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69 - General Vespasian's troops occupy Rome after defeating the Emperor Vitellius
1046 - Synod of Sutri: German King Henry III removes Popes Gregory VI
1046 - Benedictus IX & Silvester III & names Bishop Siutger, Pope Clemens II at the Council of Sutri
1192 - Richard the Lionhearted captured in Vienna
1448 - Pope Nicholas V appoints Rudolf of Diepholt, Bishop of Utrecht, as cardinal
1522 - Suleiman the Magnificent accepts the surrender of the surviving Knights of Rhodes, who are allowed to evacuate. They eventually settle on Malta and become known as the Knights of Malta.
1585 - English fleet & Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, reach Vlissingen
1600 - Ottario Rinuccini/Giulio Caccini's opera "Euridice" published
1606 - Virginia Company settlers leave London to establish Jamestown, Virginia
1626 - Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and Prince of Transylvania Gabor Bethlen sign Peace of Pressburg (Bratislava)
1661 - Corporation Act enforced in England
King Richard the LionheartKing Richard the Lionheart 1669 - 1st jury trial in Delaware; Marcus Jacobson condemned for insurrection & sentenced to flogging, branding & slavery
1688 - Prince William of Orange's troops arrive in London
1694 - Frederik van Brandenburg flees Schweiben
1699 - Russian Tsar Peter the Great ordered Russian New Year changed from Sept 1 to Jan 1
1745 - Bonnie Prince Charlie's army reaches the river Esk
1780 - Britain declares war on Holland
1790 - 1st successful US cotton mill to spin yarn (Pawtucket, RI)
1803 - French flag lowered in New Orleans to mark formal transfer of Louisiana Purchase from France to US for $27M
1812 - "Grimm's Fairy Tales" by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is published
1820 - Missouri imposes a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men between 21 & 50
Composer Franz SchubertComposer Franz Schubert 1823 - Franz Schubert's "Ballet-Musik aus Rosamunde," premieres in Vienna
1830 - Great Britain, France, Prussia, Austria and Russia recognize Belgium
1850 - Hawaiian post office established
1860 - South Carolina secedes from the Union (US Civil War)
1861 - Battle of Dranesville, VA
1862 - -Dec 20th] Battle of Kelly's Ford, VA
1862 - -Jan 3rd] Vicksburg campaign
1862 - Confederate raid on Union supplies at Holly Springs, Mississippi
1862 - Brig-gen Nathan Bedford Forrest occupies Trenton, Kentucky
1864 - -Dec 27th] Battle of Ft Fisher, NC
1865 - De Clear-Alkmaar railway opens
1879 - Tom Edison privately demonstrated incandescent light at Menlo Park
1880 - Battle at Bronker's Spruit, Transvaal: Farmers beat Britten
Confederate General/KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford ForrestConfederate General/KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest 1880 - NY's Broadway lit by electricity, becomes known as "Great White Way"
1883 - Intl cantilever railway bridge opens at Niagara Falls
1891 - Strongman Louis Cyr withstands pull of 4 horses
1892 - Phileas Fogg completes around world trip, according to Verne
1892 - Pneumatic automobile tire patented, Syracuse, NY
1893 - 1st state anti-lynching statute approved, in Georgia
1894 - England beat Australia by 10 runs in the 1st six-day Test Cricket, Australia needed 177 to win, all out at 166 on 6th day
1900 - Giacobini discovers a comet (will be 1st comet visited by spacecraft)
1906 - Venezuela (under vice-pres Gomez) attacks Dutch fleet
1907 - Explosion at Yolande Alabama, coal mine kills 91
1912 - J Hartley Manners' "Peg O' My Heart" premieres in NYC
1912 - Paul Claudels "L'Annonce Faite à Marie" premieres in Paris
1915 - Russian troops overrun Qom, Persia
1915 - Final withdraw of all allied troops from Anzac Cove
Marxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir LeninMarxist Revolutionary and Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin 1917 - Cheka formed - Soviet state security force and forerunner to the KGB, under Felix Dzerzhinsky after decree by Lenin
1917 - A second nationwide referendum on military conscription is rejected by the Australian public
1918 - Eugene O'Neill's "Moon of the Caribees" premieres in NYC
1918 - The Allies turn their attention to Bolshevik expansion in the East, landing troops in Crimea and Latvia
1919 - Canadian National Railways established (N America's longest, 50,000 KM)
1919 - US House of Representatives restricts immigration
1920 - Bert Collins scores 104 on Test Cricket debut v England SCG
1920 - Bob Hope becomes an American citizen
1921 - AL votes to return to best-of-7 World Series, while NL votes best-of-9 Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis casts deciding vote for best-of-7
1922 - 14 republics form Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics (USSR)
1922 - Polish parliament selects Stanislaw Wojcieckowski as president
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1924 - Adolf Hitler freed from jail early
1926 - Cards trade Rogers Hornsby to Giants for Frankie Frisch & Jimmy Ring
1926 - Pope Pius XI convicts fascist pursuit in Italy
1926 - Sidney Howard's "Silver Cord" premieres in NYC
1928 - 1st international dogsled mail leaves Minot, Maine for Montreal, Quebec
1928 - Ethel Barrymore Theater opens at 243 W 47th St NYC
1929 - Heinie Wagner replaces Bill Carrigan as Red Sox manager
1929 - Mount Davidson dedicated as a SF city park
1930 - Learie Constantine cricket 100 in 52 mins WI v Tas (10x4, 1x6, 1x5)
1932 - Queensland all out 74 v Victoria, Ironmonger (age 50) 7-13
1933 - Bolivia & Paraguay sign cease fire
1935 - Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Ad Catholici Sacerdotii
1937 - Bill O'Reilly takes 9-41 for NSW against South Australia
1938 - Vladimir K Zworykin (Penn) receives patent on Iconoscope TV system
1939 - Radio Australia begins overseas shortwave service
Baseball Legend Connie MackBaseball Legend Connie Mack 1940 - Connie Mack acquires controlling interest in the Athletics for $42,000
1941 - Free France under adm Muselier occupies St-Pierre et Miquelon
1941 - Japanese troops lands on Mindanao
1941 - World War II: First battle of the American Volunteer Group, better known as the "Flying Tigers" in Kunming, China.
1942 - 1st Japanese bombing of Calcutta
1943 - "Internationale" is no longer USSR National Anthem
1944 - Archbishop De Young & bishop Huibers condemn black market
1944 - Battle of Bastogne, Nazis surround 101st Airborne (NUTS!)
1944 - Bishop forbids membership of non Catholic unions
1944 - Terence Rattigan's "O Mistress Mine" premieres in London
1945 - Rationing of auto tires ends in US
1946 - Darius Milhaud's 2nd Symphony, premieres
Film Director Frank CapraFilm Director Frank Capra 1946 - Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life" starring James Stewart and Donna Reed premieres in New York
1948 - Second Chamber accept 2nd Police Action in Indonesia
1949 - Maurice Ravel/John Cranko's ballet "Beauty & the Beast" premieres
1950 - "Harvey" starring James Stewart premieres in NY
1951 - Walter Zinn's Experimental Breeder Reactor I, the first nuclear reactor to produce electric power, goes live at the Argonne National Laboratory, USA
1952 - KHQ TV channel 6 in Spokane, WA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 - KID (now KIDK) TV channel 3 in Idaho Falls, ID (CBS) 1st broadcasting
1953 - KWTV TV channel 9 in Oklahoma City, OK (CBS) begins broadcasting
1955 - Cardiff is proclaimed the capital city of Wales
1956 - Military coup under colonel Simbolon in Sumatra
1956 - Montgomery, Ala, removed race-based seat assignments on its buses
Singer & Cultural Icon Elvis PresleySinger & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley 1957 - Elvis Presley given draft notice to join US Army for National Service
1959 - Jasu Patel takes 9-69, India v Australia at Kanpur
1960 - Auschwitz commandant Richard Bar arrested in German FR
1960 - National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam is formed.
1962 - Dmitri Shostakovitch's opera "Katerina Ismailova" premieres in Moscow
1962 - Osmond brothers debut on Andy Williams Show
1963 - Berlin Wall opens for 1st time to West Berliners
1963 - Massemba-Debate elected pres of Congo-Brazzaville
1963 - Trial against 21 camp guards of Auschwitz begins
1964 - Levi Eshkol forms Israeli government
1966 - NBA awards Seattle Supersonics a franchise for 1967-68 season
1966 - Nuclear Planning Group forms in Brussels
1966 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1967 - "The Graduate" starring Dustin Hoffman & Anne Bancroft premieres
Actor Dustin HoffmanActor Dustin Hoffman 1967 - 474,300 US soldiers in Vietnam
1967 - Ian Anderson & Glenn Cornick form rock group Jethro Tull
1968 - The Zodiac Killer kills Betty Lou Jenson and David Faraday in Vallejo, California.
1968 - The People's Democracy (PD) announce that its members will undertake a protest march from Belfast to Derry beginning 1 January 1969
1969 - Peter, Paul & Mary's "Leaving on a Jet Plane" reaches #1
1970 - Edward Gierek succeeds Wladyslaw Gomulka as Poland's communist party leader
1971 - Pakistan president Yahya Khan resigns
1972 - Neil Simons "Sunshine Boys" premieres in NYC
1972 - Five civilians (four Catholics, one Protestant) killed in gun attack on the Top of the Hill Bar in Derry, North Ireland
Playwright and screenwriter Neil SimonPlaywright and screenwriter Neil Simon 1973 - AL pres Joe Cronin refuses to allow Dick Williams to manage Yankees
1973 - Dutch Antillean government of Evertsz forms
1973 - Montreal Canadien Henri Richard scores his 1,000th NHL point
1974 - Ethiopia becomes socialist one-party state
1974 - George Harrison releases his "Dark Horse" album in UK
1974 - "The Godfather Part II", directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, is released (Best Picture 1975)
1975 - Joe Walsh recruited to join Eagles
1975 - Pope Paul VI named J Willebrands archbishop of Utrecht
1976 - "Music Is" opens at St James Theater NYC for 8 performances
1976 - Israel's PM Yitzhak Rabin resigns
1977 - 1st Space walk made by G Grechko from Salyut
1977 - RAF -terrorist Knut Folkerts sentenced to 20 years
1978 - H. R. Haldeman, Nixon's White House Chief of Staff released from jail
5th Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin5th Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin 1980 - NBC broadcasts NY Jets' 24-17 win over Dolphins without audio
1980 - USSR formally announces death of Alexei Kosygin
1981 - Harry Krieger/Tom Eyen's musical "Dreamgirls" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 1522 performances
1981 - Browns set team records for most fumbles (9) & most turnovers (10)
1981 - Doug Small (Winnipeg Jets) ties NHL record scoring at 5 second mark
1983 - El Salvador adopts constitution
1983 - Guy Lafleur, Montreal, became 10th NHLer to score 500 goals
1983 - NY Islanders score their most goals (11) vs Pitts Penguins
1983 - PLO chairman Yasser Arafat & 4,000 loyalists evacuate Lebanon
1984 - 33 unknown Bach keyboard works found in Yale library
1984 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1985 - Denis Potvin passes Bobby Orr as NHL defenseman scorer (916 points)
1985 - Sportscaster Howard Cosell retires from television sports after 20 years with ABC
NHL Star Denis PotvinNHL Star Denis Potvin 1985 - Position of American Poet Laureate established (Robert Warren is 1st)
1986 - White teenagers beat blacks in New York City's Howard Beach
1987 - "Nuts" with Barbra Striesand premieres
1987 - 76th Davis Cup: Sweden beats India in Gothenburg (5-0)
1987 - Dona Paz ferry sinks after crash with oil tanker Vector, 4386 die
1987 - Nancy Lopez/Miller Barber wins LPGA Mazda Golf Championship
1988 - Animal rights terrorists fire-bomb Harrod's dept store, London
1988 - NBC signs lease to stay in NYC, 33 more years
1988 - Premier Ranasinghe Premadasa elected pres of Sri Lanka
1989 - Premier Lubbers sees CDA-party leader Elco Brinkman as successor
1989 - US troops invade Panama & oust Manuel Noriega, but don't catch him
1990 - Pentagon warns Saddam that US air power is ready to attack on 1/15
1990 - Robert F X Sillerman purchases WAFL NY-NJ Knights for $11 million
LPGA Golfer Nancy LopezLPGA Golfer Nancy Lopez 1990 - Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze resigns
1991 - NHL grants permanent membership to Tampa Lightning & Ottawa Senators
1991 - Paul Keating installed as premier of Australia
1991 - A Missouri court sentences the Palestinian militant Zein Isa and his wife Maria to death for the honor killing of their daughter Palestina.
1991 - "Father of the Bride", starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short, is released
1992 - Northwest & KLM introduce a new joint logo "Worldwide Reliability"
1992 - Slobodan Milosevic re-elected president of Serbia
1995 - "Paul Roebson" opens at Longacre Theater NYC for 14 performances
1995 - American Flight 965 crashes in Columbia, 159 die, 5 survive
1995 - NATO begins peacekeeping in Bosnia.
1996 - The horror classic "Scream", starring Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox, is released
Actress Courteney CoxActress Courteney Cox 1999 - Portugal returns Macau to China
2001 - Argentine economic crisis: President of Argentina Fernando de la Rúa is forced out of office.
2001 - 90th Davis Cup: France beats Australia in Melbourne (3-2)
2002 - US Senator Trent Lott resigns as majority leader.
2002 - "Gangs of New York", starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Cameron Diaz, is released
2005 - US District Court Judge John E. Jones III rules against mandating the teaching of "intelligent design" in his ruling of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.
2005 - The first same sex civil partnerships in Scotland are celebrated.
2005 - 2005 New York City transit strike: New York City's Transport Workers Union Local 100 goes on strike, shutting down all New York City Subway and Bus services.
Actor Daniel Day-LewisActor Daniel Day-Lewis 2006 - A judge rules against the death penalty in the case of Naveed Haq, a man convicted in the shooting death and injuries at the Jewish Federation in Seattle.
2007 - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the oldest ever monarch of the United Kingdom, surpassing Queen Victoria, who lived for 81 years, 7 months and 29 days.
2007 - The painting Portrait of Suzanne Bloch (1904), by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, was stolen from the São Paulo Museum of Art, along with O Lavrador de Café, by the major Brazilian modernist painter Candido Portinari.
2012 - Apple is denied a patent for mobile pinch-to-zoom gestures by the US patent authorities
2012 - Intercontinental Exchange purchases the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the world, for $8 billion

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