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637 - Antioch surrenders to the Muslim forces under Rashidun Caliphate after the Battle of Iron bridge.
701 - John VI of Greece begins his reign as Catholic Pope
942 - Alberic nominates Pope Marinus II (Martinus III)
1077 - Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV gives the district of Stavoren to the bishop of Utrecht (Conrad, his former tutor)
1137 - Battle of Rignano between Ranulf of Apulia and Roger II of Sicily.
1270 - The Eighth Crusade and siege of Tunis ended by agreement between Charles I of Sicily (brother to King Louis IX of France, who had died months earlier) and the sultan of Tunis.
1340 - Battle of Rio Salado Battle (or Tarifa): King Afonso IV of Portugal and King Alfonso XI of Castile defeat Sultan Abu al-Hasan 'Ali of Morocco and Yusuf I of Granada, last Marīnids invasion of Iberian Peninsula
1389 - French King Charles VI visits pope Clemens VII
1468 - Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, occupies & plunders Liege
1470 - Wars of the Roses: Henry VI of England returns to the English throne after Earl of Warwick defeats Yorkists in battle.
1485 - Henry VII of England crowned at Westminster Abbey
1489 - Peace of Tours, between emperor Maximilian I & Flemings
Explorer Vasco da GamaExplorer Vasco da Gama 1502 - Vasco da Gama returns to Calicut, India for the second time.
1503 - Queen Isabella of Spain bans violence against indians
1534 - English Parliament passes Act of Supremacy, making King Henry VIII head of the Church in England - a role formerly held by the Pope
1611 - Gustaaf II Adolf (17) becomes king of Sweden
1629 - King Charles I gives Bahamas to Sir Robert Heath
1697 - Germany signs French/English/Spanish/Dutch/Brandenburgs peace treaty ending Nine Year War
1739 - Great Britain declares war on Spain: War of Jenkin's Ear [NS=Oct 19]
1768 - First Methodist church in North American colonies initiated (Wesley Chapel, NYC)
1772 - Captain Cook arrives with ship Resolution in Capetown
1851 - Alfred de Musset's "Bettine" premieres in Paris
King Charles IKing Charles I 1864 - Helena, Montana's capital, founded
1866 - Jesse James gang robs bank in Lexington Missouri ($2000)
1868 - John Menard of Louisiana is 1st African American elected to US Congress
1871 - Phila Athletics beat Chicago for 1st Natl Association baseball pennant
1873 - P T Barnum's circus, "Greatest Show on Earth", debuts (New York City)
1883 - Austria-Hungary, Germany and Romania sign military treaty
1886 - Great Britain and Germany agree boundaries in East Africa
1888 - John J Loud patents ballpoint pen
1888 - Ndebele-king Lobengula grants Cecil Rhodes, Mashonaland £100 per month
1893 - US Senate approves repealing Sherman Silver Purchase Act of 1890
1894 - Daniel Cooper patents time clock
1894 - Domenico Melegatti obtains a patent for a procedure to be applied in industrial production of pandoro (a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread).
Outlaw Jesse JamesOutlaw Jesse James 1896 - Martha Hughes Cannon of Utah becomes 1st female senator
1899 - Battle of Ladysmith, Natal: Boers beat lt-general White's army
1899 - British Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill reaches Capetown
1900 - First-ever US auto show opens in Madison Square Garden in NYC
1901 - Battle at Bakenlaagte: lt-col Benson's unit vs Boers
1903 - In violation of their promise to evacuate Manchuria, the Russian reoccupy Mukden and reinforce their troops in Manchuria
1905 - "October Manifesto" Russian Tsar Nicholas II grants civil liberties and accepts the first Duma (Parliament)
1905 - George Bernard Shaw's "Mrs Warren's Profession" premieres in NYC
1911 - Clark Griffith is named manager of Wash Senators
1914 - Allied offensive at Ypres (Belgium), aka 'Wipers', begins
1917 - British government gives final approval to Balfour Declaration
Playwright George Bernard ShawPlaywright George Bernard Shaw 1918 - Slovakia asks for creation of Czechoslovakian state
1918 - WW I: Turkey signs an armistice with the Allies, agreeing to end hostilities at noon on 31 October
1919 - Baseball league presidents call for abolishment of spitball
1920 - The Communist Party of Australia is founded in Sydney.
1922 - Anxious to compete with the Yankees, the NY Giants pay $65,000 & 3 players for Jack Bentley (hits .349 & is 13-1 as pitcher in 1922)
1922 - Benito Mussolini forms government in Italy
1925 - KUT-AM in Austin TX begins radio transmissions
1929 - The Stuttgart Cable Car is constructed in Stuttgart, Germany.
1930 - Turkey & Greece sign a treaty of friendship
1931 - W2XB TV channel 1 in NYC, NY (NBC) begins broadcasting
1938 - Orson Welles panics the USA with a broadcast of H G Wells' novel "War of the Worlds"
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1939 - USSR & Germany agree on partitioning Poland, Hitler deports Jews
1939 - German U boat fails on attack of English battleship Nelson with Winston Churchill, Dudley Pound & Charles Forbes aboard
1940 - Cole Porters musical "Panama Hattie" premieres in New York City
1940 - Film premiere of "One Night in the Tropics" first film for Abbott and Costello Paterson New Jersey.
1941 - USS Reuben James torpedoed by Germans, even though US is not in war
1942 - 8th day of battle at El Alamein: new Australian assault
1942 - US aircraft carrier Enterprise reaches Noumea
1943 - Molotov-Eden-Cordell Hull accord over operations at UN
1943 - Soviet forces under Fyodor Ivanovich Tolbukhin commenced offensive on the 4th Ukranian Front
1944 - Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring" premieres in Washinton DC
1944 - Anne Frank is deported from Auschwitz to Belsen
Jewish Victim & Diarist of the Holocaust Anne FrankJewish Victim & Diarist of the Holocaust Anne Frank 1944 - Last transport for Auschwitz arrives in Birkenau
1944 - Scots Highlanders liberate Waalwijk
1944 - Sweden announces intention to stay neutral & refuse sanctuary in WW II
1944 - Tholen Island freed
1945 - Branch Rickey signs Jackie Robinson to a Montreal Royals
1945 - US government announces end of shoe rationing
1947 - 23 countries sign GATT agreement in Geneva
1947 - Darius Milhauds 3rd Symphony "Hymnus Ambrosianus," premieres in Paris
1948 - 20 die & 6,000 made ill by smog in Donora, Pennsylvania
1948 - Operation Hiram: Israelis take control of Galilee
1949 - "Lost in the Stars" opens at Music Box Theater NYC for 281 perfs
1949 - Kurt Weill & Maxwell Anderson's musical premieres in NYC
1950 - David Diamond's 3rd Symphony, premieres
1950 - Pope Pius XII witnesses "The Miracle of the Sun" while at the Vatican.
Baseball Player Jackie RobinsonBaseball Player Jackie Robinson 1951 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1952 - Clarence Birdseye sells first frozen peas
1953 - Dr Albert Schweitzer & Gen George Marshall win Nobel Peace Prize
1954 - US Defense Department announces elimination of all racially segregated regiments
1954 - 1st use of 24-sec shot clock in pro basketball (Rochester vs Boston)
1955 - Imtiaz Ahmed scores 209 v NZ, the record for a no 8 batsman
1956 - Israel captures Egyptian military post at El-Thamad
1956 - Dodgers sell Ebbets Field to a real estate group. They agree to stay until 1959, with an option to stay until 1961
1957 - Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 11th Symphony premieres in Moscow
1957 - Soviet Union launches Sputnik II, carrying a dog named Laika
1957 - WLWI (now WTHR) TV channel 13 in Indianapolis, IN (ABC) 1st broadcast
1957 - WYTV TV channel 33 in Youngstown, OH (ABC) begins broadcasting
Military Leader George MarshallMilitary Leader George Marshall 1960 - Guatemala's "La Hora" reports plan for invasion on Cuba
1960 - Michael Woodruff performs the first successful kidney transplant in the United Kingdom at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
1961 - Soviet Union tests a 58 megaton hydrogen bomb named Tsar Bomba - most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated
1961 - UN unanimously elects U Thant acting secretary general after the death of Dag Hammarskjöld in a plane crash
1961 - Soviet Party Congress unanimously approves a resolution removing Stalin's body from Lenin's tomb in Red Square
1962 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island
1963 - Morocco & Algeria sign cease fire
1963 - Sandy Koufax wins NL MVP award
1964 - Tran Van Huong appointed premier of South Vietnam
1965 - Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Las Cruces Golf Open
Soviet Union Premier Joseph StalinSoviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin 1965 - Fireworks explosions kill 50 in Cartagena, Colombia
1966 - Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Las Cruces Ladies Golf Open
1967 - Arthur Allyn says White Sox will play 9 games in Milwaukee in 1968
1967 - Ferdinand Bracke bicycles world record time (48,093 km)
1967 - USSR Kosmos 186 & 188 make 1st automatic docking & Venmera 13 launch
1968 - Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Lars Onsager (thermodynamics)
1968 - Nobel prize for physics awarded to Luis Alvarez (bubble chamber)
1968 - Queen Juliana opens IJ tunnel in Amsterdam
1968 - Jack Lynch, Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach), meets with Harold Wilson, then British Prime Minister, in London, calling for the ending of partition as a means to resolve the unrest in Northern Ireland
1969 - WXPO (now WNDS) TV channel 50 in Manchester, NH (IND) 1st broadcast
1970 - KVEW TV channel 42 in Kennewick, WA (ABC) begins broadcasting
1970 - There are serious riots in the Catholic Ardoyne area of Belfast which last for three nights
LPGA Golfer Kathy WhitworthLPGA Golfer Kathy Whitworth 1970 - Northern Ireland Prime Minister James Chichester-Clark meets with British Home Secretary Reginald Maulling to discuss matters related to reforms and security
1972 - Worst US rail accident in 14 years; 45 die in Chicago,Illinois
1972 - The Northern Ireland Office issues a discussion document 'The Future of Northern Ireland'; the paper states Britain's commitment to the union as long as the majority of people wish to remain part of the United Kingdom
1972 - Loyalist paramilitaries carry out a raid on Royal Ulster Constabulary station in County Derry, and steal 4 British Army Sterling sub-machine Guns
1973 - Tom Seaver becomes 1st non-20-game winner to win Cy Young award
1973 - The Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey is completed, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia over the Bosporus for the first time.
1974 - California Angel Nolan Ryan throws fastest recorded pitch (100.9 MPH)
MLB Pitching Legend Nolan RyanMLB Pitching Legend Nolan Ryan 1974 - Catfish Hunter is named AL Cy Young Award
1974 - Muhammad Ali KOs George Foreman in 8th round in Kinshasa Zaire ('The Rumble in the Jungle')
1974 - "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" horror film premieres in Los Angeles
1975 - Giants pitcher John "the Count of" Montefusco wins NL Rookie of Year
1975 - John Bucyk, Boston, became 7th NHLer to score 500 goals
1975 - King Juan Carlos assumes power in Spain
1975 - NY Daily News runs headline "Ford to City: Drop Dead"
1976 - "Going Up" closes at John Golden Theater NYC after 49 performances
1976 - Jane Pauley becomes news co-anchor of Today Show
1976 - Rev Joseph Evans elected president of United Church of Christ
1977 - Panama 747SP lands after polar flight around Earth in record 54:07
1978 - Laura Nickel & Curt Noll find 25th Mersenne prime, 2 ^ 21701-1
1978 - Uganda troops attack Tanzania
Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad AliHeavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali 1979 - NASA launches space vehicle S-203
1979 - Richard Arrington, Jr. is elected the first African American mayor in Birmingham, Alabama
1980 - Honduras & El Salvador settle their boundary dispute
1980 - NASA launches Flt Satcom-4
1982 - Portugal revises constitution
1983 - The first democratic elections are held in Argentina after seven years of military rule.
1984 - Tigers reliever Willie Hernandez wins AL Cy Young Award
1985 - 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61-A)-Challenger 9-launched
1986 - Discovery moves to OPF where more than 200 modifications are made
1987 - In Japan, NEC releases the first 16-bit home entertainment system, the TurboGrafx-16, known as PC Engine.
1988 - 2 gambling clubs & 1 player share 61.38 M California lotto jackpot
LPGA Golfer Beth DanielLPGA Golfer Beth Daniel 1988 - Beth Daniel wins Nichirei Ladies Cup US-Japan Team Golf Championship
1988 - Jim Elliott (US) completes 24-hr paced outdoor race for 548.9 mi
1988 - NY Jets finally beat Pittsburgh Steelers for 1st time
1989 - August A Busch III becomes CEO of St Louis Cards
1989 - Smith Dairy at Orrville Ohio, makes largest milk shake (1,575.2 gal)
1990 - Britain and France complete the "Chunnel" under the English Channel
1991 - Colombian government negotiate with M-19-guerrilla
1991 - Mark Sauer becomes CEO of Pittsburgh Pirates
1991 - Mid East peace conference begins in Madrid Spain
1992 - MTA begins installing automated fare collection turnstiles
1993 - Toronto Maple Leafs lose 1st game of season after going 10-0-0
1994 - Leftist coalition wins Macedonian parliamentary election
1994 - Thomas Nicely reports bug in Intel's Pentium-processor on Internet
1994 - US wins Nichirei LPGA Golf International
1995 - Quebec Referendum votes to remain part of Canada
1996 - Exxon confirms that it is in talks with state-owned Qatar General Petroleum Corporation concerning the application of new technology to convert natural gas to petroleum products
1997 - "The Cherry Orchard" opens at Martin Beck Theater, NYC
1997 - Shirley Allen, 51, held Illinois police off for 39 days captured
2002 - British Digital terrestrial television (DTT) Service Freeview begins transmitting in parts of the United Kingdom.
Actress/Singer Idina MenzelActress/Singer Idina Menzel 2003 - "Wicked" premieres on Broadway at the Gershwin Theatre starring Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth,
2005 - The rebuilt Dresden Frauenkirche (destroyed in the firebombing of Dresden during World War II) is reconsecrated after a thirteen-year rebuilding project.
2011 - "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, directed by Bill Condon, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison, premieres at the Rome Film Festival
2012 - Walt Disney purchases Lucasfilm Ltd and its rights for Star Wars and Indiana Jones for $4.05 billion
2013 - 44 people are killed after a bus catches fire in Mahbubnagar, India
2013 - MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox defeat St Louis Cardinals to win 4-2
2014 - Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks win the 2014 Japan Series

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