 1998 - Indian Professor Amartya Sen is awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics for his contributions to welfare economics
2000 - 89th Davis Cup: Spain beats Australia in Barcelona (3-1)
2001 - "The Fellowship of the Ring" Lord of the Rings film directed by Peter Jackson and starring Elijah Wood and Ian McKellen premieres in London
2001 - 67th Heisman Trophy Award: Eric Crouch, Nebraska (QB)
2005 - 71st Heisman Trophy Award: Reggie Bush, USC (RB) (Bush would later forfeit the trophy)
2006 - One million Lebanese opposition supporters gather in downtown Beirut, calling for the government to resign.
2012 - Google begins selling US$99 laptops
2012 - 11 people are killed and 23 are injured after a bus falls into a roadside pond in Minquan County, China
2012 - 9 people are killed and 32 are wounded after a bus falls of a 300 meter cliff in Columbia
Film Director Peter JacksonFilm Director Peter Jackson 2012 - Norwegian Magnus Carlsen breaks Garry Kasparov’s 13-year Elo rating record
2012 - Japan is again in recession as the GDP figures for the second quarter of 2012 are revised to show a contraction of 0.03% and the third quarter figures fall by a further 0.9%
2012 - 78th Heisman Trophy Award: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M (QB) (first freshman to win the award)
2013 - Mary Barra of General Motors becomes the first female CEO of a major automotive company
2013 - Uruguay becomes the first country to legalize the growth, sale, and use of marijuana

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