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1260 - Saif ad-Din Qutuz, third Mamluk sultan of Egypt, is assassinated by Baibars, by a fellow Mamluk leader, who seizes power for himself.
1260 - The spectacular Cathedral of Chartres is dedicated in the presence of King Louis IX of France; the cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
1360 - The Treaty of Brétigny is ratified at Calais, marking the end of the first phase of the Hundred Years' War.
1492 - 24 Jews are burned at the stake in Mecklenburg, Germany
1531 - Bavaria joins Schmalkaldische Union
1593 - Alleged teleportation of Spanish soldier Gil Perez from the Philippines to Mexico
1596 - -26] Battle at Kerestes: Ottoman beat Austria-Hungary & Germany
1648 - Treaty of Westphalia ends The Thirty Year's War in the Holy Roman Empire; Switzerland's independence recognized
1656 - Treaty of Vilnius: Russia & Poland sign anti-Swedish covenant
1681 - Earl of Shaftesbury accused of high treason in London
1795 - 3rd Partition of Poland, between Austria, Prussia & Russia
French Emperor Napoléon BonaparteFrench Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte 1812 - Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Maloyaroslavets takes place near Moscow.
1818 - Felix Mendelssohn, 9, performs his first public concert (Berlin)
1836 - A Phillips patents match
1851 - William Lassell discovers Ariel & Umbriel, satellites of Uranus
1856 - Constitution of South Australia adopted
1857 - World's first soccer club, Sheffield F C, founded in Yorkshire, England
1861 - First US transcontinental telegram is sent (from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.)
1861 - West Virginia seceded from Virginia
1871 - Mob in Los Angeles, California hang 18 Chinese
1881 - Levi P Morton, US ambasador to France drives first rivet in Statue of Liberty
1882 - Robert Koch discovers germ that causes tuberculosis
1885 - Johann Strauss' operetta "Zigeunerbaron (Gypsy Baron)" premieres in Vienna
Microbiologist Robert KochMicrobiologist Robert Koch 1889 - Softball rules adopted by Mid Winter Indoor Baseball League
1899 - Battle at Rietfontein, South Africa: Boers vs British army
1900 - General Redvers Buller returns to England
1901 - First woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (Anna Taylor)
1903 - First trotter to run a mile under 2 minutes (Lou Dillon 1:58.1)
1903 - George Sutton becomes billards champion
1904 - First New York subway opens
1908 - Billy Murray hits the charts with "Take Me Outto the Ball Game"
1909 - Italy and Russia sign the Racconigi Pact in which both nations promise to support the status quo in the Balkans
1911 - Captain Robert Falcon Scott's expedition leaves Cape Evans for South Pole
1911 - Orville Wright remained in the air 9 minutes and 45 seconds in a glider at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina setting a new world record that stood for 10 years.
Aviator Orville WrightAviator Orville Wright 1913 - Joe Tinker fired as Cin Reds manager
1916 - Moroccan troops capture Ft Douaumont
1917 - Battle at Caporetto: German & Austria smash Italian army
1922 - German parliament mandates Ebert president until July 1925
1922 - Irish Parliament adopts a constitution for an Irish Free State
1923 - Gen Otto von Lossow calls Reichswehr to Berlin to form a dictatorship
1924 - Christian Gen Feng Joe Siang occupies Beijing
1924 - Nobel prize for physiology/medicine awarded to W Einthoven
1926 - Harry Houdini's last performance, which was at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit, Michigan.
1929 - "Black Thursday", start of stock market crash, Dow Jones down 12.8%
1929 - Rudy Vallee's "The Fleishmann's Yeast Hour" begins broadcasting on NBC radio
Magician & Escape Artist Harry HoudiniMagician & Escape Artist Harry Houdini 1929 - Belgian princess Marie-Jose & Italian crown prince Umberto get engaged, assassination attempt on Umberto fails
1930 - A bloodless coup d'état in Brazil ousts Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa, the last President of the First Republic. Getúlio Vargas then installed as "provisional president."
1931 - George Washington Bridge linking New York City and New Jersey dedicated, opens the next day
1931 - Gangster Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years for tax evasion
1932 - British government signs trade treaty with USSR
1933 - Langston Hughes' "Mulatto" premieres in NYC
1935 - Italy invades Ethiopia [10/2]
1935 - Judge Landis fines ump George Moriarty, Cubs mgr Charlie Grimm & Chic players W English, B Jurges & B Herman for actions in World Series
1938 - US forbids child labor in factories
Poet and Playwright Langston HughesPoet and Playwright Langston Hughes 1939 - Benny Goodman records "Let's Dance"
1939 - Joe DiMaggio wins AL MVP, Jimmie Foxx is runner-up
1939 - Nazi require wearing of Star of David by Jews
1939 - Nylon stockings go on sale for first time (Wilmington, Delaware)
1940 - US Fair Labor Standards of 1938 comes into effect - minimum wage, 44 hr week
1940 - Hitler meets Marshal Pétain
1940 - Japan eliminates US terms (strike, play ball) from baseball
1940 - Protestant churches protest against dismissal of Jew civil servants
1942 - Second day of battle at El Alamein: British infantry
1943 - Anti-nazi Clandestine Radio Soldatsender Calais begins transmitting
1944 - Rotterdam Passage fight frees 46 prisoners
1944 - US air raid on Japanese battleships/cruisers in Sibuya Sea: Musashi sinks
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1944 - US aircraft carrier Princeton sinks at Philippines
1944 - US capt David Mccampbell shoots down 9-11 Jap planes in Gulf of Leyte
Preamble to the Charter of the United NationsPreamble to the Charter of the United Nations 1945 - Charter of United Nations comes into effect
1945 - France (PC/PS/MRP win parliamentary election (25/24/23%)
1946 - Netherlands & Indonesia sign cease fire
1946 - A camera on board the V-2 No. 13 rocket takes the first photograph of earth from outer space.
1947 - Series of forest fires $30 million of timber (New England States)
1948 - Bernard M Baruch introduces term "Cold War"
1948 - Francis Poulenc's "Sinfonietta" premieres
1948 - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical In Multiplicibus Curis
1948 - WJBK TV channel 2 in Detroit, MI (CBS) begins broadcasting
1951 - Jan de Hartog's "Four Poster" premieres in NYC
1951 - United Nations publishes its first postage stamps
1952 - Arab Liberation Movement becomes only political party in Syria
1953 - KOOL (now KTSP) TV channel 10 in Phoenix, AZ (CBS) begins broadcasting
34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1954 - Dwight D. Eisenhower pledges United States support to South Vietnam
1954 - 5th Formula One WDC: Juan Manuel Fangio wins by 16.86 points
1956 - Margaret Towner becomes first woman to be ordained into the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (PCUSA)
1956 - AP names Cin manager Birdie Tebbets as NL Manager of the Year
1956 - Soviet troops invade Hungary, Imre Nagy becomes PM of Hungary
1957 - Cin Redlegs decline to move to Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City
1957 - The USAF starts the X-20 Dyna-Soar program.
1958 - USSR lends Egypt 400 million rubles to build Aswan Dam
1959 - US premier of D Sjostakovitch's 1st Cello concert
1960 - Disaster on USSR (Baikonoer) launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin & team (165 die-unconfirmed); USSR claims killed in plane crash
1961 - "Evening with Yves Montand" opens at John Golden NYC for 55 perfs
1962 - Cuban missile crisis: US blockade of Cuba begins
1963 - "110 in the Shade" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 330 perfs
1963 - KRO shows first episode of Bonanza
1963 - Sandy Koufax is unanimous winner of Cy Young Award
1964 - "Cambridge Circus" closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 23 perfs
1964 - 18th Olympic games close at Tokyo, Japan
1964 - Belgian paratroops liberate 1,000 white hostages in Stanleyville
1964 - Dr Kenneth David Kaunda becomes president of Zambia
1964 - Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) gains independence from Britain (National Day)
1964 - Khalid "Billy" Ibadulla scores 166 on Cricket debut v Australia
1964 - Test Cricket debut of Asif Iqbal, Majid Khan & Khalid Ibadulla v Aust
1965 - Benjamin Britten's "Voices for Today" premieres
1965 - Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Phoenix Thunderbirds Golf Tournament
1965 - 16th Formula One WDC: Jim Clark wins by 14 points
Rock Star Mick JaggerRock Star Mick Jagger 1968 - Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithful busted for pot, released on £50 bail
1968 - The People's Democracy (PD) stage a protest demonstration at Stormont Parliament buildings, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1969 - Hanif, Mushtaq & Sadiq Mohammad start their only Test Cricket together
1970 - Nancy Walker creates Ida Morgenstein role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
1970 - Salvador Allende Gossens elected president of Chile
1971 - Harry Drake sets longest arrow flight by a footbow (1 mile 268 yds)
1971 - Texas Stadium opens-Cowboys beat Patriots 44-21
1971 - President of Sinn Féin Ruairi O'Brady, then (SF), address a SF Ard Fheis in Dublin, claiming that the North of Ireland must be made ungovernable as first step in achieving a united Ireland
1971 - A member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is shot dead by undercover Royal Ulster Constabulary officers during a bomb attack in Belfast
1972 - 2 Catholic men are found dead at a farm at Aughinahinch, near Newtownbbutler, County Fermanagh - British soldiers carry out the killings
1973 - Heavy fog causes 65 car collision killing 9 on NJ Turnpike
1973 - John Lennon sues US government to admit FBI is tapping his phone
1973 - Yom Kippur War ends, Israel 65 miles from Cairo, 26 from Damascus
1974 - Billy Martin named AL Manager of Year (Texas Rangers)
1975 - Turkish diplomat shot dead in Paris
1976 - 1st Jewish film & TV festival
1976 - 6th NYC Women's Marathon won by Miki Gorman in 2:39:11
1976 - 7th NYC Marathon won by Bill Rodgers in 2:10:10
1976 - Hua Guofeng succeeds Mao as China's party leader
1976 - Sadiq & Mushtaq Mohammad score tons in same Test Cricket innings v NZ
1976 - 27th Formula One WDC: James Hunt wins by one point (this season served as the inspiration for the 2013 film "Rush")
1976 - 1st Toronto International Film Festival opens
1978 - Keith Richards convicted of heroin possession in Toronto
1978 - NHL Toronto Maple Leafs set own team record of 28 pts vs NY Islanders
1979 - Billy Martin punches a marshmallow salesman, puts job in jeopardy
Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartneyMusician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney 1979 - Guinness Book of Records presents Paul McCartney with a rhodium disc
1980 - Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1980 - Iraqi troops occupies Khorramshar
1980 - John Lennon releases "(Just Like) Starting Over" in UK
1980 - Polish government legalizes independent labor union Solidarity
1981 - Pablo Picasso's 1937 painting Guernica goes on display in Madrid Spain to celebrate the centenary of the artist's birth
1982 - "Rock 'n Roll!: The 1st..." opens at St James Theater NYC for 9 perfs
1982 - 12th NYC Women's Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:27:14
1982 - 13th NYC Marathon won by Alberto Salazar in 2:09:29
1982 - Steffi Graf plays her 1st pro tennis match
1984 - 11 members of Colombo crime family arrested
1984 - Intelsat 5 re-enters Earth's atmosphere 5 months after it failed
1986 - Dodgers' Bill Russell, 38, announces his retirement
Tennis Player Steffi GrafTennis Player Steffi Graf 1986 - Great Britain drops diplomatic relations with Syria
1987 - Bork's supreme court nomination rejected by senate
1987 - NBC technicians accept pact, end 118 day strike
1988 - NY Islander's & NHL high scorer, Mike Bossy retires
1988 - Traveling Wilburys Volume One is released
1988 - Typhoon Ruby sinks Philippine ferry; hundreds drown
1989 - After a weeks delay due to earthquake, World Series game 3 is played
1989 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1989 - Rev Jim Bakker is sentenced to 50 years for fraud
1990 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1991 - "Dancing at Lughnasa" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 421 perfs
1991 - Larry Ryckman purchases CFL Calgary Stampeders
1992 - 10th Rugby League World Cup: Australia beats Great Britain 10-6
Ice Hockey Great Mike BossyIce Hockey Great Mike Bossy 1992 - Toronto Blue Jays beat Atl Braves, 4 games to 2, in 88th World Series
1993 - "Wonderful Tennessee" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 9 performances
1994 - Bomb attack on opposition in Sri Lanka, 55+ killed
1995 - Total solar eclipse in SW/S Asia (2m09s)
1996 - Hasan Raza makes Test Cricket debut for Pakistan age 14 yrs 238 days
1996 - Last game at Atlanta County Fulton Stadium. Yanks win record 8th straight road post season win (with no loses)
1997 - Marv Albert sentenced in assault case
1998 - Launch of Deep Space 1 comet/asteroid mission
2002 - Police arrest spree killers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, ending the Beltway sniper attacks in the area around Washington, D.C.
2003 - Concorde makes its last commercial flight.
2004 - 10 people, including 4 family members of Rick Hendrick, are killed in a plane crash near Martinsville Speedway. The plane was owned by NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports.
Formula 1 Racing Driver Michael SchumacherFormula 1 Racing Driver Michael Schumacher 2004 - 55th Formula One WDC: Michael Schumacher wins by 34 points
2006 - Justice Rutherford of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice struck down the "motive clause", an important part of the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act.
2008 - "Bloody Friday" saw many of the world's stock exchanges experienced the worst declines in their history, with drops of around 10% in most indices.
2008 - Iceland receives a £1.3 billion bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the first European country to require an emergency loan with the aim of stabilising the collapsed currency and strengthening the tax system as well as the nationalised banks
2009 - First International Day of Climate Action, organized with 350.org, a global campaign to address a claimed global warming crisis.
2009 - 19th College Football Holy War: Notre Dame beats Boston College 20-16 in South Bend (Notre Dame's first win in the series in nine years)
2012 - Libyan militias capture Bani Walid resulting in 130 civilian deaths
2012 - 3 people are shot dead and two critically wounded after being shot by an unknown gunman in Downey, California
2012 - Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in Jamaica killing 1 person and causing over $50 million in damage
2013 - St Louis Cardinals defeat Boston Red Sox to tie the MLB 2013 World Series 1-1
2015 - Even results in Argentine Presidential Election between Daniel Scioli and Mauricio Macrieven trigger 1st ever Presidential run off 22 Nov

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