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535 - St Agapitus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
609 - Pope Boniface I turns Pantheon in Rome into a Catholic church
641 - Eligius (Saint Eloy) becomes bishop of Doornik-Noyon
1106 - Henry I of Limburg loses the duchy of Lower Lorraine to Godfrey of Louvain
1110 - Crusaders march into Beirut causing a bloodbath
1364 - Peter Coutherel banished from Leuven
1497 - Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Girolamo Savonarola
1559 - Exhumed corpse of heretic David Jorisz burned in Basel
1568 - Mary Queen of Scots is defeated at battle of Langside
1588 - King Henri III flees Paris
1607 - English colonists, led by John Smith, land near James River in Virginia
1624 - Admiral Hermites' fleet blockade Lima, Peru
1637 - Cardinal Richelieu of France reputedly creates the table knife
1643 - Battle of Grantham: English parliamentary armies beat royalists
1643 - Heavy earthquake strikes Santiago Chile; kills 1/3 of population
Explorer John SmithExplorer John Smith 1648 - Construction of the Red Fort at Delhi is completed.
1652 - Ingen Ryuki invited to become the abbot of Sofokuji temple in Nagasaki
1654 - Venetian fleet under Adm Adeler beats Turkish
1767 - Mozart's opera "Apollo et Hyacinthus" premieres in Salzburg
1777 - University library at Vienna opens
1779 - War of Bavarian Succession ends
1787 - Arthur Phillip sets sails with 11 ships of criminals to Botany Bay, Australia
1820 - Opera "Die Jagarsbrautt" is completed
1830 - Republic of Ecuador is founded, with Juan Jose Flores as president
1835 - 1st foreign embassy in Hawaii forms
1846 - US declares war on Mexico, 2 months after fighting begins
1848 - First performance of Finland's national anthem.
Queen of the United Kingdom VictoriaQueen of the United Kingdom Victoria 1861 - Queen Victoria announces Britain's position of neutrality
1861 - The Great Comet of 1861 is discovered by John Tebbutt of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.
1864 - -16] Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Resaca Georgia
1865 - Battle of Palmito Ranch, near Brownsville, Texas: final engagement of the American Civil War, Private John Jefferson Williams of B Company, 34th Regiment Indiana Infantry is last man killed
1874 - Pope Pius IX encyclical "On Greek-Ruthenian rite"
1876 - Amersfoort-Zutphen railway opens
1877 - Caesar Franck's "Lesson Eolides" premieres
1882 - Toba indians killed 20 members of French expedition
1884 - Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) forms in New York
1887 - 15th Preakness: William Donohue aboard Dunboyne wins in 2:39.25
1888 - DeWolf Hooper 1st recited "Casey at Bat"
1888 - Princess Isabel of Brazil signs "Lei Auréa" abolishing slavery
1890 - 18th Preakness: W Martin aboard Montague wins in 2:36.75
1890 - Lord Salisbury offers Helgoland to Germany in exchange for Zanzibar, Uganda & Equatoria
1891 - 17th Kentucky Derby: Isaac Murphy aboard Kingman wins in 2:52.25
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. JeffriesBoxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries 1905 - James J Jeffries retires as boxing champion
1906 - Bezalel Art School opens in Jerusalem
1909 - Christian National Labor Workers (CNV) party begins in Netherlands
1909 - The first Giro d'Italia takes place in Milan: Italian cyclist Luigi Ganna is the winner.
1911 - 37th Kentucky Derby: George Archibald aboard Meridian wins in 2:05
1911 - NY Giant Fred Merkle is 1st to get 6 RBIs in an inning (1st)
1912 - Royal Flying Corps forms in Great Britain
1913 - 1st four-engined aircraft built and flown (Igor Sikorsky, Russia)
1915 - US Secretary of State Bryan sends a note to Germany demanding that Germany disavow the attacks on the Lusitania and make immediate reparations; however, the note is written only to 'pacify exited public opinion', according to Bryan
1916 - 1st observance of Indian (Native American) Day
Aviator Igor SikorskyAviator Igor Sikorsky 1916 - 42nd Kentucky Derby: Johnny Loftus aboard George Smith wins in 2:04
1917 - 1st appearance of Mary to 3 shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal
1917 - Ernest Bloch's "Schelomo" premieres
1918 - 1st US airmail stamps issued (24 cents)
1922 - 48th Kentucky Derby: Albert Johnson aboard Morvich wins in 2:04.6
1922 - 47th Preakness: L Morris aboard Pillory wins in 1:51.6
1923 - Pulitzer prize awarded to Willa Carter (One of Ours)
1927 - "Black Friday" on Berlin Stock Exchange
1927 - VVOG soccer team forms in Harderwijk
1930 - Farmer killed by hail in Lubbock, Texas; only known fatality due to hail
1931 - Paul Doumer elected president of France
1933 - 58th Preakness: Charley Kurtsinger aboard Head Play wins in 2:02
1934 - Great dustbowl storm sweeps across US prairies
1936 - Quiroga government takes office in Spain
1939 - 64th Preakness: George Seabo aboard Challedon wins in 1:59.8
1939 - SS St Louis departs Hamburg with 937 Jews fugitives
1940 - British bomb factory at Breda
Soldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston ChurchillSoldier, Author and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill 1940 - Winston Churchill says I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat
1940 - Dutch Queen Wilhelmina flees to England
1940 - German breakthrough at Grebbelinie
1941 - Martin Bormann is named head of Nazi Chancellery in Germany
1941 - Trial against resistance fighter comte d'Estienne d'Orves begins
1941 - Willy Lewis' US jazz band performs in Switzerland
1942 - Helicopter makes its 1st cross-country flight
1942 - Pitcher Jim Tobin belts 3 HRs in a game
1943 - German & Italian forces in Africa surrender
1943 - German occupiers confiscate all radios
1944 - 69th Preakness: Conn McCreary aboard Pensive wins in 1:59.2
1945 - US troops conquer Dakeshi Okinawa
1946 - Sarwate & Banerjee add 249 for 10th wkt for Indians v Surrey
1946 - US sentences 58 camp guards of Mauthausen concentration camp to death
1946 - Winston Churchill welcomed in Rotterdam
1947 - US Senate approved the Taft-Hartley Act limiting the power of unions
1949 - 1st British-produced jet bomber, the Canberra, makes its 1st test flight
1950 - Diner's Club issues its 1st credit cards
1950 - The first round of the Formula 1 World Championship is held at Silverstone.
1952 - Minor-league Bristol pitcher Ron Necciai strikes out 27 in 9-innings
1952 - Pandit Nehru becomes premier of India
1952 - The Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament of India, holds its first sitting.
MLB Legend Willie MaysMLB Legend Willie Mays 1953 - NY Giants Willie Mays & Darryl Spencer each hit 2 HRs & a triple
1954 - "Pajama Game" opens at St James Theater NYC for 1063 performances
1954 - Labour Party wins British municipal elections
1954 - Robin Roberts gives up a HR then retires next 27 men in a row
1954 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1954 - Chinese Middle School students in Singapore take part in anti-National Service riots.
1955 - Mickey Mantle hits 3 consecutive HRs of at least 463'
1956 - Pachyderm Building at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo opens
1958 - French settlers riot against French army in Algeria
1958 - Jordan & Iraq form Arab Federation
1958 - Pierre Pflimlin forms French government
1958 - Rioters attack US VP Richard Nixon in Venezuela
MLB Legend Stan MusialMLB Legend Stan Musial 1958 - Stan Musial is 8th to get 3,000 hits
1958 - The trade mark Velcro is registered.
1959 - Kraft Music Hall with Milton Berle last airs on NBC-TV
1960 - 1st launch of Delta satellite launching vehicle; it failed
1960 - Phillies lose 3rd consecutive 1-0 game
1960 - WOLE TV channel 12 in Aguadillo, PR
1962 - Mickey Wright wins LPGA Western Golf Open
1965 - Rolling Stones record "Satisfaction"
1965 - Several Arab nations break ties with West Germany after it established diplomatic relations with Israel
1966 - Rolling Stones release "Paint it Black"
1966 - US Federal education funding is denied to 12 school districts in the South because of violations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
Baseball Legend Mickey MantleBaseball Legend Mickey Mantle 1967 - NY Yankee Mickey Mantle hits career HR #500 off Stu Miller
1967 - Octagonal boxing ring is tested to avoid corner injuries
1968 - 1,000,000 French demonstrate against Charles De Gaulle & Georges Pompidou
1969 - Race riots, later known as the May 13 Incident, take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1970 - Beatles movie "Let it Be" premieres
1971 - Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane seriously injured in a car accident
1972 - 115 die in nightclub atop 7-story Sennichi dept store (Osaka Japan)
1972 - Milwaukee Brewers beat Minnesota Twins, 4-3, in 22 innings (started 5/12)
1972 - Battle at Springmartin: following a loyalist car bombing of a Catholic-owned pub in the Ballymurphy area of Belfast, clashes erupte between the PIRA, UVF and British Army
French President Georges PompidouFrench President Georges Pompidou 1973 - "Cyrano" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 49 performances
1973 - Bobby Riggs beat Margaret Smith Court in Mother's Day match in Calif
1973 - Judy Rankin wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
1975 - "Rodgers & Hart" opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 108 performances
1975 - Flyers 4-Isles 1-Semifinals-Flyers win semifinals 4-3
1975 - Hail stones as large as tennis balls hit Wernerville Tenn
1976 - 9th & final ABA championship: NY Nets beat Denver Nuggets, 4 games to 2
1977 - Howard Stern begins broadcasting at WRNW, Briarcliff Manor NY
1978 - "Angel" closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 5 performances
1978 - Musical "Runaways" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 199 performances, with Elizabeth Swados
1978 - Henry Rono of Kenya sets record for 3,000 m steeplechase (8:05.4)
1978 - Joie Chitwood drives a Chevette 5.6 miles on just 2 wheels
1979 - "Utter Glory... Morrissey Hall" opens & closes at Mark Hellinger NYC
Radio shock jock Howard SternRadio shock jock Howard Stern 1979 - Sandra Post wins LPGA Lady Michelob Golf Tournament
1979 - Shah of Iran & family sentenced to death in Teheran
1980 - Cincinnati Red Ray Knight hits 2 HRs in 5th inning vs NY Mets
1981 - Dinamo Tbilisi wins 21st European Cup Winner's Cup against Carl Zeiss Jena of East Germany 2-1 in Düsseldorf
1981 - Pope John Paul II is shot and critically wounded by Turkish gunman Mehemet Ali Agca in St Peter's Square, Vatican City
1982 - Braniff Airlines files for bankruptcy
1982 - Canucks 0-Isles 3-Stanley Cup-Isles hold 3-0 lead
1982 - Chicago Cubs win their 8,000th (beat Astros)
1982 - Soyuz T-5 is launched-Berezovoi & Lebedev for 211 days in space
1982 - Terri Lea Utley, 20 (Arkansas) crowned 31st Miss USA
1983 - Reggie Jackson is 1st major leaguer to strike out 2,000 times
1984 - "Oliver!" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 17 performances
MLB Right Fielder Reggie JacksonMLB Right Fielder Reggie Jackson 1984 - Amy Alcott wins LPGA United Virginia Bank Golf Classic
1984 - Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff's last competitive match
1985 - Carlton Fisk becomes 5th catcher to steal 100 bases
1985 - Laura Elena Martinez-Herring, 21, (Texas), crowned 34th Miss USA
1985 - Philadelphia police attack a house held by group "Move", 11 killed
1987 - Ajax of the Netherlands win 27th European Cup Winner's Cup against Lokomotive Leipzig 1-0 of East Germany in Athens
1987 - NHL Clarence Campbell Conference Final: Edmonton Oilers beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 1
1989 - Approx 2,000 students begin hunger strike in Tiananmen Square, China
1989 - Minn Twin Kirby Puckett becomes 35th to hit 4 doubles in a game
1989 - Trinidad & Tobago ties US 1-1, in 3rd round of 1990 world soccer cup
1990 - "Change in the Heir" closes at Edison Theater NYC after 16 perfs
1990 - Dottie Mochrie wins LPGA Crestar Golf Classic
King of Pop Michael JacksonKing of Pop Michael Jackson 1991 - "Michael Jackson: Magic & Madness" goes on sale
1991 - Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0
1991 - Yankee Stadium fans sing "Like a Virgin" to Jose Canseco
1992 - 3 astronauts simultaneous walked in space for the 1st time
1992 - Concrete foundation for ballpark at Gateway (Jacobs Field) is poured
1992 - Final episode of "Night Court" airs on NBC-TV
1992 - Frank Stallone beats Geraldo Rivera in boxing on Howard Stern Show
1992 - Li Hongzhi gave the first public lecture on Falun Gong in Changchun, People's Republic of China.
1993 - 6th annual business person run held in Wall Street
1993 - Arsenio Hall's 1,000th show retrospective seen in Netherlands
1993 - CBS' Knots Landing ends 14 year run with 334th show in Netherlands
1993 - KC Royal George Brett hits his 300th HR
MLB Third Baseman George BrettMLB Third Baseman George Brett 1993 - Methane gas explosion in Secunda coal mine South-Africa, kills 50
1994 - Indians begin a 18 home game home win streak at Jacobs Field
1995 - 6.5 earthquake hits Greece
1995 - New Zealand beats US for the America's Cup
1995 - Chelsi Smith, 21, of USA, crowned 44th Miss Universe Shanna Lynn Moakler, (19-NY), replaces Chelsi Smith as Miss USA
1995 - 40th Eurovision Song Contest: Secret Garden for Norway wins singing "Nocturne" in Dublin
1996 - OJ Simpson appears on British TV discussing his not guilty verdict
1996 - Severe thunderstorms and a tornado in Bangladesh kill 600 people.
1997 - Eddie Murray is 6th baseball player to play in 3,000 games
1998 - Race riots break out in Jakarta, Indonesia, where shops owned by Indonesian of Chinese descendants are looted and women raped.
1998 - India carries out two nuclear tests at Pokhran, in addition to the three conducted on May 11. The United States and Japan impose economic sanctions on India.
MLB First Baseman Eddie MurrayMLB First Baseman Eddie Murray 1998 - Chelsea of England win 38th European Cup Winner's Cup against Stuttgart of Germany 1-0 in Stockholm
2000 - 45th Eurovision Song Contest: Olsen Brothers for Denmark wins singing "Fly on the Wings of Love" in Stockholm
2000 - In Enschede, the Netherlands, a fireworks factory explodes, killing 22 people, wounding 950, and resulting in approximately €450 million in damage.
2001 - Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing "House of Freedoms" coalition wins the Italian general election.
2001 - 47th British Academy Television Awards: "Da Ali G Show" Best Comedy, "Clocking Off" Best Drama
2004 - The final episode of "Frasier" on NBC is watched by 33 million people
2005 - The Andijan Massacre occurs in Uzbekistan.
2006 - 2006 São Paulo violence: a major rebellion occurs in several prisons in Brazil.
2007 - Construction of the Calafat-Vidin Bridge between Romania and Bulgaria begins.
2007 - 5th Republic protest in support of state secularism held in İzmir, Turkey
2011 - Portugal slips into double-dip recession after the economy contracts by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2011, with a 0.6% contraction in the last quarter of 2010, it is reported today
2011 - Romania officially leaves the recession after 2 years following economic growth of an annualised 1.6% in the first quarter
2012 - 49 dismembered bodies are found on a Mexican highway as part of the Mexican drug war
2012 - Torrential rain in Hunan Province, China, destroys a bridge, 3,500 homes and displaces 28,000 people
2012 - Manchester City win the English Premier League for the first time
Astronaut Chris HadfieldAstronaut Chris Hadfield 2013 - Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield departs the International Space Station to return to Earth
Christopher Columbus aboard his flagship the Santa María in 1492Christopher Columbus aboard his flagship the Santa María in 1492

Explorer of the New World Christopher ColumbusExplorer of the New World Christopher Columbus 2014 - Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Santa María, is discovered off the northern coast of Haiti

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