Historical Events on March 12

Events 1 - 200 of 201

  • 538 Witiges, king of the Ostrogoths, ends his siege of Rome and retreats to Ravenna, leaving the city in the hands of the victorious Roman general, Belisarius.
  • 1054 Pope Leo IX escapes captivity & returns to Rome
  • 1088 Odo of Lagery elected as Pope Urban II, succeeding Victor III
  • 1144 Gherardo Caccianemici elected Pope Lucius II, succeeding Callistus II
  • 1350 Orvieto city says it will behead & burn Jewish-Christian couples
  • 1365 University of Vienna founded
  • 1455 First record of Johann Gutenberg's Bible, letter dated this day by Enea Silvio Piccolomini refers to the bible printed a year before
  • 1496 Jews are expelled from Syria
  • 1572 Luis Vaz de Camoes publishes "Os Lusíados" in Portugal
  • 1594 Company of Distant established for business on East-Indies
  • 1597 England routes troops to Amiens
  • 1609 Bermuda becomes an English colony
  • 1619 Dutch settlement on Java changes name to Batavia
  • 1622 Ignatius of Loyola declared a saint
  • 1642 Abel Tasman is 1st European in New Zealand
  • 1664 1st naturalization act in American colonies
  • 1664 New Jersey becomes an English colony
  • 1689 Former English King James II lands in Ireland

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1737 Galileo's body moved to Church of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy

Astronomer & Physicist Galileo Galilei
Astronomer & Physicist
Galileo Galilei
  • 1755 1st steam engine in America installed, to pump water from a mine
  • 1773 Jeanne Baptiste Pointe de Sable found settlement now known as Chicago
  • 1794 Theatre Royal in London's Dury Lane opens after being rebuilt
  • 1799 Austria declares war on France
  • 1832 The ballet La Sylphide first premieres at the Opéra de Paris.
  • 1848 2nd republic established in France
  • 1849 1st gold seekers arrive in Nicaragua en route to Calif
  • 1850 1st US $20 gold piece issued

Music releaseMusic Premiere

1857 Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Simon Boccanegra" premieres in Venice

Composer Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi
  • 1860 Congress accepts Pre-emption Bill: free land in West for colonists
  • 1862 24th Grand National: Harry Lamplugh aboard The Huntsman wins
  • 1867 Last French troops leave Mexico
  • 1868 Great Britain annexes Basutoland in Africa (later renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho)
  • 1868 US Congress abolishes manufacturer's tax
  • 1868 Henry O'Farrell attempts to assassinate Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh.
  • 1877 Great Britain annexes Walvis Bay at Cape colony, Southern Africa.
  • 1881 Andrew Watson makes his Scotland debut as the world's first black international football player and captain.
  • 1884 Mississippi establishes 1st US state college for women
  • 1888 2nd day of the Great blizzard of '88 in NE US (400 die)
  • 1889 Battle at Metema (Gallabad): Ethiopian Emperor Yohannes IV, defeated
  • 1889 Start of South Africa's 1st Test, v England, Port Elizabeth
  • 1894 Pittsburgh issues free season tickets for ladies on Tuesday & Friday
  • 1894 Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first time in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • 1896 1st movie in Netherlands (Kalverstr 220)
  • 1897 Vincent d'Indy's opera "Fervaal" premieres in Brussells
  • 1900 President Steyn of Orange Free state flees from Bloemfontein
  • 1901 Ground is broken for Boston's 1st AL ballpark (Huntington Ave Grounds)
  • 1903 NY Highlanders (Yankees) approved as members of AL
  • 1904 1st main line electric train in UK (Liverpool to Southport)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1904 Andrew Carnegie establishes Carnegie Hero Fund

Industrialist and Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie
Industrialist and Philanthropist
Andrew Carnegie
  • 1905 The continuing strikes and disorders that unsettle Italy force out Premier Giovanni Giolitti, though he will return in March, 1906
  • 1906 Heavy storm ravages Dutch west coast
  • 1908 Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers sweep Win Maple Leafs in 2 games
  • 1908 The Pan-Macedonian group is formed in Athens to support the Greek Struggle for Macedonia.
  • 1909 Alarmed over increasing German naval strength, Parliament passes a new naval appropriations bill
  • 1910 Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers beat Berlin (Kitchener), 7-3

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1912 Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) forms in Savannah, by Juliette Gordon Low

Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA Juliette Gordon Low
Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA
Juliette Gordon Low

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1912 Helen Hayes Theater (Little Theatre) opens at 240W 44th St, NYC

Actress Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes
  • 1912 Establishment of the first football club in Bulgaria - Botev Plovdiv
  • 1913 Foundation stone of the Australian capital in Canberra laid
  • 1916 French airship sinks British submarine D3
  • 1917 [OS Feb 27] Russian Duma sets up the Provisional Committee; Soviets form Executive Committee
  • 1917 Stalin, Kamenev & Muranov arrives in Petrograd/St Petersburg
  • 1917 A German submarine sinks an unamred US merchant ship, the 'Algonquin' on the same day that US President Wilson gives executive order to arm US merchant ships
  • 1919 Austrian National Meeting affirms Anschluss (incorporate into Germany)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1919 George Bernard Shaw's "Augustus Does His Bit" premieres in NYC

AgreementAgreement of Interest

1925 British government of Stanley Baldwin refuses to ratify Geneva agreement

British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
British Prime Minister
Stanley Baldwin
  • 1926 Denmark begins unilateral disarmament
  • 1926 Pope Pius XI names J E van Roey archbishop of Malines Belgium
  • 1928 In California, the St. Francis Dam fails, killing over 600 people.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1930 Mohandas Gandhi begins 200m (300km) march protesting British salt tax

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi
  • 1930 Stanislawa Walasiewicz [Stella Walsh] sets record for the 220-yard dash (0:26.1)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1933 FDR conducts his 1st "fireside chat"

32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd US President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • 1934 Acting Pres Constantine Päts commits coup in Tallinn Estonia
  • 1934 Josip Broz (Tito) freed from jail
  • 1934 Paul Hindemith's "Mathis der Maler" premieres in Berlin
  • 1935 England establishes 30 MPH speed limit for towns & villages
  • 1938 Nazi Germany invades Austria (Anschluss)
  • 1939 Pope Pius XII crowned in Vatican ceremonies
  • 1940 Finland surrenders to Russia during WW II, gives Karelische Isthmus
  • 1941 German occupiers confiscate AVRO studios in Netherlands
  • 1942 British troops vacate the Andamanen in Gulf of Bengal
  • 1943 Soviet troops liberate Wjasma
  • 1945 30 Amsterdammers executed by nazi occupiers
  • 1945 Italy's Communist Party (CPI) calls for armed uprising in Italy
  • 1945 NY is 1st to prohibit discrimination by race & creed in employment
  • 1945 USSR returns Transylvania to Romania
  • 1947 "Chocolate Soldier" opens at Century Theater NYC for 69 performances
  • 1947 Belgian government of Huysmans resigns

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1947 US President Harry Truman introduces Truman-doctrine to fight communism

33rd US President Harry Truman
33rd US President
Harry Truman
  • 1948 -5°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in March
  • 1950 Belgium votes (58%) for return of King Leopold III
  • 1950 Pope Pius XII encyclical "On combating atheistic propaganda"
  • 1951 Baseball Commish Happy Chandler loses fight (9-7) to stay in office
  • 1951 Communist troops driven out of Seoul

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1954 1st performance of Arnold Schoenberg's "Moses und Aaron"

Composer and Painter Arnold Schoenberg
Composer and Painter
Arnold Schoenberg
  • 1956 Dow Jones closes above 500 for 1st time (500.24)
  • 1957 German DR accepts 22 Russian divisions
  • 1958 British Empire Day is renamed "Commonwealth Day"
  • 1958 3rd Eurovision Song Contest: Andre Claveau for France wins singing "Dors, mon amour" in Hilversum
  • 1959 Dutch Liberal Party wins 2nd parliamentary elections
  • 1959 US House joins Senate approving Hawaii statehood
  • 1961 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Miami Golf Open
  • 1962 Dutch Premier De Quay announces secret talks with Indonesia

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1963 Beatles perform as a trio, John Lennon is ill with a cold

Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • 1964 6th Grammy Awards: Days of Wine & Roses, Streisand wins 2
  • 1964 Jimmy Hoffa sentenced to 8 years
  • 1964 S. N. Behrman's play "But for Whom Charlie" premieres in NYC
  • 1964 WKAB TV channel 32 in Montgomery, AL (ABC) begins broadcasting

Sports record brokenNHL Record

1966 Bobby Hull's 51st goal of season, sets record

NHL Legend Bobby Hull
NHL Legend
Bobby Hull
  • 1966 Jockey Johnny Longden retires after 40 years (6,032 wins)
  • 1966 Love's 1st album released "Love"
  • 1966 Pioneer Plaza dedicated
  • 1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1967 Austria's Reinhold Bachler ski jumps 505 feet

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1967 Indonesian congress strips president Sukarno of authority and names General Suharto as acting President

2nd President of Indonesia Suharto
2nd President of Indonesia
1st President of Indonesia Sukarno
1st President of Indonesia
  • 1968 Mauritius gains independence from Britain (National Day)
  • 1968 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1969 11th Grammy Awards: Mrs Robinson, By the Time I Get to Phoenix wins
  • 1969 120 cannabis joints found at George & Patti Harrison's home
  • 1970 US lowers voting age from 21 to 18
  • 1971 Syrian premier Hafez Assad elected president
  • 1971 Turkish Government of Demirel forced to resign by Army
  • 1971 Thousands of Belfast shipyard workers march demanding the introduction of Internment for members of the Irish Republican Army
  • 1972 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Lady Eve Golf Open

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1972 NHL great Gordie Howe retires after 26 seasons

Ice Hockey Legend Gordie Howe
Ice Hockey Legend
Gordie Howe
  • 1974 Bundy victim Donna Manson disappears, Evergreen SC, Olympia, Wash
  • 1975 Vietcong conquer Ban me Thuot South Vietnam
  • 1976 South African troops leave Angola
  • 1977 Chile president Pinochet bans Christian-Democratic Party

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1977 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat pledges to regain Arab territory from Israel

President of Egypt and Nobel Laureate Anwar Sadat
President of Egypt and Nobel Laureate
Anwar Sadat
  • 1978 Eric Heiden skates world record 1000m (1:14.99)
  • 1978 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Sunstar Golf Classic

MurderMurder of Interest

1980 Jury finds John Wayne Gacy guilty of murdering 33 in Chicago

Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy
Serial Killer
John Wayne Gacy
  • 1980 NY Islanders 3rd scoreless tie, vs Pittsburgh Penguin
  • 1981 Soyuz T-4 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6 space station
  • 1981 Stephen Sondheim's musical "Marry Me a Little," premieres in NYC
  • 1981 Walter R T Witschey installs world's largest sundial, Richmond, VA
  • 1982 1st-class debut of Courtney Walsh, Jamaica v Leeward Islands
  • 1982 PLO chief Yassar Arafat appears on "Nightline"
  • 1983 Don Ritchie runs world record 50 mile (4:51:49)
  • 1983 4th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: St. John's beats Boston College, 85-77
  • 1984 National Union of Mine Workers in Britain begins a 51 week strike
  • 1984 British ice dancing team, Torvill & Dean, become 1st skaters to receive 9 perfect 6.0s in world championships

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1985 Larry Bird scores Boston Celtic record 60 points

NBA Legend Larry Bird
NBA Legend
Larry Bird

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

1985 11th People's Choice Awards: Clint Eastwood & Meryl Streep win (Motion Picture) and Tom Selleck, Joan Collins & Linda Evans win (TV)

Actor and Director Clint Eastwood
Actor and Director
Clint Eastwood
Actress Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Actor Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck
  • 1986 210.25 million shares traded in NY Stock Exchange
  • 1986 Susan Butcher wins 1,158 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
  • 1987 "Les Miserables" opens at Broadway/Imperial NYC for 4000+ performances

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1987 David Robinson scores 50 points in a NCAA basketball game

NBA Center David Robinson
NBA Center
David Robinson
  • 1987 Federal judge dismisses lawsuits sought by Oliver North
  • 1987 Ice Pairs Championship at Cincinnati won by E Gordeeva & Grinkov (URS)
  • 1987 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Cincinnati won by Brian Orser (CAN)
  • 1987 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

1989 15th People's Choice Awards: Dustin Hoffman & Meryl Streep win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Bill Cosby & Phylicia Rashad win (TV)

Actor Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman
Actor/Comedian Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby
Actress Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
  • 1989 2 cyanide-contaminated Chilean grapes found (Philadelphia)
  • 1989 Madagascar AREMA party wins parliamentary election
  • 1989 36th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #9 North Carolina beats #7 Duke, 77-74
  • 1989 30th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Alabama beats Florida, 72-60
  • 1989 10th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Georgetown beats Syracuse, 88-79
  • 1990 LA Raiders announce they were returning to Oakland

Music awardsMusic Awards

1991 5th Soul Train Music Awards: Johnny Gill, Mariah Carey win

Singer Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey
  • 1991 OPEC announces oil production cut to 22.3 Mbbl/d (3,550,000 m3/d)
  • 1992 Mauritius becomes a republic while remaining a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • 1993 317 killed by bomb attacks in Bombay
  • 1993 Cleveland radio station WMMS-FM/101.7 is bought by Disney
  • 1993 Entertainment Tonight's 3,000th show
  • 1993 Inkhata leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi begins 2½ week speech
  • 1994 Church of England ordains 1st 33 women priests
  • 1995 Congress party loses India national election
  • 1995 Dottie Mochrie wins LPGA PING/Welch's Golf Championship
  • 1995 Ice Dance Championship at Birmingham UK won by Gritshuk & Platov (RUS)
  • 1995 Ice Pairs Championship at Birmingham won by Radka Kovarikova & Rene Novotny
  • 1995 Lara scores 139 in ODI v Australia at Port-of-Spain
  • 1995 Letitia Vriesde runs South American indoor record 800m (2:00.35)
  • 1995 Men's Figure Skating Champions in Birmingham won by Elvis Stojko (CAN)
  • 1995 Worlds Ladies' Figure Skating Champ in Birmingham won by Chen Lu (CHN)
  • 1995 42nd ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #7 Wake Forest beats #4 North Carolina, 82-80 (OT)
  • 1995 36th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Kentucky beats Arkansas, 95-93 (OT)
  • 1995 16th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Villanova beats Connecticut, 94-78
  • 1996 Leeward Islands beat Trinidad by 73 runs to win Red Stripe Trophy
  • 1998 "Sound of Music," opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC
  • 1999 Former Warsaw Pact members the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland join NATO.
  • 2000 47th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #3 Duke beats #20 Maryland, 81-68
  • 2000 41st SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Arkansas beats Auburn, 75-67
  • 2002 Animated film "Ice Age" directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha, with voices by Denis Leary and John Leguizamo premieres
  • 2003 Zoran Đinđić, Prime Minister of Serbia, is assassinated in Belgrade.
  • 2003 Elizabeth Smart, was found after having been missing for 9 months.
  • 2004 Roh Moo-hyun, President of South Korea is impeached by its national assembly for the first time in the nation's history.
  • 2005 Tung Chee Hwa, the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong, steps down from his post after his resignation is approved by the Chinese central government.
  • 2005 26th Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: Syracuse beats West Virginia, 68-59
  • 2006 53rd ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: #1 Duke beats #7 Boston College, 78-76
  • 2006 47th SEC Men's Basketball Tournament: Florida beats South Carolina, 49-47
  • 2011 A reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant melts and explodes and releases radioactivity into the atmosphere a day after Japan's earthquake.
  • 2011 32nd Big East Men's Basketball Tournament: #9 Connecticut beats #3 Louisville, 69-66
  • 2012 100 people are killed in ethnic clashes and cattle raids in South Sudan
  • 2012 45 people, including children, are massacred by the Syrian Army in Homs
  • 2012 China records its highest trade deficit in over a decade

Film release premierFilm Premier

2012 "Hunger Games" directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Jennifer Lawrence premieres in Los Angeles

  • 2013 JOGMEC becomes the first to successfully extract methane hydrate from seabed deposits
  • 2013 The 2013 Papal conclave begins with no new Pope elected on the first day