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241 BC - First Punic War: Battle of the Aegates Islands - The Romans sink the Carthaginian fleet bringing the First Punic War to an end.
418 - Jews are excluded from public office in the Roman Empire
1535 - Bishop Tomés de Berlanga discovers Galapagos Islands
1578 - Queen Elizabeth I gives Johan Casimir £20,000 to aid Dutch rebellion
1624 - England declares war on Spain
1629 - King Charles I dissolved Parliament; he recalled it 11 years later
1661 - French King Louis XIV ends office of premier
1697 - Tsar Peter the Great begins a tour of Western Europe
1734 - Spanish army under Don Carlos (III) draws into Naples
1735 - An agreement between Nadir Shah and Paul I of Russia is signed near Ganja and Russian troops are withdrawn from Baku.
1762 - French Huguenot Jean Calas, who was wrongly convicted of killing his son, dies after being tortured by authorities; the event inspired Voltaire to begin a campaign for religious tolerance and legal reform
1783 - USS Alliance under Captain Barry fights and wins last naval battle of US Revolutionary War off Cape Canaveral
1789 - Franklin College founded
Enlightenment Philosopher VoltaireEnlightenment Philosopher Voltaire 1791 - John Stone, Concord, Mass, patents a pile driver
1791 - Pope condemns France's Civil Constitution of the clergy
1801 - First census in Great Britain
1830 - The KNIL also known as the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army is created.
1831 - The French Foreign Legion is established by King Louis-Philippe to support his war in Algeria.
1847 - 1st money minted in Hawaii
1849 - Abraham Lincoln applies for a patent (only US president to do so) for a device to lift a boat over shoals and obstructions
1861 - El Hadj Umar Tall seizes the city of Segou, destroying the Bambara Empire of Mali.
1862 - Great Britain & France recognise independence of Zanzibar
1862 - US issues 1st paper money ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 & $1000)
US President Abraham LincolnUS President Abraham Lincoln 1864 - Grant is named commander of the Union armies
1864 - Red River campaign LA
1865 - Battle of Monroe's Crossroads, NC
1874 - Purdue University (Indiana) admits its 1st student
1876 - 1st telephone call made (Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Watson)
1880 - Salvation Army of England sets up US welfare & religious activity
1888 - 1st performance of Caesar Franck's "Psyche"
1888 - HW Boxing champ John L Sullivan draws Charlie Mitchell in 30 rounds
1891 - Almon Strowger, an undertaker in Topeka, Kansas, patents the strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching.
1893 - Ivory Coast becomes a French colony
1893 - New Mexico State University cancels its 1st graduation ceremony; its only graduand Sam Steele was robbed & killed the night before
1896 - Bronx acquires O'Brien Square
Inventor Alexander Graham BellInventor Alexander Graham Bell 1896 - Charilaos Vasilakos of Greece wins 1st modern marathon in 3:18 [OS]
1896 - After Bob Fitzsimmons KOs much larger Jim Corbett to win world HW championship he says, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall"
1900 - Battle at Driefontein, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
1900 - Regents for the King of Uganda and leading chiefs sign a treaty with Great Britain agreeing to the organization of the government, taxation, courts, military, and other functions of their country, which is under British protection.
1902 - Earthquake destroys Turkish city of Tochangri
1902 - A United States court of appeals rules that Thomas Edison did not invent the movie camera.
1903 - Harry Gammeter, Cleveland, patents multigraph duplicating machine
1903 - Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Montreal AAA in 2 games
1905 - Japanese Army captures Mukden (Shenyang)
Inventor Thomas EdisonInventor Thomas Edison 1906 - 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine"
1906 - Coal dust explosion kills 1,060 at Courrieres France
1906 - Baker Street & Waterloo Railway opens, constructed by the Underground Electric Railways Company of London. The contraction Bakerloo became the official name in July 1906.
1909 - Jack Johnson fights Victor McLaglen to no decision in 6 for box title
1910 - China ends slavery
1910 - Pittsburgh Courier begins publishing
1913 - Stanley Cup: Quebec Bulldogs sweep Sydney (NS) Millionaires in 2 games
1913 - William Knox becomes 1st in American Bowling Congress to bowl 300
1914 - Suffragettes in London damage Rokeby's painting Venus of Velasquez
1915 - British Army in Belgium captures Neuve Chapelle
1917 - Batangas was formally founded as one of the Philippines's earliest encomiendas.
Ice Hockey Player Joe MaloneIce Hockey Player Joe Malone 1920 - NHL's Quebec Bulldog Joe Malone scores 6 goals vs Ottawa Senators
1920 - The Home Rule Act is passed by the British Parliament, dividing Ireland into two parts; it is rejected by southern counties, where the Ango-Irish war continues for a year
1922 - KLZ-AM in Denver CO begins radio transmissions
1922 - State of siege proclaimed during mine strike Johannesburg South Africa
1925 - Walter Mittelholzer is 1st to flies over Demawend mountain, Iran
1926 - Run on Belgian banks
1927 - Albania mobilize by threat of Serbian, Croatian & Slovenes
1927 - Bavaria lifts ban on Hitler's speeches
1928 - Christine Collins' son, Walter Collins, disappears in Los Angeles
1931 - British Labour party removes fascist sir Oswald Mosley
1933 - Major earthquake in Long Beach, Calif
1933 - Nevada becomes 1st US state to regulate narcotics
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1934 - Longest undefeated streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (18 games)
1934 - US Ladies' Figure Skating championship won by Suzanne Davis
1934 - US Men's Figure Skating championship won by Roger Turner
1938 - 10th Academy Awards - "The Life of Emile Zola", Spencer Tracy & Luise Rainer win
1939 - 17 villages damaged by hailstones in Hyderabad India
1940 - 1st US opera telecast, W2XBS, NYC, I Pagliacci
1941 - Lee MacPhail, Dodger GM predicts all players will wear batting helmets
1944 - U-575 sinks HMS Asphodel
1945 - Fieldmarshal Albert Kesselring succeeds Gerd von Rundstedt as commander of German Army Command in the West
1945 - Germany blows-up Wessel Bridge on Rhine
1945 - Japan declares Vietnam Independence
1945 - Patton's 3rd Army makes contact with Hodge's 1st Army
The aftermath of the single deadliest air raid of World War II, the firebombing of TokyoThe aftermath of the single deadliest air raid of World War II, the firebombing of Tokyo

1945 - Tokyo in fire after night time B-29 bombings, more than 100,000 people die, mostly civilians.
1945 - US troops lands on Mindanao
1946 - Train derailment kills 185 near Aracaju Brazil
1948 - 1st civilian to exceed speed of sound-Herb H Hoover, Edwards AFB Ca
1948 - 5th Golden Globes: Gentleman's Agreement, Ronald Colman, & Rosalind Russell win
1949 - Detroit Tiger pitcher Art Houtteman is critically injured in an auto accident but recovers to win 15 games in 1949
1951 - "Where's Charley?" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 56 perfs
First Director of the FBI J. Edgar HooverFirst Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover 1951 - FBI director J. Edgar Hoover declines post of baseball commissioner
1952 - Military coup led by General Fulgencio Batista in Cuba
1956 - General strike in Cyprus protesting exile of archbishop Makarios
1956 - Peter Twiss sets new world air record 1,132 mph (1,823 kph)
1957 - Thousands of soccer fans riot in Italy
1959 - Dorothy Comiskey Rigney, sells 54% of White Sox to Bill Veeck
1959 - Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth" premieres in NYC
1959 - Uprising against Chinese occupation force in Lhasa Tibet
1960 - USSR agrees to stop nuclear testing
1960 - 17th Golden Globes: Ben-Hur, Anthony Franciosa, & Elizabeth Taylor win
1962 - Due to its no black policy, Phillies leave Jack Tar Harrison Hotel & move to Rocky Point Motel, 20 miles outside Clearwater, Florida
1963 - Pete Rose debuts with hits in his 2 1st at bats in spring training
1963 - Wilt Chamberlain of NBA SF Warriors scores 70 points vs Syracuse
NBA Legend Wilt ChamberlainNBA Legend Wilt Chamberlain 1964 - US reconnaissance plane shot down over East Germany
1965 - Dutch Princess Margriet & Pieter van Vollenhoven get engaged
1966 - 5 time Horse of the Year, Kelso, retires
1966 - North Vietnamese capture US Green Beret Camp at Ashau Valley
1969 - James Earl Ray pleads guilty to murder of Martin Luther King Jr
1970 - Barbra Streisand records "The Singer" & "I Can Do It"
1970 - South Africa complete 4-0 series drubbing of Australia
1970 - Members of the Stormont Parliament of Northern Ireland given police protection
1971 - US Senate approves amendment lowering voting age to 18
1971 - Three members of the Royal Highland Fusiliers (a regiment of the British Army) are killed by members of the Irish Republican Army
1972 - 1st black US political convention opens (Gary Indiana)
Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra StreisandSinger-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand 1972 - Gen Lon Nol becomes pres & prince Sirik Matak premier of Cambodia
1972 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1973 - BPAA US Open by Mike McGrath
1973 - Morocco adopts constitution
1973 - 20th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: NC State beats Maryland, 76-74
1974 - "Sextet" closes at Bijou Theater NYC after 9 performances
1974 - Carol Mann wins LPGA S&H Green Stamp Golf Classic
1974 - Christian Democrats win Belgium parliamentary election
1974 - Lawrence Rowe completes 302 v Eng Bridgetown, 36 fours 1 six
1975 - "The Rocky Horror Show" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 45 performances
1975 - Dog spectacles patented in England
1975 - Sanyo Shinkansen open between Osaka and Fukuoka.
1977 - Rings of Uranus discovered during occulation of SAO
1977 - CBS' premiere of "A Circle of Children", starring Jane Alexander and based on the life and book about this by Mary Mac Cracken
1978 - Soyuz 28 returns to Earth
Actor Bill BixbyActor Bill Bixby 1978 - "The Incredible Hulk", starring Bill Bixby as David Banner, premieres on CBS
1980 - Willard Scott becomes the weather forcaster on the Today Show
1982 - President Reagan proclaims economic sanctions against Libya
1982 - Salim Malik scores 100 in 2nd inning of Test Cricket debut (v SL)
1982 - Sygyzy: all 9 planets aligned on same side of Sun
1982 - Travis Jackson & Happy Chandler elected to Hall of Fame
1982 - The United States places an embargo on Libyan petroleum imports because of their support of terrorist groups.
1982 - 8th People's Choice Awards: Burt Reynolds, Sally Field & Jane Fonda win (Motion Picture) and Alan Alda & Barbara Mandrell win (TV)
1983 - Walter Alston, Dodgers manager, elected to Hall of Fame
1983 - 24th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Georgia beats Alabama, 86-71
Actress Jane FondaActress Jane Fonda 1984 - Heavyweight Tim Witherspoon KOs Greg Page
1984 - 25th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Kentucky beats Auburn, 51-49
1984 - 5th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Georgetown beats Syracuse, 82-71 (OT)
1985 - Bonnie Lauer wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational
1985 - Dallas Maverick coach Dick Motta is 4th NBA coach to win 700 games
1985 - French socialists lose election (National Front 9%)
1985 - Ice Pairs Championship at Tokyo won by Elena Valova & O Vasiliev (URS)
1985 - India beat Pakistan to win "World Championship of Cricket"
1985 - Men's Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Alexandr Fadeev (URS)
1985 - 32nd ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Georgia Tech beats North Carolina, 57-54
1986 - Ernie Lombardi, NL MVP in 1938, & Bobby Doerr, elected to Hall of Fame
1987 - Vatican formal opposition to test-tube fertilization & embryo transfer
His Royal Highness Prince CharlesHis Royal Highness Prince Charles 1988 - Avalanche at Swiss Ski resort Klosters nearly kills Prince Charles
1988 - NY Islanders celebrate Mike Bossy night
1990 - 4th American Comedy Award: When Harry Met Sally
1990 - Ice Dance Championship at Halifax won by Klimova & Ponomarenko (URS)
1990 - Ice Pairs Championship at Halifax won by Gordeeva & Grinkov (URS)
1990 - Ladies Figure Skating Champions in Halifax won by Jill Trenary (USA)
1990 - Lt Gen Avril resigns as president of Haiti
1990 - Men's Figure Skating Championship in Halifax won by Kurt Browning (CAN)
1990 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1991 - Eddie Sutton is 1st NCAA coach to lead 4 schools into playoffs
1991 - Laura Davies wins LPGA Inamori Golf Classic
1991 - Marc Girardelli of Luxembourg clinches his 4th slalom World Cup
1991 - Merlene Ottey runs world record 200 m indoor (22.24 sec)
1991 - Rico Lieder/Jens Carlowitz/Karsten Just/Thomas Schonlebe walk 4x400m indoor world record (3:03.05)
LPGA Golfer Laura DaviesLPGA Golfer Laura Davies 1991 - 38th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #7 North Carolina beats #6 Duke, 96-74
1991 - 32nd SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Alabama beats Tennessee, 88-69
1991 - 12th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Seton Hall beats Georgetown, 74-62
1992 - 6th Soul Train Music Awards: Natalie Cole, Color Me Badd win
1992 - Sandra Seuser/Katrin Schreiter/Annet Hesselbarth/Grit Breuer walk female indoor world record 4x400m (3:27.22)
1994 - 1 million Greeks attend Melina Mercouri's funeral
1995 - Car bomb explodes in Karachi at shiite mosque, 17+ killed
1995 - Chiel Meijering's "St Louis Blues" premieres in Arnhem
1995 - Dow-Jones hits record 4035.64
1996 - 22nd People's Choice Awards: Tom Hanks & Demi Moore win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Candice Bergen win (TV)
1996 - NYC Mayor Guiliani visits Israel
1996 - 43rd ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #12 Wake Forest beats #18 Georgia Tech, 75-74
1996 - 37th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Mississippi State beats Kentucky, 84-73
1997 - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" created by Joss Whedon and starring Sarah Michelle Geller premieres on WB Television Network
2000 - The NASDAQ Composite stock market index peaks at 5132.52, signalling the beginning of the end of the dot-com boom
2000 - 16th Soap Opera Digest Awards - General Hospital wins
2001 - 22nd Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Boston College beats Pittsburgh, 79-57
2002 - 49th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #3 Duke beats NC State, 91-61
2002 - 43rd SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Mississippi State beats Alabama, 61-58
2006 - The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrives at Mars.
2006 - Mass unrest by the PCC started in São Paulo (the biggest city in Brazil) which would eventually kill more than 152 people.
Actress and Singer Jennifer HudsonActress and Singer Jennifer Hudson 2007 - 21st Soul Train Music Awards: Jermaine Dupri, Jennifer Hudson win
2007 - 28th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Georgetown beats Pittsburgh, 65-42
2012 - At least 130 rockets are fired into Israel from Gaza
2012 - 33rd Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Louisville beats Cincinnati, 50-44
2013 - Aung San Suu Kyi is re-elected leader of the Burmese National League for Democracy
2014 - German Chancellor Merkel warns Russia's Putin that making Crimea part of Russia is illegal and in violation of Ukraine's constitution
2015 - The family of Marvin Gaye win a record $7.3 million lawsuit for music copyright infringement against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I.

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