Television Hosts in History

Events in Film & TV

  • 1956-12-18 Phil Rizzuto signs as NY Yankee radio-TV announcer
  • 1958-01-26 Jack Smith takes over from Art Baker as TV host of "You Asked for It"

Birthdays in Film & TV

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 320

  • 1896-06-07 Vivien Kellems, TV hostess (Power of Women)
  • 1898-01-07 Art Baker, American TV host (You Asked For It), born in NYC, New York
  • 1900-08-18 Walter O'Keefe, songwriter/TV host (Mayor of Hollywood), born in Hartford, Connecticut
  • 1903-08-31 Arthur Godfrey, American radio and TV host (Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout), born in NYC, New York (d. 1983)
  • 1904-02-12 Ted Mack, TV host (Original Amateur Hour), born in Denver, Colorado
  • 1904-05-15 Clifton Fadiman, American TV host (Information Please, Quiz Kids), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1905-02-08 Truman Bradley, Missouri US, TV host (Science Fiction Theater)
  • 1905-03-28 Marlin Perkins, Carthage Mo, TV host (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom)
  • 1906-07-11 Harry Von Zell, TV announcer (Burns & Allen), born in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1907-09-15 Jack Bailey, Hampton Iowa, TV host (Queen for a Day)
  • 1907-10-30 Renzo Cesana, TV host (First Date, Continental), born in Rome, Italy
  • 1908-11-20 Alistair Cooke, TV host (Masterpiece Theatre), born in Manchester, England
  • 1910-02-03 Nelson Case, TV host (Trash or Treasure), born in Long Beach, California
  • 1910-05-22 Johnny Olson, TV announcer (Price is Right)
  • 1912-02-16 Del Sharbutt, Cleburne Tx, TV announcer (Your Hit Parade)
  • 1912-06-19 Martin Gabel, TV host (With this Ring), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1912-07-17 Art Linkletter, Saskatchewan Canada, TV host (People are Funny)
  • 1912-07-31 Irv Kupcinet, TV host (Tonight! America After Dark), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1912-08-24 Durward Kirby, American TV announcer (Garry Moore Show), born in Indianapolis, Indiana (d. 2000)
  • 1913-06-13 Ralph Edwards, American TV host (This is Your Life), born in Merino, Colorado (d. 2005)
  • 1913-07-13 Dave Garroway, TV host (Today Show), born in Schnectady, New York
  • 1913-11-27 Robert Dougall, English TV host
  • 1913-11-30 John K M McCaffery, Moscow Idaho, TV host (One Minute Please)
  • 1914-09-16 Allen Funt, American TV host & creator (Candid Camera), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1914-11-25 Léon Zitrone, Russian-born French journalist and television host (d. 1995)
  • 1914-12-30 Bert Parks, [Jacobson], TV host (Miss America), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1915-02-19 John Freeman, British politician (Labour)/ambassador/TV host
  • 1915-04-22 Dick Dudley, American TV host (Village Barn), born in Louisville, Kentucky (d. 2000)
  • 1915-09-04 Dick Thomas, TV host (Village Barn), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1916-02-20 Paul Tripp, American TV host (Mr I Magination), born in NYC, New York
  • 1916-06-22 Johnny Jacobs, American television announcer (d. 1982)
  • 1917-07-10 Don Herbert, Waconia Minn, scientist/TV host (Watch Mr Wizard)
  • 1917-08-24 Dennis James, wrestling announcer/TV host (PDQ), born in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • 1917-11-17 Jack Lescoulie, TV host (Jackie Gleason Show), born in Sacramento, California
  • 1917-11-27 "Buffalo" Bob Smith, TV host (Howdy Doody), born in Buffalo, New York
  • 1917-11-28 Kees Schilperoort, Dutch radio/TV host
  • 1918-02-22 Don Pardo, Westfield Mass, TV announcer (Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live)
  • 1918-05-01 Jack Paar, American television host of the Jack Paar Show (d. 2004), born in Canton, Ohio
  • 1918-05-29 Herb Shriner, humorist/TV host (Herb Shriner Show)
  • 1918-11-10 Jack McCoy, TV host (Live Like a Millionaire), born in Akron, Ohio
  • 1919-01-13 Army Archerd, Hollywood columnist/TV host (Movie Game)
  • 1919-03-27 Simon van Collem, Dutch journalist/TV host (Amsterdamned)
  • 1919-04-13 Phil Tonken, American radio and television announcer (d. 2000)
  • 1919-10-05 Allen Ludden, Mineral Point Wisc, TV host (Password)
  • 1919-11-10 George Fenneman, American radio and TV announcer (You Bet Your Life), born in Peking China (d. 1997)
  • 1920-04-22 Hal March, actor/TV host ($64,000 Question, Outrage), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1920-12-19 David Susskind, American TV host (Open End, David Susskind Show), born in NYC, New York
  • 1921-04-05 Robert Q Lewis, American TV host (Masquerade Party, Robert Q Lewis Show), born in NYC, New York
  • 1921-05-31 Howard Reig, American radio and television announcer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1921-12-26 Steve Allen, American comedian/TV host (Tonight Show, Steve Allen Show), born in NYC, New York

TV Personality, Comedian and Composer Steve Allen
TV Personality, Comedian and Composer
Steve Allen
  • 1922-01-25 Raymond Baxter, British TV host/author (Fast Lady)
  • 1922-10-13 Alan Scott, Haddonfield NJ, TV host/songwriter (Spin the Picture)
  • 1922-12-19 Eamonn Andrews, Irish-born television presenter (d. 1987)
  • 1923-03-06 Ed McMahon, American TV host (Johnny Carson Show, Star Search), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1923-11-25 Jaap van Meekren, Dutch TV host (AVRO/RTL4)
  • 1924-03-22 Bill Wendell, American TV announcer (Late Night With David Letterman), born in NYC, New York
  • 1924-06-03 Ted Mallie, American radio and television announcer (d. 1999)
  • 1925-01-29 Pier Tania (Meinte Piet), radio/TV host (ANP, De Bezetting)
  • 1925-07-06 Merv Griffin, TV host (Merv Griffin Show), born in San Mateo, California
  • 1926-01-05 Robert Earle, Baldwin NY, TV host (GE College Bowl)
  • 1927-05-30 Dick Noel, American TV host (It's a Small Wonder), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1928-02-22 Bruce Forsyth, comedian/TV host (Generation Game), born in London, England

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1928-03-20 Fred Rogers, American children's TV host (Mr Rogers' Neighborhood), born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (d. 2003)

TV Host Fred Rogers
TV Host
Fred Rogers
  • 1928-08-17 Willem Duys, Dutch radio/TV host
  • 1928-11-09 Wim Bosboom, Dutch radio/TV host
  • 1928-11-12 Robert Holness, Natal, South Africa, English radio and television presenter (BBC), (d. 2012)
  • 1929-01-11 Nicoletta Orsomando, Italian TV presenter, born in Casapulla
  • 1929-10-12 Magnús Magnússon, Icelandic television presenter, born in Reykjavik, Iceland (d. 2007)
  • 1929-12-25 Stuart Hall, British radio and television presenter
  • 1929-12-30 Bob Bouma, Dutch TV host (For a Postcard in the Front Row)
  • 1929-12-31 Mies Bouman, Dutch TV hostess (Open the Village)
  • 1930-04-08 John Bartholomew Tucker, TV host (Candid Camera, Treasure Island), born in Pennsylvania (d. 2014)
  • 1930-12-17 Julia Meade, actress/TV hostess (Spotlight Playhouse), born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 2016)
  • 1931-03-04 Wally Bruner, American journalist and television host (d. 1997)
  • 1932-01-12 Des O'Connor, British television presenter
  • 1932-06-10 George Burns, British TV host
  • 1932-11-14 Henk Mochel, Dutch TV host (Rondom tien)
  • 1932-12-07 Gerard van den Berg, Dutch TV host (Like Father, Like Son)
  • 1933-06-22 Jacques Martin, French TV host (d. 2007)
  • 1933-11-09 Jim Perry, American and Canadian tv host ($ale of the Century), born in Camden, New Jersey (d. 2015)
  • 1933-11-19 Larry King, American radio/TV host "143 Arivadechi" (Larry King Show, CNN), born in NYC, New York
  • 1934-02-17 Barry Humphries, Australia TV host (Dame Edna Everage)
  • 1934-03-06 John Noakes, British TV presenter, born in Yorkshire, England (d. 2017)
  • 1934-04-24 John Barbour, TV host (Real People), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1934-05-10 Gary Owens, American disc jockey/TV host (Laugh In, Gong Show), born in Mitchell, South Dakota
  • 1934-08-25 Eddie Ilarde, Filipino disk jockey, television host and Senator, born in Iriga, Philippines
  • 1934-10-29 Pim Jacobs, jazz pianist, Dutch TV host and actor (Gilas)
  • 1934-12-04 Wink Martindale, TV host (Tic-Tac-Dough, Can You Top This), born in Jackson, Tennessee
  • 1935-09-15 Jacques d'Ancona, journalist/TV host (Sound-Mix Show)
  • 1935-09-24 Barbara Brilliant, TV host/producer
  • 1936-06-16 Fred Oster, Dutch TV host
  • 1936-06-23 Berend Boudewijn [van der Woude], Dutch TV host/director (Baantjer)
  • 1936-09-27 Don Cornelius, American television host (Soul Train), born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 2012)
  • 1936-10-10 Judith Chalmers, English TV hostess (Wish You Were Here)
  • 1937-09-28 Rod Roddy, American television announcer (d. 2003)
  • 1937-11-20 Jack Linkletter, TV host (Haggis Baggis, Hootenanny), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1938-01-08 Bob Eubanks, TV host (Newlywed Game), born in Flint, Michigan
  • 1938-06-16 Mickie Finn, Hugo Oklahoma, TV hostess/banjo player (Mickie Finn's)
  • 1938-12-24 Ralp Inbar, Dutch TV host (Banana Split)
  • 1938-12-25 Wibo van de Linde, Dutch TV host/director (Avro)

Weddings in Film & TV

  • 1949-10-01 Television host and comedian Johnny Carson (23) weds Joan Morrill Wolcott (23) at the North Platte Episcopalian Church

HeartWedding of Interest

1952-07-09 American educator, Presbyterian minister and TV host Fred Rogers (24) weds Sara Joanne Byrd

TV Host Fred Rogers
TV Host
Fred Rogers

HeartWedding of Interest

1977-07-07 "American Bandstand" TV host Dick Clark (47) weds Kari Wigton (34) in Malibu, California

Radio and Television Personality Dick Clark
Radio and Television Personality
Dick Clark

HeartWedding of Interest

1982-07-04 Ex Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne (33) weds TV host Sharon Arden (29) in Maui, Hawaii

Rock Vocalist Ozzy Osbourne
Rock Vocalist
Ozzy Osbourne
Music Manager/TV Personality Sharon Osbourne
Music Manager/TV Personality
Sharon Osbourne
  • 1993-01-12 MTV hostess Martha Quinn marries longtime boyfriend Jordan Tarlow
  • 1996-02-14 Secretary of Defense and former US Senator William Cohen of Maine (56) weds Black Entertainment Television host Janet Langhart (54) at United States Capitol in Washington, D.C.

HeartWedding of Interest

1997-11-15 TV host and actor William Shatner (66) weds former Ford model Nerine Kidd (38) in Pasadena, California

HeartWedding of Interest

2001-08-04 "James Bond" actor Pierce Brosnan (49) weds TV host and journalist Keely Shaye Smith (37) at the 785-year-old Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland

HeartWedding of Interest

2002-01-12 TV Host Conan O'Brien (38) weds Liza Powel (31) at St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington

TV Host Conan O'Brien
TV Host
Conan O'Brien
  • 2005-05-18 Television presenter and former Miss Germany Verona Feldbusch (37) weds German entrepreneur Franjo Pooth at the San Diego Court House in San Diego, California

HeartWedding of Interest

2005-05-28 Politician Justin Trudeau (33) weds tv host Sophie Grégoire (30) in a Catholic ceremony at Montreal's Sainte-Madeleine d'Outremont Church

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Justin Trudeau
  • 2005-09-10 British television presenter Kate Garraway (38) weds former political lobbyist Derek Draper (38) at St. Mary The Virgin parish church in London, England
  • 2005-09-24 "30 Minute Meals" TV host Rachael Ray (37) weds "The Cringe" lead singer John Cusimano in Montalcino, Italy
  • 2006-07-22 British TV presenter Ant McPartlin (30) weds former member of "Deuce" Lisa Armstrong (29) at St. Nicholas Church in Taplow, Buckinghamshire, England
  • 2006-09-04 Television presenter Sally Meen (41) weds show business agent Russ Lindsay at Great Fosters Hotel in Egham, Surrey
  • 2006-12-31 Actor Robert Lindsay (57) weds actress and TV presenter Rosemarie Ford (44) at the Buckinghamshire Golf Club
  • 2007-02-17 Australian TV presenter Natalie Gruzlewski (30) weds pro surfer Luke Egan at St. Augustine's Catholic Church
  • 2007-03-10 Noteable singer and stage performer Matt Hetherington (36) weds Australian television presenter Melissa Kotsos at the Morning Star Estate on Mt. Eliza
  • 2007-03-31 Brazilian television presenter Ana Maria Braga weds businessman Marcelo Frisoni in Morumbi, Sao Paulo
  • 2011-06-18 Reality TV Personality Toya Carter (27) weds "The Deal" TV host Mickey Wright in Atlanta
  • 2011-09-30 Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis (26) weds TV host and actress Kathryn Camsey in Las Vegas
  • 2012-04-08 American actress and television host Ricki Lake (42) weds jewerly designer Christian Evans in a secret ceremony at Southern California
  • 2012-08-26 "Bridesmaids" actor Chris O'Dowd (32) weds British TV presenter Dawn Porter (33) at an intimate ceremony with family and friends in London
  • 2013-07-13 TV host Jimmy Kimmel (45) weds co-head writer Molly McNearney in Ojai, California
  • 2013-11-09 "Mad Men" actor Jared Harris (52) weds lighting designer and TV host Allegra Riggio on a yacht in Miami
  • 2014-07-04 Reef band guitarist Jesse Wood (37) weds TV presenter Fearne Cotton (32) in London
  • 2014-08-31 Model and TV host Jenny McCarthy (41) weds singer Donnie Wahlberg (45) at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois
  • 2015-05-24 Actress and model Michelle Keegan (28) weds TV presenter Mark Wright (28) at Hengrave Hall estate in Suffolk
  • 2015-12-23 TV Host Carson Daly (42) weds Siri Pinter in a church ceremony
  • 2015-12-23 Musician Richard Marx (53) weds TV host and model Daisy Fuentes (50) in Aspen, Colorado
  • 2015-12-31 TV presenter Alex Jones (38) weds Charlie Thomson in a magical ceremony at Cardiff Castle
  • 2016-05-28 TV presenter Rick Edwards (37) weds Eastenders star Emer Kenny (26) at Kew Gardens in London, England
  • 2016-10-01 TV host Louise Roe (33) weds Mackenzie Hunkin at the historic Eton College Chapel in Windsor, England

Deaths in Film & TV

Deaths 1 - 100 of 105

  • 1958-05-09 Bill Goodwin, TV announcer (Burns & Allen), dies at 47
  • 1959-05-26 Joe Kelly, TV host (Quiz Kids), dies at 57
  • 1959-10-25 Bob Murphy, TV host (RFD America), dies at 42
  • 1962-01-24 Tom Shirley, actor/TV announcer (They're Off), dies at 62
  • 1963-11-28 Fred Uttal, TV host (QED), dies at 55
  • 1965-01-21 Harvey Zorbaugh, doctor/TV host (Play the Game), dies at 68
  • 1966-08-26 Art Baker, TV host (You Asked For It), dies at 67
  • 1967-09-19 Martin Block, TV announcer (Chesterfield Supper Club), dies at 64
  • 1970-04-23 Herb Shriner, humorist/TV host (Herb Shriner Show), dies at 51
  • 1973-10-18 Frank Knight, TV announcer (Chronoscope), dies at 79
  • 1974-07-28 Truman Bradley, TV host (Science Fiction Theater), dies at 69
  • 1974-10-13 Ed Sullivan, TV host (Ed Sullivan Show, Toast of the Town), dies at 73
  • 1975-01-03 Milton J Cross, TV announcer (Met Opera Auditions), dies at 87
  • 1975-01-25 Vivien Kellems, TV hostess (The Power of Women), dies at 78
  • 1975-11-12 Anthony Ross, TV host (Telltale Clue), dies at 69
  • 1975-12-14 Arthur Treacher, TV announcer (Merv Griffin Show), dies at 81
  • 1976-02-24 H Allen Smith, TV host (Armchair Detective), dies at 69
  • 1976-03-24 Nelson Case, TV host (Trash or Treasure), dies at 66
  • 1976-04-07 Mary Margaret McBride, TV hostess (Mary Margaret McBride), dies at 76
  • 1976-07-12 Ted Mack, TV host (Original Amateur Hour), dies at 72
  • 1977-01-09 Hal Sawyer, TV host (Sawyer Views Hollywood), dies at 62
  • 1977-11-29 George Hamilton Combs, American politician and TV and radio commentator (Through the Curtain), dies at 78
  • 1978-02-02 Wendy Barrie, TV hostess (Wendy Barrie Show), dies at 65
  • 1979-07-14 George De Witt, TV host (Name that Tune), dies at 56
  • 1980-02-01 Jack Bailey, TV host (Queen for a Day), dies at 72
  • 1980-07-31 Bobby Van, actor/TV host (Make Me Laugh), dies of cancer at 49
  • 1981-11-21 Harry Von Zell, TV announcer (Burns & Allen), dies at 75
  • 1981-12-10 John Kieran, TV host (Information Please), dies at 89
  • 1982-03-09 Rex Marshall, American TV announcer (Circuit Rider, Herman Hickman Show), dies from a heart attack at 64
  • 1982-04-25 Don Wilson, TV announcer (Jack Benny Show), dies at 81
  • 1982-06-09 Hank Ladd, TV host (Arrow Show, Waiting for the Break), dies at 74
  • 1982-07-21 Dave Garroway, TV host (Today Show), dies at 69
  • 1982-11-22 Burton Turkus, lawyer/author/TV host (Mr Arsenic), dies at 80
  • 1983-03-16 Arthur Godfrey, TV host (Arthur Godrey Show), dies at 79
  • 1983-06-26 Walter O'Keefe, songwriter/TV host (Mayor of Hollywood), dies at 82
  • 1983-10-03 John K M McCaffery, TV host (One Minute Please), dies at 69
  • 1984-01-27 Lou Crosby, TV announcer (Mayor of Hollywood), dies at 72
  • 1984-02-16 Ken Williams, TV announcer (Video Village), dies at 69
  • 1984-10-16 Ken Carpenter, TV announcer (Lux Video Theater), dies at 84
  • 1984-10-24 Walter Woolf King, actor/TV host (Lights Cameras Action), dies at 85
  • 1985-01-07 Mary Hardy, Australian radio and television presenter (b. 1931)
  • 1985-10-12 Johnny Olsen, TV announcer (Price is Right), dies at 75
  • 1986-03-09 Ned Calmer, TV host (In the First Person), dies at 78
  • 1986-03-14 Marlin Perkins, TV host (Wild Kingdom) at 80
  • 1986-06-14 Marlin Perkins, TV host (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom), dies at 81
  • 1986-08-03 Willem Ruis, Dutch TV host (Willem Ruis Show), dies at 41
  • 1986-08-20 Donn Bennett, TV host (The Big Idea), dies at 76
  • 1987-02-22 David Susskind, TV host (Open End, David Susskind Show), dies at 66
  • 1987-11-05 Eamonn Andrews, Television Presenter (b. 1922)
  • 1989-06-21 Simon van Collem, Dutch journalist/TV host, dies at 70
  • 1990-07-17 Bernard Cowan, TV announcer, dies of kidney disease at 68
  • 1991-09-15 Andre Baruch, Radio/TV announcer dies at 83
  • 1992-02-02 Bert Parks, [Jacobson], TV host (Miss America), dies at 77
  • 1992-06-26 Geert Vissers, Dutch TV host (Gay Dating Show), dies
  • 1992-08-02 Jim Whaley, TV host (Cinema Showcase), dies of heart attack at 44
  • 1993-03-08 Joop Scheltens, TV host/director (Explore Your Place), dies at 69
  • 1993-09-20 Leonard Parkin, British TV host (ITN), dies at 64
  • 1993-11-28 Garry Moore, TV host (I've Got A Secret), dies of emphysema at 78
  • 1994-09-02 Roy Castle, English dancer, actor and tv presenter (Dr Who & the Daleks), dies of lung cancer at 62
  • 1995-11-05 Laura Weber, TV Host, dies at 70
  • 1996-06-01 Ray Combs, TV host (Family Feud), commits suicide at 40
  • 1997-05-29 George Fenneman, American radio and TV announcer (You Bet Your Life), dies at 77
  • 1998-07-30 Buffalo Bob Smith, American television host (Howdy Doody) (b. 1917)
  • 1999-01-25 Ted Mallie, American radio and television announcer (b. 1924)
  • 1999-04-26 Jill Dando, British television presenter (b.1961)
  • 2000-02-04 Phil Tonken, American radio and television announcer (b. 1919)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

2000-10-30 Steve Allen, American comedian and TV host (Tonight Show, Steve Allen Show), dies of a heart attack at 78

TV Personality, Comedian and Composer Steve Allen
TV Personality, Comedian and Composer
Steve Allen
  • 2003-10-27 Rod Roddy, American television announcer (b. 1937)
  • 2004-04-13 Caron Keating, British television presenter (b. 1962)
  • 2004-10-04 Rio Diaz, Filipino actress & TV hosts (b. 1959)
  • 2005-01-23 Johnny Carson, American television host (b. 1925)
  • 2005-11-16 Ralph Edwards, American TV host (This is Your Life), dies at 92
  • 2006-06-28 George Page, American television host (b. 1935)
  • 2006-09-15 Raymond Baxter, British television presenter (b. 1922)
  • 2006-11-26 Raúl Velasco, Mexican television host (b. 1933)
  • 2007-01-07 Magnús Magnússon, Icelandic television presenter, dies at 77
  • 2007-06-10 Augie Auer, Meteorologist and television presenter (b. 1940)
  • 2007-06-12 Don Herbert aka "Mr. Wizard", American television host (b. 1917)
  • 2007-08-12 Merv Griffin, American television host and game show creator (b. 1925)
  • 2007-12-18 Jack Linkletter, American television host, son of Art Linkletter (b. 1937)
  • 2008-01-03 Natasha Collins, British actress and television presenter (b. 1976)
  • 2008-01-30 Jeremy Beadle, British television host (Beadle's About), dies of pneumonia at 59

Person of interestPerson of Interest

2008-06-13 Tim Russert, American television host, NBC News Meet the Press moderator, dies at 58

Television Journalist Tim Russert
Television Journalist
Tim Russert
  • 2009-01-18 Tony Hart, British artist and TV presenter (b. 1925)
  • 2009-02-07 Brian Naylor (broadcaster), Australian television presenter (b. 1931)
  • 2009-03-17 Clodovil Hernandes, Brazilian politician and TV host (b. 1937)
  • 2009-09-08 Mike Bongiorno, Italian television host (b. 1924)
  • 2009-11-20 Max Robertson, British sports commentator, radio and television presenter and author (b. 1915)
  • 2010-01-14 Petra Schürmann, German model and TV announcer, Miss World 1956 (b. 1935)
  • 2010-03-01 Kristian Digby, British television presenter and director (b. 1977)
  • 2010-11-01 Charlie O'Donnell, American television announcer (b. 1932)
  • 2010-12-22 Fred Foy, American radio and television announcer (b. 1921)
  • 2011-05-07 Allyson Hennessy, Trindadian television presenter
  • 2011-08-12 Robert Robinson, British television presenter (Ask The Family, Call My Bluff) (b. 1927)
  • 2012-01-06 Robert Holness, English radio and television presenter, dies at 83
  • 2012-02-01 Don Cornelius, American television host, commits suicide by gunshot at 75
  • 2014-08-18 Don Pardo, TV announcer (Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live), dies at 96
  • 2014-12-07 John Bartholomew Tucker, American TV host (Candid Camera, Treasure Island), dies at 84
  • 2014-12-20 John Freeman, British politician (Labour)/ambassador/TV host, dies at 99
  • 2015-02-12 Gary Owens, American disc jockey/TV host (Laugh In, Gong Show), dies at 80