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Person of interestPerson of Interest

1986-05-16 Megan Fox, American actress (Transformers) and model, born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Actress Megan Fox
Megan Fox
  • 1986-05-25 Juri Ueno, Japanese actress
  • 1986-05-31 Melissa McIntyre, Canadian actress
  • 1986-06-06 Bhavana Balachandran [Karthika Menon], Indian actress, born in Thrissur district, Kerala
  • 1986-06-09 Kary Ng, Hong Kong singer and actress
  • 1986-06-11 Brighton Hertford, actress (BJ Jones-General Hospital)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1986-06-13 Ashley Olsen, American twin actress (Michelle-Full House) and fashion designer, born in Sherman Oaks, California

Twin Actress Ashley Fuller Olsen
Twin Actress
Ashley Fuller Olsen

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1986-06-13 Mary Kate Olsen, twin actress (Michelle-Full House), born in Sherman Oaks, California

Twin Actress Mary Kate Olsen
Twin Actress
Mary Kate Olsen
  • 1986-06-13 Kat Dennings, American actress
  • 1986-06-24 Kaitlin Cullum, actress (Libby Kelly-Grace Under Fire), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1986-06-28 Shadia Simmons, Canadian actress
  • 1986-06-29 Iya Villania, Filipina actress

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1986-07-02 Lindsay Lohan, American actress (Alli Fowler-Another World), born in NYC, New York

Actress Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1987-02-21 Ellen Page, Canadian actress ("Juno"), born in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Actress Ellen Page
Ellen Page
  • 1987-02-21 Ashley Greene, American model and actress
  • 1987-02-24 Chieko Kawabe, Japanese singer, model and actress
  • 1987-03-06 Hannah Taylor-Gordon, English actress
  • 1987-04-04 Sarah Gadon, Canadian actress
  • 1987-04-07 Alexa Demara, American model and actress
  • 1987-04-19 Oksana Akinshina, Russian actress
  • 1987-04-26 Jessica Lee Rose, American-born New Zealand actress, famous YouTube star lonelygirl15
  • 1987-04-27 Emma Taylor-Isherwood, Canadian actress
  • 1987-04-29 Alicia Morton, American actress
  • 1987-05-06 Moon Geun-young, South Korean actress
  • 1987-05-15 Jennylyn Mercado, Filipina actress and singer
  • 1987-05-18 Luisana Lopilato, Argentine actress and model
  • 1987-05-21 Ashlie Brillault, American actress
  • 1987-05-29 Alessandra Toreson, American actress
  • 1987-06-03 Lalaine, American actress and singer
  • 1987-06-03 Masami Nagasawa, Japanese actress
  • 1987-06-10 Kelly Vitz, American actress

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1987-06-16 Diana DeGarmo, American singer (American Idol) and actress (The Young and the Restless), born in Birmingham, Alabama

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1987-09-28 Hilary Duff, actress and singer (Lizzie McGuire), born in Houston, Texas

Actress/Singer Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff
  • 1987-09-30 Denise Laurel, Filipine actress and singer
  • 1987-10-17 Bea Alonzo, Filipina actress
  • 1987-11-08 Samantha Droke, American actress
  • 1987-11-10 Jessica Tovey, Australian actress
  • 1987-12-07 Baran Kosari, Iranian actress
  • 1987-12-16 Hallee Hirsh, American actress
  • 1987-12-21 Valerie Concepcion, Filipino Actress
  • 1988-01-07 Haley Bennett, American Singer and Actress
  • 1988-02-14 Eliska Sursova, American actress
  • 1988-02-18 Maiara Walsh, American actress
  • 1988-02-28 Mark√©ta Irglov√°, Czech songwriter and actress
  • 1988-03-01 Katija Pevec, American actress
  • 1988-03-02 Nadine Samonte, Filipino actress
  • 1988-03-22 Tania Raymonde, American actress
  • 1988-03-27 Kerri Ann Darling, actress (Alli Fowler-Another World)
  • 1988-03-27 Brenda Song, American actress
  • 1988-03-28 Lacey Turner, British soap actress
  • 1988-04-24 Michael Tylo, son of US actor/actress Michael Tylo/Deborah Hunter
  • 1988-04-25 Sara Paxton, American actress ( Darcy's Wild Life), born in Los Angeles, California

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