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  • 1950-06-11 Michael Swan, actor (Duncan-As The World Turns), born in Palo Alto, California
  • 1950-06-13 Michael Stark, Australian actor
  • 1950-06-14 Jeremy Sinden, actor (Chariots of Fire, Ascendancy, Harem)
  • 1950-06-15 Mark Arnott, actor (Return of the Secaucus 7), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1950-06-16 Jesse Dizon, Oceanside California, actor (Ramon-Operation Petticoat)
  • 1950-06-21 Gérard Lanvin, French actor
  • 1950-06-22 Murphy Cross, actor (Phyl & Mikhy, Perfect), born in Havre de Grace, Maryland
  • 1950-07-11 Bruce McGill, American actor
  • 1950-07-17 Derek de Lint, Dutch actor
  • 1950-07-19 Simon Cadell, English actor (Hi-Di-Hi, Pride & Extreme Prejudice)
  • 1950-07-20 Naseeruddin Shah, Indian actor
  • 1950-07-24 Sam Behrens, actor (Jake Meyer-General Hospital, Sunset Beach, LA Law)
  • 1950-07-30 Frank Stallone, American Sylvestor's brother/actor (Barfly, Outlaw Force), born in NYC, New York
  • 1950-07-31 Lane Davies, American actor (Mason-Santa Barbara, Impure Thoughts), born in Dalton, Georgia
  • 1950-08-02 Mathieu Carriere, actor (Bay Boy, Woman in Flames), born in Hanover, Germany
  • 1950-08-06 Dorian Harewood, American actor (Earl-Glitter, Trauma Center), born in Dayton, Ohio
  • 1950-08-06 Nathan Purdee, actor (Nathan-Young & Restless, Hank-1 Life to Live)
  • 1950-08-09 Roelof S "Roel" Bakker, Dutch actor/director (Love Potion)
  • 1950-08-10 Rémy Girard, Canadian actor (Les Invasions barbares), born in Jonquière, Quebec
  • 1950-08-12 Kid Creole, [August Darnell], musician and actor (Obsession A Taste of Fear), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1950-08-12 Jim Beaver, American actor and writer
  • 1950-08-13 Andre van de Berg, actor/director (Transport)
  • 1950-08-16 Marshall Manesh, Iranian-born American actor
  • 1950-08-26 Benjamin Hendrickson, American actor (d. 2006)
  • 1950-09-02 Yuen Wah, Chinese actor and stuntman
  • 1950-09-19 Rudy Ramos, Lawton Oklahoma, actor (Wind-High Chaparral)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1950-09-21 Bill Murray, American actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters), born in Evanston, Illinois

Actor/Comedian Bill Murray
Bill Murray
  • 1950-09-27 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Japan, actor (Lt A J Shimamura-Nash Bridges)
  • 1950-09-28 John Sayles, actor (Brother from Another Planet), born in Schenectady, New York
  • 1950-10-01 Randy Quaid, actor (Midnight Express, Vacation, Saturday Night Live), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1950-10-02 Ian McNeice, English actor
  • 1950-10-05 Jeff Conaway, American actor (Bobby-Taxi, Loving), born in NYC, New York
  • 1950-10-09 Gary Frank, actor (Enemy Territory, Deadly Weapon), born in Spokane, Washington
  • 1950-10-10 Dennis Holmes, actor (Mike-Laramie)
  • 1950-10-10 Peter Jan Rens, Dutch actor/director (Mister Cactus, Passion)
  • 1950-10-11 Amos Gitai, actor (Neo-Fascist Trilogy, Golem, Arena of Murder)
  • 1950-10-12 Robin Askwith, English actor
  • 1950-10-12 Kaga Takeshi, Japanese actor
  • 1950-10-17 Howard E Rollins Jr, Balt Md, actor (Bannister-Wildside, Another World)
  • 1950-10-18 Om Puri, Indian actor (Ardh Satya), born in Ambala, Haryana
  • 1950-10-25 John Matuszak, NFLer (Raiders)/actor (Hollywood Beat), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1950-11-06 Ernest Thompson, actor (Sierra, Westside Medical), born in Bellows Fall, Vermont
  • 1950-11-10 Jack Scalia, American actor (Berrengers, Hollywood Beat), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1950-11-16 David Leisure, actor (Joe Isuzu, Airplane, Charley-Empty Nest)
  • 1950-11-18 Eric Pierpoint, American actor
  • 1950-11-24 Damon Evans, Balt Md, American actor (The Jeffersons), born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1950-11-24 Stanley Livingston, actor (Chip-My 3 Sons)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1950-11-28 Ed Harris, American actor (Right Stuff, Swing Shift, Walker, Coma), born in Englewood, New Jersey

Actor Ed Harris
Ed Harris
  • 1950-12-01 Richard Keith, Lafayette La, actor (Little Ricky-I Love Lucy)
  • 1950-12-01 Keith Thibodeaux, American actor and drummer
  • 1950-12-10 Tom Towles, American actor
  • 1950-12-12 Rajnikanth, Indian actor
  • 1950-12-12 Rajinikanth [Shivaji Rao Gaekwa], Indian film actor (Centenary Award 2014), born in Bangalore, India
  • 1950-12-28 Øivind Blunck, Norwegian comedian and actor
  • 1950-12-29 Jon Polito, actor (Fire With Fire, Homicide), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 2016)
  • 1951-01-01 Nana Patekar, Indian film and stage actor
  • 1951-01-08 John McTiernan, actor (Predator, Die Hard, Medicine Man), born in Albany, New York
  • 1951-01-26 Walt Willey, Ottawa Ill, actor (Jackson Montgomery-All My Children)
  • 1951-01-27 Scott Lane, American actor (Gary-McKeever & the Colonel), born in NYC, New York
  • 1951-01-30 Charles S Dutton, Balt Md, actor (Alien 3, Crocodile Dundee 2, Roc)
  • 1951-02-04 Patrick Bergin, Irish actor
  • 1951-02-06 Jacques Villeret, French film actor (d. 2005)
  • 1951-02-13 David Naughton, actor (My Sister Sam, Separate Vacations), born in Hartford, Connecticut
  • 1951-02-16 William Katt, American actor (Greatest American Hero, Carrie), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1951-02-19 Stephen Nichols, actor (Witchboard, Days of our Lives), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1951-02-20 Edward Albert, actor (Jeff-Falcon Crest, Butterflies are Free), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1951-03-05 Giorgos Ninios, Greek actor
  • 1951-03-13 Fred Berry, actor (Rerun-What's Happening), born in St Louis, Missouri

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1951-03-17 Kurt Russell, actor (Thing, Overboard, Mean Seasons), born in Springfield, Massachusetts

  • 1951-03-26 Richard B Shull, US actor (Hail to the Chief, Big Bus)
  • 1951-03-28 Matti Pellonpää, Finnish actor and musician (d. 1995)
  • 1951-03-31 Ed Marinaro, American actor (Joe-Hill St Blues, Sonny-Laverne & Shirley), born in NYC, New York

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1951-04-10 Steven Seagal, actor (Above the Law, Hard to Kill), born in Detroit, Michigan

  • 1951-04-13 Peter Davison, English actor (fifth Doctor in Doctor Who, All Creatures Great and Small), born in London
  • 1951-04-19 Barry Brown, American actor and writer (d. 1978)
  • 1951-04-20 Geraint Wyn Davies, Welsh-Canadian actor (Nick Knight-Forever Knight, Bury Me in Niagara, High Hopes), born in Swansea, Wales
  • 1951-05-04 Tirso Cruz III, Filipino actor and singer.
  • 1951-05-07 Robert Hegyes, NJ, actor (Underground Aces, Welcome Back Kotter)
  • 1951-05-18 James Stephens, actor (Paper Chase, Devil's Island), born in Mount Kisco, New York
  • 1951-05-20 William Cullen Bryant, actor (Hell Squad)
  • 1951-05-21 Al Franken, US politician (Senate-D-Minnesota 2009-) comedian/writer/actor (SNL), born in New York City
  • 1951-05-30 Stephen Tobolowsky, Tx, actor (Single White Female, Thelma & Louise)
  • 1951-06-04 David Yip, actor (Ping Pong)
  • 1951-06-12 Alan Dysert, Danville Ill, actor (Sean Cudahy-All My Children)
  • 1951-06-13 Jonathan Hogan, actor (House on Carroll St), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1951-06-13 Richard Thomas, American actor (John Boy-Waltons, Last Summer, Johnny Belinda), born in New York City
  • 1951-06-13 Stellan Skarsgard, Swedish actor (Breaking the Waves)
  • 1951-06-16 John Salthouse, English actor (Abigail's Party), born in London
  • 1951-06-24 David Rodigan, radio DJ/actor
  • 1951-06-25 Lee Wilkof, actor (WEB, Delta House, Elliot-Newhart), born in Canton Ohio
  • 1951-07-01 Daryl Anderson, actor (Animal-Lou Grant), born in Seattle, Washington
  • 1951-07-01 Trevor Eve, Wales, actor (Shadow Chasers)
  • 1951-07-01 Terrence Mann, American actor and dancer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1951-07-06 Geoffrey Rush, Australian actor (Shakespeare in Love, The King's Speech), born in Toowoomba, Queensland

  • 1951-07-09 Chris Cooper, American actor (Thousand Pieces of Gold, Matewan), born in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1951-07-12 Jamey Sheridan, actor (Another World), born in Pasadena, California
  • 1951-07-14 Erich Hallhuber, German actor (d. 2003)
  • 1951-07-15 Jesse Ventura, [James Janos], wrestler, actor and politician (Governor of Minnesota 1999-2003), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1951-07-20 Jeff Rawle, English actor

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1951-07-21 Robin Williams, American actor and comedian (Mork & Mindy, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting), born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 2014)

Actor and Comedian Robin Williams
Actor and Comedian
Robin Williams

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