Events in Film & Television in 1927

  • Jan 5 Fox Studios exhibits Movietone
  • Jan 11 Royale Theater (Golden, CBS Radio Playhouse) opens at 242 W 45th NYC

Film release premierFilm Release

Jan 24 Alfred Hitchcock releases his first film as director - The Pleasure Garden, in England.

  • Feb 5 Buster Keaton's movie "The General" released & bombed

Film release premierFilm Release

Feb 15 Silent film "It Girl" is released in the US starring Clara Bow

Silent Screen Actress Clara Bow
Silent Screen Actress
Clara Bow
  • May 18 Grauman's Chinese Theater opens in Hollywood Calif
  • Aug 1 Earliest date for a film to be considered for the Academy Awards
  • Aug 12 "Wings", the only silent film to win an Oscar for best picture, opens starring Clara Bow (Outstanding Picture 1929)
  • Oct 6 "Jazz Singer", 1st movie with a sound track, premieres in New York City