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363 - Roman Emperor Julian moves from Antioch with an army of 90,000 to attack the Sassanid Empire, in a campaign which would bring about his own death.
1046 - Persian scholar Naser Khosrow begins the seven-year Middle Eastern journey which he will later describe in his book Safarnama.
1179 - 3rd Lateran Council (11th ecumenical council) opens in Rome
1496 - English King Henry VII hands John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) a commission to explore for new lands
1528 - Utrecht governor Maarten van Rossum plunders The Hague
1558 - Smoking tobacco introduced in Europe by Francisco Fernandes
1579 - Betuwe joins Union of Utrecht
1616 - Astronomical work 'de Revolutionibus' by Nicolaus Copernicus placed on Catholic Forbidden index
1623 - 1st American temperance law enacted, Virginia
1645 - Battle of Jankau in Bohemia: Sweden defeats Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III
1651 - South Sea dike in Amsterdam breaks after storm
1684 - Emperor Leopold I, Poland & Venice sign Heilig Covenant of Linz
1743 - 1st US religious journal, The Christian History, published, Boston
Astronomer and Mathematician Nicolaus CopernicusAstronomer and Mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus 1746 - Jacobite troops leave Aberdeen
1750 - 1st American Shakespearean production-"altered" Richard III, NYC
1766 - Don Antonio de Ulloa takes possession of Louisiana Terr from French
1770 - Boston Massacre (or the Incident on King Street ), British soldiers kill 5 men in a crowd throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks at them. African American Crispus Attucks 1st to die; later held up as early black martyr. Galvanised anti-British feelings
1774 - John Hancock delivers the fourth annual Massacre Day oration, a commemoration of the Boston Massacre, and denounces the presence of British troops in Boston, enhancing Hancock's stature as a leading Patriot
1783 - King Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski grants rights to Jews of Kovno
1784 - Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney, is named President of the Board of Trade.
1793 - French troops are defeated by Austrian forces and Liège is recaptured.
Statesman John HancockStatesman John Hancock 1795 - Amsterdam celebrates Revolution on the Dam; Square of Revolution
1795 - Treaty of Basel - Prussia ends war with France
1807 - 1st performance of Ludwig von Beethoven's 4th Symphony in B
1820 - Dutch city of Leeuwarden forbids Jews to go to synagogues on Sundays
1821 - Monroe is 1st US president inaugurated on March 5th, because 4th was Sun
1824 - First Burmese War: The British officially declare war on Burma.
1836 - Samuel Colt manufactures 1st pistol, 34-caliber "Texas" model
1840 - 2nd Grand National: Mr Bartholomew Bretherton aboard Jerry wins
1841 - 1st continuous filibuster in US Senate began, lasting until March 11
1842 - Over 500 Mexican troops led by Rafael Vasquez invade Texas, briefly occupy San Antonio and then head back to the Rio Grande.
1845 - 7th Grand National: Mr William Loft aboard Cure-All wins
1848 - Louis Antoine Garnier-Pages is named French minister of Finance.
12th US President Zachary Taylor12th US President Zachary Taylor 1849 - Zachary Taylor sworn in as 12th US president
1850 - The Britannia Bridge across the Menai Strait between the Isle of Anglesey and the mainland of Wales is opened.
1856 - Covent Garden Opera House, London, destroyed in a fire
1856 - Georgia becomes 1st state to regulate railroads
1858 - Abolitionists establish "Crispus Attucks Day" in Boston
1860 - Parma, Tuscany, Modena and Romagna vote in referendums to join the Kingdom of Sardinia.
1862 - Union troops under brig-gen Wright occupy Fernandina Florida
1864 - 1st track meet between Oxford & Cambridge
1868 - Arrigo Boito's opera "Mefistofele" premieres in Milan
1868 - Stapler patented in England by C H Gould
1868 - US Senate organizes to decide charges against President Andrew Johnson
1872 - George Westinghouse Jr patents triple air brake for trains
19th US President Rutherford B. Hayes19th US President Rutherford B. Hayes 1877 - Rutherford B. Hayes inaugurated as 19th US president
1894 - Seattle authorizes 1st municipal employment office in US
1894 - Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, becomes First Lord of the Treasury (the official title of the UK Prime Minister)
1896 - Italian premier Crispi resigns
1896 - Italian governor of Eritrea, Gen Baldissera, reaches Massawa
1897 - American Negro Academy forms
1899 - 1st performance of Edward MacDowell's 2nd Concerto in D
1900 - American Hall of Fame founded
1903 - Definitive treaty for construction of Baghdad railway drawn up
1904 - Nikola Tesla, in Electrical World and Engineer, describes the process of the ball lightning formation.
1907 - 1st radio broadcast of a musical composition aired
1907 - The second Duma opens in St. Petersburg, Russia and 40,000 demonstrators have to be dispersed by Russian troops.
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Nikola TeslaElectrical and Mechanical Engineer Nikola Tesla 1908 - 1st ascent of Mt Erebus, Antarctica
1910 - Ramon Inclan's "La Farsa Infantil de la Cabeza del Dragon" premieres
1910 - Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers beat Ottawa Senators, 3-1
1912 - Spanish steamer "Principe de Asturias" sinks NE of Spain, 500 die
1912 - Italian forces are the first to use airships for military purposes, using them for reconnaissance behind Turkish lines.
1915 - World War I: The LZ 33, a zeppelin, is damaged by enemy fire and stranded south of Ostend.
1917 - US President Woodrow Wilson is inaugurated for a second term
1919 - Louis Hirsch & Harold Atteridge's musical premieres in NYC
1921 - The Durban Land Alienation Ordinance passes, enabling the Durban City Council to exclude Indians from ownership or occupation of property in white areas, South Africa
1921 - The US warns Costa Rica and Panama to settle disputes peacefully
28th US President Woodrow Wilson28th US President Woodrow Wilson 1922 - "Nosferatu" premieres in Berlin
1923 - Montana & Nevada become 1st states to enact old age pension laws
1924 - Computing-Tabulating-Recording Corp becomes IBM
1924 - Frank Carauna, becomes 1st to bowl 2 successive perfect 300 games
1924 - King Hussein of Hedzjaz appoints himself kalief
1927 - 1,000 US marines land in China to protect American property
1928 - Karl Zuckmayer's "Der Hauptmann von Köpenick" premieres in Berlin
1931 - Gandhi & British viceroy Lord Irwin sign pact
1933 - FDR proclaims 10-day bank holiday
1933 - Germany's Nazi Party wins majority in parliament (43.9%-17.2M votes)
1934 - Mother-in-law's day 1st celebrated (Amarillo, Tx)
1935 - 1st premature baby health law in US (Chicago)
1936 - Spitfire makes its 1st flight (Eastleigh Aerodrome in Southampton)
1936 - 8th Academy Awards - "Mutiny on the Bounty", Victor McLaglen & Bette Davis wins
Actress Bette DavisActress Bette Davis 1942 - Bosnia Tito establishes 3rd Proletarit Brigade in Bosnia
1942 - Dmitri Shostakovitch' 7th Symphony premieres in Siberia
1942 - Japanese troop march into Batavia
1943 - Anti-fascist strikes in Italy
1943 - RAF bombs Essen Germany
1944 - 1st performance of Walter Piston's 2nd Symphony
1945 - Allies bombs The Hague, Netherlands
1945 - Generals Eisenhower, Patton & Patch meet in Luneville
1945 - US 7th Army Corps captures Cologne
1945 - US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Gretchen Merrill
1945 - World War II: The Battle of the Ruhr begins.
1946 - Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech (Fulton Missouri) popularizes the term and draws attention to division of Europe
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill 1946 - Hungarian Communists and Social Democrats co-found the Left Bloc.
1948 - US rocket flies record 4800 kph to 126km height
1949 - Bradman plays his last innings in 1st-class cricket, gets 30
1949 - The Jharkhand Party is founded in India.
1952 - Terence Rattigan's "Deep Blue Sea" premieres in London
1953 - 6th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "The Sound Barrier" Best Film
1954 - "Girl in Pink Tights" opens at Mark Hellinger NYC for 115 perfs
1955 - WBBJ TV channel 7 in Jackson, TN (ABC) begins broadcasting
1955 - 2nd ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: NC State beats Duke, 87-77
1956 - "King Kong" 1st televised
1956 - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
1957 - Eamon de Valera's Fianna Fail-party wins election in Ireland
1957 - Sgt Bilko satirizes Elvis Presley (Elvis Pelvin)
1958 - Explorer 2 fails to reach Earth orbit
LPGA Golfer Mickey WrightLPGA Golfer Mickey Wright 1958 - KDUH TV channel 4 in Scottsbluff-Hay Spring, NB (ABC) 1st broadcast
1959 - Iran & US sign economic & military treaty
1959 - 16th Golden Globes: The Defiant Ones, David Niven, & Susan Hayward win
1960 - 7th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Duke beats Wake Forest, 63-59
Conscripted in 1958, Elvis Presley served two years in the U.S. ArmyConscripted in 1958, Elvis Presley served two years in the U.S. Army

Singer & Cultural Icon Elvis PresleySinger & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley 1960 - Elvis Presley ends 2-year hitch in US Army
1960 - Ice Dance Championship at Vancouver won by Denny & Jones (GRB)
1960 - Ice Pairs Championship at Vancouver won by Wagner & Paul (CAN)
1960 - Men's Figure Skating Championship in Vancouver won by Alain Giletti (FRA)
1960 - Worlds Ladies' Figure Skating Champions in Vancouver won by Carol E Heiss (USA)
1960 - The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis originates when Alister Hardy publicly announces his idea that ape-human divergence may have been due to a coastal phase.
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1962 - 19th Golden Globes: The Guns of Navarone, Maximilian Schell, & Geraldine Page win
1963 - Beatles record "From Me to You" & "Thank You Girl"
1963 - 20th Golden Globes: Lawrence of Arabia, Gregory Peck, & Geraldine Page win
Soldier and Writer T. E. LawrenceSoldier and Writer T. E. Lawrence 1964 - Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr, announces a baseball team is moving there
1964 - Emergency crisis proclaimed in Ceylon due to social unrest
1965 - 1st performance of Walter Piston's 8th Symphony
1965 - Ernie Terrel beats Eddie Machen in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1965 - March Intifada: A Leftist uprising erupts in Bahrain against British colonial presence.
1966 - 75 MPH air currents causes BOAC 707 crash into Mount Fuji, 124 die
1966 - Bob Seagren pole vaults 5.19m indoor world record
1966 - Player reps elect Marvin Miller, as exec dir of Players' Association
1966 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1966 - 13th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Duke beats NC State, 71-66
1966 - 11th Eurovision Song Contest: Udo Jurgens for Austria wins singing "Merci, Cherie" in Luxembourg
1967 - WEDN TV channel 53 in Norwich, CT (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 - US launches Solar Explorer 2 to study the Sun
1969 - Gold reaches then record high ($47 per ounce) in Paris
1969 - Gustav Heinemann elected president of West Germany
1969 - Joe Orton's "What the Butler Saw" premieres in London
1970 - Edison Theater opens at 240 W 47th St NYC
1970 - Nuclear non-proliferation treaty goes into effect
1970 - SDS Weathermen terrorist group bomb 18 West 11th St in NYC
1970 - Dubnium atoms are first detected conclusively.
1970 - "Airport" based on the book by Arthur Hailey, directed by George Seaton and starring Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin is released
Rock Vocalist Robert PlantRock Vocalist Robert Plant 1971 - "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin is first played live at Ulster Hall, Belfast by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.
1972 - Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis leaves communist party
1973 - Yankee pitchers Peterson & Kekich announce they swapped wives
1974 - "Candide" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 740 performances
1974 - Ralph Stewart failed in 2nd Islander penalty shot
1975 - 10th Academy of Country Music Awards: Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn win
1976 - British pound falls below $2 for 1st time
1977 - 24th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: North Carolina beats Virginia, 75-69
1977 - 3rd People's Choice Awards: John Wayne & Barbra Streisand win (Motion Picture) and Telly Savalas & Mary Tyler Moore win (TV)
1978 - "Hello, Dolly!" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 152 perfs
Actress Mary Tyler MooreActress Mary Tyler Moore 1978 - Landsat 3 launched from Vandenberg AFB, Calif
1979 - Voyager I's closest approach to Jupiter (172,000 miles)
1979 - Iran resumes petroleum exports
1980 - Earth satellites record gamma rays from remnants of supernova N-49
1981 - Michael Stewart's musical "Bring Back Birdie" opens at Martin Beck Theater, NYC for 4 perfs
1981 - Ice Dance Championship at Hartford won by Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean (GRB)
1981 - Ice Pairs Champ at Hartford won by Irina Vorobieva & I Lisovski (URS)
1981 - Men's Figure Skating Champions in Hartford won by Scott Hamilton (USA)
1981 - US government grants Atlanta $1 million to search for black boy murderer
1982 - Gaylord Perry (with 297 wins) signs with Seattle Mariners
1982 - Russian spacecraft Venera 14 lands on Venus sends back data
23rd Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke23rd Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke 1983 - Bob Hawke (Labour) defeats PM Malcolm Fraser (Liberal) to win Australian general election
1983 - NSW beat Western Australia by 54 runs to win Sheffield Shield
1984 - Supreme Court (5-4): city may use public money for Nativity scene
1984 - US accuse Iraq of using poison gas
1985 - NY Islander Mike Bossy is 1st to score 50 goals in 8 straight seasons
1985 - Mexican authorities find the body of US drug agent Enrique "Kike" Camarena Salaazar
1985 - 38th British Film and Television Awards (BAFTAS): "The Killing Fields" Best Film, Wim Wenders Best Director
1986 - "Today" tabloid launched (Britain's 1st national colour newspaper); it folded in 1995
1988 - Constitution of Turks and Caicos Islands is restored and revised.
1989 - 19th Easter Seal Telethon raises $37,002,000
Ice Hockey Great Mike BossyIce Hockey Great Mike Bossy 1989 - Blains McCallister wins Honda Golf Classic shooting 266
1989 - Elly Verhulst runs world record 3000 m indoor (8:33.82)
1991 - Iraq repealed its annexation of Kuwait
1991 - Reggie Miller (Indiana) begins NBA free throw streak of 52 games
1992 - Ethic committee votes to reveal congressmen who bounced checks
1993 - Boston Celtic Larry Bird undergoes backfusion surgery
1993 - Fokker 100 crashes at Skopje Macedonia, 81 die
1993 - Marlins beat Astros 12-8 in their 1st spring training game
1994 - Dottie Mochrie wins Chrysler-Plymouth Tournament of Golf Championship
1994 - Largest milkshake (1,955 gallons of chocolate-Nelspruit South Africa)
1994 - PBA National Championship won by David Traber
1994 - Singer Grace Slick arrested for pointing a gun at a cop
1995 - 21st People's Choice Awards: Tom Hanks & Jodie Foster win (Dramatic Motion Picture) and Tim Allen & Roseanne win (TV)
NBA Legend Larry BirdNBA Legend Larry Bird 1995 - Estonia Centrumlinkse Coalition party wins parliamentary election
1995 - Graves of Tsar Nicholas II and family found in St Petersburg
1995 - Marc Velzeboer skates world record 3 km short track (5:00.26)
1996 - Earl Weaver & Jim Bunning, elected to Hall of Fame
1997 - Tommy Lasorda, Nellie Fox & Willie Wells for Hall of Fame
1999 - Paul Okalik is elected first Premier of Nunavut.
2001 - In Mecca, 35 Muslim pilgrims are crushed to death during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
2003 - In Haifa, 17 Israeli civilians are killed by a Hamas suicide bomb in the Haifa bus 37 massacre.
2005 - The Burkinabé Party for Democracy and Socialism holds its first National Convention.
2006 - 78th Academy Awards - "Crash", Philip Seymour Hoffman & Reese Witherspoon win
MLB Outfielder Moises AlouMLB Outfielder Moises Alou 2009 - Moises Alou announces he will retire following the World Baseball Classic
2012 - 27 members of Iraq's security force are killed by gunmen disguised as police in Haditha
2012 - Tropical Storm Irina kills 65 in Madagascar
2013 - The Dow Jones surpasses its 2007 pre-financial crisis levels for the first time

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