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922 - Richarius becomes bishop of Luik
1333 - Flood of the Arno River, causing massive damage in Florence as recorded by the Florentine chronicler Giovanni Villani.
1501 - Philip de Blank & Juana "la Loca" depart to Spain
1519 - Flood ravages Dutch/Friese coast
1520 - Danish/Norwegian king Christian II crowned king of Sweden
1529 - English cardinal Thomas Wolsey arrested
1576 - Eighty Years' War: In Flanders, Spanish defeat Walloon and captures Antwerp (after three days the city was nearly destroyed).
1619 - Frederik V crowned king of Bohemia
1631 - Ferdinand of Austria installed as land guardian of South Netherlands
1645 - Prince Frederik Henry conquerors Holly
1646 - Massachusetts uses death penalty for denying that Holy Bible is God's word
1675 - Storm hits Western Europe: flood in Amsterdam
1737 - The Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, inaugurated.
1771 - Carlo Goldoni's "Le Bourru Bienfaisant" premieres in Paris
1783 - W.A. Mozart's Symphony No. 36 is premiered in Linz, Austria.
Classical Musician and Composer Wolfang Amadeus MozartClassical Musician and Composer Wolfang Amadeus Mozart 1819 - Māori Chiefs Hongi Hika and Rewa sell 13,000 acres (5260 hectares) at Kerikeri to the Church Missionary Society for 48 felling axes, New Zealand
1839 - The Newport Rising is the last large-scale armed rebellion against authority in mainland Britain.
1841 - First wagon train arrives in California
1845 - First nationally observed uniform election day in US
1846 - Benjamin Palmer patents artificial leg
1852 - Count Camillo Benso di Cavour becomes the prime minister of Piedmont-Sardinia, which soon expands to become Italy.
1854 - Lighthouse built on Alcatraz Island
1856 - James Buchanan elected 15th US president
1861 - University of Washington founded in Seattle
1862 - Dr Richard Gatling patents Gatling machine gun (Indianapolis)
1864 - Confederate assault on Johnsonville, Tennessee
15th US President James Buchanan15th US President James Buchanan 1864 - Naval Engagement at Reynoldsburg Island
1866 - Kingdom of Italy annexes Venetia
1867 - 90 kegs of powder used to get rock from Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, for seawall
1873 - Dentist John Beers of SF patents gold crown
1874 - Samuel J Tilden elected governor of NY
1875 - Passenger Steamship "Pacific" collides with sailing vessel "Orpheus" off Cape Flattery Wash, 236 die
1875 - Tonga adopts constitution
1875 - Massachusetts Rifle Association is founded in Boston
1876 - John Brahms' 1st Symphony in C premieres
1879 - Elkins patents refrigerating apparatus
1879 - James Ritty patents first cash register, to combat stealing by bartenders in his Dayton, Ohio saloon
US President Grover ClevelandUS President Grover Cleveland 1884 - Grover Cleveland (D) beats James G Blaine (R) for his 1st presidential term. The only American president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms
1886 - Edward MacDowell's "Ophelia" premieres
1889 - Players League begins, declaring independence from baseball's NL
1890 - Great Britain proclaims Zanzibar as a protectorate
1890 - Prince of Wales opens first underground station at Stockwell, South London
1890 - Alexander Borodin's opera "Prince Igor" premieres in Petersburg
1893 - Dr Jamesons Legertje occupies Bulawayo Matabeleland
1901 - Clyde Fitch's "Way of the World" premieres in NYC
1903 - Panama and Colombia wake up to news that the insurrectionists have declared an independent Republic of Panama
1904 - First stadium built specifically for football (Harvard Stadium)
1905 - Dock strike against importing grain elevators in Rotterdam
1908 - Brooklyn Academy of Music opens in NYC
1909 - Opera "Il Segreto di Susanna" is produced (Munich)
1910 - Start of South Africa's 1st F-C game in Aust (v S Aust). It rained
Tsar Nicholas IITsar Nicholas II 1910 - Russian Tsar Nicholas II visits German Emperor Wilhelm II at Potsdam; they force tentative agreements on spheres of influence in the Middle East
1911 - France & Germany signs treaty about Morocco & Congo
1914 - Vogue holds 1st model show ("Fashion Fete", NYC)
1918 - The Allied armistice with Austria-Hungary, signed 3 November, goes into effect
1921 - The Sturmabteilung or SA (the "Brown Shirts") is formally formed by Adolf Hitler
1921 - Japanese Prime Minister Hara Takashi is assassinated in Tokyo.
1922 - Howard Carter discovers tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt
1924 - British Labour government of Ramsay MacDonald resigns
1924 - California legalizes professional boxing (illegal since 1914)
1924 - Nellie Tayloe Ross elected first US female governor (Wyoming)
30th US President Calvin Coolidge30th US President Calvin Coolidge 1924 - US President Calvin Coolidge re-elected
1928 - Jose Moncada elected president of Nicaragua
1929 - John Baldridge' "Berkeley Square" premieres in NYC
1929 - Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Laurence McKinley Gould, and their polar expedition team begin a 2½ month, 1500-mile dog-sledge journey into the Queen Maud Mountains, the first exploration of the interior of Antarctica
1931 - Jean Genet's "Judith" premieres in Paris
1933 - Bradman scores 200 NSW v Queensland, 184 mins, 26 fours
1933 - Hermann Goering & Georgi Dimitrov duel
1933 - Young Park (1) in the Bronx named in honor of James Young
1934 - Pitts ends Detroit Lions' shutout streak at 7 games but loses 40-7
1939 - 1940 Olympics awarded to Helsinki, Finland
1939 - First air conditioned automobile (Packard) exhibited, Chicago, Illinois
1939 - US allows "cash & carry" arms sales during WW II
Nazi Politician Hermann GoeringNazi Politician Hermann Goering 1940 - Eggs & cake rationed in Netherlands
1942 - 13th day of battle at El Alamein: Afrika Korps draws back out Fuka-posing
1944 - German troops reconquer Schmidt Hurtgenwald
1944 - RAF bombs Dinteloord, 54 killed
1946 - "Park Avenue" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 72 performances
1946 - UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization formed
1948 - TS Eliot wins Nobel Prize for literature
1949 - "One Man's Family" premieres on TV
1950 - "Barrier" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 4 performances
1950 - "Consul" closes at Barrymore Theater NYC after 269 performances
1950 - Indonesian troops reconquer Ambonese capital Ambon
1950 - US troops vacate Pyongyang North Korea
1951 - 9th Ryder Cup: US wins 9½-2½ at Pinehurst Resort (Pinehurst, North Carolina, US)
1951 - NY Giants & NY Yanks score back-to-back TDs on kickoff returns
1951 - Vijay Merchant scores 154 v England in his last Test Cricket innings
1952 - Earthquake & flood strike Kamshatka-South America
34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1952 - General Dwight Eisenhower (R) elected 34th president of the USA, beating Adlai Stevenson (D)
1953 - Eddie Joost succeeds Jimmy Dykes as the manager of Phila A's
1953 - New balk rule gives the batter option; of accepting the outcome of the pitch or the balk
1954 - "Fanny" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 888 performances
1954 - Philadelphia A's move to Kansas City
1955 - The rebuilt Vienna State Opera reopens with Ludwig van Beethoven's Fidelio after it was totally destroyed in World War II.
1956 - 200,000 Russian troops attack anti-Soviet movement in Budapest, Hungary
1956 - Israel captures Straits of Tiran & reach Suez Canal Egypt
1957 - 2nd Soviet Earth-satellite launched
1958 - Angelo G Roncalli crowned as pope John XXIII
1958 - Belgian government of Eyskens resigns
Pope John XXIIIPope John XXIII 1958 - Democrats win US congressional election
1959 - Ernie Banks, Cubs shortstop, wins 2nd consecutive NL MVP
1960 - "Misfits" premieres, final movie for Clark Gable & Marilyn Monroe
1961 - Karamanlis becomes premier of Greece
1962 - Murle Lindstrom wins LPGA San Antonio Civitan Golf Tournament
1962 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island
1963 - John Lennon utters his infamous "rattle your jewellery" line at a Royal Variety Performance in London
1965 - Lee Breedlove sets female land speed record (308.56 MPH) in Utah
1966 - Flooding of Arno River (Italy) destroys countless art works, kills 113
1968 - Battles between Jordan army & Al Fatah-arm forces
1968 - WRDU (now WPTF) TV chan 28 in Raleigh-Durham, NC (NBC) 1st broadcast
1968 - WTOG TV channel 44 in St Petersburg-Tampa, FL (IND) 1st broadcast
Musician and Beatle John LennonMusician and Beatle John Lennon 1968 - Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O'Neill meets British Prime Minister Harold Wilson for talks about the situation in Northern Ireland; Wilson states that there will be no change in the constitutional position of Northern Ireland without the consent of the Northern Ireland population
1970 - Russian nuclear physicist Sacharov forms Human Rights Comittee
1970 - Genie, a 13 year old feral child was found in Los Angeles, California having been locked in her bedroom for most of her life.
1972 - Bangladesh adopts constitution
1972 - Kings score 3 goals within 45 seconds against Islanders
1973 - Thousands commemorate former Greek premier Georgios Papandreou
1973 - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Errol Golf Classic
1973 - M Medoff's "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?" premieres in NYC
1973 - New Orleans Saints 1st shutout victory, 13-0 vs Buffalo Bills
1973 - The Netherlands experiences the first Car Free Sunday caused by the 1973 oil crisis. Highways are deserted and are solely used by cyclists and roller skaters.
LPGA Golfer Kathy WhitworthLPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth 1975 - Orioles Jim Palmer wins his 2nd Cy Young Award
1976 - 1st mass-market free-agent reentry draft, Reggie Jackson, Joe Rudi, Gullett, Tenace, Fingers, Baylor, Grich & McCovey, available
1977 - UN Security council proclaims weapon embargo against South Africa
1978 - Iranian troops fire on anti-Shah student protesters by Tehran U
1978 - Islanders start 15 game undefeated streak (12-0-3)
1978 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1978 - 3rd annual reentry free-agent draft, Pete Rose, Tommy John, & Darrell Evans, available
1979 - 500 Iranian "students" seize US embassy, take 90 hostages (444 days)
1980 - Islanders start 15 game undefeated streak (13-0-2)
1980 - Libyan invasion in Chad
1980 - Ronald Reagan (R) defeats incumbant US President Jimmy Carter (D) by a landslide
US President & Actor Ronald ReaganUS President & Actor Ronald Reagan 1980 - Sadaharu Oh, 40, pro baseball's all-time HR run king with 868, retires
1980 - Steve Carlton wins 3rd NL Cy Young Awards
1981 - Beth Henley's "Crimes of the Heart" premieres in NYC
1981 - Columbia shuttle launch scrubbed with 31 secs remaining
1981 - Dr George Nichopoulas is acquitted of overprescribing addictive drugs for Elvis Presley
1982 - Ruud Lubbers becomes Dutch premier
1983 - Bomb attack on Israeli headquarter in Tyrus Lebanon, 60 killed
1983 - Washington Capitals first NHL overtime victory beating Vancouver 5-4
1984 - Nayoko Yoshikawa wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
1984 - Nicaragua holds first free elections in 56 years; Sandinistas win 63%
1987 - Benito Santiago, Padres catcher, wins NL Rookie of Year
1987 - Lisa Steinberg, battered into coma by her adoptive father Joel
1987 - NBA announces 4 new franchises; Charlotte & Miami for 1988 & Minneapolis & Orlando for 1989
1988 - First NBA game at Charlotte Coliseum - Hornets lose to Cavs, 133-93
1989 - First NBA game at Orlando Arena, Orlando Magic loses to NJ Nets, 111-106
1989 - Rene Muawad elected president of Lebanon
1989 - Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Bayakoa, Dancing Spree, Go for Wand, Prized, Rhythm, Steinlen, Sunday Silence
1989 - The congress of the Solidarity Party is inaugurated in Sweden. The congress decides, contrary to the proposal of the central committee, not to disband the party.
1990 - "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" opens at Shubert NYC for 225 perfs
1990 - 20th NYC Women's Marathon won by Wanda Panfil in 2:30:45
1990 - 21st NYC Marathon won by Douglas Wakiihuri in 2:12:39
1990 - Debbie Massey wins LPGA Mazda Japan 133 Golf Classic
1990 - Iraq says it is preparing for a "dangerous war"
1990 - US Secretary of State James Baker visits American troops in Saudi Arabia
1990 - 41st Formula One WDC: Ayrton Senna wins by seven points
1991 - Mid East peace conference ends in Madrid Spain
First Lady and Politican Imelda MarcosFirst Lady and Politican Imelda Marcos 1991 - Imelda Marcos returns from exile to the Philippines and was arrested the next day for tax fraud and corruption. She was then released on $6,400 bail.
1992 - NY Giants announce they will quit WNEW Radio after 32 years for WOR
1992 - NY Jets announce they are moving from WABC to WFAN radio
1993 - "Timon of Athens" opens at Lyceum Theater NYC for 37 performances
1993 - Elton John awarded $518,700 from Sunday Mirror for a false report on his diet
1993 - Bolivia becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
1993 - Jean Chretien is appointed the Prime Minister of Canada by Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn
1994 - Soyuz TM-20 lands in Kazahkstan
1994 - United Center in Chicago opens - Bulls beat Charlotte Hornets, 89-83
1994 - San Francisco: First conference that focusses exclusively on the subject of the commercial potential of the World Wide Web.
20th Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien20th Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien 1995 - "Indiscretions" closes at Ethel Barrymore Theater NYC after 221 perfs
1995 - 1st-class Cricket debut of Paul Adams, W Province v N Transvaal
1995 - Key Arena opens, Seattle Supersonics beat LA Lakers 103-89
2001 - 53rd Emmy Awards: The West Wing, Sex and the City, James Gandolfini & Edie Falco win
2001 - MLB World Series: Arizona Diamondbacks defeat New York Yankees to win 4-3
2002 - Chinese authorities arrest cyber-dissident He Depu for signing pro-democracy letter to the 16th Communist Party Congress
2003 - The most powerful solar flare as observed by satellite instrumentation is recorded.
2003 - Former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy becomes the first person indicted under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. He was eventually acquitted.
2004 - 12 French soldiers, 3 UN personnel and hundreds of civilians die during the Côte d'Ivoire civil war.
44th US President Barack Obama44th US President Barack Obama 2008 - Barack Obama becomes the first African-American to be elected President of the United States
2009 - MLB World Series: New York Yankees defeat Philadelphia Phillies to win 4-2
2012 - Bishop Tawadros appointed as the 118th Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church
2012 - Kimi Raikkonen wins Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012
2012 - Syrian rebels capture a major oil field in Deir ez-Zor Governorate
2014 - The US votes in mid-term elections: Republicans retain the house & regain the Senate
2014 - Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko orderes army reinforcements to key southern and eastern cities to combat potential rebel offensive
2014 - The body of the last missing victim is found on board the wrecked Costa Concordia, during its dismantling in Genoa
2014 - Protectionist wins the 2014 Melbourne Cup
2014 - Tim Scott becomes the first African-American Senator in the south since the Reconstruction
2015 - Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta announces his resignation after protests over a Bucharest nightclub fire that killed 32
Prime Minister of Canada Justin TrudeauPrime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau 2015 - Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canadian Prime Minister with a cabinet split equally between men and woman
2015 - Katy Perry is the highest paid musician of the year earning 135 million, according to Forbes Magazine
2015 - Plane crashes after take-off from Juba international airport, South Sudan, killing 37, 1 year old survives in father's arms

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