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312 - Constantine the Great is said to have received his famous Vision of the Cross.
625 - Honorius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
710 - Saracen invasion of Sardinia.
939 - Edmund I succeeds Athelstan as King of England.
1275 - Traditional founding of the city of Amsterdam.
1523 - English troops occupy Montalidier, France
1553 - Condemned as a heretic, Michael Servetus is burned at the stake just outside Geneva.
1605 - Spanish army under General Spinola occupies Wachtendonk
1627 - English assault on French Il de Ré
1644 - Second Battle of Newbury: King Charles I beats parliamentary armies
1651 - English troops occupy Limerick, Ireland
1676 - Poland & Turkey sign Peace of Warsaw
1682 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is founded.
1688 - King James II dismissses premier Robert Spencer
1702 - British troops plunder St Augustine, Florida
1775 - US Navy forms as the Continental Navy
1780 - Samuel Williams and the first U.S. astronomical expedition to record an eclipse of the sun observes the event at Penobscot Bay
King Charles IKing Charles I 1787 - Federalist letters start appearing in New York newspapers
1795 - Treaty of San Lorenzo provides free navigation of Mississippi
1806 - The French Army enters in Berlin.
1810 - US annexes West Florida from Spain
1830 - Major-General Baron D Chasse bombs Antwerp (Belgium revolution)
1838 - Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issues the Extermination Order, which orders all Mormons to leave the state or be exterminated.
1863 - Dutch railway to Harlingen opens
1864 - Battle of Boydton Plank Road, VA (Burgess' Mill, Southside Railroad)
1864 - 2nd Battle of Fair Oaks, Va near Richmond
1864 - Confederate ship Albemarle torpedoed and sunk by a spar torpedo mounted on a steam launch
1864 - Siege of Petersburg, VA
1867 - Garibaldi marches on Rome
Politician Boss TweedPolitician Boss Tweed 1871 - Boss Tweed (William Macy Tweed), Democratic leader of Tammany Hall, arrested after NY Times exposed his corruption
1884 - Architect Henry Hardenberghs Dakota-complex opens in NYC
1886 - Musical fantasy "Night on Bald Mountain" performed in Russia
1893 - Hurricane hits coast between Savannah Ga & Charleston SC
1896 - 1st Pali Road completed in Hawaii (winds so strong streams flow UP!)
1901 - 1st complete performance of Debussy's "Nocturnes"
1904 - IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit), opens in NYC, subway/bus fare is set at one nickel (Bkln bridge-145 & Bdwy)
1907 - The first trial of the so called Eulenberg Affair, which will rock the highest circles of Germany, ends
1913 - Pres Wilson says US will never attack another country
1914 - British battleship Audacious sunk by mine
1915 - Andrew Fisher is replaced as Labour Prime Minister by William 'Billy' Hughes, who will advocate a more active role for Australians in the war
1916 - 1st published reference to "jazz" appears (Variety)
1916 - Battle of Segale: Negus Mikael, marching on the Ethiopian capital in support of his son Emperor Iyasus V, is defeated by Fitawrari abte Giyorgis, securing the throne for Empress Zauditu.
1917 - 20,000 women march in a suffrage parade in New York, US
1919 - Axeman of New Orleans claims last victim
1919 - US Congress sign Volstead Act
1920 - League of Nations moves headquarters in Geneva
1920 - Westinghouse radio station in East Pittsburgh, KDKA begins
1922 - 1st commemoration of Navy Day (USA)
1922 - Dutch 2nd Chamber votes for child labor laws
Italian Dictator Benito MussoliniItalian Dictator Benito Mussolini 1922 - In Italy, Liberal Luigi Facta resigns in the face of threats from Mussolini that 'either the Government will be given to us or we will seize it by marching on Rome'
1924 - The Uzbek SSR is founded in the Soviet Union.
1925 - Water skis patented by Fred Waller
1927 - Queen Wilhelmina opens Meuse-Waal Canal in Nijmegen
1931 - Chuhei Numbu of Japan, sets then long jump record at 26' 2½"
1933 - Valentin Boreyko, Russia, rower (Oly Gld 1960), (d. 2012)
1935 - SDAP & NVV launchs "Plan for Work" in Utrect Netherlands
1938 - DuPont announces its new synthetic polyamide fiber will be called "nylon"
1941 - Chicago Daily Tribune editorialize there will not be war with Japan
1941 - Nazi's directs gypsy ghetto in Belgrade
1942 - 5th day of battle at El Alamein: heavy battles/Australian advance
1942 - US aircraft carrier Hornet sinks off Santa Cruz
1944 - Hertogenbosch & Tilburg freed from nazi occupation
1944 - Tito reaches free Belgrade
1945 - "Carib Song" closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 36 performances
1945 - 1st edition of Elseviers Weekly newspaper (Elseviers Magazine)
1946 - Georgi Domitrovs National Front wins Bulgaria elections (78%)
Comedian Groucho MarxComedian Groucho Marx 1947 - "You Bet Your Life" with Groucho Marx premieres on ABC radio
1947 - WMAR TV channel 2 in Baltimore, MD (NBC) begins broadcasting
1948 - Albert Camus' "L'etat de Siege" premieres in Paris
1948 - Israel recaptures Nizzanim in Negev
1948 - Léopold Sédar Senghor founds the Senegalese Democratic Bloc (BDS).
1950 - Paul Creston's 3rd Symphony "Triumph of St Joan" premieres
1952 - "My Darlin' Aida" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 89 perfs
1954 - President Eisenhower offers aid to South Vietnam pres Ngo Dinh Diem
1954 - WISN TV channel 12 in Milwaukee, WI (ABC) begins broadcasting
1954 - Walt Disney's 1st TV show, "Disneyland", premieres on ABC
1954 - Benjamin O. Davis Jr. becomes the first African-American general in the United States Air Force.
1955 - Argentine peso devalued
Animator Walt DisneyAnimator Walt Disney 1955 - Satomi Myodo, renews Zen nun vows & takes Buddhist name of Daien Myodo
1957 - Celal Bayar re-elected president of Turkey
1957 - WOWL TV channel 15 in Florence, AL (NBC/CBS) begins broadcasting
1957 - WPTA TV channel 21 in Fort Wayne, IN (ABC) begins broadcasting
1958 - Gen Ayub Khan succeeds Iskander Mirza as president of Pakistan
1958 - WEDU TV channel 3 in Tampa-St Petersburg, FL (PBS) begins broadcasting
1959 - Rare Pacific hurricane kills 2,000 in Western Mexico
1960 - AL admits LA & Washington to the league
1960 - Singer Ben E King records "Spanish Harlem" & "Stand By Me"
1961 - 1st Saturn launch vehicle makes an unmanned flight test
1961 - American Basketball League starts play
1961 - Outer Mongolia & Mauritania become 102nd & 103rd members of UN
1961 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya & Sary Shagan USSR
1962 - "Beyond the Fringe" opens at John Golden Theater NYC for 673 perfs
1962 - Black Saturday - Russian nuclear missile crisis in Cuba
1962 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1962 - The plane of Enrico Mattei, Italian industry's most relevant figure, crashes in mysterious circumstances.
1963 - Bob Simpson completes 359 for NSW v Qld at Gabba
1963 - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Phoenix Thunderbirds Golf Tournament
1964 - "Ben Franklin in Paris" opens at Lunt Fontanne NYC for 215 perfs
1964 - Congo rebel leader Christopher Gbenye holds 60 Americans & 800 Belgians
1965 - WCFT TV channel 33 in Tuscaloosa, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
1966 - China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
1966 - UN deprives South Africa of Namibia
1966 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1967 - 4 people from Baltimore pour blood on selective service records
1967 - Expo 67 closes in Montreal, Canada
1967 - NLF leaves People's Republic of South-Yemen
1968 - 19th Olympic games close at Mexico City, Mexico
LPGA Golfer Kathy WhitworthLPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth 1968 - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA River Plantation Golf Invitational
1969 - Nobel prize for economy awarded to John Tinbergen
1969 - Ralph Nader sets up a consumer organization knowns as Nader's Raiders
1969 - St Vincent & Grenadines gains associated status with Britain
1970 - "Light, Lively & Yiddish" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 87 perfs
1971 - Republic of Congo-Kinshasa becomes Republic of Zaire
1971 - Gerard Newe becomes the first Catholic to serve in any Northern Ireland government since 1920; Newe was appointed to try to improve community relations
1972 - Golden Gate National Recreation Area created
1972 - OPEC approves plan providing for 25 percent government ownership of all Western oil interests operating within Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia
1973 - 1st time Islanders beat Rangers-3-2
Political Activist Ralph NaderPolitical Activist Ralph Nader 1973 - Alabama sets offensive record (828 yds), beats Virginia Tech 77-6
1974 - Chantal Langlace runs female world record marathon (2:46:24)
1975 - Covers of both Time & Newsweek picture rock singer Bruce Springsteen
1977 - Amsterdam businessman M Caransa kidnapped
1977 - NASA launches space vehicle S-200
1978 - Begin & Sadat win Nobel Peace prize
1978 - US President Jimmy Carter signs Hawkins-Humphrey full employment bill
1979 - Islanders score 2 goals within 6 seconds 3 goals within 44 seconds
1979 - St Vincent & Grenadines becomes independent of UK (Natl Day)
1979 - Voluntary Euthanasia Society publishes how-to-do-it suicide guide
1980 - Astros owner John McMullen replaces GM Tal Smith with Al Rosen
1980 - Dave Gryllis sets world bicycle speed record of 94.37 kph
1981 - Andrew Young, former UN Ambassador, elected mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
1981 - The Soviet submarine U 137 runs aground on the east coast of Sweden.
39th US President Jimmy Carter39th US President Jimmy Carter 1982 - China announces its population at 1 billion people plus
1982 - IBM ROM is capable of EGA graphics
1984 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1984 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1984 - Wash State's Rueben Mayes sets col football rec of 357 yards rushing
1985 - 15th NYC Women's Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:28:34
1985 - 16th NYC Marathon won by Orlando Pizzolato in 2:11:34
1985 - Anthony Carter begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive game receptions
1985 - Billy Martin is fired by Yankees for 4th time
1985 - Hurricane Juan ravages US Gulf states & east coast, 49 die
1985 - KC Royals beat St Louis Cards, 4 games to 3 in 82nd World Series
1985 - Thieves steal 9 paintings, including 5 Monet's & 2 Renoir's
1986 - NY Mets beat Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 3 in 83rd World Series
1986 - Paul McCartney release "Pretty Little Head"
Musician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartneyMusician & member of the Beatles Paul McCartney 1986 - The United Kingdom government deregulates financial markets, leading to a total restructuring of the way in which they operate in the country, in an event now referred to as the Big Bang.
1987 - Lucas Mangopes Democratic Party wins Bophuthatswana elections
1987 - Peter Shaffer's "Lettice & Lovage" premieres in London
1987 - South Korean voters overwhelmingly approved a new constitution
1988 - "ET" released to home video (14 million presold)
1988 - Larry Flynt paid hitman $1M to kill Hefner, Guccione & Sinatra
1990 - "Michael Feinstein in Concert" closes at Golden NYC after 30 perfs
1990 - Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Bayakoa, Fly So Free, In The Wings, Meadow Star, Royal Academy, Safely Kept, Unbridled
1990 - Supreme Soviet of Kirghiz SSR chooses Askar Akayev as republic's first president.
1991 - "Andre Heller's Wonderhouse" closes at Broadhurst NYC after 9 perfs
1991 - "Homecoming" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 49 performances
1991 - John Brodie wins Security Pacific Senior Golf Classic
1991 - Minnesota Twins beat Altanta Braves 1-0 in 10 to win World Series in 7
1992 - Don Baylor appointed 1st manager of Colorado Rockies
1992 - Fox is to launch Tuesday night network TV, rescheduled to Decemeber
1992 - Great Britain issues postage stamp on 100th anniversary of JRR Tolkien
1992 - Tipper Gore (wife of future VP) admits to covering clock on her VCR with black tape so she wouldn't have to watch it blink
1993 - Howard Stern's radio show begins broadcasting in El Paso Texas
1995 - Contract finalizing Cleveland Browns' move to Balt is signed
1995 - Meyrick Pringle takes cricket hat-trick in England tour game at Soweto
1995 - Latvia applies for membership in the European Union.
1996 - US beats Japan, 21½-14½, at Nichirei International Golf Tournament
1997 - Dow Jones crashes record 554 pts to 7161
1997 - Intel Corp buys Digital Equipment for $700 million
1997 - Microsoft argues it should be "free from government interference"
1997 - US releases a redesigned $50 bill
1999 - Gunmen open fire in the Armenian Parliament, killing Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan, Parliament Chairman Karen Demirchyan, and 6 other members.
1999 - MLB World Series: New York Yankees defeat Atlanta Braves to win 4-0
2001 - 13th College Football Holy War: Boston College beats Notre Dame 21-17 in Chestnut Hill
2002 - Anaheim Angels defeat San Francisco Giants 4-3 in baseball's World Series championship, MVP: Troy Glaus, Anaheim
2002 - The ITV Network aired a constant regional service for the last time in England and Wales, but LWT lost its identity completely. All companies (except UTV, Channel, Scottish TV & Grampian TV) formed the national ITV1 with regional references only before regional programmes.
2004 - The Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time in 86 years
2005 - Riots begin in Paris after the deaths of two Muslim teenagers.
2006 - MLB World Series: St. Louis Cardinals defeat Detroit Tigers to win 4-1
2008 - The banking group BNP Paribas states that Australia is in a risky position with regards to the global financial crisis as foreign liabilities accounted for 60% of the nation's GDP
2011 - The Royal Australian Navy announces that they discovered the wreck of a World War II submarine in Simpson Harbour, Papua New Guinea during Operation RENDER SAFE - it is likely to be Japanese.
2011 - MLB World Series Game 6: St. Louis Cardinal 3B David Freese hits game-tying 2 run triple with 2 outs in the 9th and then hits walk-off home run in the 11th
2012 - 46 people are killed and 123 injured in Iraq after a series of attacks and bombs
2012 - Thousands demonstrate in Madrid against proposed budget cuts
2013 - 38 people are killed in a series of car bombings in Bagdhad, Iraq
2013 - 18 people are killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan
2013 - Giorgi Margvelashvili wins the Georgian Presidential election in a landslide victory

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