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105 BC - Battle of Arausio: The Cimbri inflict the heaviest defeat on the Roman army of Gnaeus Mallius Maximus.
68 BC - Battle of Artaxata: Lucullus averts the bad omen of this day by defeating Tigranes the Great of Armenia.
891 - Formosus begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1111 - Boudouin VII becomes earl of Flanders
1499 - French King Louis XII occupies Milan
1567 - Duke of Alva becomes land guardian of Netherlands
1683 - 13 Mennonite families from Germany found Germantown Pa (Phila)
1689 - Pietro Ottoboni replaces Pope Innocent XI as Alexander VIII
1762 - British troops occupy Manila, Philippines
1781 - Americans & French begin siege of Cornwallis at Yorktown; last battle of American Revolutionary War
1783 - Benjamin Hanks patents self-winding clock
1789 - French Revolution: Louis XVI returns to Paris from Versailles after being confronted by the Parisian women on 5 October
1799 - Battle of Castricum: French & Bataafs army beats British/Russian army
1811 - French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte visits Utrecht
1849 - The execution of the 13 Martyrs of Arad after the Hungarian war of independence.
French Emperor Napoléon BonaparteFrench Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte 1853 - 4th National Women's Rights Convention opens in Cleveland Ohio
1854 - The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead started shortly after midnight, leading to 53 deaths and hundreds injured.
1857 - American Chess Association organized; 1st major US chess tournament (NYC)
1861 - Naval Engagement at Charleston, SC USS Flag vs BR Alert
1861 - Revolt of Russian student shuts down university of Petersburg
1863 - Battle at Baxter Springs, Kansas
1863 - Dr Charles H Sheppard opens 1st public bath, in Brooklyn
1866 - 1st train robbery in US (Reno Brothers take $13,000)
1869 - John Brahms' "Liebeslieder Walzer" premieres
1871 - Fisk Jubilee Singers begin 1st national tour
1876 - American Library Association organized in Philadelphia
1882 - 1st World Series game, Cincinnati (AA) beats Chicago (NL) 4-0
1884 - Naval War College forms in Newport RI
1886 - Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Resident Patient" (BG)
1889 - Moulin Rogue opens in Paris
Inventor Thomas EdisonInventor Thomas Edison 1889 - Thomas Edison shows his 1st motion picture
1890 - Mormon Church outlaws polygamy
1893 - Nabisco Foods invents Cream of Wheat
1896 - Filipino nationalist Jose Rizal is arrested en route to Cuba via Spain and imprisoned in Barcelona
1898 - Gustav Mahler conducts 1st Wiener Philharmonic
1898 - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
1900 - Britain annexes Orange Free State (as Orange River Colony)
1903 - The High Court of Australia sits for the first time.
1906 - The Majlis of Iran convened for the first time.
1908 - Austria annexes Bosnia & Herzegovina
1908 - Tigers beat White Sox, 7-0 to win AL pennant
Filipino Nationalist and Novelist Jose RizalFilipino Nationalist and Novelist Jose Rizal 1908 - Yanks lose 100th game of year go 51-103 for season
1910 - Braves beat Phillies 20-7
1911 - Beatrix van Rijk becomes 1st licensed Dutch woman pilot
1911 - Cy Young's farewell appearance in a major league game is a letdown as he loses to Brooklyn 13-3 in a Braves uniform in his 906th game
1912 - Pirates Owen "Chief" Wilson hits record 36th triple of season
1914 - The Russians fall back along the Eastern Front in Poland and Galicia
1917 - In the final attack on Third Battle of Ypres, Canadian troops capture the village of Passchendaele, after 250,000 casualties on both sides
1918 - US ship Otranto sinks between Scotland & Ireland, 425 die
1919 - Stambuliski becomes premier of Bulgaria
1919 - White Sox catcher Ray Schalk is 2nd man ejected from a World Series
1920 - 1st brothers oppose each other in World Series, Cleve's Wheeler Johnston pinch-hits as brother Jimmy plays 3rd base for Bkln
MLB Pitcher Cy YoungMLB Pitcher Cy Young 1921 - Century Theater opens at 7th Ave & 59th St NYC (demolished 1962)
1921 - Fewest hits in World Series Game, 5, Yanks (3) beat Giants (2), 3-0
1921 - International PEN is founded in London.
1922 - Schwebla replaces Benes government in Czechoslavakia
1922 - The great powers of the first world war withdraw from Istanbul
1923 - 1st NL unassisted triple play (Ernie Padgett, Braves against Phillies)
1923 - 2nd government of Stresemann in Germany forms
1923 - US lt Al Williams fly 392.2 KPH (record)
1923 - USSR adopts experimental calendar
1925 - Greek premier Papanastasiou orders gen Pangulos arrested
1926 - Babe Ruth hits 3 HRs in a World Series game, Yanks beat Cards 10-5
1927 - "Jazz Singer," 1st movie with a sound track, premieres (NYC)
1928 - 11th PGA Championship: Leo Diegel at Five Farms CC Baltimore
Golfer and Two-Time PGA Champion Leo DiegelGolfer and Two-Time PGA Champion Leo Diegel 1928 - Josip Broz (Tito) sentenced to 5 years in jail
1929 - 12th PGA Championship: Leo Diegel at Hillcrest CC Los Angeles
1931 - Js Van Severen forms Verdinaso (Union of Flemish Natl Solidarists)
1935 - Italian army occupies Adua Abyssinia
1935 - Market Street Railway, San Francisco, starts using trackless trolley coaches
1936 - NY Yankees beat Giants 4 games to 2 in 33rd World Series
1938 - Yanks Lefty Gomez sets record of 6 World Series wins without a loss
1939 - Adolf Hitler denies he intends to go to war against France & Britain
1939 - Hitler announces plans to regulate Jewish problem
1939 - Last Polish army is defeated in World War II.
1940 - Zoological Gardens opens on Sloat & Skyline in SF
1941 - German army occupies Briansk, USSR
1941 - NY Yankees beat Dodgers 4 games to 1, in 38th World Series
Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf HitlerDictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler 1942 - Allied assault on oil installations of Bula Ceram
1943 - Battle at Vella Lavella, Solomon Island
1943 - Himmler wants acceleration of "Final Solution"
1944 - Allied aircrafts bombard per accident Fishing, Overijssel
1944 - Canadians free Austria
1944 - Royal Ducth Navy submarine Zwaardvis (Swordfish) sinks U168 at Java
1944 - Soviets march into Hungary & Czechoslovakia
1945 - Gen Eisenhower welcomed in Hague (on Hitler's train)
1945 - Memorial for executed unveiled in Terbregge
1945 - Tavern owner "Billy Goat" Sianis buys seat for his goat for Game 4 of World Series & is escorted out, he casts goat curse on Cubs
1946 - 90°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Oct
1946 - US Pres Harry Truman questions Great Britain Jews about Palestine
1947 - NY Yankees beat Dodgers 4 games to 3, in 44th World Series
34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1948 - "Polonaise" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 113 performances
1948 - KHJ TV channel 9 in Los Angeles, CA (IND) begins broadcasting
1948 - The 1948 Ashgabat earthquake kills 100,000 in the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic.
1948 - Paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey finds the first partial fossil skull of Proconsul africanus, an ancestor of apes and humans on Rusinga Island, Kenya.
1949 - Iva Toguri D'Aquino (Tokyo Rose) sentenced to 10 years & $10,000 fine
1949 - US Pres Harry Truman signs Mutual Defense Assistance Act (for NATO)
1951 - Stalin proclaims USSR has atom bomb
1952 - Agatha Christie's play "The Mousetrap" opens in London (still running)
1953 - WTVM TV channel 9 in Columbus, GA (ABC) begins broadcasting
1956 - Dmitri Shostakovitch's 6th Iron quartet premieres in Leningrad
1956 - Dr Albert Sabin discovers oral polio vaccine
1957 - USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
Novelist Agatha ChristieNovelist Agatha Christie 1957 - Wiffi Smith wins LPGA United Voluntary Services Golf Open
1958 - US nuclear sub USS Seawolf remains record 60 days under pole
1959 - Single game World Series attendence record set (92,706 in LA)
1959 - Soviet Luna 3, 1st successful photographic spacecraft, impacts Moon
1961 - JFK advises Americans to build fallout shelters
1961 - USSR performs nuclear tests at Kapustin Yar & Novaya Zemlya USSR
1962 - 16th NHL All-Star Game: Toronto beat All4-Stars -1 at Toronto
1962 - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island
1963 - Barbra Streisand appears on "Judy Garland Show"
1963 - LA Dodgers sweep NY Yankees, in 60th World Series
1964 - "Cambridge Circus" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 23 performances
1965 - Supremes release "I Hear a Symphony"
1965 - William Goodhart's "Generation" premieres in NYC
Singer-songwriter & Actress Barbra StreisandSinger-songwriter & Actress Barbra Streisand 1966 - Oriole Jim Palmer, 20, is youngest to pitch a World Series shutout
1966 - Partial meltdown at Detroits's Fermi 1 nuclear reactor
1966 - LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is first declared illegal in state of California, other states follow.
1967 - Haight-Ashbury hippies throw a funneral to mark end of hippies
1967 - USSR performs nuclear test
1969 - WMPB TV channel 67 in Baltimore, MD (PBS) begins broadcasting
1969 - MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Minnesota Twins, 3 games to 0
1969 - MLB National League Championship: New York Mets sweep Atlanta Braves, 3 games to 0
1971 - MLB National League Championship: Pittsburgh Pirates beat San Francisco Giants, 3 games to 1
1972 - 22-car train carrying 2,000 pilgrims derails, kills 208 in Mexico
1972 - Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Jack Lynch closes the Sinn Féin (SF) office in Dublin
1973 - Yom Kippur War begins as Syria & Egypt attack Israel
1974 - "Mack & Mabel" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 66 performances
1974 - Carole Jo Skala wins LPGA Sacramento Union Ladies Golf Classic
1974 - 25th Formula One WDC: Emerson Fittipaldi wins by three points
1976 - "Gang of Four" arrested in Beijing
1976 - John Hathaway completes 50,600 mile bicycle tour of every continent
38th US President Gerald Ford38th US President Gerald Ford 1976 - US Pres Gerald Ford says there is "no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe"
1976 - Cubana Flight 455 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean after two bombs, placed by terrorists with connections to the CIA, explode onboard shortly after takie off from Bridgetown, Barbados, killing all 73 people on-board
1977 - DL Coburns "Gin Game" premieres in NYC
1977 - Yankees win AL pennant by rallying for 3 runs in 9th to beat KC Royals 5-3 in 5th & deciding playoff game
1977 - In Alicante, Spain, fascists attack a group of MCPV militants and sympathizers, and one MCPV sympathizer is killed.
1978 - Hannah H Gray inaugurated as 1st female head of a US university (Chicago)
1978 - Iraq declares Ayatollah Khomeini an undesirable person
1978 - Mick Jagger apologizes for racist lyrics in "Some Girls"
MLB Third Baseman George BrettMLB Third Baseman George Brett 1978 - Royals' George Brett hits 3 HRs, Yanks win championship game 3, 6-5
1978 - "Midnight Express" debuts
1979 - Harry Drake set long distance footbow shot record of 2,006 yds 1'9"
1979 - Pope John Paul II is 1st Pope to visit White House in Washington, D.C.
1979 - MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat California Angels, 3 games to 1
1980 - Guyana adopts constitution
1980 - John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) sentenced to 3 months inprisonment on assault charges
1982 - Auburn's Al Del Greco kicks 6 field goals
1982 - Fokker Fellowship crashes at Moerdijk Neth, 17-22 die
1983 - China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor, PRC
1983 - Islander's Mike Bossy's 25th career hat trick
1983 - NY Jets announce they are leaving Shea for Meadowlands
Ice Hockey Great Mike BossyIce Hockey Great Mike Bossy 1983 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1984 - Ayako Okamoto wins LPGA Hitachi Ladies British Golf Open
1985 - Marita Koch of E Germany sets 400m woman's record (47.6) in Australia
1985 - Yankee Phil Niekro becomes 18th pitcher to win 300 games & also at 46 becomes oldest to pitch a shut-out beating Toronto 8-0
1985 - PC Keith Blakelock is murdered as riots erupt in the Broadwater Farm suburb of London.
1986 - Russian nuclear sub K291 sinks in Atlantic Ocean
1987 - Military coup leader Maj-Gen Sitiveni Rabuka declares Fiji a republic
1988 - Oakland A's sweep Boston Red Sox in 4 games for AL pennant
1990 - US 67th manned space mission STS 41 (Discovery 11) launches into orbit
1990 - Solar Polar Orbiter 'Ulysses' launched
1991 - Meg Mallon wins LPGA Daikyo World Golf Championship
LPGA Golfer Meg MallonLPGA Golfer Meg Mallon 1991 - NY Met David Cone ties NL record by striking out 19 Phillies
1991 - Orioles' last game at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium (vs Det Tigers)
1993 - Sydney Australia Stock Market index above 2000, for 1st time
1994 - -9] European Campaign against Racism confers in Austria
1994 - Ben Mokoena becomes 1st black mayor of Middelburg South Africa
1995 - BPAA US Women's Open won by Cheryl Daniels
1995 - Colorodo Avalanche (former Que Nordiques) 1st NHL game, beat Detroit
1995 - 51 Pegasi was discovered to be the first major star apart from the Sun to have a planet (and extrasolar planet) orbiting around it.
1996 - Bob Dole and President Bill Clinton meet in their 1st debate
1996 - Caroline Pierce wins JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
1996 - Lois & Clark (fictional characters) wed
1996 - NY Jet Nick Lowrey ties Jan Stenerud with 373 NFL field goals
42nd US President Bill Clinton42nd US President Bill Clinton 2000 - Yugoslav president Slobodan Milošević resigns.
2002 - The French oil tanker Limburg is bombed off Yemen.
2002 - Opus Dei founder Josemaría Escrivá is canonized.
2007 - Jason Lewis completes the first human-powered circumnavigation of the globe.
2010 - Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launch Instagram
2010 - Roy Halladay pitches the second no-hitter in MLB Postseason History during Game 1 of the NLDS versus the Cincinnati Reds
2012 - Paolo Gabriele, Pope Benedict XVI's butler, is found guilty of leaking confidential documents and is sentenced to 18 months imprisonment
2012 - The Leeds Rhinos defeat the Warrington Wolves 26-18 to win the 2012 Super League grand final
2013 - 53 people are killed in political clashes in Egypt
2014 - John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser win the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
265th Pope  Benedict XVI265th Pope Benedict XVI 2015 - Nobel prize for Physics awarded to Takaaki Kajita (Japan) and Arthur McDonald (Canada) for work on neutrinos

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