Historical Events on February 24

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303 1st official Roman edict for persecution of Christians issued by Emperor Diocletian

Roman Emperor Diocletian
Roman Emperor

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1208 St Francis of Assisi, 26, received his vocation in Portiuncula Italy

Catholic Friar and Preacher, Saint Francis of Assisi
Catholic Friar and Preacher, Saint
Francis of Assisi
  • 1296 Pope Boniface VIII degree Clericis Iaicos
  • 1387 King Charles III of Naples and Hungary is assassinated at Buda.
  • 1389 Battle at Falköping: Danes defeat King Albert of Sweden
  • 1496 England's Henry VII ends commercial dispute with Flanders

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1510 Pope Julius II excommunicates the republic of Venice

The Warrior Pope Julius II
The Warrior Pope
Julius II
  • 1525 Battle of Pavia: Holy Roman Emperor Charles V's troops beat the French. French King Francois I captured, 15,000 killed/wounded
  • 1527 Ferdinand of Austria crowned as king of Bohemia
  • 1528 Hungarian anti-king Janos Zapolyai & Sultan Suleiman signs treaty
  • 1530 1st imperial coronation by a Pope, Charles V crowned by Clement V
  • 1538 Treaty of Nagyvarad/Peace of Grosswardein signed between Ferdinand I of Austria and John Zápolya of Hungary.
  • 1541 Santiago, Chile founded by Pedro de Valvidia (or 2/12)
  • 1552 Privileges of Hanseatic League in England are abrogated
  • 1582 Pope Gregory XIII announces New Style (Gregorian) calendar
  • 1597 Flemish painter Frederick of Valckenborch becomes porter of Frankfurt-on-Main
  • 1607 Claudio Monteverdi's opera "Orfeo" premieres in Mantua
  • 1708 Prince Johan Willem Friso sworn in as viceroy of Groningen

Music releaseMusic Premiere

1711 George Frideric Handel's opera "Rinaldo" premieres at Haymarket theatre in London

  • 1739 Battle of Karnal: The army of Iranian ruler Nadir Shah defeats the forces of the Mughal emperor of India, Muhammad Shah.
  • 1779 George Rogers Clark captures Vincennes (Ind) from British
  • 1786 Charles Cornwallis appointed governor-general of India
  • 1793 French troops conquer Breda
  • 1803 US Supreme Court 1st rules a law unconstitutional (Marbury v Madison)
  • 1804 London's Drury Lane Theatre burns to the ground, leaving owner Richard Brinsley Sheridan destitute.
  • 1807 17 die & 15 wounded in a crush to witness execution of Holloway, Heggerty & Elizabeth Godfrey in England
  • 1821 Mexico gains independence from Spain
  • 1826 The signing of the Treaty of Yandaboo marks the end of the First Burmese War.
  • 1835 Siwinowe Kesibwi (Shawnee Sun) is 1st Indian language monthly magazine
  • 1839 Steam shovel patented by William Otis, Philadelphia
  • 1848 King Louis-Philippe abdicates, 2nd French republic declared
  • 1855 US Court of Claims forms for cases against government
  • 1857 1st perforated US postage stamps delivered to government
  • 1857 LA Vineyard Society organized
  • 1863 Arizona Territory created
  • 1863 Forrest's raid on Brentwood, Tennessee
  • 1864 -Feb 25] Battle of Tunnel Hill, GA (Buzzard's Roost)
  • 1868 1st US parade with floats (Mardi Gras-Mobile Alabama)

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1868 US House of Representatives vote 126 to 47 to impeach President Andrew Johnson

17th US President Andrew Johnson
17th US President
Andrew Johnson
  • 1875 The SS Gothenburg hits the Great Barrier Reef and sinks off the Australian east coast, killing approximately 100, including a number of high profile civil servants and dignitaries.
  • 1876 Henrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" premieres in Oslo
  • 1881 De Lesseps' Company begins work on Panama Canal
  • 1881 China and Russia sign the Sino-Russian Ili Treaty.
  • 1888 Louisville, Ky, becomes 1st government in US to adopt Australian ballot (i.e. secret ballot on standard voting forms)
  • 1891 French troops under capt Archinard occupy Diena West Sudan
  • 1893 The American University is chartered by an act of the Congress of the United States of America.
  • 1894 Nicaragua captures Tegucigalpa, Honduras (National Day, sort of)
  • 1895 Cuban war for independence begins
  • 1896 Victoria all out for 43 vs South Australia, Jones 6-15, Jarvis 4-27
  • 1899 Western Washington University is established.
  • 1902 Battle at Yzer Spruit: Boer general De la Rey beats British
  • 1905 Simplon tunnel in Switzerland completed
  • 1906 Tomas Estrada Palma defeats Jose Gomez in the election for president of Cuba, but Gomez and his followers refuse to accept results and sponsor an uprising
  • 1908 In 'Muller v Oregon', the US Supreme Court favors an Oregon law limiting maximum hours a woman may work and denies that it curtails 'liberty of contract'
  • 1909 The Hudson Motor Car Company is founded.
  • 1911 Japan and the US conclude a treaty that continues restrictions on Japanese laborers
  • 1914 Frank Craven's "Too Many Cooks" premieres in NYC
  • 1917 German plan to get Mexican help in WW I exposed (Zimmerman telegram)
  • 1917 Red Sox sell Smokey Joe Wood, his arm dead at 26, to Cleve for $15,000
  • 1918 Estonia declares independence from Russia
  • 1920 NSDAP begins at Hofbrauhaus Munich
  • 1920 Peace treaty gives Estonia independence
  • 1921 1st transcontinental flight in 24 hrs flying time arrives Florida
  • 1923 Flying Scotsman goes into service
  • 1923 Mass arrests in US of mafia
  • 1924 Greek parliament proclaims republic
  • 1924 Johnny Weissmuller, swims 100m record (57 2/5 secs)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1924 Mahatma Gandhi released from jail

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi
  • 1925 Thermite explosive 1st used to break up ice jam, Waddington, NY
  • 1927 John Golden Theater (Theatre Masque) opens at 252 W 45th St NYC
  • 1932 Malcolm Campbell drives record speed (253.96 mph) at Daytona
  • 1933 Final demonstration of German communist party in Berlin
  • 1933 League of Nations tells Japanese to pull out of Manchuria
  • 1937 1st US group hospital-medical cooperative authorized, Wash, DC
  • 1938 Du Pont begins commercial production of nylon toothbrush bristles
  • 1939 Roy Harris' 3rd Symphony premieres in Boston
  • 1940 Frances Langford records "When You Wish Upon a Star"
  • 1941 43 Geuzen resistance fighter trial opens in the Hague
  • 1941 Anti-Nazi meeting at Noordermarkt Amsterdam
  • 1942 Voice of America begins broadcasting (in German)
  • 1942 The "Battle of Los Angeles" takes place, lasting until the next day.
  • 1943 Major General Omar Bradley flies to Algiers
  • 1943 Texas League announces it will quit for the duration of WW II
  • 1944 Argentina coup by minister of war Juan Peron
  • 1945 Egypt & Syria declare war on nazi-Germany
  • 1945 Manila freed from Japanese
  • 1945 Nazi occupiers begin state of siege
  • 1945 Egyptian Premier Ahmed Maher Pasha is killed in Parliament after reading a decree.
  • 1946 Juan Peron (Labor Party) first elected President of Argentina
  • 1948 Communist Party seizes complete control of Czechoslovakia
  • 1949 Israel & Egypt sign an armistice agreement
  • 1949 V-2/WAC-Corporal rocket 1st object to reach 5x the speed of sound at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico
  • 1950 Labour wins British parliamentary election
  • 1951 "Bless You All" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 84 performances
  • 1951 Ice Pairs Championship at Milan won by Ria Baran & Paul Falk of GER
  • 1951 Ladies' Figure Skating Champion in Milan won by Jeanette Altwegg of Great Britain
  • 1951 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Milan won by Richard Button USA
  • 1952 Betty MacKinnon and Sam Snead win the LPGA Orlando Mixed Golf Tournament
  • 1955 "Silk Stockings" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 461 performances
  • 1955 Pact of Baghdad between Iraq & Turkey signed

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

1955 12th Golden Globes: On The Waterfront, Marlon Brando, & Judy Garland win

  • 1960 Italian government of Segni falls
  • 1960 US beats Germany in Olympic hockey finals round, 9-1
  • 1960 2nd Daytona 500: Junior Johnson wins (124.74 MPH)
  • 1961 Explorer (10) fails to reach Earth orbit
  • 1962 "New Faces of '62" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 28 performances
  • 1962 "Sail Away" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 167 performances
  • 1962 General mobilization in Indonesia over New-Guinea
  • 1962 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1963 5th Daytona 500: Tiny Lund wins (151.566 MPH)
  • 1965 Beatles begin filming "Help" in Bahamas
  • 1965 East German president Ulbricht visits Egypt

BattleCoup d'état

1966 Coup ousts Pres Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana

First President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah
First President of Ghana
Kwame Nkrumah
  • 1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1968 "Darling of the Day" closes at George Abbott NYC after 31 performances
  • 1968 Discovery of 1st pulsar announced (CP 1919 by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish)
  • 1968 Gary Unger begins NHL consecutive game record of 914 games
  • 1968 US troops reconquer Hue Vietnam
  • 1969 Mariner 6 launched for Mars flyby to study planet's atmosphere
  • 1969 Northern Ireland Stormont parliament elections are held; the Unionist party fragments into 'Official Unionist' and 'Unofficial Unionist'
  • 1969 26th Golden Globes: The Lion in Winter, Peter O'Toole, & Joanne Woodward win
  • 1970 29 Swiss Army officers die in avalanche (Reckingen, Switzerland)
  • 1970 Heintje Simons (14) wins 7 gold records
  • 1970 KVDO TV channel 3 in Salem, OR (IND) begins broadcasting
  • 1971 Algeria nationalizes 51 percent of French oil concessions
  • 1974 Atje Keulen-Deelstra becomes world champ all-round skater
  • 1974 Pakistan officially recognizes Bangladesh
  • 1976 Cuba adopts its constitution
  • 1976 Jules Feiffer's "Knock Knock" premieres in NYC

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1976 Leonid Brezhnev opens 25th congress of CPSU

Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev
Soviet General Secretary
Leonid Brezhnev

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1977 US President Jimmy Carter announces US foreign aid will consider human rights

39th US President Jimmy Carter
39th US President
Jimmy Carter
  • 1977 12th Academy of Country Music Awards: Mickey Gilley and Crystal Gayle win
  • 1978 Kevin Porter, NJ, sets NBA record with 29 assists in a game
  • 1979 Highest price ever paid for a pig, $42,500, Stamford, Texas
  • 1979 War between North & South Yemen begins
  • 1980 "Canterbury Tales" closes at Rialto Theater NYC after 16 performances
  • 1980 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Bent Tree Golf Classic
  • 1980 Rangers score 5 power-play goals against Islanders
  • 1980 USA Olympic hockey team defeated Finland, 4-2, to win the gold medal

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1981 Britain's Prince Charles announces engagement to Lady Diana Spencer

Princess of Wales Diana Spencer
Princess of Wales
Diana Spencer
His Royal Highness Prince Charles
His Royal Highness
Prince Charles
  • 1981 Jean Harris is convicted of murdering Scarsdale diet doctor Tarnower
  • 1981 An earthquake registering 6.7 on the Richter scale hits Athens, killing 16 people and destroying buildings in several towns west of the city.
  • 1982 Basketball team Boston Celtics begin 18 NBA game win streak
  • 1982 24th Grammy Awards: Betty Davis Eyes, Double Fantasy wins
  • 1982 Wayne Gretzky scores NHL-record 78th goal of season en route to 92
  • 1983 Dow Jones closes above 1100 mark for 1st time
  • 1983 USSR performs underground nuclear test
  • 1983 A special commission of the U.S. Congress releases a report that condemns the practice of Japanese internment during World War II.
  • 1984 Iraq resumes air attack on Iran
  • 1985 Amy Alcott wins LPGA Circle K Golf Open Tucson
  • 1985 Birendra, Bir Bikram Shah Dev crowned King of Nepal
  • 1985 Jim Kelly (Houston USFL) passes for pro football record 574 yds
  • 1985 Yul Brynner reprised his role in "The King & I"
  • 1986 Texas Air buys Eastern Airlines for $676 million
  • 1986 Voyager 2, 1st Uranus flyby
  • 1987 29th Grammy Awards: Higher Love, Graceland, Bruce Hornsby wins

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1987 LA Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scores his 36,000th NBA point

  • 1987 Radio personality Larry King suffers a heart attack
  • 1988 Matti Nykanen becomes winter olympics 1st triple gold medalist
  • 1988 South African apartheid regime bans the UDF
  • 1988 Supreme Ct votes 8-0 Jerry Falwell cannot collect for Hustler parody
  • 1989 150-million-year-old fossil egg (oldest dinosaur embryo) found
  • 1989 Harold E Ballard sells CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats to David Braley

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1989 Margaret Ray found in David Letterman's home, claims to be his wife

Comedian and Television Host David Letterman
Comedian and Television Host
David Letterman
  • 1989 US Boeing 747 loses parts of roof over Pacific, 9 die
  • 1989 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1989 Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini offers a $1-3M bounty on Salman Rushdie's death due to his novel, "Satanic Verses"

Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini
Supreme Leader of Iran
Ayatollah Khomeini
  • 1990 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Orix Hawaiia Ladies Golf Open
  • 1991 "Those Were The Days" closes at Edison Theater NYC after 126 performances
  • 1991 End of World League of American Football's (WLAF) 1st draft
  • 1991 US & allies begin a ground war assault on Iraqi troops

Music awardsMusic Awards

1993 35th Grammy Awards: Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton wins

Rocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter Eric Clapton
Rocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter
Eric Clapton
  • 1994 Scoreboard is unveiled at new Cleve Indians' park (Jacobs Field)
  • 1995 Dow-Jones hits record 4011.74
  • 1995 The Corona reconnaissance satellite program, in existence from 1959 to 1972, is declassified.
  • 1996 Cuba downs 2 US planes
  • 1996 Meg Mallon wins LPGA Cup o' Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
  • 1996 The last occurrence of February 24 as a leap day in the European Union and for the Roman Catholic Church.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1997 Deng Xiaoping, leader of China, cremated (died Feb 19th)

Chinese Communist Party Leader Deng Xiaoping
Chinese Communist Party Leader
Deng Xiaoping
  • 1997 South Africa announces it is constructing largest modern day blimp
  • 1997 Qatar inaugurates the world's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporting facility and formally launches Qatar Liquefied Gas Co.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1998 Elton John knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in London

Singer Elton John
Elton John
Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II
Queen of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth II
  • 1998 NHL resumes season since Feb 8th to accomodate the Olympics
  • 1999 The State of Arizona executes Karl LaGrand, a German national involved in an armed robbery, in spite of Germany's legal action to attempt to save him.
  • 1999 A China Southern Airlines Tupolev TU-154 airliner crashes on approach to Wenzhou airport in eastern the People's Republic of China, killing 61.

Music awardsMusic Awards

1999 41st Grammy Awards: My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic), Lauryn Hill wins

Singer-Songwriter Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill
  • 2002 Canada defeats the United States 5-2 to win the men's ice hockey Olympic Gold Medal
  • 2002 19th Winter Olympic Games close at Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Film tv awardsFilm Awards

2002 55th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Best Film, Peter Jackson Best Director

Film Director Peter Jackson
Film Director
Peter Jackson

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2006 President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declares Proclamation 1017 placing the country in a state of emergency in attempt to subdue possible military coup.

14th President of the Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
14th President of the Philippines
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
  • 2007 27th Golden Raspberry Awards: Basic Instinct 2 wins

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2008 Fidel Castro retires as the President of Cuba after nearly fifty years.

Cuban Revolutionary and President Fidel Castro
Cuban Revolutionary and President
Fidel Castro

Film tv awardsFilm Awards

2008 80th Academy Awards: "No Country for Old Men", Daniel Day-Lewis & Marion Cotillard win

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2010 Sachin Tendulkar scores the first double century in One Day International cricket

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar
  • 2010 Europe risks a double-dip recession after bad results emerge from France, Germany and Italy, it is reported today; the Eurozone only grew by 0.1% in the last quarter of 2009
  • 2011 Final Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery (OV-103).
  • 2013 10 Chadian soldiers and 28 Muslim insurgents are killed in conflict in Adrar des Ifoghas, Mali

Film tv awardsFilm Awards

2013 85th Academy Awards: "Argo", Daniel Day-Lewis & Jennifer Lawrence win

  • 2013 Nicos Anastasiades wins the Cypriot presidential election

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

2013 Raúl Castro is elected to a second term as the President of Cuba

President of Cuba Raúl Castro
President of Cuba
Raúl Castro