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362 - Athanasius returns to Alexandria.
1173 - Pope Alexander III canonizes Thomas Becket Archbishop of Canterbury
1245 - Thomas, the first known Bishop of Finland, is granted resignation after having confessed to torture and forgery.
1431 - Joan of Arc's first day of interrogation during her trial for heresy
1440 - The Prussian Confederation is formed.
1564 - Philip II routes cardinal Granvelle to Franche-Comte
1574 - Spanish garrison of Middelburg, Netherlands, surrenders
1583 - Groningen, Netherlands, begins using Gregorian calendar
1598 - Boris Godunov crowned tsar
1613 - Michael Romanov, son of Patriarch of Moscow, elected first Russian Tsar of the house of Romanov
1673 - Michiel A de Ruyter appointed lt-admiral-general of Dutch fleet
1675 - Prince Willem III appointed viceroy of Gelderland
1746 - Jacobite Rising 1745: British forces surrender Inverness Castle to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite forces
1764 - John Wilkes thrown out of English House of Commons for "Essay on Women"
King of Spain Philip IIKing of Spain Philip II 1777 - British ambassador Joseph Yorke demands dismissal of Governor John de Graaff for saluting US flag
1782 - US Congress resolves establishment of a US mint
1792 - US Congress passes Presidential Succession Act
1795 - Freedom of worship established in France under constitution
1797 - Trinidad, West Indies, surrenders to British
1804 - 1st locomotive, Richard Trevithick's, runs for 1st time, in Wales
1828 - 1st American Indian newspaper in US, "Cherokee Phoenix", published
1842 - 1st known sewing machine patented in US, John Greenough, Wash DC
1846 - 1st US woman telegrapher, Sarah G Bagley, Lowell, Mass
1852 - George Bancroft becomes the American Geographical Society's first president
1853 - US authorizes minting of $3 gold pieces
Father of U.S. History George BancroftFather of U.S. History George Bancroft 1857 - Congress outlaws foreign currency as legal tender in US
1857 - US issues flying eagle cents
1858 - Edwin T Holmes installs 1st electric burglar alarm (Boston, Mass)
1861 - Steeple of Chichester Cathedral collapses despite the desperate efforts of 70 workmen
1861 - Navaho indians elect Herrero Grande as chief
1862 - Confederate Constitution & presidency are declared permanent
1862 - Texas Rangers win Confederate victory at Battle of Val Verde, NM
1864 - -22] Battle at Okolona, Mississippi
1864 - 1st US Catholic parish church for blacks dedicated, Baltimore
1866 - Lucy B Hobbs (Taylor) becomes 1st US woman to earn a DDS degree
1874 - Benjamin Disraeli succeeds William Gladstone as British premier
1874 - Oakland Daily Tribune begins publication
1878 - World's 1st telephone directory issued, 50 subscribers (New Harbor, Connecticut)
British Prime Minister William GladstoneBritish Prime Minister William Gladstone 1882 - NYC's 24 hour race begins, winner with most mileage in 24 hours
1883 - 2nd French government of Ferry begins
1885 - Washington Monument dedicated (Washington, D.C.)
1887 - 1st US bacteriology laboratory opens (Brooklyn)
1887 - Oregon becomes 1st US state to make Labor Day a holiday
1895 - NC Legislature, adjourns for day to mark death of Frederick Douglass
1901 - In Cuba, the constitutional delegates adopt a constitution much like that of the USA
1902 - Dr Harvey Cushing, 1st US brain surgeon, performs his 1st brain operation
1903 - Cornerstone laid for US army war college, Washington, D.C.
1904 - National Ski Association forms in Ishpeming Mich
1907 - SS Berlin sinks off Hoek van Holland Neth (142 dead)
1909 - John Galsworthy's "Strife" premieres in London
Abolitionist Frederick DouglassAbolitionist Frederick Douglass 1910 - John Galsworthy's "Justice" premieres in London
1911 - Gustav Mahler conducts his last concerto (Berceuse élégique)
1914 - White Wolf troops attack Zhanjiang China
1914 - In a secret meeting of civil and military leaders, Russian Foreign Minister Sazonov convinces them to support a plan for seizing the straits, controlled by Turkey, that block access to the Mediterranean
1915 - 20th Russian Army corps surrenders
1915 - World's Fair in SF opens
1916 - Battle of Verdun in WW I begins (1 million casualties)
1917 - British Mendi sinks off Isle of Wight, 627 die
1917 - Train near Chirurcha, Romania, catches fire & explodes; hundreds die
1918 - Australians chase Turkish troop out of Jericho, Dutch Palestine
1918 - The last Carolina parakeet dies in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo.
1919 - German National Meeting accepts Anschluss: incorporation of Austria
1919 - Revolutionary strike in Barcelona
1920 - Darius Milhaud & Jean Cocteau's ballet, premieres in Paris
1921 - Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Georgia adopts the country's first constitution
1921 - The London Conference on the Near East begins: the issue is the Allies' 1920 Treaty of Sevres, which had given part of Turkish Asia Minor to Greece
1922 - Airship "Rome" explodes at Hampton Roads, Virginia; 34 die
1922 - Great Britain grants Egypt independence
1922 - WHK-AM in Cleveland OH begins radio transmissions
1922 - Irish Nationalist Eamon De Valera calls a convention of the Sinn Fein, declaring the Republican Government the only legitimate one in all Ireland
1923 - Andre Charlot's musical "Rats" premieres in London
1925 - 1st issue of "New Yorker" magazine published
1925 - Mass meeting of SPD's Reichsbanner Black-Red-Gold in Magdeburg
1927 - Franz Lehr's opera "Der Zarewitsch" premieres
1930 - Marc Connelly's "Green Pastures" premieres in NYC
1931 - Alka Seltzer introduced
1931 - Chicago White Sox & NY Giants play 1st exhibition night game
1932 - Andre Tardieu becomes premier of France
1932 - Camera exposure meter patented, WN Goodwin
1934 - Nicaraguan patriot Augusto Cesar Sandino assassinated by Natl Guard
1937 - Initial flight of the first successful flying car, Waldo Waterman's Arrowbile.
1937 - The League of Nations bans foreign national "volunteers" in the Spanish Civil War.
1939 - Belgian government of Pierlot forms
1941 - Omar Bradley is promoted to the rank of brigadier general
1942 - US female Figure Skating championship won by Jane Vaughn
1942 - US male Figure Skating championship won by Bobby Specht
1943 - Dutch RC bishops protest against persecution of Jews
1943 - German offensive at Western Dorsalgebergte Tunisia
1944 - "War As It Happens" news show premieres on NBC TV (NYC only)
1945 - Archbishop De Jong calls for help with war casualties
1945 - British Army captures Goch
1945 - US 10th Armour division overthrows Orscholz line
1946 - Anti-British demonstrations in Egypt
1947 - 1st broadcast of 1st US TV soap opera "A Woman to Remember"
1947 - 1st instant developing camera demonstrated in NYC, by E H Land
1947 - Whipper Billy Watson beats Bill Longson, to become wrestling champ
1948 - NASCAR is incorporated.
1950 - WOI TV channel 5 in Ames-Des Moines, IA (ABC/PBS) begins broadcasting
1951 - SC House urges "Shoeless Joe" Jackson be reinstated
1952 - Bangladesh Martyrs Day (martyrs of Bengali Language Movement)
1952 - Dick Button performs 1st figure skating triple jump in competition
1952 - 9th Golden Globes: A Place in the Sun, Fredric March, & Jane Wyman win
1953 - "Maggie" closes at National Theater NYC after 5 performances
Molecular biologist Francis CrickMolecular biologist Francis Crick 1953 - Francis Crick and James Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule
1953 - Longest collegiate basketball game (6 OTs) Niagara beats Siena 88-81
1957 - Dodgers (Fort Worth) & Cubs (LA) "trade" minor league franchises
1958 - "Portotino" opens at Adelphi Theater NYC for 3 performances
1958 - Egypt-Syria as United Arab Republic elect Nasser president (99.9% vote)
1960 - Fay Crocker wins LPGA Lake Worth Golf Open
1961 - Friedrich Durrenmatt's "Die Physiker" premieres in Zurich
1961 - Gabon adopts constitution
1961 - Mercury-Atlas 2 reentry Test reaches 172 km
1962 - Minister De Pous confirms natural gas reserves in Groningen, Netherlands
1963 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1964 - UK flies 24,000 rolls of Beatles wallpaper to US
1965 - Rights activist Malcolm X is shot dead by Nation of Islam followers at Audubon Ballroom in New York City
1st President of Indonesia Sukarno1st President of Indonesia Sukarno 1966 - Indonesian president Sukarno dismisses General Nasution
1968 - 150,000 demonstrate against leftist students in West Berlin
1968 - Baseball announces a minimum annual salary of $10,000
1969 - 1st launching of heavy N-1 rocket at Baikonur Kazachstan (explodes)
1969 - Ted Williams signs 5-year contract to manage Wash Senators
1970 - Jackson 5 make TV debut on "American Bandstand"
1970 - Pathet Lao conquerors Xieng Khuang & Muong Suy
1971 - Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Sears Women's World Golf Classic
1971 - Series of tornadoes cuts through Miss & La killing 117
1971 - The Convention on Psychotropic Substances is signed at Vienna.
1972 - Michael Weller's "Moonchildren" premieres in NYC
1972 - Richard Nixon becomes 1st US president to visit China
1972 - The first session of the Widgery Tribunal, investigating the events of 'Bloody Sunday' (30 January 1972), is held in Coleraine, County Derry
37th US President Richard Nixon37th US President Richard Nixon 1973 - Chicago Black Hawks, record 262nd NHL game without being shut-out
1973 - Israeli fighters shoot Libyan aircraft down, killing 108
1974 - Israeli forces leave western Suez
1974 - Silver hits record $5.96½ an ounce in London
1974 - Yugoslavia adopts constitution
1975 - John Lennon releases "Rock 'n' Roll" album
1975 - Watergate figures John Mitchell, H. R. Haldeman & John D Ehrlichman sentenced to 2½-8 yrs for conspiracy and obstruction of justice
1976 - "Rockabye Hamlet" closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 7 perfs
1976 - Cardinal Willebrands installed as Archbishop of Utrecht
1977 - 74 Unification Church couples wed in NYC
1979 - Japan launches Hakucho X-ray satellite & Corsa-B (550/580 km)
1979 - 2 Iowa girls HS basketball teams play 4 scoreless quarters game was won 4-2 in 4th overtime period
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 1980 - Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 1500m in 1:55.44
1980 - Hanni Wenzel is 1st Liechtensteiner to win Olymp gold (giant slalom)
1981 - "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe, murderer of 13 women, captured
1981 - Charles Rocket clearly says "fuck" on "Saturday Night Live"
1981 - Japan launches Hinotori satellite to study solar flares (580/640 k)
1981 - NASA launches Comstar D-4
1982 - "Ain't Misbehavin'" closes at Longacre Theater NYC after 1604 perfs
1982 - "Little Me" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC after 36 performances
1982 - Beth Daniel wins LPGA Bent Tree Ladies Golf Classic
1983 - Donald Davis runs 1 mile backwards in 6 m 7.1 s
1983 - NBA San Diego Clippers begin a 29 game road losing streak
1985 - Evert van Benthem wins 13th Friese 11 city skateing race
1985 - Largest NBA crowd to date 44,970 (Atlanta at Detroit)
1985 - Tim Raines is awarded a $12 million salary for 1985 by arbitrator
MLB Outfielder Tim RainesMLB Outfielder Tim Raines 1986 - AIDS patient Ryan White returns to classes at Western Middle School
1986 - Tennis star Jimmy Connors fined $20,000 & suspended for 10 weeks
1987 - Cindy Rarick wins LPGA Tsumura Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
1987 - Syrian army marches into Beirut
1988 - Gustafson skates world record 10km (13:48.20)
1988 - Televangelist Jimmy Swaggert confesses his sins to his congregation
1989 - Pete Rose meets with Commissioner Ueberroth to discuss his gambling
1989 - US bust Chinese ring, capture record 820 lbs heroin ($1B st value)
1989 - US capture record 820 lbs of heroin ($1 B street value)[dup]
1990 - 32nd Grammy Awards: Wind Beneath My Wings, Nick of Time wins
1991 - Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers" opens at Richard Rodgers Theater NYC for 780 perfs
1991 - USSR announces Iraq agrees to a proposal to end Persian Gulf War US calls the plan unacceptable
Playwright and screenwriter Neil SimonPlaywright and screenwriter Neil Simon 1992 - Kristi Yamaguchi of US wins Olympic gold medal in women's fig skating
1993 - 43rd NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 135-132 (OT) at Salt Lake City
1993 - Sergei Bubka pole vaults world record indoor (6.15 m)
1995 - CFL's Sacramento Gold Miners become San Antonio Texans
1995 - RAF-pilot Jo Salter is 1st woman to fly in a tornado
1996 - Soyuz TM-23, launched into orbit
1997 - "Empire Strikes Back, special edition" premieres
1997 - STS 82 (Discovery 22) lands
2001 - 43rd Grammy Awards: Beautiful Day, Shelby Lynne wins
2003 - Bill Maher's political talk show "Real Time with Bill Maher" debuts on HBO
2004 - The first European political party organization, the European Greens, is established in Rome.
2007 - Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi resigns from office. His resignation is rejected by the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano.
Political Commentator and Stand-up Comedian Bill MaherPolitical Commentator and Stand-up Comedian Bill Maher 2009 - 29th Golden Raspberry Awards: The Love Guru wins
2010 - 63rd British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "The Hurt Locker" Best Film, Kathryn Bigelow Best Director
2011 - Thailand's GDP rose 3.8% in the fourth quarter of 2010 after a minor recession caused by GDP contractions of 0.4% in the second quarter and 0.3% in the third quarter of 2010, it is reported today
2012 - Yemeni voters go to the polls for a presidential election where the only candidate on the ballot paper is vice-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi
2013 - 83 people are killed and 250 are injured in a series of bombing attacks in Damascus, Syria
2013 - 21 people are killed and 54 are injured in a bombing in Hyderabad, India
2014 - 11 people are killed after a Libyan Air Force plan crashes in Tunisia
2014 - US President Barack Obama meets with the Dalai Lama
44th US President Barack Obama44th US President Barack Obama 2014 - 10 words from the 15th C Voynich manuscript have been decoded
2014 - Police in Kiev open fire on protesters: 27 killed and around 570 injured
2015 - 35th Golden Raspberry Awards: Saving Christmas wins

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