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153 BC - Roman consuls begin their year in office.
45 BC - The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time.
1 - Origin of Christian Era
69 - Roman garrison of Mainz uprising
89 - Gov Lucius Antonius Saturninus of Germany becomes emperor of Rome
313 - Start of Roman (Pontifical) Indiction
404 - Last gladiator competition in Rome
630 - The Prophet Muhammad sets out toward Mecca with the army that captures it bloodlessly.
722 - Hofmeier Charles Martel flees from bishop Willibrord
990 - Russia adopts Julian calendar
1259 - Michael VIII Palaiologos is proclaimed co-emperor of the Empire of Nicaea with his ward John IV Laskaris.
1430 - Jews of Sicily are no longer required to attend conversionist services
1438 - Albrecht II von Habsburg becomes king of Hungary
1494 - Juw Dekama elected potentate of Frisia
1502 - Portuguese navigators discover Rio de Janeiro
1504 - King Louis XII loses last bulwark in Naples, Caeta
1515 - Francis, Duke of Angouleme succeeds King Louis XII as Francis I of France
1515 - Jews are expelled from Laibach Austria
1527 - Croatian nobles elect Ferdinand I of Austria as king of Croatia in the Parliament on Cetin.
1573 - Geuzen sets fire to Woudrichem
1583 - 1st day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland & Flanders
1600 - Scotland begins its numbered year on January 1 instead of 25 March.
Astronomer & Physicist Galileo GalileiAstronomer & Physicist Galileo Galilei 1610 - German astronomer Simon Marius 1st discovers the Jupiter moons, but does not officially report it, Galileo does on July 1 1610
1622 - Papal Chancery adopts Jan 1 as beginning of the year (was Mar 25)
1651 - Charles II Stuart crowned king of Scotland
1660 - 1st entry in Samuel Pepys' diary
1660 - General Moncks army battles with the Tweed on way to London
1660 - Thomas Fairfax' New Model-army occupies York
1672 - Jean Racine's "Bajazet," premieres in Paris
1673 - Regular mail delivery begins between NY & Boston
1675 - Don Carlos de Gurrea/Aragon becomes Spanish land guardian of S Neth
1689 - Pro-James II-earl of Danby occupies York
1700 - Protestant Western Europe (except England) begin using Gregorian calendar
1700 - Russia begins using the Anno Domini era and no longer uses the Anno Mundi era of the Byzantine Empire.
King Charles IIKing Charles II 1707 - John V succeeds his father Pedro II as king of Portugal
1739 - J B C Bouvet de Lozier discovers Bouvet Island, near Antarctica
1758 - The International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature establish the "starting point" for standardized species names across the animal kingdom. This naming system is based on the binomial nomenclature laid out in Carolus Linnaeus 10th edition of Systema Naturae.
1770 - Date of action in the opera "Madeleine"
1772 - First traveler's cheques go on sale in London, can be used in 90 European cities
1776 - Gen George Washington hoists Continental Union Flag
1781 - 1,500 soldiers of the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment under General Anthony Wayne's command rebel against the Continental Army's winter camp in Morristown, New Jersey as part of the Pennsylvania (Continentals; Regiment) Mutiny of 1781.
First US President George WashingtonFirst US President George Washington 1785 - "Daily Universal Register" (Times of London) publishes 1st issue
1788 - London's Daily Universal Registrar becomes the Times
1788 - Quakers in Pennsylvania emancipate their slaves
1797 - Albany replaces NYC as capital of NY
1798 - Russia appoints 1st Jewish censor to censor Hebrew books
1800 - Dutch East Indies Company dissolves
1801 - The Irish Parliament votes to join the Kingdom of Great Britain, forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
1801 - The dwarf planet Ceres is discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
1803 - Emperor Gia Long orders all bronze wares of the Tây Sơn Dynasty to be collected and melted into nine cannons for the Royal Citadel in Huế, Vietnam.
1804 - Haiti gains independence from France (National Day)
1807 - Curacao is taken by English (until March, 1816)
1808 - African Benevolent Society (education) forms
1808 - Congress prohibits importation of slaves
1808 - Sierra Leone becomes a British colony
1809 - Holland Brigade under brig gen Chasse reaches Madrid
1814 - Field marshal Blucher's troops cross the Rhine at Kaub
1818 - Official reopening of the White House
Frankenstein Author Mary ShelleyFrankenstein Author Mary Shelley 1818 - Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" is published anonymously by the small London publishing house of Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, & Jones
1826 - Baron Van der Capellen resigns as governor of Dutch-Indies
1827 - Dutch Trade Company NHM gets opium monopoly on Java
1831 - William Lloyd Garrison publishes 1st issue of abolitionist journal
1833 - British government demands Falkland islands
1833 - Curacao census: 2,602 whites, 6,531 free people & 5,894 slaves
1834 - German Tolunie goes into effect
1838 - 1st official horse race in South Australia-Adelaide
1840 - 1st recorded bowling match in US, Knickerbocker Alleys, NYC
1842 - 1st illustrated weekly magazine in US publishes 1st issue, NYC
1844 - 1st edition of New Rotterdam's Daily (3x per week)
1845 - The Cobble Hill Tunnel in Brooklyn is completed.
Abolitionist William Lloyd GarrisonAbolitionist William Lloyd Garrison 1846 - Yucatan declares independence from Mexico
1847 - Michigan is 1st state to abolish capital punishment
1847 - Neth's Haarlem's Current newspaper starts publishing
1848 - Britain takes Mosquito Coast from Nicaragua
1851 - City of Glasgow steamer inaugurates Philadelphia-Liverpool line
1852 - 1st US public bath opens, in NYC
1852 - National debt of Britain & Ireland is 765,126,582 pounds
1852 - Netherlands begins issuing postage stamps
1853 - 1st practical fire engine (horse-drawn) in US enters service
1854 - Lincoln University, a black college, chartered (Oxford, Penn)
1858 - Canada begins using decimal currency system
1860 - Slavery ends of in Neth Indies
1861 - Porfirio Diaz conquers Mexico City
1861 - President-elect of the United States Abraham Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate states unlawful (US Civil War)
US President Abraham LincolnUS President Abraham Lincoln 1862 - 1st US income tax (3% of incomes > $600, 5% of incomes > $10,000)
1862 - Battle of Ft McRee, FL Battle of Port Royal, SC (Port Royal Ferry)
1863 - 1st homestead under the Homestead Act claimed, near Beatrice, Nebr
1863 - Battle of Galveston, Texas-Confederates recapture the city
1863 - Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln to free slaves in confederate states
1863 - Franz Schubert's "Missa Solemnis," premieres in Leipzig
1865 - -Apr 26th] Carolinas' campaign
1871 - Belgium disbands salt tax
1873 - Origin of Japanese Era
1874 - New York City annexes the Bronx
1876 - The Reichsbank opens in Berlin.
1877 - England's Queen Victoria proclaimed empress of India
1879 - John Brahms' Violin Concerto in D major premieres in Leipzig
Queen of the United Kingdom VictoriaQueen of the United Kingdom Victoria 1880 - Building of Panama Canal, begins
1881 - Dr John H Watson is introduced to Sherlock Holmes
1886 - 1st Tournament of Roses (Pasadena California)
1890 - Eritrea is consolidated into a colony by the Italian government.
1891 - French troops occupy Nioro, West-Sudan, 3000 killed
1891 - King Pakketvaart sails to Neth Indies
1892 - Ellis Island becomes reception center for new immigrants
1893 - 1st US college extension courses for credit, Univ of Chicago
1893 - Japan adopts the Gregorian calendar
1893 - The railway line from Germiston to Pretoria, South Africa, is opened to traffic.
1894 - Denmark adopts Mid-European time
1894 - Manchester Ship Canal in England opens to traffic
1894 - South African Amateur Athletic Union is founded in Johannesburg.
1895 - Norway adopts Mid-European time
Revolutionary General and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio AguinaldoRevolutionary General and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo 1895 - Aguinaldo became a Freemason, joining Pilar Lodge No. 203, Imus, Cavite
1896 - Wilhelm Röntgen announces his discovery of x-rays
1897 - 1st football game between black colleges-Atlanta U 10, Tuskegee 0
1898 - Brooklyn merges with NY to form present City of NY
1898 - Lightship replaces whistling buoy at mouth of SF Bay
1898 - d'Annunzio's "Sogno d'un mattino di primavera," premieres in Rome
1899 - Cuba liberated from Spain by US (Natl Day) (US occupies till 1902)
1899 - Spanish rule ends in Cuba.
1900 - 1st date in John dos Passos' USA trilogy (The 42nd Parallel)
1900 - British protectorates of Northern & Southern Nigeria established
1900 - Compulsory education in Netherlands goes into effect
1900 - British protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria are established.
1901 - Australia declares independence from federation of UK colonies
1902 - 1st Rose Bowl game (Pasadena, California) (U of Mich-49, Sanford-0)
1902 - Nathan Stubblefield makes 1st public demonstration of radio, Penn
Physicist and Nobel Laureate Wilhelm RöntgenPhysicist and Nobel Laureate Wilhelm Röntgen 1903 - In Delhi, a great durbar, or formal reception, marks the coronation of King Edward VII as Emperor of India; the British release some 16,000 prisoners in honor of the occasion
1904 - Neth Indies colony begins opium production
1905 - 9 hour work day for diamond miners
1906 - Dutch law makes driver's license mandatory
1906 - The poll tax of £1 per head on all adult male inhabitants of Natal, South Africa, except indentured Indians and married Blacks, imposed by the Natal parliament in 1905, becomes payable.
1907 - Pres Theodore Roosevelt shakes a record 8,513 hands in 1 day
1908 - 1st time, ball signifying new year dropped at Times Square
1908 - Jack Hobbs makes his Test debut at the MCG (83 & 28)
1909 - Robert Fowler runs then world record marathon (2:52:45.4)
1909 - Drilling begins on the Lakeview Gusher.
26th US President Theodore Roosevelt26th US President Theodore Roosevelt 1909 - In Great Britain, the Old Age Pension Law is finally instituted, providing pensions for every British subject over 70 with low income
1910 - Simpson-Hayward (England) takes 6-43 on debut with underarm lobs
1911 - Belgian Mining law introduces 9½ hour work day
1911 - South Australia transfers Northern Territory to federal government
1912 - 1st running of SF's famed "Bay to Breakers" race (7.63 miles/12.3 km)
1912 - Sun Yat-sen forms Chinese Republic
1912 - The Republic of China is established.
1913 - Post office begins parcel post deliveries
1913 - 8th Australasian Championships: James Cecil Parke beats Alfred Beamish (3-6, 6-3, 1-6, 6-1, 7-5)
1914 - 1st scheduled airline flight, St Petersburg-Tampa (Tony Jannus pilot)
1914 - Klaas ter Laan becomes Neth's 1st socialist mayor (Zaandam)
1914 - Northern & Southern Nigeria united in British colony of Nigeria
1915 - DW Griffith shows "Clansman" at a sneak preview
1915 - Jews of Laibach Austria expelled
1916 - 1st football game in Rose Bowl (Washington State-Brown)
1916 - 1st issue of "Journal of Negro History" published
Soldier and Writer T. E. LawrenceSoldier and Writer T. E. Lawrence 1917 - T. E. Lawrence joins the forces of the Arabian sheik Feisal al Husayn, beginning his adventures that will lead him to Damascus by October, 1918
1918 - Last day of the Julian calendar in Finland
1919 - Belorussian SSR established
1919 - Edsel Ford succeeds his father, Henry Ford, as president of the Ford Motor Company
1920 - The Belorussian Communist Organisation is founded as a separate party.
1922 - Vancouver, BC starts driving on the right side of road
1922 - Coal miners in the Transvaal, South Africa, embark on a strike in response to a wage cut, which quickly escalated into a large-scale revolt against the government, known as the Rand Rebellion.
1923 - Union of Socialist Soviet Republics established
1923 - Britain's Railways are grouped into the Big Four: LNER, GWR, SR, and LMSR.
Ford Motor Company Founder Henry FordFord Motor Company Founder Henry Ford 1924 - Grossdeutsche Volksgemeinschaft/Volkische Block replaces NSDAP
1925 - Norway's capital Christiania changes name to Oslo
1926 - Flood in Rhine strikes Cologne
1927 - Communist uprising in West Java
1927 - Dodgers announce release of future Hall of Fame Zack Wheat
1927 - Turkey adopts the Gregorian calendar: December 18, 1926 (Julian), is immediately followed by January 1, 1927 (Gregorian).
1928 - 1st US air-conditioned office building opens, San Antonio
1928 - Algemeene Vereeniging Radio Omroep (AVRO) begins broadcasting (Neth)
1929 - Roy Riegels runs 60 yds the wrong way with Rose Bowl fumble recovery
1930 - Earl Claus von Stauffenberg promoted to 2nd lieutenant
1930 - Jurgens & Van den Berg merge with Lever Brothers to form Unilever
1932 - Jacob Cocey Sr chosen as mayor of Massillon Ohio
1932 - Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt publishes Himmler's wedding laws
1932 - The United States Post Office Department issues a set of 12 stamps commemorating the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth.
1934 - Alcatraz officially becomes a federal prison
1934 - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (US bank guarantor) effective
1934 - International Telecommunication Union established
1934 - Nazi Germany passes the "Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring".
1935 - 1st Sugar Bowl & 1st Orange Bowl
1935 - Associated Press inaugurates Wirephoto
1935 - Eastern Airlines hires Eddie Rickenbacker as GM
1935 - President Mustapha Kemal Pasha names himself "Ataturk: Father of Turkey"
1936 - 1st newspaper to microfilm its current issues, NY Herald Tribune
1937 - Anastasio Somoza becomes president of Nicaragua
1937 - Count Claus von Stauffenberg promoted to captain
1937 - US Army Air Corps physiological research laboratory completed, Ohio
1937 - Safety glass in vehicle windscreens becomes mandatory in Great Britain.
1939 - Sydney, Australia, swelters in 45 ˚C (113 ˚F) heat, a record for the city.
1941 - Netherlands begins taxing wages
1941 - Russian general Zhukov appointed chief of general staff
1942 - Rose Bowl football match played in North Carolina due to Japanese threat - Oregon State 20, Duke University 16
1942 - US & 25 other countries sign a united declaration against the Axis
1943 - Count Claus von Stauffenberg promoted to lt-colonel
1943 - Negro League star Josh Gibson suffers a nervous breakdown
1944 - 1st feature-length foreign movie, African Journey, shown on TV, NYC
1944 - Army defeats Navy 10-7 in football "Arab Bowl," Oran, North Africa
1944 - Gen Clark replaces Gen Patton as commander of 7th Army
1945 - France joins the UN
1945 - German air raid on allied airports at Eindhoven/Saint-Trond/Brussels

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