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644 - Uthman ibn Affan, companion of Mmohammed, appointed 3rd Caliph of islam
867 - Adrian II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
872 - John VIII elected as Catholic Pope
1124 - Theobald Buccapecus elected Pope Coelestinus II (he refuses)
1287 - During St. Lucia's Flood in Northwest Netherlands the Zuiderzee seawall collapses with loss of over 50,000 lives. Fifth largest recorded flood in history
1542 - Princess Mary Stuart succeeds her father James V and becomes Queen Mary I of Scotland at 6 days old
1575 - Polish Parliament selects Istvan Bathory as king of Poland
1582 - Zealand/Brabant Neth adopt Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is 12/25
1600 - Olivier van Noort sinks Spanish galleon San Diego at Bay of Manila, 350 die
1656 - Artificial pearls 1st manufactured by M Jacquin in Paris made of gypsum pellets covered with fish scales
1702 - The Forty-seven Ronin, under the command of Ōishi Kuranosuke, avenge the death of their master.
1708 - Prosper Jolyot's "Electre" premieres in Paris
Queen of Scotland Mary StuartQueen of Scotland Mary Stuart 1774 - Portsmouth, New Hampshire militiamen successfully attacked arsenal of Ft William & Mary
1782 - Charleston, SC evacuated by British
1793 - 1st state road authorized, Frankfort, Ky to Cincinnati
1798 - David Wilkinson of Rhode Island patents a nut & bolt machine
1819 - Alabama admitted to Union as 22nd state
1836 - The Toledo War unofficially ends.
1849 - 1st chamber music group in US gives their 1st concert (Boston)
1863 - Battle of Bean's Station-Confederacy repulses Union in Tennessee
1882 - Henry Morton Stanley returns to Brussels from the Congo
1889 - American Academy of Political & Social Science organized, Phila
1894 - Day One 1st Test Cricket Aus v Eng Aust 5-346 (Giffen 161, Gregory 85)
1894 - Test Cricket debut of Joe Darling, Ernie Jones, Archie MacLaren
1896 - The Glasgow Underground Railway is opened by the Glasgow District Subway Company.
Revolutionary General and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio AguinaldoRevolutionary General and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo 1897 - Emilio Aguinaldo signs the Pact of Biak-na-Bato, to end hostilities and dissolve his government, in exchange for amnesty and "$800,000 (Mexican)" as an indemnity
1900 - Birth of Quantum Physics: Max Planck presents a theoretical derivation of his black-body radiation law.
1900 - France and Italy sign a secret agreement by which Italy recognizes France's right to exploit Morocco in return for France's conceding her the same right in Tripoli
1901 - 1st table tennis tournament is held (London Royal Aquarium)
1903 - Reg Foster completes 287 England v Australia on Test Cricket debut
1907 - The schooner Thomas W. Lawson runs aground and founders near the Hellweather's Reef within the Scilly Isles in a gale. The pilot and 15 seamen die.
1911 - South Pole 1st reached, by Norwegian Roald Amundsen
1913 - Greece formally takes possession of Crete
1914 - Lisandro de la Torre and others found the Democratic Progressist Party (Partido Demócrata Progresista, PDP) at the Hotel Savoy, Buenos Aires.
1915 - Jack Johnson is 1st black world heavyweight boxing champion
1916 - America's first board certified doctors are named by the American Board of Ophthalmology following an examination at the University of Tennessee Medical School in Memphis, TN
1917 - UFA, Universal Film AG, forms in Germany
Composer Giacomo PucciniComposer Giacomo Puccini 1918 - Giacomo Puccini's opera "Il Trittico" premieres in NYC
1918 - David Loyd George's coalition Government wins a clear majority in the UK general election
1918 - Sinn Fein candidates win 73 of 105 Irish seats in UK general election, though all will refuse to take seats in Westminster, instead meeting at a Dail Eireann in Dublin
1920 - Jack Dempsey KOs Bill Brennan in 12 for heavyweight boxing title in NYC
1923 - Gerard K "Simon" van het Reve, Dutch writer (Evenings)
1924 - Chiang Kai-shek occupies Hankou
1924 - Respighi's symphony "Pini di Roma" premieres in Paris
1926 - Danish Madsen government forms
1927 - Iraq gains independence from Britain, but British troops remain
1928 - 2nd Test Cricket Australia v England starts with Bradman 12th man
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman 1929 - Alexander Zaimis elected president of Greece
1930 - NY Giants defeat Notre Dame 22-0 in a charity game
1931 - 1st assembly of Anton Musserts NSB in Utrecht
1932 - French government of Herriot falls
1933 - Josephine Baker performs in Amsterdam
1934 - 1st streamlined steam locomotive introduced (Albany NY)
1935 - Test Cricket debut of "Chuck" Fleetwood-Smith v South Africa, Durban
1937 - Japanese troops conquer/plunder Nanjing
1938 - AL permits Cleveland & Philadelphia to play night games
1938 - Major leagues agrees on standard ball
1938 - Major leagues disagree on increasing rosters from 23 to 25
1938 - Will Harridge is elected to a 10-year-term as AL president
1939 - Soviet Union attacks Finland-League of Nations drops Soviet Union
1941 - 1st NFL division playoff, Bears beat Packers 33-14
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill 1941 - Premier Winston Churchill travels to US on board HMS Duke of York
1941 - U-557 torpedoes British cruiser Galatea
1944 - Begin(ning) Liese-Aktion: werving of labor force for Germany
1944 - Congress establshes rank of General of Army (5-star General)
1944 - German occupiers forbid use of electricity in parts of Holland
1945 - Elmer Rice' "Dream Girl" premieres in NYC
1946 - "Three to Make Ready" closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 323 perfs
1946 - Togo made a trusteeship territory of UN
1946 - UN General Assembly votes to establish UN HQs in NYC
1947 - Cleveland Browns beat NY Yankees 14-3 in AAFC championship game
1947 - The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is founded in Daytona Beach, Florida.
1950 - "Bless You All" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 84 perfs
1950 - UN Gen Assembly establishes High Comm for Refugees (Nobel 1954)
1950 - Baseball owners choose Lou Perini (Braves), Phil Wrigley (Cubs), Del Webb (Yankees), & Ellis Ryan (Indians) to select new commissioner
1952 - KROD (now KDBC) TV channel 4 in El Paso, TX (CBS) begins broadcasting
1952 - R H Shodhan scores 110 on Test Cricket debut v Pakistan, Calcutta
1952 - Uprising of captives in Pongam South Korea, 82 die
1953 - Brooklyn Dodgers sign pitcher Sandy Koufax
1954 - WOAY TV channel 4 in Oak Hill-Beckley, WV (ABC) begins broadcasting
1955 - Dutch Reformed Church condemns woman/wife as vicar
1955 - Tappan Zee Bridge in NY opens to traffic
1956 - Paul-Henri Spaak appointed secretary-general of NATO
1957 - "Most Happy Fella" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 678 perfs
1957 - "Rumple" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 45 performances
CBS, Fox, and ESPN Sportscaster Pat SummerallCBS, Fox, and ESPN Sportscaster Pat Summerall 1958 - Pat Summerall kicks game winning field goal for the New York Giants against the Cleveland Browns at Yankee Stadium
1959 - Archbishop Makarios proclaimed president of Cyprus
1959 - J B Jordan in F-104C sets world altitude record, 31,513m
1960 - Australia v West Indies 1st Test Cricket at the Gabba ends in a tie
1960 - Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) forms
1960 - Washington Senators joins American League
1961 - Jimmy Dean's "Big Bad John" is 1st country song to get a gold record
1962 - Mariner 2 makes 1st US fly-by of another planet (Venus)
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 - Verne Gagne beats The Crusher in Minneapolis, to become NWA champ
1964 - Michael Brown meets Rene Fladen, then writes "Walk Away Rene"
1965 - "La Grusse Valise" opens at 54th St Theater NYC for 7 performances
1967 - DNA created in a test tube
Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. PearsonPrime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson 1967 - Lester B. Pearson (PM of Canada) announces that he is retiring from politics, and is succeeded by Pierre Trudeau
1968 - Bobby Orr scores first career hat trick (vs Chicago Blackhawks)
1969 - "La Strada" opens/closes at Lunt Fontanne NYC for 1 performance
1969 - Bishen Bedi takes 7-98 (career-best) v Australia at Calcutta
1969 - Jackson Five made their 1st appearance on "Ed Sullivan Show"
1971 - Golden Gate Bridge lights out all night due to power failure
1971 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1971 - U.S. premiere of "Nicholas and Alexandra", film adaptation of Robert K. Massie's best selling novel
1972 - Eugene Cernan & Harrison Schmitt leave the Moon
1972 - Willy Brandt re-elected West German chancellor
1974 - Islander Glenn Resch's 1st shut-out opponent-Kings 3-0
1974 - Viv Richards scores 1st Test Cricket ton 192 v India 20 fours 6 sixes
Ice Hockey Legend Bobby OrrIce Hockey Legend Bobby Orr 1975 - "Treemonisha" closes at Uris Theater NYC after 64 performances
1975 - 6 So Moluccan terrorists surrender, holding 23 hostages for 12 days
1975 - WCPR (Brooklyn New York pirate radio station) begins broadcasting on 1620 AM
1976 - Dutch 1st Chamber condemns Dutch Liberal/social dem abortion laws
1977 - "Saturday Night Fever" starring John Travolta, premieres in NYC
1977 - Egyptian & Israeli representatives gather in Cairo for first formal peace conference
1977 - Red Sox trade Fergie Jenkins to Rangers for John Poloni & cash
1977 - Test Cricket debut of Abdul Qadir, v England at Lahore
1977 - War criminal Pieter Menten sentenced in Amsterdam to 15 years
1978 - "Ballroom" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 116 performances
1978 - China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
1978 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1979 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1980 - "Onward Victoria" opens/closes at Martin Beck NYC for 1 performance
1980 - Anders Kailur scores on 6th Islander penalty shot
1980 - At 2 PM EST there is 10 minutes of silence in memory of John Lennon
1980 - Minnesota Vikings pass for 456 yards against Cleveland Browns, winning 28-24
LPGA Golfer Nancy LopezLPGA Golfer Nancy Lopez 1980 - Nancy Lopez/Curtis Strange wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
1980 - New Orleans Saints end 14 game losing streak, beat NY Jets 21-20
1980 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1980 - Massacre at Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Los Angeles with 3 people killed and 6 injured
1981 - Israel annexes Golan Heights (seized from Syria in war of 1967)
1982 - Marcel Dionne, LA, becomes 9th NHLer to score 500 goals
1983 - "Peg" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 5 performances
1984 - Sportscaster Howard Cosell retires from Monday Night Football
1985 - US Foreign Minister George Shultz arrives in West Berlin
1986 - Voyager, piloted by Dick Rutan & Jeana Yeager, took off from Edwards AFB, California on 1st non-stop, non-refueled flight around world
1987 - Allan Border scores 205 v NZ to become Australia's top rungetter
NHL Star Marcel DionneNHL Star Marcel Dionne 1987 - Chrysler pleads no contest to selling driven vehicles as new
1988 - CBS' $1.1 B bid wins exclusive 1990-94 major-league baseball rights
1988 - NBA's Miami Heat wins 1st game ever, 89-88 (Clippers), after 17 loses
1988 - Spanish General strike to protest austerity measures
1988 - US agrees to talk to Palestine Liberation Org (1st time in 13 yrs)
1990 - Louis Jordan's revue "Five Guys Named Moe" premieres in London
1990 - Right to Die case permits Nancy Cruzan to have her feeding tube removed, she dies 12 days later
1991 - 57th Heisman Trophy Award: Desmond Howard, Michigan (WR)
1991 - Ferry boat Salem Express sinks in Red Sea, 476 killed
1992 - Lennox Lewis given WBC title, when Riddick Bowe refused to fight him
1993 - Muslim fundamentalists murder 12 Kroates/Bosnians in Algeria
1994 - Construction begins on the Three Gorges Dam, China
World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Riddick BoweWorld Heavyweight Boxing Champion Riddick Bowe 1995 - "Les Miserables" opens at Cable Hall, Helsinki
1995 - AIDS patient Jeff Getty recieves baboon bone marrow transplant
1995 - Yugoslav Wars: The Dayton Agreement is signed in Paris by leaders of various governments ending the conflict in former Yugoslavia
1996 - 12th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Lives wins
1996 - 62nd Heisman Trophy Award: Danny Wuerffel, Florida (QB)
1997 - "View From the Bridge" opens at Criterion Theater, NYC
1997 - Juli Inkster & Dottie Pepper win LPGA Diners Club Matches
1997 - Phoenix Coyote Mike Gartner is 5th NHLer to score 700 goals
1998 - 64th Heisman Trophy Award: Ricky Williams, Texas (RB)
2003 - President of Pakistan Pervez Musharaf narrowly escapes an assassination attempt.
2003 - President George W. Bush announces the capture of Saddam Hussein.
2004 - The Millau viaduct, the highest bridge in the world, near Millau, France is officially opened.
43rd US President George W. Bush43rd US President George W. Bush 2008 - President George W. Bush made his fourth and final (planned) trip to Iraq as president and almost struck by two shoes thrown at him by Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi during a farewell conference in Baghdad.
2009 - 75th Heisman Trophy Award: Mark Ingram, Jr., Alabama (RB)
2012 - 28 people, including 20 children, are shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut
2012 - Australian Joel Parkinson wins the 2012 ASP World Tour
2012 - Gene Wolfe wins the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award
2014 - Shinzō Abe and his ruling Liberal Democratic Party win re-election in Japan, retaining their two-thirds majority with coalition partner New Kōmeitō Party

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