Birthdays in History in October 1954

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 3 Al Sharpton [Alfred Charles], minister and civil rights activist (Keepin' It Real), born in Brooklyn, New York

Minister and Civil Rights Activist Al Sharpton
Minister and Civil Rights Activist
Al Sharpton
  • Oct 10 "Maestro" Jimmy Fearnley, English accordionist (The Pogues)
  • Oct 12 Tom Blomberg, Dutch radio host/producer (Evening Rush Hour)
  • Oct 13 Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli nuclear technician
  • Oct 13 Claude Ribbe, French historian
  • Oct 14 Carole Malone, English newspaper columnist
  • Oct 19 Deborah Blum, American writer
  • Oct 20 Günter Müller, German sound artist, improvisor and percussionist
  • Oct 21 Brian Tobin, Canadian premier of Newfoundland
  • Oct 22 Carla Dunlap, bodybuilder (Pumping Iron 2), born in Newark, New Jersey
  • Oct 24 Jaap J Feenstra, Dutch MP (PvdA)
  • Oct 24 Brad Sherman, American politician
  • Oct 24 Thomas J. Mulcair, Quebec politician
  • Oct 24 Mike Rounds, American politician
  • Oct 27 Jan Duursema, American comic book artist
  • Oct 30 Mario Testino, Peruvian-born English fashion photographer