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1380 - King Charles VI of France crowned at age 12
1524 - Francisco Pizarro begins his 1st great expedition, near Colombia
1550 - Pope Julius III proclaims new seat on Council of Trente
1666 - Samuel Pepys reports on 1st blood transfusion (between dogs)
1675 - Pope Clemens X declares Gorcumse martyrs divine
1680 - Gottfried Kirch discovers the Great Comet of 1680 (Kirch's Comet/Newton's Comet)
1698 - Spanish king Carlos appoints grandson prince Jozef Ferdinand as heir
1732 - First professional librarian in north America, Louis Timothee, hired in Philadelphia
1755 - Henry Fox appointed British 'Secretary of State for the Southern Department'
1775 - -15] Floods ravage Dutch coast provinces
1792 - Captain George Vancouver is first Englishman to enter San Francisco Bay
1832 - First streetcar (horse-drawn) (John Mason) debuts in NYC; fare 12 cents rode on 4th Avenue between Prince and 14th Sts
1833 - Charles Darwin departs by horse to Montevideo
1834 - William Thomson enters Glasgow University at 10 yrs 4 months
Moby Dick Author Herman MelvilleMoby Dick Author Herman Melville 1851 - "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville published
1863 - Nathan Bedford Forrest is assigned to command of West Tennessee
1863 - Skirmish at Danville, Mississippi
1881 - Charles J. Guiteau put on trial for the assassination of US President Garfield
1881 - Leon Gambetta forms French government
1888 - St Andrews Golf Club, Yonkers NY, opens with just 6 holes
1888 - USC Trojans (then Methodists) play their 1st football game
1889 - New York World reporter Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) began her attempt to surpass fictitious journey of Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg by traveling around world in less than 80 days She succeeded, finishing the trip in January in 72 days and 6 hours
1893 - Gerhart Hauptmann's "Hanneles Himmelfahrt" premieres in Berlin
1894 - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Golden Pince-Nez" (BG)
Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart HauptmannAuthor and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann 1896 - Power plant at Niagara Falls begins operation
1904 - King C Gillette patents Gillette razor blade
1905 - David Belasco's "Girl of Golden West" premieres in NYC
1906 - President Theodore Roosevelt visits Panama
1907 - The Third Duma (Parliament) meets in Russia; following Tsar Nicholas II's limiting of the franchise, a conservative majority holds sway and suppresses the radical elements
1908 - Albert Einstein presents his quantum theory of light
1908 - Oscar Strauss' musical "Der tapfere Soldat" premieres in Vienna
1908 - Liberal candidate Jose Miguel Gomez wins national elections for president in Cuba
1910 - 1st airplane flight from deck of a ship, Norfolk, Va
1914 - Billy Mallett of Hamilton Tigers kicks 10 singles in a game
1915 - Thomas Masaryk demands independence for Czechoslovakia
Theoretical Physicist Albert EinsteinTheoretical Physicist Albert Einstein 1918 - Republic of Czechoslovakia created with T.G. Masaryk as president
1919 - Red Army captures Omsk, Siberia
1920 - American Pro Football League's Chic Tiger Joe Guyon punts 95 yards
1920 - The Russian Bolshevik army occupies Sebastopol, ending anticommunist attempts to regain the government of Russia
1921 - The Communist Party of Spain is founded.
1922 - BBC begins domestic radio service from 2LO at Marconi House
1922 - German Reichs Chancellor Joseph Wirth's term ends
1923 - Kentaro Suzuki completes his ascent of Mount Iizuna.
1927 - World's largest gas tank in Pittsburgh Penn explodes; 28 die
1931 - Ottawa Mint Act is proclaimed in Britain
1935 - FDR proclaims Philippine Islands a free commonwealth
1935 - Nazis deprive German Jews of their citizenship
1936 - Bradman scores 192 for S A v Vic before a MCG crowd of 21000
Cricket Legend Donald BradmanCricket Legend Donald Bradman 1938 - Dutch DC3 crashes at Schiphol, 6 die
1939 - Oil refinery fire kills 500 & destroys Lagunillas, Venezuela
1940 - During WW II, German planes destroy most of Coventry, England
1941 - British aircraft carrier Ark Royal sank in Mediterranean, having been torpedoed by a German submarine the day before
1941 - Gov-Gen Wouters of Dutch Antilles refuses Jews refuge
1942 - -Nov 15th) Japanese/US sea battle at Savo-Island in Guadalcanal)
1942 - Last Vichy-French troops in Algeria surrender
1943 - Chic Bear Sid Luckman passes for 7 touchdowns vs NY Giants (56-7)
1943 - J Postma, C Schalker, D Goulooze arrested for leading illegal CPN
1945 - H Lindsay & R Crouse's "State of the Union" premieres in NYC
1945 - Java: Sutan Sjahrir appointed as forming government
1946 - Dutch Dakota flight to Schiphol crashes, kills 11
1952 - Greek general Alexander Papagos wins elections
1952 - First regular UK singles chart published by the New Musical Express.
1953 - WCIA TV channel 3 in Champaign, IL (CBS) begins broadcasting
1954 - Egyptian pres Naguib fire, state of emergency declared
1956 - Hungarian revolt put down by Soviet invasion
1957 - Dick Hutton beats Lou Thesz in Toronto, to become NWA wrestling champion
1957 - Henry Aaron wins NL MVP
1957 - The Apalachin Meeting outside Binghamton, New York is raided by law enforcement, and many high level Mafia figures are arrested.
1959 - "Girls against the Boys" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 16 perfs
1959 - Kilauea's most spectacular eruption (in Hawaii)
1960 - 2 passenger trains collided at high-speed killing 110 (Czech)
1960 - Belgium threatens to leave UN due to criticism on its policy on Congo
Musician Ray CharlesMusician Ray Charles 1960 - Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind" reaches #1
1960 - Riot due to school integration in New Orleans
1964 - "Fade Out-Fade In" closes at Mark Hellinger NYC after 199 perfs
1964 - "Folies Bergere" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 191 perfs
1964 - "Oliver!" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 774 performances
1964 - Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe sets NHL record 627th career goal
1965 - "Baker Street" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 313 performances
1965 - George Abbott Theater (Adelphi, 54 St) at 152 W 54th NYC, demolished
1965 - KCST TV channel 39 in San Diego, CA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1965 - Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Alamo Golf Open
1965 - US government sends 90,000 soldiers to Vietnam
1966 - Muhammad Ali TKOs Cleveland Williams in 3 for heavyweight title
1967 - The Congress of Colombia in commemoration of the 150 years of the death of Policarpa Salavarrieta, declares this day as "Day of the Colombian Woman".
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad AliHeavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali 1968 - "National Turn in Your Draft Card Day" features draft card burning
1968 - First European lung transplant
1968 - Yale University announces it is going co-educational
1968 - U.S. premiere of film version of Morris L. West's best seller "The Shoes of the Fisherman"
1969 - 2nd Vietnam Moratorium Day in US
1969 - Apollo 12 (Conrad/Gordon/Bean) launched for 2nd manned Moon landing
1970 - DC-9 crashes in West Virginia, 75 killed
1970 - Marshall U football team wiped out in air crash at Kenova WV
1970 - Paul Brown, as head coach of the expansion Cincinnati Bengals, defeats his former team the Cleveland Browns, a moment he calls his "greatest victory"
1971 - Enthronment of Pope Shenouda III as Pope of Alexandria
1972 - Dow Jones closes above 1,000 for 1st time (1003.16)
1973 - "Good Evening" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 438 performances
American Football Coach Paul BrownAmerican Football Coach Paul Brown 1973 - Canada begins production of Olympic coins
1973 - Jim Palmer is named AL Cy Young winner
1975 - Spain, Morocco & Mauretania sign accord about Spanish Sahara
1976 - "Don't Step on My Olive Branch" closes at Playhouse NYC after 16 perfs
1976 - Cleveland Browns' Jerry Sherk sets club record with 4 sacks
1976 - War criminal Pieter Menten captured 1 day after fleeing
1976 - Satire film drama "Network" directed by Sidney Lumet premieres in Los Angeles and New York City
1977 - Egyptian President Anwar Sadat repeats willingness to visit Israel to Walter Cronkite
1979 - California's Don Baylor, wins AL MVP
1980 - Guinee-Bissau premier Vieira fires president Luis Cabral
1980 - Kimberley Santos, 19 of Guam, crowned 30th Miss World
1980 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Broadcast Journalist Walter CronkiteBroadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite 1981 - 2nd Space Shuttle Mission-Columbia 2-returns to Earth
1981 - Old Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park repaired & working again
1981 - Pakistan all out 62 v Australia at WACA, Lillee 5-18
1981 - Paul 'Bear' Bryant ties Amos Alonzo Stagg with 314 football wins
1982 - Polish Solidarity chairman Lech Walesa freed
1983 - First cruise missile placed at Greenham Common, England
1984 - Astronauts aboard "Discovery" pluck a 2nd satellite from orbit
1984 - NASA launches NATO-3D
1984 - Zamboanga City mayor Cesar Climaco, a prominent critic of the government of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, is assassinated in his home city.
1985 - Brewers release 39-year-old pitcher Rollie Fingers
1985 - Holmfriour Karlsdottir of Iceland, 22, crowned 35th Miss World
1985 - Volcano Nevado del Ruiz Colombia erupts, 1000s killed
1986 - Doubleday Publishing sells NY Mets to Nelson Doubleday & Fred Wilpon
1986 - FCC issues Notice Of Apparent Liability to WYSP Phila
1986 - SEC imposes a record $100 million penalty against Ivan Boesky
1987 - "La Cage aux Folles" closes at Palace Theater NYC after 1761 perfs
1987 - Sam's Town National Bowling Pro-Am won by Debbie Bennett
1989 - Padres reliever Mark Davis wins NL Cy Young Award
1990 - Doug Drabek (22-6) wins NL Cy Young Award
1990 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1990 - Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
British Prime Minister Margaret ThatcherBritish Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher 1990 - Michael Heseltine contests Margaret Thatcher's leadership of the British Conservative Party
1990 - Philippines hit by typhoon, 110 die
1990 - James Worthy is arrested in Houston and charged with two counts of solicitation of prostitution
1991 - Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video premieres on FOX TV
1991 - Pittsburgh Steelers guard Terry Long loses his steroids appeal & is suspended without pay by NFL for 4 weeks
1991 - American and British authorities announce indictments against two Libyan intelligence officials in connection with the downing of the Pan Am Flight 103.
1991 - Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk returns to Phnom Penh after thirteen years of exile.
1992 - Actress Peg Phillips (Northern Exposure), falls & breaks 3 fingers
King of Cambodia Norodom SihanoukKing of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk 1993 - "Kentucky Cycle" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 34 performances
1993 - "Twilight of the Golds" closes at Booth Theater NYC after 29 perfs
1993 - 23rd NYC Women's Marathon won by Uta Pippig in 2:26:24
1993 - 24th NYC Marathon won by Andres Espinosa in 2:10:04
1993 - Don Shula becomes the coach with the most wins in NFL history
1993 - Puerto Rico votes against becoming the 51st US state
1993 - 43rd NASCAR Sprint Cup: Dale Earnhardt wins
1994 - 1st trains for public run in Channel Tunnel under English Channel
1994 - Space shuttle STS-66 (Atlantis 13), lands
1996 - "Chicago" opens at Richard Rodgers Theater NYC
1996 - Texas Ranger Juan Gonzalez wins AL MVP
1997 - Colo Rockie Larry Walker wins NL MVP
1997 - Disney's "Lion King" sets Broadway record of $2,700,000 daily sale
2001 - War in Afghanistan: Afghan Northern Alliance fighters takeover the capital Kabul.
NFL Head Coach Don ShulaNFL Head Coach Don Shula 2001 - OPEC announces that it intends to cut its crude oil output quotas by 1.5 million barrels per day effective, but only if non-OPEC producers cut their output by 500,000 barrels per day as well.
2001 - "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" the 1st film adaptation of the books by J. K. Rowling, is released starring Daniel Radcliffe
2002 - Argentina defaults on an $805 million World Bank payment.
UA Flight 175 flies toward the south tower of the World Trade Center while the north tower burnsUA Flight 175 flies toward the south tower of the World Trade Center while the north tower burns

2002 - The United States House of Representatives votes not to create an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks.
Novelist J. K. RowlingNovelist J. K. Rowling 2002 - Film "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is released, based on the 2nd book by J. K. Rowling
2004 - 31st American Music Awards: Sheryl Crow, Usher & Kenny Chesney win
2006 - "Casino Royale", 21st James Bond film premieres in London, starring Daniel Craig for the 1st time and Eva Green, premieres in London
2007 - the last direct-current distribution by Con Edison was shut down.
2008 - Italy plunges into recession, its first since the start of 2005, after GDP contracts a steeper-than-expected 0.5% in the third quarter
2008 - Hong Kong becomes the second Asian economy to tip into recession, its exports hit by weakening global demand
2008 - Eurozone officially slips into recession for the first time since its creation in 1999, pushed down by recessions in Germany and Italy
2009 - The National Statistical Service of Greece states that the country has been in recession since the beginning of the year
Singer-songwriter Sheryl CrowSinger-songwriter Sheryl Crow 2010 - 61st Formula One WDC: Sebastian Vettel wins by four points
2012 - A series of protests against austerity measures occur across Europe including Spain, Portugal, and Greece
2012 - CFBDSIR 2149-0403 is discovered, the closest rogue planet to earth (100 light-years away)
2012 - "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2", based on the book by Stepenie Meyer, directed by Bill Condon, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison, is released
2013 - Boston gangster Whitey Bulger is sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus five years for his crimes

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